Etrian Odyssey IV Delayed To Summer In Europe

By Ishaan . April 3, 2013 . 10:32pm

Etrian Odyssey IV was slated for a Spring release, but it’s been pushed back to Summer. NIS America will publish the game in Europe and Australia, the publisher confirmed today.


Prior to its release, NIS America will make the Etrian Odyssey IV demo available for download via the Nintendo eShop. The game will be released both at retail and via the eShop as a download.


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  • Ayaka

    Believe it, I was definitely waiting for such an announcement.

    This bimester is so full of valuable titles (Disgaea Dimension 2, Fire Emblem Awakening, Luigi’s Mansion 2 just to mention stuff I bought/plan to buy) as well as upcoming games where pre-order is a keyword (read this as “JoJo All Star Battle”)

    Summer comes with my birthday, which is the ultimate combo. God bless NISA.

  • Kirbysuperstar2

    I really wish companies, specifically ones speaking for Europe, would use quarters instead of seasons. That way I wouldn’t have to mull over which particular continent’s “summer” they mean.

    • May sound stupid but I find using quarters or whatever confusing.

      • Draeko Silver

        Quarter one is the first three months, quarter two is the next three months and so on.

        • Akuosa

          … and then, you get companies using the fiscal year to measure that, and the convenience falls apart :/

  • Zenthos

    They could have easily ported the already English version to the European/ Australian, eshop.

    • TheRealMalek

      Sorry but no, games are required to be “re-build” spécificaly for a region (changing some flags inside the header, which are mostly : game number, game version, country flags) . Moreover they need to “change” some informations in-game too (publisher, date of agreement, people who worked on european version etc).

      So : it’s just a port. But it takes time, and Nisa don’t “code” they only translate and do Nintendo business relations

      • Zenthos

        I noticed you used “some”. Why would it take month(s) for them to change “some”, headers,flags, and game numbers? At most I could see the process taking a week. Changing “some” information is still not justifiable for it being pushed back until summer.

        • Romored

          Go ask Atlus. They had to do the exact same things for the EU version of DSO. Not only they waited 1 year and half to do it, but they also added some enormous bugs that render the game unplayable.

          • Learning about those from Ghostlight’s blog was a little disconcerting. I’m hoping that I never run into them. (I don’t -seem- to have…) … the only weird thing I’ve seen is the inexplicable existence of an underscore in the demon… “Moh_Shuvuu”.

            But yeah, why DO these practices take so long? Does changing those values influence other unknowns? Are EU companies simply incompetent? Sigh…

          • SirRichard

            Did you even read what he said? DS:O’s bugged release is on Atlus’ head, Ghostlight didn’t do any of the coding and I highly, sincerely doubt they’d farm it out to someone else to do it for them.

            The reason it takes so long is that Atlus Japan want to (reasonably, sure) work on their newer projects, which is probably why they’ve been speeding up US localisation; to get their development work done with a game so they can move on, as well as convenience for their audience.

            This becomes problematic because they don’t account for PAL audiences, judging by the P4A fiasco, and then have to be hounded to get the PAL build made. And every time, there’s a gap of several months (sometimes even a year) as they crawl on this.

        • TheRealMalek

          I’m gonna try to explain some more (with a real experience from when i was a video game developper) :

          Localisation of a wii game from EU to US (no translation needed) :

          Week 1 : Gathering informations for submission to NoA (Nintendo of america), first “US” build without the US “TRC” (things that must be done before submitting the game, change with each region)

          Week 2 : Sending informations to NoA, it will take at least three weeks before an answer, a realistic time would be one month and a half. Doing most of specific changes in code.

          Week 3 to 9 : internal testing and specific region coding, receiving Nintendo approval after six weeks of waiting (and an email to nintendo).

          Week 10 : First “final build” withnew credits, flags and internal files received from Nintendo. Setting a external test date with a approved studio (usually two weeks after). Sending to publisher a “physical testing copy”

          Week 11 : Small returns from publisher sending a version to external test studio.

          Week 12 : returns from external test studio, new “final build”

          Week 13 : another week of test with external test studio, preparing submission to nintendo.

          Week 14 : Sending build to Nintendo, three weeks of wait.

          Week 15 : Nothing.

          Week 16 : nothing

          End of week 17 : return from Nintendo, one undetected bug in EU version, new “build” sent to Nintendo, no week end…

          Week 18 : Nothing

          Week 19 : Ok from Nintendo, Setting a “manufacturing date”, one month to wait.

          Week 23-24 : Copies arrives to publisher.

          Week 25 : in stores.

          Yup, nearly six months for a EU – US “port” with “nearly no coding” (six week for one person + small returns). Some wait could have been avoided (setting manufacturing date before, setting a date with external test studio before) but it can give a good idea of a “normal planning” of a port to another country. That’s why games system SHOULD be region free and NO rebuild should be required between region…

          • gamerdude

            This is just TERRIBLE.

            Now let’s compare it to DS games. Game gets released in US and it’s available for purchase day one in EU because plenty of shops provide international shipping.

            Also region locking a 3ds is against the whole purpose of owning a handheld in the first place. Every time I take mine on a flight there is literally nothing I can buy to play on the way back home.

            In both scenarios publishers developers and Nintendo are LOSING MONEY for no reason whatsoever.

          • TheRealMalek

            Sadly i have to disagree, publisher aren’t losing money with region locking. Publisher are usually great for one part of the world, and horrendous for another one. Meaning that they will maybe make money in japan and lose money in Europe where an European publisher will make money in Europe.

            Two reasons :


            Contracts with distributors

            A japanese’ publisher will maybe sell a 40€ game 35€ to a distributor where the european will sell it to 30€. meaning that the european publisher will be able to have a bigger “initial stock” than its japanese counterpart.

            Moreover if they don’t sell enough the publisher will have to take back a part of the stock. It will cost more for a foreign publisher than a local publisher.

            (but don’t take my text wrong i’m aghain,st region locking too, but i just understand why it’s here…)

      • I’ve wondered for so long what goes on, especially with the likes of cart-based-media. (In comparison to discs that need/used to need to consider PAL/NTSC.) Thank you for this information.

        … even if it shouldn’t take as long as it does.

  • Timberman

    Hey, at least it’s coming for EU :D

    • Yep, although I think it’s a bit sad that they gave us a release date but when it’s delayed they don’t tell us until -this- late.

      Some advance notice wouldn’t hurt, right? ;~;

  • AkuLord3

    Better later than never i suppose

  • gamerdude

    It’s okay guys I’ll wait however long I need to buy this game. I’m still in love with you guys for bringing it to EU! The reviews for these games have been nothing but celebratory. I guess I need to finally dip into Strange Journey to get my crawling fix until then.

  • Ah, I was wondering why my pre-order wasn’t sent out yet, considering it was supposed to be released tomorrow.
    Still got FE Awakening this month anyway, hopefully that’s not delayed as well :3

  • Alicemagic




    • Леонид Родин

      I couldn’t say it better.

    • Samurai Don

      Oh wow we European had to wait a whole 2 years, when before we use to wait a whole year to get game.

      Seriously you come off as a whiny little brat who needs to learn some patience and learn the fact that it’s either wait a little longer or never getting the game.

      • SirRichard

        “Oh wow we European had to wait a whole 2 years, when before we use to wait a whole year to get game.”

        I’m not entirely sure what you were going for here, because waiting 2 years instead of one is pretty frigging bad, mate. DS:O’s European release is a mess, and while the bugs aren’t Ghostlight’s fault, I don’t think even Atlus would mess them around for two years.

        And we’re tired of waiting. We’re always waiting. Most of the time the games aren’t even being translated into other languages any more, it’s English only, and yet still games are held up for months on end, sometimes near to a year. People are allowed to vent, let them.

        • kmantle

          “…games are held up for months on end, sometimes near to a year…”
          licensing and localizating a game isn’t re-releasing a game just like that. There’s A LOT of things that must be taken in account (mostly legal stuff and manufacturing/shipment costs)

          “… the games aren’t even being translated into other languages any more…”

          • SirRichard

            I’m fully aware that it isn’t just dumping it into another region, but that still doesn’t mean that something must be done to try and speed it up or that the likes of Atlus should consider accommodating for that time. Atlus seem aware of that time issue, they’ve started letting their US branch do their work during the game’s final steps of development, but they won’t try to go that extra mile and accommodate a PAL release.

            Don’t give me any of that “they don’t have an EU branch”, either, that hasn’t stopped NISA or XSEED from getting their games here in a timely fashion, even if it is only digitally in the latter’s case.Things can be done to beat that localisation timesink, and it’s frustrating when Atlus continues to ignore entire regions for whatever reason.

          • Леонид Родин

            Yep, I got Book of Shadows from EU PSN in 15 days after US release. Hail XSEED, shame on you Atlus.

  • SirRichard

    While it’s good to see NISA picking up Atlus’ slack once more, sure enough the inevitable delay has hit. At least we’ll have it for the summer, because lord knows Soul Hackers and SMT IV aren’t happening.

  • JMaster3000

    Why do we need to wait so long for a JRPG on 3DS???!
    Release SMTIV too in Europe!!

  • Cyrus

    I live in England and already completed this and Fire Emblem, hurray for imports, screw you too, EU release date.

    • Samurai Don

      By doing that you forgo the right to complain when Europe stop getting those titles because the European sales are low.

      By importing the game none of the European branch get that money.

      • Istillduno

        Then they should book their ideas up and get up to speed with the rest of the world if they want sales money.

        Personally I’ll be grabbing the EU version because I’m not in a rush to grab this and I don’t want to pay the cost of another DS + whatever customs and parcelforces handling charges steal, but if a company ****s up and loses custom to another localisation doing it faster they really have no right to complain.

        • Samurai Don

          You clearly have no idea how long and how expensive localizing a game is.

          It isn’t simply a case of bring the game over, they have to rebuild a game for each of the region, get Nintendo of Europe to approve of the game, translate it into other languages, etc.

          • Istillduno

            To be honest it doesn’t bloody matter, if european publishers actually started the process first or alongside the american ones then there wouldn’t be such massive delays, if they want to be lazy and let someone else translate it for them first they shouldn’t be suprized when people go “Hey these guys translated this game and got it out a year earlier then the people over here, they can have my money instead.”

            There are plenty of games which get simultaneous or near simultaneous releases in multiple regions these days, even on consoles which support region locking BS, it can be done and publishers have no right to cry about people importing if it isn’t.

  • transferstudentx

    hahahahahahahaaaaaahahahaha thats it i had it i throw my eu 3ds and stick with my vita since its region free fuck u nintendo for ur region block and fuck u whoever responsible for delaying the release dates in uk

  • Someone mind explaining to me why exactly it takes longer to release in EU and AU?

  • British_Otaku

    Retail release? I’ll be buying in the first week then.
    As a precaution, I will wait till word is out about bugs in the localisation.

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