These Are Some Of The Enemies You’ll Face In Remember Me

By Ishaan . April 4, 2013 . 9:00am

A new trailer for Capcom’s Remember Me shows the game’s protagonist, Nilin, facing off against enemy types from the “Memorize” corporation. The trailer shows off some of Nilin’s combat skills and you can watch it below:



Remember Me takes place in a futuristic Neo-Paris. Nilin, a “memory hunter,” has been stripped of her memories and is on the run from mysterious assailants. She has the ability to alter and influence people’s memories which ties into both the game’s stories and puzzles.

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  • Martian Wong

    So excited for it. I like the puzzle

  • puchinri

    Dis game~. It looks so good and so fun, I’m really excited for it. ♥
    I hope it does fairly well too. It’s sad that they had so much trouble getting a publisher to go through with it.

  • Tom

    I was looking forward to this game that this trailer ruined it in seconds… Lose the dubstep, will ya!

    • 1) In this sentence it should be “lose” not “lost”.
      2) BGM used in trailers =/= music used in-game.

      • Tom

        Yeah, right, sorry. Lost was in my fingers but I know it should be lose… And yeah, I really hope the ingame music has nothing to do with I heard in the trailer. Thanks!

  • Neutron15

    wub wub wub

  • ivanchu77

    Capcom really loves dubstep, don´t they? -_-

  • Brimfyre

    Looks like P.N. 03 with Mass Effect art style.

    Color me interested.

    • Strid

      Heh, finally, I find someone else that recognizes the similarities to P.N. 03. When this game first came about, I figured it was a sequel to P.N. 03 and the Remember Me title was just a joke of sorts during the early phase.

      • T-X

        Same here, I miss that game, I’ve been hunting for a NGC copy for a while.

  • NightzeroAX

    Does dubstep have to be in every trailer?

    • Neppygear

      Uh-huh, it’s what’s “in” right now. Don’t worry, it’ll be gone within a year.

    • what’s not to wubwub about it?

  • badmoogle

    Some of the enemy designs look interesting and cool but i regreted that i raised the volume of my laptop to listen to the trailer’s audio.
    Another trailer with awful music.

  • KnifeAndFork

    nice booty shot on the game cover

    That should be easy to remember

    • T-X

      It’s screaming “Remember Me!!!!”

      • Syn

        ^^^ lol, This

  • Those enemies looked kinda cool. I shall remember to pick this up when it comes out.

    • Are you not gonna pre-order it, my friend? :3
      It certainly looks like it can be fun, I’m fairly sure I would enjoy the gameplay. I just hope the story developments live up to my expectations since the premise and settings were what drew me in first :)

      I’ve got this and The Last of Us on pre-order – their release dates are really close to each other so that’s going to be interesting trying to juggle between them. Last time I did something similar was between several games I played a lot of. I kept using the wrong buttons ._.

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha oh Capcom, if you want to release a combat trailer please show some actual COMBAT. Don’t just display enemies and then do a whole lot of cutting around, I would actually like to see a representation of what fighting will actually look and play like. Also, music that has melodies. I just can’t deal with this kind of dubstep, y’all.

    All I could really see here is that there isn’t much variety between enemy models, but maybe that’s a given considering this is not rumored to be a big budget game. Also you have some big area clearing attacks like the “memory mine” or whatever thatt was Nilin planted on one guy, and what looked like a bomb that could draw enemies in. Which surprised me, because so far I thought this was mostly about fighting hand to hand with enemies, though I guess there would have to be some distance fighting in order to beat those weird flying cyborgs… or are they just purely robots?

    At any rate, I will admit it kinda bugs me how thin Nilin looks like when so much of this game is about close combat. I guess that on the one hand it COULD be said that it justifies why she has to hit her enemies so much until they go down, but you’d think that a girl with arms like hers wouldn’t even phase people like that Xmas character, let alone the giant killer robot. Wonder what the “Madame” enemy will be like though, if she JUST sends “police memories” after you or if there will be at least SOME actual hand to hand fighting against her.

    • Mazdian

      It doesn’t focus on the combat because it’s not a combat trailer. It’s a video showcasing enemies and titled as such. Criticizing it for not showing what you want when its objective is something entirely different is not rational. If you’d like to see combat, refer to their video designed specifically for that:

      Your other questions regarding how combat works should be answered mostly through the previous link. I’ll agree that the enemies look similar, but as long as they play differently, I’m fine.

      • Göran Isacson

        Welp, guess I was wrong. I stand corrected!

        Though even now, I have to admit that the only enemies I really got a good ‘feel’ for in this trailer were the bosses. Everyone else were just brought up and then they moved on to the next enemy, hardly even demonstrated their moves or made them memorable. Hope that fights in the actual game will feel a bit more varied than they looked in here.

  • Calintz YT

    I really hate how rock fans dump any music that isn’t thier bland and generic flavor of music.

  • T-X

    Dubstep gets the people going tho…

  • Mazdian

    Looks interesting, but I hope they haven’t revealed too much.

    As for the music choice, I find it appropriate. I’ll concede that the inclusion of “dubstep” in trailers has been rather widespread lately, but I don’t have a problem with it here for one reason: it fits. In a cyberpunk game featuring advanced futuristic technology and visual “glitches,” an electronic and mechanical style, like dubstep, fits the atmosphere and, more importantly, it fits the trailer’s design and style. It’s the inclusion of random dubstep in trailers with an unrelated subject matter or feel that I find it a bit grating. Musical selection should always serve a purpose, and either be synergistic with the other elements or intentionally dissonant.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of dubstep, so I hope this won’t be a major element of the actual game’s score. A more techno-inclined soundtrack would definitely be preferred.

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