Project X Zone Slated For June Release In U.S.

By Ishaan . April 5, 2013 . 3:15pm

Project X Zone has a release date in North America, according to the game’s page on Namco Bandai’s website. The game will be released on June 25th.


As previously detailed, Project X Zone is a crossover RPG featuring characters from Namco Bandai, Capcom and Sega. The game will be using its original Japanese voice tracks with English subtitles.


You can read our impressions of Project X Zone in this previous report. The game will be released in both North America and Europe.


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  • Zonic505

    Sweet, a little over 2 months. Cannot wait to pick up my copy. Now to see if they’ll announce a pre-order bonus or something.

  • Can’t wait. MMX is finally in another game after how long now?

    • It’s quite a refreshing change. Most of the time, only the Classic or Legends MegaMan get chosen to represent the MegaMan franchise in crossover games.

      • Marcelo Gouvea

        And Zero, don’t forget Zero.

        • labaren

          Why can’t I!

      • Haseyo

        I will miss Trigger in Namco x Capcom, but X deserves to be in this.

      • Tails the Foxhound

        There was that one time it was .exe too. I forget which game it was though, it was REALLY out of place I remember though.

        • AT-LOW

          Mega Man.EXE and Zero from MMZ appeared as playable characters in Ominusha: Blade Warriors.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Summer… so many games.

    • z_merquise

      Surely going to get this, Muramasa for the Vita and Dragon’s Crown for PS3.

      Gotta grind for more money.

      • raymk

        Yeah there’s to many games on my list between 3ds,PSN and ps3 that I have to buy, but my problem isn’t the money my problem is the time to play them. I think Soul Hackers will be my first game to play and tales of xillia will be played alongside it. From there I don’t know what order to play the other games I’m gonna get in.

  • puchinri

    Guess I better buckle down on that job search. ;u; / =v=

    • Solomon_Kano

      Same. So much to buy.

      • puchinri

        It’s really bittersweet~.
        I still have a backlog of titles from Spring to pick up too.

        • Solomon_Kano

          There are games I need to pick up from last year still. ;_;

    • kool_cid414

      I’m in the same boat this years going to kill me if I’m not employed soon lol.

      • puchinri

        Lol, I’m really glad all this stuff is getting released, but every time I go to an article, there’s the game mentioned and then another two games listed in the comments to start saving for. It’s ridiculous.
        Good luck to us both~.

    • > implying you’ll have time to play all these games if you have a job

      • puchinri

        Well, given I don’t do much outside of work (that’s kind of a lie), time wouldn’t be the issue, just moneyz. x’);

        But yeah, if I worked so hard that I would be able to afford nearly everything I want, I probably wouldn’t have any time.

  • Suriel Cruz

    One of the reasons to buy ‘Me’ a 3DS.

  • Tales_of_Master

    April 16: Devil Summoner Soul Hackers
    June 25: Project X Zone
    July 17 (Possibly): Shin Megami Tensei IV
    This is gonna be a busy year…….

    • IshimaruKaito

      isnt it tho!!!!

    • MrTyrant

      I’d add > august Tales of Xillia, it seems.

    • StarWarudo

      August 29th: Jojo All Star

      • MrTyrant

        GOD! i forgot about Jojo. Now I cannot forgive myself.

    • Shane Guidaboni

      I’m adding Animal Crossing to that list.

    • puchinri

      Rune Factory 4 some time in Summer as well.

      • MrTyrant

        July i believe. The same as SMT IV.

    • ToshiChan

      my wallet….

    • Raltrios

      Pokemon XY in October and Assassin’s Creed 4 in November as well.

  • 2 days after my birthday. Crossing my fingers.

  • Shiki

    i’m really worried about my money, but i’ll be glad spending it on all of these upcoming games.

    >>> gone to look for a part-time job!

  • Emanuel Rouse

    WOOOT! Glad I just picked up a 3ds xl Omg summer you’re killing my wallet!

  • I really love the fact that Sanger Zonvolt from the Super Robot Wars Original Generation series is a playable character as well. Though, this time he’s fighting outside his giant robot. Anyway, it will be awesome :D.
    If only Namco Bandai decided to localize that recent PS3 Super Robot Wars game to western territories. Then it would truly be the year of awesome Japanese games (We’re already getting Fire Emblem: Awakening, Persona 4 Arena, Dragon’s Crown, PxZ and SMT4 this year).

    • Just Tim

      Who knows, Namco Bandai Games’ US division would finally be able to make a US-1st SRW game, complete with this dream lineup:

      Front Mission
      Robot Alchemic Drive

      Zone of the Enders
      Galactic Warriors (look it up)
      Steel Chronicle

      Tatsunoko/Takara TOMY
      Goliath the Super Fighter
      Gold Lightan
      Megazone 23
      Gordian Warrior
      Tekkaman Blade
      Macross (DLC; blame the rights fiasco involving all parties, with emphasis on Harmony Gold USA)

      Tech Romancer
      Steel Battalion
      Lost Planet (DLC; can anyone else imagine PTX-003-SP1 Alt Eisen Riese vs PTX-40A Ivan beside me?)
      Viewtiful Joe (Six Machine wants to say hi to you all!)
      EX Troopers
      Classic Mega Man (DLC)
      Mega Man X (DLC)
      Mega Man Zero (DLC)
      Mega Man Legends (DLC)

      Universal Century Gundam (SIEG ZEON!)
      G Gundam
      Gundam Wing
      Cosmic Era Gundam
      Code Geass
      Big O
      Sgt. Frog
      Brave Series (DLC: Exkaiser, Sun Fighbird, Da-Garn, Might Gaine, J-Decker, Goldran, Dagwon, GaoGaiGar, Baan Gaan)
      Eldtran Series (DLC: Raijin Oh, Ganbaruger, Go-Saurer, Daiteioh)
      Betterman (DLC)
      Tiger & Bunny (DLC; powered armor in league of Tekkaman Blade)

      Marvel (DLC)
      Nova (Sam Alexander or Richard “Dick” Rider)
      Iron Man
      X-Men: Days of Future Past (Fnck Seutiuel, fnck Seutiuel!)

      SEGA (DLC)
      Border Break

      From Software (DLC)
      Armored Core
      Metal Wolf Chaos

      Toei Animation (DLC)
      Mazinger Z
      Great Mazinger
      UFO Grendizer
      Combattler V
      Voltes V
      Dairugger XV
      Magne Robo Gakeen
      Danguard Ace
      Captain Harlock
      Galaxy Express 999

      I hope Namco Bandai would be savvy enough…

      • Tonton Ramos

        Don’t forget SNK’s Cyber Woo (DLC)! and DC’s Steel, Lex Luthor, Red Tornado, Cyborg, and the armor that’s only powered by hatred and violence.

      • JakatoX

        Don’t forget Transformers, Armored Core, Gundam and on Capcom’s side how theres Cyberbots, Tech Romancer, Mega Man X, and Lost Planet!…..I wish I could also say EX Troopers but we didn’t that one sadly.

        • Just Tim

          Did you click the “see more” option on my post above you? I namedropped all of them.

          • JakatoX

            Ah yeah sorry I was using my phone for that one, but there is one thing you forgot that a lot of people would want in a US SRW…..MegasXLR =D

        • Tech Romancer, oh man! I love that game. Probably the best Super Robot fighting game I’ve ever played. I especially love it due to featuring Super Robots: Mazinger Z-esque mech and a Red Samurai-themed one that can use a certain form of magic.

      • That would be very awesome indeed, no OBJECTION! (pun intended) to that. However, I would really like to see Namco Bandai localizing the Original Generation games, starting with 2nd OG of course.
        We all know, Operation Hotblood is fighting for it, but even we have to raise our voice and demand awesome mecha games from Japan. Perhaps, in the future, we may get a USA SRW-game – but to get there, the Original Generation franchise must become active again in the west. Together, we can raise our voice and convince them in some way that a lot of gamers want awesome mecha games.

      • Exkaiser

        I can’t help but be amused when people make dream SRW lineups, because they always come out to a hundred or so series, like so. Apart from the impossibility of it (The largest SRW casts include, what, thirty series at the most? Most of them grouped within franchises), the sheer impracticality of it gets me. I don’t want to scroll through four hundred units to find Exkaiser! And even worse, I don’t want every show to be relegated to just the protagonist’s unit!

        As far as a reasonable cast that could maybe-possibly-kinda-sorta be likely to get localized… Well, SRW W’s cast was ideal.

        • Just Tim

          Okay, the keyword here is *dream*, while Alpha 3 alone had 33 series, which Z2 Chapter 2 outdid.

          Also, Exkaiser, let alone any other Brave series not named GaoGaiGAR, hasn’t appeared yet in SRW.

          Now, seeing how you don’t wanna “scroll thru 400 units…” I’m thinking of a manageable list of 20 series/franchise for a proposed US-1st SRW game:

          Warner Bros. (it also owns Cartoon Network, you know)
          *Megas XLR

          From Software
          Armored Core
          *Metal Wolf Chaos

          Square Enix
          *Front Mission

          Virtual On
          *Border Break

          *Metal Gear Solid 4 (the only time in the entire MGS canon where MG units can be piloted)
          *Zone of the Enders

          *Tech Romancer
          *Lost Planet
          *Viewtiful Joe

          *Mega Morphs (toys and comic book are in the same timeline)
          *Sentinel units from X-Men: Days of Future Past (Fnck Seutiuel, fnck Seutiuel, fnck Seutiuel!)

          Toei Animation
          Mazinger Z
          Getter Robo

          *Gundam AGE (still no-show in SRW, as of this post)
          *Panzer World Galient
          *Fang of the Sun Dougram

          Tatsunoko Pro./Takara TOMY (the later owns the prior)
          *Gold Lightan
          *Goliath the Super Fighter
          –sorry, no Macross, Mospeada, and Southern Cross, because of Harmony Gold.

          *Transformers: The Movie

          Outside of ZOIDS, Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, and Virtual On, the rest of the proposed lineup are brand-new to SRW, and that’s 25 manageable franchises– of course, outside of Banpresto Originals.

  • Sardorim


    So when are we getting Original Generation games again for Super Robot Wars?

    Cuz Sanger is right there.

  • anthony apduhan

    Please support this game, don’t miss the opportunity to play your characters it didn’t go well in Japan but we’ll show them how much we love and appreciate this game Capcom fans, SEGA fans, Namco Bandai fans, Nintendo fans, gamers, whatever let’s all unite to support this game even further and buying it.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    geez I’m pre ordering alot of games this years lol

  • Spirit Macardi

    Unless the US release adds in the Child of the Wind and the Blue Blur, I’m not interested.

    • Nitraion
      • Spirit Macardi

        That’s a really bad photoshop job x3

        I’m sorry, but there’s just not enough in this game that interests me so I can’t justify purchasing it. Namco X Capcom had far more characters in it that I like, and that game was made with one less company included.

        • NTaiyokun

          To be fair, something tells me Sonic isn’t as popular in Japan than he is here.

          • Haseyo

            As much as I love Sonic, I’m glad he’s not in this. It’s about time SEGA promotes someone else besides Sonic in a game where they have a choice to add any big character from their company.

    • TruSpindash

      I really wanted to see Sonic in this game too, would have been nice to see him in another RPG since it doesn’t look like chronicles 2 is ever going to happen. Even so I’ll find myself picking this game up simply because the battle system reminds me a lot of SRW Endless Frontier.

      • JakatoX

        Well this is sorta a sequel-ish game to the Endless Frontier games…..Considering characters from that are in this and how EF was sorta a sequel to Namco X Capcom.

      • Covnam

        The similar system is definitely a draw for me as well. I hope this sells well enough to give some thought to bringing Frontier Exceed over, unlikely as that is. Even after all this time I still hope that Atlus (or anyone else at this point…) will bring it over.

        Looking forward to this game either way. It’d be nice to hear about a pre-order bonus or something too.

  • TheCrimsonSpeed

    Wow, that’s a lot sooner than I expected! When a company says something is going to be released in Summer, my mindset always goes to late July or early August at best, so this was a nice surprise. Looks like Yuri, Estelle, Flynn, Kite and BlackRose (alongside all the other cool characters) will be covering my XL’s screen with combo awesomeness pretty soon! XD

  • $39420547

    more great news for the RPG lovers

  • So many games for this Summer Dx I already have Tales of Xillia, Animal Crossing, Rune Factory 4, Shin Megami Tensei IV and now this.

  • Vesperion

    I always knew God was listening

    • I think you meant “I always knew the Based God was listening.”

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    O_o 3DS is just not going to give my wallet some break right?O_O

  • Wish it had english voices and not the annoying japanese voices bit still buying it

  • Cameron Ward

    is there going to be a demo for this game?

  • Prinny Dood

    I already preorder mine tho I wonder if we will be getting a collectors addition :’

  • ReidHershel

    Namco, stop it, this is too soon, it seems as if you announced this yesterday.

  • TobeGrendizer92

    When I play this, I will pretend really hard that it is a licensed SRW game. Maybe it will make up for not getting SRW: OGs 2. Then again, I heard this game gets average towards the end.

  • Yuriangels

    why won’t you buy this game?!!

  • Just Tim

    Storyline question: is Sänger Sombold in-game from the main OG timeline, or from Shadow-Mirror universe? To those who don’t get the question, Rätsel Feinschmecker was dead (read: no TROMBE!) in the latter universe, as Sänger is appearing solo in-game.

    • LynxAmali

      The original.

      He references it in 2nd OG.

      • JakatoX

        Man with Endless Frontier, Hero Senki, Project X Zone, and Another Century’s Episode R it seems like SRW OG is more Crossover Connected than most people think lol

  • Raltrios

    Can’t wait to use Soma/Alisa/Lindow. And Yuri/Estelle/Flynn. And Zephyr/Leanne/Vashyron, too. Haken/Kaguya/Reiji/Xiaomu/Saya/KOS-MOS/T-elos as well. Perhaps Jill/Chris also. Uh… well, Kite/Black Rose too, I suppose…

    Damn, this game has a great lineup. I just hope their personalities come off correctly.

  • Go2hell66

    Thank god this isn’t an atlus game

  • Tails the Foxhound

    I wonder who that poor soul getting hit by all this is?

  • darkbartz

    Wow… It’s so soon… Maybe we can actually get a SRW game someday!

    …Sorry, the optimistic knob got turned to “Impossible” just now.

    • Just Tim

      Who knows? The next OG Saga might feature Alisa with Oppai Missiles and Lars as a Badass Normal.

      Or on a more serious note, a true sequel for SRW64, which has a Gespenst Mk III, EarthGAIN, SiMurgh Splendid (Custom is Angelg), and finally, a revelation whether Selena Recital is Shadow-Mirror or not.

      • LynxAmali


        64 is one of those titles not owned by Banpre/ B.B. It was partially owned by Hudson who was absorbed by Konami a couple years back.

        • JakatoX

          Makes me wish they could get a licensing deal with Konami now so they could make the 64 sequel and include Zone Of The Enders and the Unmanded Weapons from MGS then lol

        • Just Tim

          The “Oppai Missiles” joke is a reference to Minerva X’s own Oppai Missiles, as Alisa Bosconovich already got a pair of rocket punches, a la Mazinger Z.

          I hope Konami Japan would press this to Namco Bandai, so that if Namco Bandai gets outright usage of SRW64 characters, while Konami Japan gets worldwide rights to use Lantis (record label that Namco Bandai owns)’ music library for BEMANI music games. x3 (At the moment, the only Lantis-label song that I know that’s in DDR is Super Driver).

          • LynxAmali

            I know about the joke.

            But here’s the thing with 64: It’s technically owned by Konami now. BanNam and Konami are competing companies.

            Besides, Advance was originally meant to replace 64. (Hence why Angelg is reminiscent of Simurg (and its codename) why Soulgain is reminiscent of Earthgain, Zwei reminscent of Super, the reals being complete homages, etc. The only thing different is that the plot is just done in reverse.

          • Just Tim

            In hindsight, how did then-Hudson/now-Konami own SRW64?

          • LynxAmali

            It wasn’t developed solely by Banpresto or something along those lines. It was a coproduction with some Monegi Inc which was a subsidary between Hudson and Nintendo.

          • Just Tim

            So technically, Nintendo has a stake on SRW64, correct?

  • Wake

    I get to play as KOS-MOS again. Be still my beating heart.

  • PanjoNanjo

    so much sooner than expected, I just came a little.

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    It has Valkyria Chronicles 3 characters in it. I wish that game would come out in America as well.

    • JakatoX

      Who knows? Maybe if this game sells well and if the Udon Artbook for Valkyria Chronicles 3 also sells well then they might consider doing a Digital Release of the game….

      • sakusakusakura_nyo

        That would be great.

  • TobeGrendizer92

    Wouldn’t it be hi-laaarious if this game went the way of the Turn A Gundam and was cancelled at the last second?

  • Oy. I was a little curious about this game, but it’s gonna be pretty hard to justify buying it when it’s coming out in such close proximity to both of the new SMT games… might have to pass on it for now.

  • Shizumasa

    Yes, this is what I want.

  • Sylveria

    The – hypest – shit – ever.

  • Göran Isacson

    Welp, guess we’ll have to see wether this is also the European release date or if it gets delayed for us too… which let us be honest is probably gonna be the case.

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