Fantasy Life Shipments Are Around 300,000 In Japan

By Ishaan . April 9, 2013 . 1:00pm

As previously reported, Fantasy Life is set to see a large content update later this year.


The update will add new quests as well as the ability to play with other people over the Internet, and will feature changes to the game’s world as well.


Meanwhile, Level 5 CEO Akihiro Hino has shared with Nikkei Trendy Net that shipments of Fantasy Life are around the 300,000 mark in Japan. As we reported earlier in the year, the game sold out in Japanese stores upon release, and Level 5 are looking to turn Fantasy Life into a new series.


Hino also mentions in his interview that Level 5 are looking to Youkai Watch as their major project for the year.


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  • Zenthos

    “Fantasy Life into a new series”
    In that case, I’l wait for an even more advanced version.

  • riceisnice

    300,000. That’s pretty good right? I was hoping it would reach Animal Crossing Cult levels though.

    • That was never going to happen. The reason Animal Crossing did it is because it picked up both new players as well as people that played the DS version as kids and are now older. (See this post for details:

      Fantasy Life’s 300k is quite the achievement though. It’s a brand new IP, for starters. Many brand new games don’t sell that much this quickly. Bravely Default is the only other example I can think of in recent memory. To put things in perspective, this game is already selling faster than both Rune Factory and Harvest Moon.

      A second Fantasy Life game has chances of selling more if Level 5 can convince older players to return while enticing new players at the same time, the way Animal Crossing did.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Has anyone played this yet? So if I’m playing a knight and want to switch to a miner or something, do I have to delete my game and start over?

    • Aoshi00

      Yeah, same here. I got the game but haven’t played too much yet. Also started w/ a knight but now want to try something else, wonder if you could switch role mid-way.. I also bought the Uematsu soundtrack, it’s pretty light hearted and whimsical.

      • You can change jobs anytime at the Guild.

        • Aoshi00

          Great, I’ll try that out later.. still have Layton 6, Gyakuten x Layton, FE:A, and Luigi’s Mansion, backlog :(…

    • blastleaf

      Yea, I have been playing it for a few months now, clocking in 150 hours or so, you can change jobs whenever you want. I highly recommend getting all the licences in the beginning though, as you dont have to be a miner to mine ores, or a fishermen to fish. All you need is to get the licence, so you can equip the appropriate tools, and when you go out for adventures, you can gather/fight at the same time, the only down side to that of course is that you wont be able to use the special ability unique to each “life” (i like how even the non-fighting jobs have some kind of boss, like if you are a lumber jack, there will be a challenge to take down a massive demon tree that would heal itself, you will need to find its weak spot to do massive damage(fuuuuuu giant enemy crab)cutting a massive tree with a boss battle themed music in the BG feels funny). The crafting professions do get very repetitive though….hell, even maxing the last few jobs is a bit of a drag…still a pretty decent game, feels like playing a single player MMO w/o the ridiculous grind~

  • Hino ! Do wathever you want but don’t forget the west please !!!!

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • Philip Irwin

    Well, good news for sure. Must mean they’re expecting to hit at least a quarter or half of those sales for the states, else they probably wouldn’t have gotten the trademark. The ONLY question is who’s the publisher. I could see ATLUS doing something like this but don’t Level 5 and Bamco have some kind of… deal going on?

  • Skyer Ist

    Amazing news!

  • Scarletmoonwish

    I really want this game to get release stateside, hopefully we hear news about this new IP in this year’s E3.

  • Glad Level 5 finally got a hit. I’m way more excited for this than Animal Crossing so I hope they announce official localization plans soon.

    • Personally I’m not even interested in the Animal Crossing series. I want this over that.

      • Same here. I just mentioned it because they’re similiar games but Fantasy Life has more of a goal than AC and I love the artstyle more. It’s just more of my kind of game than AC.

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