GungHo Online Entertainment’s Puzzle & Dragons Headed To 3DS

By Ishaan . April 12, 2013 . 9:00am

Hit social game Puzzle & Dragons is headed to the Nintendo 3DS, Japan’s CoroCoro magazine reports (thanks, Ruliweb). The 3DS version of the game will be titled Puzzle & Dragons Z.


For the uninitiated, Puzzle & Dragons is a social puzzle game developed by GungHo Online Entertainment, and is one of Japan’s most popular social games, with over 12 million registered players in the country to date. The game has played a large role in GungHo’s success.


The 3DS version will feature over 200 monsters to collect, and is slated for release this Winter in Japan. A price has not yet been announced.


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  • Only 200? Last I played the Android version was well over 600. Kinda makes me wonder how they’ll make this version work.

    The Android version if it was fairly addicting for the week or two I played it. Managed to get all the way to Rank 30 during a promo. Unfortunately, with the way the game’s made, after a certain point it’s rather difficult to go any further without employing the whole ‘pay to win’ model in your favor…and like most of them it’s fairly overpriced.

    • Akuosa

      Not really, I find the game to be very generous (for this kind of game) with the giving away of the currency equivalent with promos almost every week… I’m around rank 100 and haven’t spent a dime, working in the more dificult “dungeons” now… of course, it would be much faster if I bought currency, and indeed is pay to win, getting special monsters left and right, but considering it’s not a competitive game, you can perfectly play it for free at a good pace.

      • Rank 100? …Wow. How long did that take you?

        I might just stink at the game. :x

        • Akuosa

          Around february or so. It’s quite a bit, but I see this kind of games as something to play for a bit everyday so… I dunno, I find the pace alright, don’t feel forced to pay like in most of free to play movile games. As somebody else said too, it’s easier if you check the wiki and know the dungeons beforehand.

          • That I did with the time I took to get involved with it. I got some halfway decent starts on what I have now but finding what’s necessary for the really high level 5-6* stuff was what made it feel like it was going to take forever or that the dungeons themselves to get that far were going to kill me in one shot with them.

            And of course you hit on a good point about limiting yourself to how much you play per day. I don’t like something else restricting my playtime and of course that comes with better rank. So it’s one of those getting there kind of things that take me a while on those kind of games.

    • 紅蓮

      I am rank 128 at the moment. It is difficult at some stages, but you don’t need to pay. As long as you look into the wiki to find out what enemies (especially the boss) are waiting for you, you can calculate and use the best possible strategy to win the stage. I started playing November last year.

      Most of my friend bought 85 gems/month, go for rounds and rounds of gacha every time they have god fest, they also use dozens of gems to win hell/super hell dungeons. But up until now I still haven’t bought any gems. Although my monster box is poor but I’m still the 2nd highest rank among my friends and I’m the most advanced in normal and technical dungeons.

      • Wow. I might just give it another shot here once I clear out the 3DS backlog. What’s the story on your stamina at that stage of the game? Do you have problems running dry really fast at all?

        • 紅蓮

          On special stages yeah my stamina will ran out in a flash, just leave it and let it recharge. Playing it all day long is not good anyway and staring the screen while waiting is stupid lol

    • Suicunesol

      I’m with the others too. :P I’m about rank 50, and yes I HAVE spent some money on this game, but only because they had a Greek God promo over spring break and I really wanted a few cute greek goddesses awesome monsters from that list.

      I find the game very generous in how much it gives you for free. Especially in the beginning, on top of the daily login bonus magic stones, and the magic stones you get after completing a dungeon set, I found myself redeeming my stones for a chance at the rare egg machine at least a few times a day (if I played incessantly). Later on in the game, perhaps you aren’t given as many magic stones, but you still get them. For example, last week during Spring Break, and this week too, they gave/are giving one free magic stone per day.

      There’s a small element of luck involved, though. I got some really lucky rolls and obtained some very rare monsters early on, so that really helped to plow through the weekday dungeons and obtain some good evolution materials. Also, I joined in March and unwittingly stumbled right into a good 2x King Metal Dragon appearance period, so I was able to level-up monsters fairly quickly. The promos, the weekday dungeons, the Metal Dragons, and your choice of friends are the key to getting ahead in this game.

      Stamina-wise, on occasion I found myself running out of stamina. But because you earn so much experience from dungeons, and stamina is automatically refilled whenever you level-up, early on stamina was not an issue. Only when I started doing the weekly dungeons did I start using magic stones to refill my stamina. And even then, because the game is designed to be played on and off, stamina was not a problem because all you have to do is wait for it to refill.

  • So, people are probably looking at this and going *SNORE*, but for the folks that like to follow sales, this could actually be a pretty big deal. Puzzle & Dragons is absolutely huge in Japan. It’s one of the most successful social games in the country. I’m not sure how similar or different the 3DS version will be from the iOS/Android versions and whether it’ll be a free-to-play product or not, but GungHo’s a smart company and they probably do understand the need to tailor different versions to the system they’re on.

    • It’s big in Japan. Good move by Nintendo I’d say.

    • 紅蓮

      I’ve been playing this everyday on the last 5-6 months and I have to say that this is a good game. Although I got bored because I played too much and averting my focus to Million Arthur on PS Vita right now…

    • Suicunesol

      Well, if the game isn’t coming to the west, then… :P

      I’m actually a little skeptical about bringing Puzzle and Dragons to 3DS, or even PSVita for that matter. I don’t know if you’ve played PAD, but it’s a game that is heavily reliant on the online capabilities of phones. You literally must be connected to the internet at all times to play the game. You can’t login without a decent connection. There’s also the stamina system that heavily dictates how often you can play the game. There’s also the social aspect of bringing your “friend”‘s monsters to help you in dungeons. And then there’s the daily/weekly promotions…

      I’m not sure if the actual game content of Puzzle and Dragons is what makes it successful. It’s actually a really simple game with little in the way of visuals. It’s just bejeweled. I believe the stamina system (really ingenious), the social monster aspect, and the weekly promos are what really have made it successful.

      …unless the game’s system is overhauled for offline play, then I can’t say for sure. I for one would buy this 3DS version if the monsters were animated, if it had new music (the original has the same music in every stage), and unique visuals for each dungeon (most dungeons look the game, with color swaps). Maybe a navigable, mario-style map. Story isn’t necessary. Yeah, I would buy that.

      • I haven’t played P&D myself, no, but I did do a lot of research on it while looking up GungHo, since this has been their most successful game in recent years. You’re right, it—like a lot of other social games—is reliant on being constantly connected.

        However, something to keep in mind is that this isn’t necessarily strictly the same game ported to 3DS. At this point, P&D isn’t just a single social game, it’s a brand. And that means spin-offs in different genres. I know we aren’t used to seeing brands originate from social games and then become more traditional games (as opposed to the other way around), but it’s a phenomenon that’s starting to become more common. I would imagine they will tailor this to the 3DS’ strengths.

        • s07195

          How does this game compare with things like Maple Story’s DS games, and other online games with offline handheld spinoffs? Is this the first mobile to handheld game?

  • Warboss Aohd

    da questiion i haz fer it iz merely, ‘is it any good?’.

  • clickmon

    I wonder if they will transfer the new 200 monsters into the mobile game.

    • Brandonmkii

      Who says they’re new?

      • clickmon

        There are some I don’t recognize in the scan, so not all 200 will be new I guess.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    If Gung-Ho is able to implement the Streetpass and Spotpass into this game, i can said this game had high chance of becoming big.

    Not to forget now 3DS had tons of gamer who had inline interest with games that had high socials features.(Animal Crossing and Tomodachi Collection)

    • I didn’t even think about that. That’d be one way to get that friends list to a new level.

  • s07195

    How is it I can only line up a two combo of three gems, when my brother is clearing half the screen? >.<

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