Shin Megami Tensei IV Is Headed To Europe

By Ishaan . April 17, 2013 . 7:48am

Shin Megami Tensei IV is coming to Europe, Nintendo of Europe announced during a Nintendo Direct presentation this morning.


Further details have not yet been announced. We’ll report as they are made available.

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  • SirRichard

    Holy hell, this is actually happening.

    • Told you you guys wouldn’t have to worry!

      • landlock

        Now that Ghostlight don’t have to do SMTIV. Hopefully they do Soul Hackers instead.

        • Ferofax

          I’m pretty sure Ghostlight wanted SMTIV very, very badly. It’s a big release.

        • Go2hell66

          i hope ghostlight stay the hell away from all atlus games, let NISA handle them

          • landlock

            Ah! that’s a good point I forgot about that NISA would be alot better.

          • Amagidyne

            What’s wrong with Ghostlight? (I ask this as a person who is generally happy with their work, EXCEPT for the recent DS: Overclocked screw up)

          • Go2hell66

            i don’t have any problems with their localisation, my main issue is just the speed of their releases. i’m sorry but after seeing how fast NISA released P4G and what an awesome job they did, i can totally understand why atlus went through talks with NISA to get them on board. if ATLUS was 100% happy with ghostlight publishing their games i’m sure those talk wouldn’t haven’t have even happened.

          • Detrimont

            i havent got it, but how is overclocked srewed up?

          • Julien_N

            Basically, the PAL version of Devil Survivor Overclocked was released almost two years after the NA and JP versions without any new languages added, but with new glitches from Atlus’ programmers that should have been easily spotted with real, proper playtesting:

            -There is a three to five minutes freeze every single time you use the “Summon” comand while in battle.
            -The game will freeze if an auction seller lied to you about the demon’s stats.
            -The first name and the last name given by the player’s input are switched in the dialogue and text.

            Ghostlight said that they are working on a patch with Atlus and Nintendo, but after having waited for so long, it is really frustrating to see such a poor programming and quality-testing job.

      • SirRichard

        I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but that entire Direct was basically made of rainbows and joy.

    • shadowind

      I’m surprised it’s coming out in the first place over here considering Atlus are the most unfriendly JP publisher out there when it comes to the EU market (and I’m not apologising to the Atlus apologists out there as it’s the honest truth whether they like it or not!)

  • Takuya

    Good for the europe fans . im happy for you all

  • Xinkai

    This is… I need a moment to cry about just how awesome this is. Really have to start watching these casts… Thank you, Atlus, NoE and either Ghostlight or NIS America :)

  • phangtom

    *throws credit card* TAKE EVERYTHING!!

  • Raze

    I can’t believe it…
    But when?I hope its not 2014 like Bravery Default though…

    • landlock

      Bravely Default is this year according to the presentation.

      Edit: Sorry that was just Europe. I assumed we’d get it at the sametime.

  • $39420547

    i hate to tell you “i told you so”, no actually i don’t

  • Makoto Yuki


  • Kenneth Richardson

    Tentative EU release window: Early 2017

    • JMaster3000

      More like ”Release Date:Early 2014” and then pushed to Winter 2014 lol

  • Go2hell66

    Its cool, US gets SMTIV, EU gets bravely default

    you see it all works out in the end

  • Meep

    While I’m very happy about this news I hope Soul Hackers is a possibility as well.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    This was entirely expected, but it is fantastic news all the same.

    But let’s just hope it doesn’t get delayed for two years and isn’t released with brand new bugs. =P

  • Anyone correct me if I’m wrong but I think this is the first time we’ve had a EU confirmation for an Atlus-produced game before the US launch… ;_; How times are changing~

    • landlock

      Yeah but Nintendo is on the case now. Hopefully they’ll continue to release Atlus games in Europe on the 3DS and WiiU.

  • Prinnydoom

    HELL YES!!!!!

  • Pretty awesome though I do feel a bit disappointed with the lack of news on Soul hackers for Europe :(

  • DesmaX

    Nintendo seems to be having really high hopes for this series…

    Hope they’re right

  • shadowind

    My God, it’s a miracle! An Atlus game coming out within a couple of months of its American release!?!?! (I’m being sarcastic for those of you who don’t understand sarcasm! ^_^)

  • Hinataharem

    Congrats guys

  • ragingmerifes

    I don’t even live in Europe, but I’m happy for you guys. No more complaining about games not arriving or taking too long. This is real.

    Good luck when waiting for Bravely Default, though.

    • Matthew McKerrell

      i’ll continue complaining until Atlus gets their thumbs out their asses and gives us games at the same time as America.

      no complaining about games taking too long?
      clearly you haven’t had to wait up to a year for a company to release it’s titles in your region.

      and what about the titles Atlus doesn’t release in europe?

      • ragingmerifes

        Calm down, bro.
        And yes, I’ve waited years to have one game too.

  • Julien_N

    Wow, that is great!

    So the SMT x FE WiiU game announcement was the first step towards a closer collaboration between Atlus and Nintendo, and it also brings more SMT games in Europe, something that Atlus is apparently unable to do on its own….

    I wouldn’t complain about that improvement, but I still wonder when the game will be released here, and what about Soul Hackers? Oh, and it is not a digital-only release I hope?

    And what if Nintendo has unrealistic expectations for the series and stops those releases after the first few games do reasonably well but not as much as they wanted?

    • Arizato

      I think it will live up to Nintendo’s expectations. Ever since the Persona games more or less went “mainstream” more and more people have become interested in the core Shin Megami Tensei experience.

      This has also made me more hopeful that the protagonist in SMTIV will appear in the new Smash Bros game.

      • Julien_N

        It is true that Persona gave a boost to the series’s popularity, but the core SMT games have no chance of being as successful as the Persona series which attracts a wider audience. As long as Nintendo does not try to compare both series’ sales, I think it should be okay.

        Putting references in the Smash Bros game is a very good idea, that is how we had Kid Icarus’ revival after all. =)

        Still, I can’t help but think about Sin & Punishment 2 which is an awesome game (not as good as its predecessor but that’s another story) and was promoted by Nintendo as they were some expectations on this title’s success. And apparently, the niche appeal of S&P2 did not bring many people to buy it, even with the positive reviews and all. I may be underestimating the game’s popularity, though.

  • Please do not skip over Soul Hackers. :(

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Praise the Lord!!!!!
    This just keeps getting better and better. ^_^

  • Arizato

    Hell yeah!

  • Keima88

    Life is complete…

    Thank you atlus…

    But human greed knows no bounds…

    Next game on my list rune factory 4.

    • karldeck

      How do you feel now when still no release date for Europe yet?

  • Matthew McKerrell

    i mean, America is getting it July 16th.
    wanna bet we here in Europe won’t see it till well into 2014?!

  • Belerith

    This is sad… :(

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