Capcom Re-Evaluating Games In Development, Cancelling Certain Titles

By Ishaan . April 18, 2013 . 9:00am

Faced with an increasingly competitive videogames market, Capcom have had to lower the sales forecasts yet again for two of their major titles—Resident Evil 6 and DmC Devil May Cry. Here are their new estimates of how many copies they’ve moved as of March 31st, 2013:


Resident Evil 6 – 4.9 million (down from 5 mil., originally 7 mil.)

DmC Devil May Cry – 1.2 million (down from 1.5 mil., originally 2 mil.)


In light of these events, Capcom have attempted to figure out just what has led to their games not meeting their sales targets. Here are the conclusions they’ve arrived at:


  • Delayed response to the expanding digital contents market
  • Decline in quality due to excessive outsourcing
  • Insufficient coordination between marketing and game development divisions in overseas markets


Capcom’s countermeasures to these issues are as follows:


1. Strengthening their digital business:

  • Increase in and promotion of DLC (downloadable content)


2. Raising the quality of their games, moving more development in-house:

  • Work-in-progress games re-evaluated
  • Certain titles discontinued due to “inability to respond to market needs”
  • Certain titles outsourced overseas discontinued due to not being compatible with current business strategy


3. Improve global coordination between development and marketing divisions


Capcom have reported a 7.2 billion yen “special loss” resulting from re-evaluating in-development titles that they feel are not in line with current market conditions and taking the appropriate measures against them.


Capcom’s major titles for the year ahead are Lost Planet 3, Resident Evil Revelations on PC/consoles, and Monster Hunter 4. The publisher also mentions other unspecified major titles, which will presumably be revealed at a later date.

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  • Go2hell66

    *Decline in quality due to excessive outsourcing, oh yea thats for sure!
    *Increase in and promotion of DLC (downloadable content), as much as i hate this if its making them money don’t see them stopping anytime soon…kind of the same as SE’s social game situation

  • Wait, is this saying they’re responding by doing MORE DLC? Capcom, sometimes I just don’t understand you.

    • Armane

      I think they mean DLC in a broader sense. Promoting titles like DuckTales et al.

      • DesmaX

        DLC = Downloadable Live Content

        Games themselves aren’t DLC

        • Mike Pureka

          Actually “DLC” just stands for “D.ownL.oadable C.ontent”

          But games aren’t generally in that category. Though they ARE part of Capcom’s “Digital Business” and therefore you could expect them to try to work on that as well.

          • DesmaX

            Hm, is that so…

            But I like “Downloadable Live Content” more

          • Tsunamori Nanashi

            Well, I like to think that FBI means Fozzy Bear Industries, but sometimes you have to accept reality the way it is.

          • idrawrobots

            Downloadable games are content that is downloaded. thus… DLC

          • Urien (仙人をリンク)

            Well while all this is true, Capcom (Particularly Ono) did mention before, not to mention, I think it was in a previous article, that there wouldn’t be any new titles being digitally released any time soon after Darkstalkers: Resurrection.

            That being said, there could be any way they go with this. I think they’re just talking about content for their games though.

          • Capcom’s DLC is extraordinarily greedy though. Lets not forget asura’s wrath where you had to buy the dlc to get the ending of the game. Everyone knows how greedy capcom is, more DLC is NOT the answer.

          • Urien (仙人をリンク)

            Not to mention the fact that that DLC actually cost the amount of a regular Indie game that just got licensed under a small price.

      • KingRuff

        No they seriously mean more DLC. DLC does not mean games.

    • KuchikiSentou

      DLC makes money. It keeps the game relevant to players’ minds. Battlefield 3 came out in 2011. They released their final DLC in 2013; I don’t hear people whining about that. All the big publishers do it.

      • Arizato

        That’s a bit different though. SInce Battlefield 3 actually gives you a couple of maps, challenges, weapons and new vehicles. Whereas Capcom makes you pay a fortune for one or two costumes, disc locked characters and whatnot.

      • The big difference there is Battlefield is 90 percent an online game. I have cousins who play black ops religiously, so I understand what players are like who play those games, and dlc hits a sweet spot with them. RE and all the other titles Capcom makes are not online focused games. Their fighting games may be, and that is one place they could focus dlc marketing, but their 90 percent solo play games getting slammed with in game dlc is a huge mistake as it breeds ill will because it breaks immersion, and that is not what you do with a mostly solo game.

        • Jahmere Durham

          In the end this is a business. I don’t really like CAPCOM as a company, but I understand why their doing what their doing now.

  • As long as its not Cardboard Cut-Outs vs Capcom.

    • raymk

      You never know, that could be hella fun to play.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I really don’t think that focusing more on DLC will help get them out of this mess, since that’s one of the biggest reason that long-time fans have been turning on them.

    I’m for more in-house development though. I’m not even against outsourcing the creation of certain titles overseas, but I do think they’ve been doing it with the wrong titles and studios.

  • In before they cancel that upcoming Mega Man game they announced the other day. Because that would just be so LOLCAPCOM.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Except they didn’t announce a Mega Man game. The statement was made that they’re looking at future Mega Man titles, not that one was actively in development. Also, if memory serves, that was said by a PR spokesman. So it’s far from recanting on any official announcement.

      • Anime10121

        Truedat! Though still, I’m thinking with the way the franchise has been handled lately, any Rockman game that WAS in the planning stages or in pre-production will unfortunately be the first to hit the cutting board. I honestly wish they would just sell the property to Inafune (for a reasonable enough price) if they aren’t gonna do anything with it. Its kinda sad to see where one of my favorite franchises has fallen to, its like after the failures of the 3 console Mega Man X games Capcom made after Inafune concluded the series with X5, basically killed the series on console (when the canon games generally did really well).

        • Solomon_Kano

          I doubt Capcom’s plans for Mega Man are changing based on RE and DmC’s failings. It’s a matter of them trying to figure out what to do with him.

          We saw that Inafune greenlit a reboot of MMX as an FPS and Capcom didn’t like that; they did MM8 and 9 on PSN/XBLA and saw some success, but it didn’t set the world on fire; they milked Battle Network/Star Force for all it was worth; the ZX series didn’t do well.

          They’ve got a lot to consider before bringing him back and I’m fine with them taking their time. Much as people moan and groan, it’s only been THREE YEARS since the last Mega Man game after he’d had a game every year since his creation. It’s not that serious.

          Meanwhile, I’d like to see Onimusha continue. Y’know, or one of their other series that really has been gone. I love Mega Man, but their “treatment” of him isn’t as bad as people make it out to be.

          • Anime10121

            The FPS Mega Man, *shivers*, the only Mega Man game I’m GLAD never got made. I still on the other hand, can not accept 9 and 10 as “real” Mega Man games, while fun, they were much more a throwback than full on titles in the series. They did nothing for the series but strip it back to the dated gameplay of Megaman 2 and 3 (which in turn were/are fun games for their time) but you expect for a sequel to do SOMETHING new, or even retain features from the previous entry.

            Never been a big fan of the “alternate Universe series” Battle Network/Star Force series having only played Battle Network 2(or 3?). I only really payed attention to the mainline series, so I dont know much about those (I know a little but thats it).

            The last real game was ZX Advent which released in 2008 (5 years ago), which honestly, you’re correct in saying didnt set the world on fire, but then again, if I remember correctly, the handheld titles did FAR worse than even the worst console selling entries, so I dont know why they stuck to that route, perhaps had the Zero games and the ZX games been on console, they would have fared much better.

            My whole thing is, I dont want Mega to fall into the position that Onimusha, Viewtiful Joe, and others have found themselves in, and be handed off to nothing but mobile games like Onimusha (which is already starting to become the case with Rock Man XOver), or be simply forgotten like Viewtiful Joe.

          • Solomon_Kano

            So… 9 and 10 don’t count because they were throwbacks? I’ll have to disagree. While not what I wanted from a new game (always preferred the X games to the originals), I don’t see how that makes it any less of a “real” Mega Man game. A lot of people want a lot of different things from a new Mega Man, if Capcom listens to one crowd they won’t please another. In 9 and 10’s case, they didn’t just throw that out, people had been asking for a thorwback on Unity.

            Mega Man was moved to handhelds because it wasn’t doing well on consoles. The PS2 games didn’t do terribly well, so the next series was ZX. ZX didn’t do terribly well, but they still did a sequel. The Advent didn’t do well either, so they stopped with ZX.

          • Anime10121

            I’m just saying that they dont count in my mind because they stripped SO much of the game back down to the bare minimum. Lack of a story that actually moves forward from what happens in 8, re use of music (Megaman 2 themes), gameplay taking steps backward, among other issues. They were fun games, but I cant take them as wholehearted sequels because of these things. Its almost like after having Final Fantasy go from what it is now, back to games like 1, 2, or 3, with little to no plot, or no gameplay enhancements.

            At the time Megaman moved to handhelds with the Zero series, it kinda was still doing good, If I remember correctly (though I may be wrong), the X series generally did push like half a mil a copy while it was at X5, the handheld games sold CONSIDERABLY less (well barring the Battle Network series which did a mil a game until they kinda overextended their welcome).

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, when they first moved to handhelds they did well enough. Once the console games ended with X though, the handheld titles declined severely.

            They’ve done four sidescrolling series, two action RPGs, a JRPG, and two card-battling series. They’ve pretty much exhausted the genres the character lends himself to. Let them take time off until they figure out how exactly they want to bring him back. After a game a year from his first appearance in 1987 until 2010, 3 years is a well-earned rest for the IP. He’s guaranteed to return, so there’s really no point in sweating it bro.

            Also, FF1 (Dawn of Souls ver.) being one of my favorite in the series, I’d love that. :P

          • Anime10121

            I guess, but with The way Capcom seems to be handling themselves now, it seems as if they don’t have time for their “lower selling series” and are more in favor of stuffing more Resident Evil/Street Fighter down our throats. Just gives me the impression their done with stuff like Megaman, Okami, Dino Crisis, VJ, etc. unless their small network titles.

            But yeah hopefully I’m wrong and they will indeed return to some of their other titles.
            Oh and Dawn of Souls doesn’t count as a comparison :P it actually made MANY improvements to the original FFI and FF2 unlike MM9 & 10 which did nothing but give us MM2&3 with new levels and bosses. FFD is a better comparison though even that’s a stretch because it looks and plays better than the NES games.

          • Solomon_Kano

            It’s not that they don’t have “time” for their lower-selling series, it’s that some of those just aren’t coming back. At all. Dino Crisis was a riff on their own series, RE. RE proved more popular, DC died in a blaze of terrible. It doesn’t need to come back. Not everything needs to keep going. Save for SNK, there’s not a company out there that’s lived on selling the same few series over and over — and SNK died, anyway.

            Capcom will bring back series as the demand for them fits in with their plans for the market. SF took a generation long break before returning with SF4. Okami failed, but years of praise from critics and fans prompted them to do a sequel. Marvel vs Capcom disappeared for a decade before returning. Darkstalkers is currently being looked at for a return. Steel Battalion of all things got a sequel. It’s a matter of patience. Mega Man will be back. His demise has been greatly exaggerated, but he’ll be back. It’s all a matter of when and how.

            As for Dawn of Souls not counting… it’s literally FF1 in 16-bit with 4 extra dungeons and MP. Mega Man 9 and 10 are completely new games with the old gameplay. Not remakes, not updates, but completely new games — all new levels, all new bosses, all new music, all new story. An exact analogue from Mega Man to Dawn of Souls would be Maverick Hunter X. Same game, new visuals, a few extras (4 dungeons for DoS, Vile mode and Day of Sigma for MHX).

            I’m not saying you’ve gotta like 9 and 10, I didn’t, but the notion that they don’t count because they play like the earlier games just doesn’t make much sense. You’re free to your view of it though, I just have to respectfully disagree.

          • Anime10121

            Yeah bad comparisons are bad (my bad :P) But what I meant was DoS got a graphical update, with expansions to the title and gameplay. My biggest thing was it expanded upon gameplay, MM9 and 10 did not. They regressed to over 20 years of improvements the series had made.

            A better way to phrase what I was saying is like Final Fantasy XV going back to look like the Nintendo FF’s with no hd sprites or anything, NES quality music, and a story on par with the first 3 games. I was just trying to say that I wouldnt be able to take that seriously as a true sequel to the series.

            I’m not dogging 9 and 10, heck I even liked them (a lot), its just after so many improvements the series has made to both gameplay and storytelling, I cant legitimately see them as full fledged sequels to Megaman 8.

            But like you said we can agree to disagree, as everyone has their opinions on different situations and neither yours nor mine are absolute or wrong :)

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yay for peaceable resolutions to disagreements! lol

  • surakian

    DLC is not going to help them. DLC is what makes people not want to buy their products.

    I’d be more happy if they released new, interesting IPs, and maybe actually release a Mega Man game.

  • DemonShadowX

    What is this outsourcing they speak of? Aside from DmC (which did pretty good if you ask me), the only other outsourced game I know of was the canceled Maverick Hunter X FPS which, from what I’ve seen, I would’ve loved to play.

    • Armane

      Operation Raccoon City. Probably some other cancelled titles as well.

      • DemonShadowX

        Ah yes….. ORC…. As for the other titles, it would’ve been nice to know what they were, to you know, gauge actual market reaction instead of just assuming we’d hate it.

    • DesmaX

      Probably they outsourced certain parts of their games to other companies. Kinda like EA did with BF3 (Outsourcing the game interface)

      • z_merquise

        Correct. Marvel vs Capcom 3 (8ing) and Street Fighter 4 (Dimps) are few of the examples.

    • dragoon_slayer12

      Dead rising series (all outsource except pt1), dmc, a lot of portable titles

    • SirRichard

      The recent Bionic Commando games, Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet 3 and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City were all developed outside of Capcom, they’ve been doing it for a while. I’m probably missing some myself.

      • Solomon_Kano

        I don’t know that they’re eferring to titles so far back, seeing as this is coming up in their present financial report.

    • z_merquise

      Arcade ports and Duck Tales HD are also outsourced.

  • dragoon_slayer12

    Watch, some of these canceled titles will be some mega man titles

  • d19xx

    Megaman titles are set to Auto Cancel…..

  • Neophoton

    Hopefully they get back on the right track. I haven’t been big on their games as of late, but I’d gladly purchase their titles once they stop getting excessively DLC-happy and dip into titles that aren’t only the usual set of franchise they dip into.

  • TiamatNM

    “Sales were overestimated because we are full of ourselves” should be one of the conclusions :P

  • EdgeKun

    So long as the D&D Mystara (Arcade) collection is still being worked on, all is well.

    • raymk

      Yeah I don’t think that’s what being canned. I think they mean titles they haven’t revealed yet.

  • “Sigh” I really hope Capcom gets their act together. Perhaps if they make #2 #1, and then make #3 #2 they might do a little better in the future.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Well, these aren’t in order of importance or anything lol. They’ll be doing all 3 simultaneously.

  • z_merquise

    Decline in quality due to excessive outsourcing
    Hmmm. Not that outsourcing is bad but I guess they just can’t manage it well.

    I wonder what games under production are they going to cancel. I really wanted to see a new Strider and Captain Commando game but dammit, I guess niche and underrated franchises always suffer from “inability to respond to market needs” crap.

    • Spirit Macardi

      Which is funny, since you have companies like Atlus, Nippon Ichi, and XSEED who deal in nothing but niche games, and they’re doing just fine x3

      • Solomon_Kano

        They also have exponentially lower operating costs. Not to mention one of the 3 you named doesn’t even make games.

        • raymk

          Yep Yep

        • Spirit Macardi

          I don’t see why Capcom’s operating expenses should be any higher. Yeah they spend more money on production of their games, but do they really need to do that to make good titles? Hell, anymore the indie market is showing that all you need to make a great game is a few people and some creativity.

          And even in XSEED’s case, while they may not make the games they localize they do still need to pay back the original developers.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Of course they don’t need to spend more to make good games, but neither of us were arguing that. But since they do spend more, well, that’s just what it is. Atlus and Nippon Ichi have cultivated dedicated followings and they work to appease that group. They found success and decided that level of prosperity was enough.

            That’s cool but Capcom, Namco Bandai, and others of their ilk are focused on expanding their market ever-further and, in pursuit of that, they spend more. And for their effort they also make more than Atlus, N1, or any other niche developer — even when they’re revising profits down.

            As for Xseed, yes, they have to pay money to the original developers/publishers but that was beside the point. I’m not saying they don’t have costs or anything, just that they don’t actually develop anything so comparing what is acceptable for them in terms of profit doesn’t make sense. They have significantly less staff, a significantly smaller profile, and significantly less expectations for their returns.

          • Spirit Macardi

            Well, I suppose my core issue is that these companies seem to refuse to acknowledge their niche fanbases. You say they’re more profitable than companies that focus purely on the obscure, so why don’t they use that financial stability to allow them to occasionally cater to the fans of their more offbeat titles?

            I guess I’m just tired of these companies thinking that “niche” and “unprofitable” are the same thing.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Well, because few, if any, companies make willfully less profitable decisions like that. A rare case of that would be Square Enix’s announcement of Drakengard 3. With the apparently large losses Wada led them into, that didn’t even make sense. But they did it and we’ll see how that turns out for them. Again though, rare example of a big company feeding the niche. Another rare example was EA bringing SSX back. That series had long-since left the limelight and EA’s even more cutthroat about their profits than any of Japan’s big shots.

            Niche and unprofitable aren’t synonyms and I can understand your frustration with that, but for Capcom the niche has been unprofitable. So it’s not like they just are against it, it hasn’t earned them money. Okami and God Hand are two of their most beloved titles, yet neither saw a fraction of the sales they needed or deserved.

      • neo_firenze

        Atlus may not be doing as “just fine” as you say. As reported earlier this week (, their parent company just reported major losses and is in debt. Not sure exactly how much of that is attributable to Atlus itself, but it’s certainly not good news.

        • Spirit Macardi

          That’s purely Index. Atlus themselves are doing just fine, and are in fact Index’s most profitable arm currently

    • I really wanted to see a new Strider and Captain Commando game but dammit, I guess niche and underrated franchises always suffer from “inability to respond to market needs” crap.

      Actually, if we’re looking at digital titles, a Strider game might still happen. Low distribution costs cut down significant hurdles. The “inability to respond to market needs” comment, I personally think, is their subtle way of saying “games that can’t support DLC”.

      • ronin4life

        Is that why Pheonix wright had dlc shoved into it?
        Oh please, let this have nothing to do with monhun4 being delayed..>.>

        • No, MonHun4 was likely delayed because the reception to Resident Evil 6 scared them. They probably looked at RE6, then looked at MH4 and figured that they should invest a little extra to be on the safe side.

          That, or I have another theory… which is that MH4’s release might have been delayed to make it compatible with the upcoming 3DS version of Miiverse. Or other system-level improvements that Nintendo are making to 3DS.

  • Pichi

    For DLC to work Capcom, you have to have a more positive response from your games. Decline in quality from excessive outsoucing is only because you haven’t oversaw what they are doing. Be more involve in your productions.

  • Leon is like “You will be canceled next!”

  • SirRichard

    The main problem Capcom had was that it got too ambitious, as well as the ever present “overly high expectations”. Resident Evil 6 was said (by its own producer) to have had a staff numbering at 600 or more! It was as stark a case of “too many cooks” as you could find, and the results show: the cost of the game’s development demanded 7 million sales to be profitable when it simply didn’t have the brand power to swing that. And now they’re confused that it didn’t make money for them!

    The solution isn’t “make more DLC”, it’s the same one as the rest of the industry: show some restraint. Resident Evil did not need a small army working on it, the market does not need 20 fighting games from the same company in a short span of time, players are not enthused by signs in your fantasy game telling them to buy the swathes of DLC you have lined up if they want to access more content. Just calm down, Capcom, pace yourself.

    Cutting down on the outsourcing is also a good idea, if only because Capcom couldn’t pick a decent studio to handle it half the time.

    • eilegz

      and thats its one thing that next gen wont improve it…. hopefully im mistaken.

      Maybe the market should get shrink and down so maybe the industry realize what it need to stop the death spiral.

    • David Bannister

      The main reason that Asura’s Wrath pissed me off

    • Happy Gamer

      I have no experience in business, but with all the people they have in their company, it would be hard to show “restraint” and still be able to function without losing money (kuz u have to pay them). I think Capcom screwed up a lot once they started to value expansion and profit over quality games.

      NOTHING wrong with making money. By all means I hope they are successful and each workers have money to take home to family.

      However this is first an foremost an ENTERTAINMENT business. I think video game companies that do best is when the entire staff and even the owner of the company/execs LOVE gaming first.

      Love what you do, work hard, the money will come.
      But I think if you flip the equation,
      Emphasis on MORE money, start to HATE what you do/stress, impacts game quality, snow ball effect…

  • Göran Isacson

    So, almost 5 million Resi6 huh? Is that worse or on par with Resi 5, I wonder? And what DLC was made for those titles?

    I’m also curious about those first projected sales, 2 mil for DmC and 7 mil for Resi6. Were those the numbers the game had to sell in order to make a profit at ALL, or was it just what they were wishing on a star would happen? Like, have these games actually turned a profit, not just as big a profit as Capcom would like, or were they loss-operations?

    Shame that we probably won’t hear about these cancelled games until news about them makes their way out through some developer looking for a job posts their portfolio though. Also, since I looked at this article:
    I do wonder if their talk of strengthening their online games have paid off or if that failed to meet their expectations like their console games have done. Also: if that special loss means injecting the games with extra resources, or just dumping them outright before they could lose MORE cash on them.

    • I doubt RE6 had to sell 7 million just to break even. Those were the sales they were hoping for. I don’t think the game is a loss-operation the way it’s selling now, but it certainly isn’t making them the kind of profit they’d hoped for.

      • Göran Isacson

        I must admit that I’m curious how big these two games budgets were, what money went into what parts, and if the profits they made could have been bigger if they cut down costs on something that turned out to be unneccessary… I mean I get that the 600 people working on Resi6 must’ve been a HUGE waste of resources considering what it turned out to be, but DmC? What were the big costs there? Graphics is the first thing that comes to mind, possibly all the special cutscenes… and maybe the (as I’ve heard it) many meetings between Capcom and Ninja Theory to hammer out gameplay kinks and teach them how it’s done?

  • Astrotrain

    Darkstalkers 4 canceled.

    • FFmax

      Yep, they really need to learn to stop spending so much damn money on making these games. I’m not too sure about RE revelations, but I’m sure that Lost Planet is going to flop, even it if does sell millions.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Lost Planet won’t sell millions, but won’t flop if it does. Unreal Engine 3 development isn’t nearly as costly at this point in the console cycle. And they clearly aren’t pumping any marketing money into the title, so it’d likely be successful with just around 1 million sold.

    • Neophoton

      I wouldn’t doubt it at all. Oh well… :/

    • Nooooooo!!!! Don’t even suggest that :'(

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Why is it the comments keep saying make new IPs but keep telling them make mega man games.

    • MrRobbyM

      I’m laughing.

    • Solomon_Kano

      New IPs don’t count until we get a new Mega Man, apparently lol.

    • Anime10121

      Probably because we haven’t had a console Megaman since X8 almost a decade ago in 2005, or the fact that the last “real” sequel released in 2008 which was ZX Advent 5 years ago (I dont count Megaman 9 or 10 as “true” sequels because they were more throwback than actual successors to the series).

      Just sayin :(

  • Well, it’s good to see all these Japanese mega-publishers being forced to re-examine the business models they’ve been using over the past generation, since I think most people would agree they’ve been in decline. With luck maybe we’ll see, if not a return to form, at least a greater level of consistency from these companies.

    • raymk

      Honestly a lot of companies east and west are in some decline.

  • you released it in march! you did well enough to hit those numbers. please don’t cry like SquareEnix over Tomb Raider.

    • Solomon_Kano

      What was released in March? DmC came out back in January and RE6 came out last year.

      • My bad. It was the PC version of RE6 that was released during that period. I had no idea about DmC though. What I was trying to get across is that publishers should be more realistic with sale figures and not blame quality releases, which isn’t the developers’ fault since it’s the publishers who incur restructuring costs and unfairly rely on a few titles to cushion that fall. Capcom and RE6+DmC, SE and Tomb Raider, plus EA today fired 10% of their workforce, including Popcap (which they acquired).

        To sum up my thoughts, I believe the traditional business model isn’t viable anymore.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I cracked the hell up at “excessive outsourcing”. Considering the only outsourced title they’d be looking at right now is DmC, it sounds like they pretty much just pissed on Ninja Theory. Hahaha.

    I’m very glad to hear they’re cutting back on outsourcing. Not that outsourcing is inherently bad or anything, but they REALLY haven’t been the most selective in who they outsource to. And that’s really the key. Handing Lost Planet over to Spark Unlimited is a prime example of this. It’s going to be horrible. Not because it’s being outsourced, but rather because Spark Unlimited has yet to make a single quality title.

    So, yea, I’ll take their in-house development staff over chasing low-ball outside developers any day. It’s also encouraging to me that they’re reassessing outsourced titles that are currently in development and cancelling others. They’re at least trying to fix that issue ASAP.

    • All of those ports by Iron Galaxy and Backbone are outsourcing.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Ah. True. I forgot about their digital output. The “decline in quality” bit makes me doubt they’re referring to those titles though. They’re declining in sales, as Sven revealed, but I don’t think any of the ports have been of drastically differing quality from one to another.

        • “Decline in quality” on those titles more than likely refer to the patches for Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition and Darkstalkers Resurrection. If we’re going as far back as 2008, you have the mess that was Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix and the patches required just to make its online play less offensive with glitched health meters. You can trace, from that title, to a few others, a line of patches that just aren’t cost effective for Capcom.

          If you’re looking for titles that aren’t “downloadable old games”, Dead Rising was outsourced as well if I remember correctly. At least Dead Rising 2 was, anyway.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I didn’t know about SF3 and DSR’s issues, so that’s interesting. Yea, all of that patching would definitely cost them. Hm. Wonder if that means they’ll start moving away from Iron Galaxy? Then again, that may be unnecessary since Sven said they’re cutting down on the ports of fighters anyway.

          • Well, Capcom’s message seems to at least target their stockholders, whatever we as users glean from this is an entirely different story. In the case of, say, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, you have a game that’s popular in terms of viewership… but that no one bought. So you have Capcom in a conflicting situation of trying to appease fans that… for all intents and purposes think that sitting behind a monitor paying everyone BUT Capcom for entertainment counts as “supporting a game.”

            Frankly, my issue with Capcom isn’t necessarily their restraint… it’s that I can look at their ex-employees and see people that have had it with Capcom’s addiction to branding/franchises. That goes past restraint and seems to speak to business model. There’s no moderation at Capcom for that, and now I can’t even tell where the fans end and the company begins in certain decisions. And when I can discern between those two entities, it’s generally quite disgusting.

            I’m not holding any torches for them, I know they made some decisions and blah blah blah… this must all be (or isn’t) very reassuring to their business end of things, but I’m from the user end and I’m still staring at their wreckage with little reassurance, for all intents and purposes.

            I don’t know what they could “just do” at this point. I can “just take” my business elsewhere, and I have.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, that last bit is how I operate. No matter what company we’re talking, if they do something I agree with, I support that. If not? Well, then I support someone else who is.

            That’s the dilemma Capcom has though. Their “fans” complain that Capcom doesn’t listen to them, but when Capcom does listen to them… well, Marvel vs. Capcom 3. They follow up on a decade-plus-long request and get nothing for it. It puts them in a strange position when they have to balance what the fans say they want and what their data shows them is (or isn’t) proving profitable.

    • This is for the entire year, so they could be talking about Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City! DmC at least got good reviews, whereas ORC was critically panned by everyone.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Ah, the entire year? Ok, yea, they were definitely referring to ORC then.

        • neo_firenze

          Wouldn’t surprise me if they’re are looking back at the outsourcing strategy over the course of the last several years instead of just the immediate fiscal year. Previous outsourced HD titles like Bionic Commando and Dark Void also had rather weak performance. Probably add Asura’s Wrath to that list – I really don’t know if it was judged to be a commercial success, but wouldn’t surprise me if it underperformed (looked expensive to make and was quite a niche game).

          And of course, the high profile recent examples of DMC and RE:ORC. Soon to be followed by the potentially disastrous Lost Planet 3 and the question mark of Remember Me.

          Dead Rising 2 is maybe their most successful outsourced game this generation, and even it didn’t meet expectations (I read they were expecting 3mil sales, but I think it ended up at 2.2mil+)

          • Solomon_Kano

            I’m sure they likely reviewed what all of their outsourced projects have done for them this gen, but I’m sure those titles were noted previously in the fiscal year they were released in. LP3 definitely looks to be the latest in that list though.

            But I completely forgot about Remember Me. I’m not sure how high their expectations are, but that one’s a bit different than the rest. The project was previously in development for publishing by SCE, so I don’t know how much of its funding has been from Capcom or if it was mostly finished when they decided to take it on. Either way, they can’t have spent too much on its development and they certainly aren’t losing any marketing money on it, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I wonder how well they expect it to do though? I mean, they aren’t really marketing it much, so I hope they take that into account when forming their forecast.

            I actually think Asura’s Wrath met their sales projections though. My memory isn’t the best, but I believe the were looking for 1.5-2 million on that and reached it.

          • Considering they didn’t mention any sales forecast for Remember Me at all, I don’t think they expect it to do much of anything. They didn’t list it as a “major title” for this year. :(

          • Solomon_Kano

            Makes sense. The quiet around that title is very telling — and boy is it quiet. I found out its release date by looking to the side of an IGN article by chance a while back. No trailer, no press release, nada.

      • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

        Why would they care about reviews? They were happy with ORC which was panned by critics but got good sales.

        • ForteWily

          Review do have some effect on sales. It’s not that they don’t care but when response to a game is “Ho hum” or worse, it will show on the bottom line in some fashion.

          • They didn’t had much effect on DmC sales………….probably it was the white hair, hyuk.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Because they’re looking at the quality of their outsourced work, as the article says. Capcom’s well aware of which one sold more, but the critical reception helps them to assess what does and doesn’t work moving forward.

          Even if ORC sold, it was on name value. Several games of its quality would damage RE as a brand, and that would be detrimental long-term, no matter how profitable it proved at the time. If the RE brand declines, Capcom loses one if its most profitable series.

      • Eilanzer

        hummm what is ORC? o.o

    • 60hz

      outsourcing could also mean content creation with in a game… hard to tell in these cases (and i’m too lazy to look up the credits of all these games) but most big games are half done out of house.

    • Brion Valkerion

      Resident Evil 6/Racoon City, and Lost Planet 3 say hi as well

      • Solomon_Kano

        RE6 wasn’t outsourced. Capcom had an internal staff of around 300 on it. I mentioned LP3, but it wouldn’t fall under the titles they’re talking about since they’re addressing games released in this past fiscal year. LP3’s quality (or lack thereof) remains to be seen.

  • Here goes another mega man.

  • You know what? You guys at Capcom missed the most important thing that makes a game click with gamers. Its not just DLC, nor the game quality or whatever. What us gamers really want is a superb storyline that can captivate us for years to come! Haven’t you guys learned a lesson from Hollywood? Regardless how awesome the special effects of a certain movie is, it will still suck if the story sucks!

    • Solomon_Kano

      I dunno that that’s as important to sales as you think. COD outsells everything with a simple action movie story and, per your Hollywood example, the last Transformers movie grossed over a billion dollars on a story that was hardly memorable.

      • I am referring to Resident Evil. The story really sucks and eventhough alot of gamers are still buying them…its because its Resident Evil! Same with Transformers…its the name of the game that sells it mostly. However, if the phase of the story keeps on repeating again and again…in the end, people will grow tired of it or simply lose interest. Resident Evil is in how many games now? Transformers is just on three movies though.

        • Solomon_Kano

          The Fast and the Furious franchise would beg to differ. It’s only gotten more successful as it goes on, and those stories are nothing worth mentioning either. Fast Five made the most money in the franchise, the 6th movie is coming this year, and they’re already developing the 7th.

          • As I already mentioned its the name or the franchise that have an effect on marketability. But it is hits or misses. You mentioned two movies…do you want me to mention franchise movies that started strong but later on drop in popularity? The point here is majority of franchise movies fail as they progress with each sequel. Expectations become more higher and higher per each continuation. What Hollywood does to ensure a sequel won’t fail is to promote a movie aggressively weeks or even months or even years ahead to build up hype. Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch Project, Spiderman (Tobey Maguire), Shrek, Terminator, Scream, Ice Age, Pirates of the Carribean, Final Destination and so on and on. These are just movies I know that loses its fire with each sequel. Personally, the same principle does apply to games. If you played the first Resident Evil then no doubt you will agree that such a game adds a very good “Scare Effect” after all it is a horror game. Now with the latest Resident Evil can you still say the same? Capcom to me has forgotten what made their first games so awesome. They simply lose their touch.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Except Spider-Man 3 was the highest-grossing movie in the franchise. Same for Pirates of the Carribean 3. A similar example would be X-Men 3.

            Your argument was that people want a good story, I provided examples of the opposite being successful. Then you said getting more of the same thing people will get tired of it, again I provided examples of the opposite. My goal isn’t to name every counter-example ever, but to highlight proof of the opposite. I certainly can name more if you’d like.

          • You sure about Spiderman? The franchise so far:
            73 Spider-Man (2002) $550m
            83 Spider-Man 2 (2004) $476m
            59 Spider-Man 3 (2007) $387m
            66 The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) $251m*

          • Solomon_Kano
          • Solomon_Kano

            They’re only counting US box office.

          • True. My bad. But hey, why are the worldwide gross of movies dropping per each sequel? This is from your link….

          • My point here is that Resident Evil is a horror genre game that we loved and that used to shocked us gamers but it is now turning into more of a shooting and action game. Ever wonder why that on RE4, RE5…there were no more zombies? Capcom tried to revived interest in the game by adding a different element into it. To me, they should just have continued with the zombie-arc but strengthened the story. They should have sticked solidly to the horror genre. I played all RE games except for 6 because 5 was too short a game for me and was really boring. I loved RE1, RE2, RE3 and even RE4…but the game went down after that.

          • Pirates of the Carribean…..
            The franchise so far:63 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl(2003) $401m
            53 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006) $512m
            50 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007) $356m
            45 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) $237m

          • Solomon_Kano


            On Stranger Tides grossed over a billion, beating out both the first AND the third movie, making slightly less than the second movie.

          • You sure about Spiderman?…..
            The franchise so far:73 Spider-Man (2002) $550m
            83 Spider-Man 2 (2004) $476m
            59 Spider-Man 3 (2007) $387m
            66 The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) $251m*

          • Solomon_Kano
    • DesmaX

      I’m okay with just a nice combat. No need for fancy story for me

    • Thomaz Barros

      But Asura’s Wrath was all about the story(and the notplayable action) and that clearly wasn’t received well

      • Lol…no offense but I am talking only about Resident Evil. A game I used to love. Just giving out my opinion on what I feel happened and basing everything on my love/hate experience with that game.

    • Eilanzer

      Is some genres…Yes…In others like action/fight…a tight gameplay is most important than story.

      Even in Resident evil…The story was based in some B horror movie…What MADE the 3 first resident evil to accomnplish success was the feel…the lonely and scary atmosphere…Without much ammo…And without much hope to escape the hell…

      In a sense this was the same success formula of Silent Hill…Alone in the dark and so many others…

      • Very true. That element of horror, level of suspense and a story meant to REALLY scare us…is sadly gone with the newer REs. There should be an atmosphere of desperation and the feeling of fear in all Resident Evil games. I just really want Capcom to go back to the first three REs, review and analyze them again because the key to their successful game was always there! The story, the action and the horror was so balance that it captivated all of us leading to a cult following for the game and even….the movie franchise! :).

        • I mean. I want Capcom to go back to their roots. Play their own games on a time before this DLC thing and whatever problem they are having now was even realized. Capcom used to make quality games but now its more on quantity they want. Sad, really….

    • LKArtillery

      I dunno, as much as I appreciate a great story, when it comes to videogames I’d rather have something with great gameplay.

      That is, if the choice came down to playing a game with an amazing story and horrible gameplay VS. a game with a horrible story and amazing gameplay, I’d choose the second one. Because in the end, it’s more fun.

      In a perfect world all games would have a compelling story and great gameplay to match, but unfortunately we don’t live there P:

  • KyoyaHibari

    They should promote DLC AFTER the game is released, ideally way later and NOT on disc content. People don’t want to feel scammed, having DLC later on to improve a game’s lifespan is great, but space it out and put lots of effort into it. Artorias of the Abyss was DLC done right; it hadn’t been planned prior to release, but people wanted more, so the DS team made an expansive and thoroughly well made expansion after the game came out and put tons of effort into it. Take notes Capcom…

  • Nitraion

    I guess i will not see onimusha games in future because inability to respond to market needs….:V
    Seriously capcom i really like your PS2 era games maybe you should look back to your success history first then implement it now for your future sake….

  • Mir Teiwaz

    Maybe they shouldn’t have fantasy world expectations for the sales of their games. Maybe they should take a page from FROM Software’s book and make a game with a smaller budget.

    It’s funny how Dark Souls, which sold 2 million copies, is being celebrated as a success while Resident Evil 6 sold almost 2.5 times that and is being panned as a failure.

    • Solomon_Kano

      As you said, it’s in the budget. Dark Souls was made for much less than RE6. Having a several-hundreds strong force for the development of a single game certainly wasn’t cost effective. Meanwhile, Dark Souls’ devteam probably was similar in size to Demon’s Souls’, so 2 million was fantastic. Not to mention it was a new IP (despite being Demon’s Souls’ spiritual successor, of course).

  • andref

    I would say a part of low sales might have to do with fan opinion of their company as a whole. I can say for myself, the Capcom brand doesn’t invoke a sense of respect rather a attitude of disgruntlement. Capcom looking to promote DLC more may wind up hurting them

  • $1484028

    one suspects Capcom’s facing the same three-fold problem Square-Enix is right now.

    1) they need to cut down on their number of projects.

    gamers hate to hear this because this pretty much equates to cancelling stuff, but Capcom doesn’t make enough money, and games cost too much to make now, to have 5-6 AAA games in the development pipeline at the same time anymore.

    2) they’re spending way too damn much money.

    S-E expects 6 million sales and budgets the game with at least 80% of that in mind, which in turn means that even 3+ million copies sold is a failure.
    Capcom gets 4.9 million units from RE6, but thats a failure because they were expecting 7.
    i know everyone thinks Wada was just a complete idiot that ran S-E into the ground, but the reality is the way he and his S-E execs think is probably exactly the same as Capcom.
    Capcom expected 7, and they probably budgeted for 7, and needed at least 5.6 mil to make their money back.

    meanwhile they’re not actually churning out games any better than other releases with half the budget, so the question is where is all this excess going?

    the immediate suspicion is bloating marketing budgets as well as just plain inefficient “throw enough money at the project and the solutions will present themselves” mentality.

    3) they’re focusing way too much on AAA.

    once again something gamers hate to hear because they want everything to be the big blockbuster affair, but AAA has increasingly become high cost/high revenue/miniscule profits.

    if you’re lucky and everything hits target projections, you’re fine. if even one title misses projections, your profit margins are so slim that one title probably throws the whole fiscal year into the red.

    and keep in mind its gotten to the point where their projections are like, “we want 5 games this year to hit 6-7 million sales each”.

    they’re going to need to start diversifying more, and that doesn’t mean whipping out more cult franchises per se, that means less AAA; and sprinkle in some lower cost/lower revenue/high profit projects.

    which may mean a Megaman game to hopefully play to the fanbase, but it won’t be a AAA Megaman title.

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    If there is a game that I believe needs DLC is Devil May Cry 4. The game was awesome, no doubt about it but it felt that we had few stages to play as Dante. DMC4 Dante has potential for hundreds of combos thanks to his five fighting styles, four melee weapons and three guns. Some of Dante’s stages did not motivate the player to stay quiet and play with combos since there were lots of traps. A DLC chapter could also have adapted parts from the novel (which is from the same writer from DMC4) and finally confirm where did Nero come from.

    Also, I would have loved to actually wield Yamato as Nero.

    • Valja

      The thing is, DMC does have a solid fanbase, but it will never attract new audience. They should concentrate more on the new titles rather than making DLC for “old” titles – well that’s just my opinion, I’d never buy a DMC4 DLC ;)

      • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

        I heard the fanbase actually became bigger thanks to Marvel VS Capcom 3. Now with the other crossover, DMC keeps attracting people.

  • idrawrobots

    If Operation Raccoon City never existed sales for 6 would have probably much better.

  • l777l

    Oh yeah, more DLC will fix things. Maybe add some always-online, too.

  • 1. Strengthening their digital business:

    Increase in and promotion of DLC (downloadable content)

    F*ck… one of the reasons I took back UMVC3 was because of this and even this game isn’t as bad as their other titles. I originally only bought this game for Phoenix Wright, then after a few months, the novelty wore off, traded it back in and got something else. Didn’t buy a lick of DLC other than Jill only because i read the description incorrectly (thought i was getting a digital copy for my Vita and NOT just a digital download for jill FOR the Vita XD)

  • CirnoLakes

    Why does this, like with Square Enix, fill me with even more dread than before?

  • Urien (仙人をリンク)

    Capcom Sales Management: Guys, we’re down from our high expected sales quota the company gave us! What do we do?

    Capcom: More DLC.

    Capcom Sales Management: But we—

    Capcom: MORE…DLC.

  • So they aim for a more DLC centric model huh. Yeah. That’ll work. I heard most of their canceled projects are overseas projects. And are reported for trying to push aggressive sales expectations on Ace Attorney 5.

  • Unlimax

    What About those reasons Capcom :

    1 : Ignoring the fanbase feedback’s
    2 : Focusing on other crowds ( Like COD )
    3 : The On-Disc DLC’s
    4 : Being arrogance.. and so so stupid on your decisions .

    Just wake up Capcom if you really want those precious sales , Wake the F UP !

    • Luna Kazemaru

      they only wanted CoD crowd for one game so yeah not really a reason -_-

    • Solomon_Kano

      The last game they released with on-disc DLC was SFxT and that’s been covered in previous fiscal reports. Also, arrogance doesn’t really have any monetary connotation. Maybe that means something to consumers, but it’s not a business consideration and this is a business assessment.

  • Curtis Kam

    ……Wait what?! That Capcom research on HOW they failed the market???
    Really, who hired the “search team for the what went wrong” *air finger quote* when its the game quality control, horrible plot line that came out of a chessy movie flicks and had a little rip of a certain game (I’m talking to you RE6). It is true that DLC are small, but no excuse to make there game bad with bad plots and removing the good feature to make the game so hard that push away casual players. RE6 is a prime example for both horrible story plot (seriously a mad man who is Ada #1 creepiest stalking otaku fan that went far creating a surgery clone on one of his scientist, which he created a psychopath at the same time. He one of those villian who claims to maintain order in which stupidly created completly the opposite of it in which he still believe its right. He is the biggest idiot of RE villian of all time. Oh by the way how the Ada clone thef thing incident going to add more confusion to the RE in which we gamer pounder did Ada gave the intel to Leon that was a clone he met during the stand off with Chris Redfield and why Chris mop in anger that far and not Jill death huh Capcom?!) and making the game difficulty to DMC style (removing the weapon choice and giving the limited carriage items. I won’t make any comment about Revamp of DmC since I haven’t play it, but the point of playing game is the enjoyment and good story plots that doesn’t go to the same senerio everytime. I feel there a pattern here.

    • …same sentiments here. :)

    • eilegz

      im mean seriously how the plot its better on re4 and re5…. re franchise its all about this. sure you didnt like it thats okay, but lets look at re4, some weird spanish kidnapped the president daughter, but USA instead to send the army or something they sent leon to single handed own the whole spanish cult. The whole town behave strange and no goverment would notice?

      while i enjoy every single modern re (since 4) i think that the hate for re6 its just exagerated

      • Although I haven’t played RE6…all I can say is that the plot story of RE5 really sucks and not to mention the game was too short to be appreciated fully. RE1 up to RE3 are the best RE games I ever played. The plot was simple, straightforward and just scary. The feeling of “What’s waiting on the next room?” was always there. So is the shock effect when zombies DO surprise you. I dropped a controller and broke it with one of the games’s nasty surprise. Now, the game went off the hook starting with RE4 and so on. With RE5 to me being the worst among the series.

  • Give us monster hunter on the vita…it’ll move more vita sales and in turn more monster hunter sales. I mean come on mh on 3ds hasn’t done as well as mh on psp

    • Solomon_Kano

      That’s because there aren’t as many 3DSs out there as there are PSPs. There are even fewer Vitas than there are 3DSs. Capcom’s not interested in selling Sony’s hardware, they’re interested in selling their own software.

    • Herok♞

      So what you are saying is Capcom will put a game on the more expensive system with a smaller user base to get more console sales for sony? that makes no sense.

    • I mean come on mh on 3ds hasn’t done as well as mh on psp

      MH3U is literally the fourth release of Monster Hunter 3. Expecting it to sell like Portable 3rd or even Freedom Unite is pointless. When MH4 comes out, its sales will be consistent with the PSP games’ performance.

  • Freud_Hater

    So their plan goes as follow: 1. Make MORE DLC 2. Make better games 3. Market games better.


  • Brandonmkii

    A lot of people seem dumbfounded that they’d focus on DLC. If they’re investing in it, it’s selling, or at least making them money. Maybe you aren’t buying it, enough but people are to the point where they’d still consider it profitable.

  • eilegz

    good luck capcom trying to do more “DISC LOCKED CONTENT” aka DLC to improve its digital business.

    Hopefully Lesson learned stop doing weird and random outsourcing on known franchise, and more new franchise hopefully remember me do good but then we dont know what its capcom expectations.

    RE7 must be priority and obviously continue the trend since RE4 but less movies and cinematic experience and a little bit more horror. RE6 its perfect and 4.9 million its good just polish and refine the development team to have a faster release and less budget.

    • …and longer gameplay. Not one that I can finish in just 5 or 6 hours like RE5. Bring back the fun, the horror and a captivating story! :)

      • eilegz

        to be honest i felt that RE6 was the one with more content over any modern RE… maybe more multiplayer and cooperative mode other than mercenaries, maybe a real horde or survival mode.

        If they do more DLC maybe story DLC like the one that RE5 got which its not bad.

        • I mean RE5 was really short playing it through. I don’t really care about DLC, I am always on a game for its fun factor and entertainment. Less story-based gameplay means less entertainment and fun for me. Took me almost a month to finish RE1, same with 2 and 3. Atleast I got my money’s worth with the longer gameplay. :)

  • Ben Chau

    Sooooo… does this mean Devil May Cry 5 is possible? :D

    • MrTyrant

      Yeah but with a lot of DLC (Characters, costumes, weapons, extra modes,etc) and in the end you won’t unlock anything playing normally D:

    • Herok♞

      Not going to happen they back themselves into a corner with the old story line, and the new story line has set up for another game.

    • TheBlackRabbit

      Nope, :)

  • Richard N

    Well continuing to keep pointing fingers isn’t certainly gonna help. Get over this hump and come out stronger Capcom.

  • Strid

    Oh wow, and here I was getting all excited thinking they had figured out something here:

    “Decline in quality due to excessive outsourcing”

    Then not even a second later I see:

    “Increase in and promotion of DLC (downloadable content)”

    dot. dot. dot.

  • ワン スャレ

    I want Breath of Fire 6.

    • Sorrior_Dragneel

      Same. See as i see it if they made BoF 6 and brought back Legends as well as Megaman in general then bring DmC back to what it was an i think they’d get hits and damn fine sales again.

      Thing is they need to return to their roots. At least IMO.

  • StaticDestroyer

    The answer isn’t more dlc. it’s more value. put that content in the game don’t drip feed the consumers ready made content at a premium. Most end up waiting for the ‘Ultimate’ or ‘Gold’ editions rather than shelling out on a £40($60) new release only to find that you have to play further for the extra content. Payed dlc should only apply to content made post completion of the original title. Resi 6 should have come complete with the extra maps just as the fall of Vergil dlc should have just been on disc to begin with, seeing as it was demoed and plugged to death before the game proper even launched. The constant flow of dlc is what’s costing them more than anything else as their primary install base has come to realise that they’re better off waiting for the price of the game to drop so their expenditure averages with the initial cost or to wait for the premium re-release. If they’re going to be so heavily reliant on a dlc heavy business plan they need to realise that they’re going to have to start doping titles at a budget price point to make them appeal to the consumers.

  • MrTyrant

    They are doing it wrong…

  • Warboss Aohd

    Breath of Fire 6! do it!

  • ParrotProphet

    Serves them right. It took them this long to figure it out.

    The funniest part is that the DmC fans are in FULL DAMAGE CONTROL over the “excessive outsourcing leading to declining quality” bit. It’s hilarious.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I honestly think they’re doing just fine, they just have their sales expectations just to high up. Although I think they would be doing better if they took some more time to make games for top notch quality. New IPs could help, but they already have some nice established ones they haven’t used in a while.
    Honestly, I doubt the DLC milking is one of the reasons they’ve been losing money.

  • Otoya

    Well, Capcom can bring back one game, ONIMUSHA~~~~~

    • Boy, THAT’LL help sales. :P

  • Quinton Cunningham

    Hm. If DMC goes back to internal development, I wont touch them again. The old series was way too inconsistent with its quality and the franchise grew stale.

    Either way, Capcom is in serious need of new management it seems.

  • Eilanzer

    When you think something cannot be dumb enough…you have a surprise…

    Yeah yeah capcom…you are spot on…Give more dlc…Cause we love it =X

  • Marc Aguilar

    Guys! Guys!!!! I got a idea! What if capcom saved the hd space by putting the dlc on the disc and then having to buy it to use it!!!! That would save capcom time and money! I am so smart.

  • Flame

    What a shock… Capcom, Cancelling games. Who would have thought? [/sarcasm]

  • Happy Gamer

    People expect alot from Capcom but in reality, Capcom is really not the same company anymore that we grew up with in every sense. The company’s amazing franchise developer’s pretty much do not exist and have gone their own way to create their own companies (Platinum etc) now. If you think about it, Capcom not being as creative or in a sense at least nostolgic as it used is probably this.

    We all seem to have a problem with the business model of Capcom lately and maybe that’s why many of the developers left the company to be…well game makers.

    • DCBlackbird

      Yessir nostalgia has a way of making a very strong dosage of invective towards “culpable” companies

  • Happy Gamer

    Time to release a New Mega Man but with every robot master as DLC

  • Ross Gibson

    Well if they actually improve quality, I may possibly buy more games from capcom. As for DLC… well it can only get better…

  • XxStoicmonkeyxX

    Capcom: We aren’t selling enough…MAKE MORE DLC!!!!!!!!

    What ever happened to making the best game you can, then posting dlc with things actually worth the money like Expansion packs or new story mode options or Challenges or even a new mode period. This whole DLC Era is ruining gaming in a whole. Besides all the good it does with other titles.

  • Hinataharem

    I’m worried now

  • DMC with old Dante would have had like the double of sales, not so hard to understand that one. RE6 same stuff the best RE’s were the first ones isf they go back to RE 2,3 or even 4 they would get a better response from the amrket. If the things aren’t broken don’t fix it.

  • Hector McPeek

    Oh they forgot to list this one ….. Lack of Communication with fans, I.E. Listeninging to what fans want.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Yet 5 million in sales and even 1.2 million in sales meant quite a lot of fans were listened to. It is again a perception versus cost and realities issue at the core.

      • Jason Hunt

        Or it could just be brand loyalty.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          That describes a valid set of fans. A point — that we will continue and continue to make — is that such fans are indeed perfectly valid, even if they aren’t the type of fan who posts on a board. The bad business decision was not picking one set of fans over the other, it was the out of control spending done while doing so.

  • Alex Loh

    just bring back onimusha series and megamanx series,things will be getting better. Pls change direction of RE6 to survival horror instead of kung fu COD-like action-shooting. Stop making fighting games like Marvel vs Capcom and release 2 versions of this MvC in a year.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      RE hasn’t been survival horror since the Dreamcast and Gamecube. Onimusha was a second tier seller playing to a specific niche on the PS2. Yes, they may have allowed fighter overload to creep in. Yet, again however, this is a dollars in versus dollars out hole, not one because of the IPs they have chosen as their focus.

  • Here’s another reason why they are “not meeting their sales targets”:


    Many of us are so pissed off by their decisions in the closer past that we simply won’t buy games anymore as the titles we would have loved to see get canceled, titles that were good in the past become corporate sellouts aimed at a market that does not want these kinds of games in that kind of style (See Devil May Cry over the years) or games that suck because they simply try to cash in on their customers three- or fourfold (like the megaman 9 and 10 which didn’t suck per se, but the whole DLC strategy sucked big time).

    But of course, I’m just another fan/customer. What do we know, apparently Capcom knows better what we want or like… or need.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      You are a fan/customer, just as the millions who bought RE6 and DmC are. They are just different fans than you.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    Hey CAPCOM, how about stoping ruining your franchises? how about choosing at least decent studios for outsourcing? How about Breath of Fire 5? how about localization via PSN of “the last ranker” for VITA? how about stop with disck locked content and at least do actual downloaded content? how about NOT cancelling Megaman Games (except that gritty FPS, I’m ok with that one choise)?

  • Hossi Blumengaarten

    they are going to cancel lost planet 3

    I know it

  • SmackMouth

    I wish people stop bitching about RE6. If you don’t like the resident
    evil franchise then your not going like the game. Simple as that. I like
    how Capcom wants to bring new life to the game. When I first played RE6
    ..I was complaining and frustrated about the game play. but just like
    many games… it takes some getting use to. A lot of people wanted the
    zombies back and they were. Still complaints. I think the problem is that no one understands that resident evil was aways supposed to be like a horror movie (this explains the frequent cut scenes). Due to the recent Resident Evil movies by Anderson…RE went from the George Romero style to Paul Anderson style. Still RE evil aways reference it’s original story from “Raccoon City”. I think complainers what the Romero experience back in the game.

  • Istillduno

    They should have learned their lessons on DLC from the response to SFxT, after their next failure with that I wonder if they’ll forget about DmC and give Ninja Theory another franchise to ruin before rinsing and repeating.

  • HopefulHunter

    hopefully capcom will throw it’s english fans a bone instead of ignoring us by not letting us play the 4 title of a series of games we weren’t given the last psp title on

  • Greg Dudley

    Capcom sells off the Megaman franchise to Nintendo.

    …”If only if only, the woodpecker sighs…”

  • L0neW0lf616 .

    Here’s how this article should read:

    In light of these events, Capcom have attempted to figure out just what
    has led to their games not meeting their sales targets. Here are the
    conclusions they’ve arrived at:

    -They turned the core Resident Evil games into a bland, generic, over-the-top action shoot-em up fest

    Capcom’s countermeasures to these issues are as follows:

    -Make the core Resident Evil games scary, true survival horror games again

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