Monster Hunter Online Free-To-Play Game Has Both Old And New Monsters

By Ishaan . April 19, 2013 . 5:00pm

Capcom have teamed up with Tencent Games to develop Monster Hunter Online, a Monster Hunter game for the PC targeted at China. Monster Hunter Online, unlike the other games in the series, is built using Crytek’s CryEngine 3. You can watch a trailer for it below:



Monster Hunter Online will be different from traditional Monster Hunter games in that it’s a free-to-play title. Note that the game is not the same game as Monster Hunter Frontier, which is a separate online Monster Hunter game for PC and Xbox 360 in Japan.


Siliconera reached out to Capcom to ask if there are plans to bring Monster Hunter Online to other territories, to which the publisher replied: “No announcements have been made beyond the game’s development for China.”

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  • Martian Wong

    I hope one will eventually made for US…

    • ZeroWalker

      well dream can we always do right?

      • Martian Wong

        I hope It wont as a dream forever…

    • Xerain

      I’d rather have Frontier instead of the “F2P for china so they no longer have an excuse to copy our game” version.

      • I dunno, man. This looks better than Frontier ever did.

        • isotrex

          Definitely, because of the CryEngine 3. I can’t wait for a preview/review of this game.

        • Xerain

          I admit I haven’t been following it as the prospects of it coming over were next to nothing, but I was kinda of assuming Frontier G was reasonably modern as it’s still getting updates.

          • BULLZI

            frontier G is not as fun as it seems. Yes there is a lot of weapons, updated weekly and stuffs. But there is so much grind lol. Also the courses are just too much. << former mhfo player.

  • MXC

    Guess Capcom learned something from Sega’s PSO2. Hope this gets brought over!

    • konsama

      lol if they’re bringing this MH like Sega is with PSO2, i wouldn’t get very hyped…

      • MXC

        Don’t jinx it konsama! T_T I want this to make it so we didn’t get MHF over here even though Capcom should have considering the XBox360 sold way better over here. Now we have a chance! Even if most of us don’t know Japanese.

  • Talmire

    The “Teamed up with Tencent Games” part is quite worrying. The trailer looks pretty alright, though.

  • Ramengeddon
    • That’s why we wrote to Capcom to ask them. “International” could mean anything, even Asia.

    • Technically, you only need two countries for something to be ‘International’. China and Korea or Japan would satisfy that requirement.

  • I’d be more jealous if it wasn’t nothing but 2nd gen monsters, plus Bidoof. You can have ’em China, I don’t care.

    • There are new monsters, too.

      • My opinion will most likely change from cautious reluctance to breathless excitement either way, once more monsters get revealed and an EU/NA release is 100% confirmed.

  • $29082171

    Those ground textures…

  • Get the latest Monster Hunter Online NE / EU news @

  • ZEROthefirst

    Visually the game looks nice, although the Rathian looks a bit funky. The gameplay looks kind of flashy though, like the part where the Long Sword user jumps up and does a SSB Link aerial down stab… I don’t know why but I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw that.

    • Abrahem Al Enezi

      i loved the great sword attack at 2:40

  • Hope springs eternal.

  • Marcus Stanley

    Sand Wyverns…why?!!! I hate fighting monsters that just dig…

  • Marcus Stanley

    Free to play but huge online market for anything remotely useful

  • Go2hell66

    Looks so good T_T

  • Im not going to be young forever Capcom :,(

    Sooner or later, I’ll have to manage my responsibilities with 100%, So I hope it gets released here as well….same time?

    Because you know, kids and jobs….

    • Happy Gamer

      I feel you, I’m already there and have been there

      • *hug*

        • Happy Gamer

          lol thanks! *hug back* It’s not bad tho. Wonderful new phase of life. I hope kids will grow up to be healthy gamers if they do at all.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Is it only my eyes or what, does anyone feel that the slash effect is……….distracting?T_T

    • Go2hell66

      yea actually i really wish they’d go back to the blood they had in MH1, it was really satisfying seeing the blood splattering everywhere when you sliced the monsters, not this silly flash effect they have now

  • Draparde

    This looks pretty good. makes me wonder if it will have Stuff from MH4. (since weapon wise Frontiers behind.)

  • Charlottes Guradian

    Why is no one as violently excited as I am, I mean I know its only in China, but as a hugeeee monster hunter fan, am I the only one who literally yelled while watching the trailer out of excitement?

    It just looks….so beautiful :’D

  • Strid

    What does Capcom need to do to make Monster Hunter big in the west? Exactly this. right. here.

    Ironically enough, I jokingly said to a friend of mine this afternoon, “pff, it’s impossible for a game to be good and use a Crytek engine” (completely aimed at another new Crytek engine game) and then this news surfaces.

  • XypherCode

    I didn’t see any Dual Swords or Hammers :(

    • hongisfire

      Pay xxx yen to unlock awesome dual sword for your character

      • Mithfalath

        Well right now, as it stands, you’d be paying XXX Yuan instead.

  • ragingmerifes

    >Monster Hunter
    >Free to Play

    Pick only four.

    • Abyan Haidar

      just gimme the cats ok? I won’t bother playing online

    • Pix

      Cryengine, Monster Hunter, Online, and Life :)

    • You can only pick Monster Hunter and everything that goes with OR life. :>

  • BloodTorrent

    C’mon Capcom don’t screw us again. Please? I’m still having trouble forgiving you guys for all the DLC, ruining Devil May Cry and Resident Evil, and even further back, closing Clover. You need to do something right for once -.-

  • Rogerrmark

    Did they make two MH MMO with improved graphics to act as a remake of previous games and to catter for PC audiences?

    Because MH has already plenty online elements by itself(the main series,I mean). The lobby,quests that you can play on multiplayer,content added from time to time,etc

    For people who played Frontier.Is it worth?Does it have lot’s of new content or is very different from Unite/older MH?Or the only point of playing is that you can play it on PC+improved graphics+the fact that the lobby servesr are not empty,like older MH?

    • Draparde

      Frontier has 37 monsters(including diffrent versions of them) that are not in the main monster hunter games. well except 2 of them that where put in Unite.

      aside from that. it has the ability to have tiny pet wyvrens that help you fight and can carry you back to camp. and what i believe are some technique books that allow you to change the way your weapon attacks. (such as replacing regular slash, with a sliding one, or having more shield based attacks over sword swings. ect)

      there is more than this if im not mistaken, and i haven’t actually played it myself, but from what i’ve seen/read i would say it was worth it. especially so if this MMO ends up being similar, and free to play.

      • Rogerrmark

        Thank you.I’ll keep an eye,if it comes overseas,eventually o/

  • Well, I do like a lot of games made in China. Even those sold in flea markets. And this one looks very kickass, so…

  • Rei Nitramier

    Mmmm, possible FREEmium Monster Hunter? Wait, wait, wait….will, will we finally see an army of Hunters barrelin’, shootin’ & climbing the big boys like Lao? Will we see hundreds of people get crushed by a single belly flop/ tail swing? Can we play as a Felyne?

    *sigh* Tech limitations crushes dreams…

  • Unlimax

    Crytek Confirms they might Publish this game to the west !

  • I know lots of people are gonna be smitten by the graphics but it just doesn’t look right in my opinion. The environments look nice as do the weapons and amor but, the textures, character models, monsters and animations just look off. It feels as if they didn’t bother adding any improvements to the Monster Hunter gameplay. They just made the graphics nicer and I hope that when Capcom themselves take the main series into HD they make some significant strides forward in the design.

    Anyways, it’s neat. It’s cool to get a bit of a preview of what Monster Hunter would look like in HD but I’m still more excited for Monster Hunter 4. Aside from the graphics it just looks like a much better game.

    • Draparde

      I took this trailer as a “don’t worry it’s still monster hunter” considering my first worry with this partnership is that the feel would be off. or something to that effect. seeing the old animations and what-not was actually a relief for me.

      since this is just a reveal trailer im sure more trailers with new things(or at least things from MH3&4) will crop up as time goes on.

      though i expect if Capcom decided to change the design for the better it would be in their main series games, not their online ones unfortunately.

      I do agree about (so far) liking MH4 more. the only thing for me the online games have had over the console ones is tons more armor/monsters.

  • Kenny Loh

    Capcom finally make a F2P Monster Hunters*celebrate*

  • @1:25 Wild Bibarel appeared! Bibarel used Wood Hammer! It’s super effective!
    But seriously, I’m in pure awe over this trailer.

  • Happy Gamer

    MT framework has a certain feel to the engine. This can be evidenced by DMC 4 vs DMC 5. It will prob not feel the same as the originals but the game at least looks good.

  • isotrex

    I’m sure you’ll have to buy premium/cash items to boost drop rates from .01% to 1%. haha.

    • Naux

      Are you refering to iRO? lol

  • Guest


    • Talmire

      Didn’t it just say “International,” which is pretty vague?

      • Naux

        Well, hopefully that means we will see an english release.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    open world? this sounds awesome

  • xAnguishx

    peaple its been comfirmed for a INTERNATIONAL RELEASE so its coming to the U.S the game will be starting to test in June XDDD CANT WAIT!!!

  • Mavalex

    My feelings on this matter. Now if you excuse me I gotta go explode with hype

  • Karl Josef

    Imagining what Monster Hunter looks like on Cry Engine 4 or Unreal Engine 4

  • striker hunter

    Oh hells yes! Here in another link said that it will see an international release


    If this is open world im not even gonna look at it. Doesnt seem to be open world tho, that wouldnt be monster hunter.

  • Filip Holmqvist

    i cant download this game fuck

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