The First Creepy Screenshots From Mikami’s New Game, The Evil Within

By Ishaan . April 23, 2013 . 9:00am


Shinji Mikami’s studio, Tango Gameworks, have revealed the first official screenshots of The Evil Within, their upcoming survival horror game headed to both current and next-gen consoles in 2014.


As previously reported, The Evil Within is a story about a detective named Sebastian. Sebastian and his partner arrive at a gruesome crime scene, where they are attacked. When Sebastian comes to, he wakes up in a horrific world filled with monsters. Read more about the game here.


The Evil Within is scheduled for release in 2014. View the first screenshots here.

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  • Rohan Viajar

    I like that darkness.
    I know they mentioned it will be heavy on the survival. but those screen shots make it seem like there is gonna be a lot of shooting.

    still keeping my hopes up though.

    • Caleb

      Maybe you only get like 5 bullets. That would be cool.

      • JustThisOne

        Always keep one for yourself. :>

  • Visa Vang

    A decent “horror” game after all these years? Sold.

  • I like the fact that we get a new survival horror game but I’m not sold on the premise yet, seems very amateur-ish to me. Hopefully they’ll release more details about it.

  • KuchikiSentou

    Lol, anyone notice that “The Evil Within” means “Resident Evil”?

  • Brion Valkerion

    The bethesda part still bothers me, everything they touch is a glitchy hot mess. Im sorry but after 7 damn games you would think getting one of them to save without issue would be a priority on PS3.

    Either way, im excited to see how this game turns out. I like horror games since horror movies are hilariously not scary/just teens getting killed on screen. Hopefully they can hit like Silent Hill 2 levels or something… well like that but not absolutely depressing haha.

    • Bethesda’s just the publisher, though. Mikami is in charge of his own studio, and he’s never put out a game that wasn’t polished to a spit-shine. Id Software is also owned by Bethesda, and it’s not like they’ve been putting out unplayable glitchfests since they were bought out, right?

  • It’s definitely cool to see Mikami returning to real survival horror – both mechanically and aesthetically – after favoring action-based schlock-horror in RE4 and Shadows of the Damned. The man has a sick and twisted imagination, so this ought to be good.

  • I’m genuinely excited to have a ‘proper’ survival horror again. I’ve not doubt Mikami will put a good effort in on this one too.

  • Also, since this is coming out for both current and next-gen consoles, I’ll be curious to see whether it hits the Wii U, given that it’s somewhere in-between in terms of power. Though, I can see them skipping it simply based on the conclusion that porting the game wouldn’t be worth the effort.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Nope. PS3, 360, PC, and next-gen* per IGN’s reveal.

      *While Wii U is part of the next generation whenever devs use that term they’ve been referencing PS4/Xbox.

  • artemis81

    Survival horror is saved! …or is it?

    • eilegz

      i dont think so but hopefully im wrong

  • NTaiyokun

    LOTS of barbed wire.

  • AnimeLeirus .

    Looks gorgeously gruesome!

  • z_merquise

    Just watching this video interview just made me more excited to this game.

    Mikami and the team really wanted to bring back the feel of playing a survival-horror game. I’m really looking forward to the game and to the developers as well since most of them are former Clover/Platinum staff too.

  • harmonyworld

    Sorta like Silent Hill and um…dat other game…shoot, I know it…

    • JustThisOne

      Don’t worry. Agent York Morgan is on the case.

  • Strid

    I see Bethesda in the mix and all I can think about is how buggy it will be; nothing past that.

    • Solomon_Kano

      You’re thinking Bethesda Game Studios. They develop games. This is being published by Bethesda Softworks and developed by Shinji Mikami’s own studio, Tango Gameworks.

      • Strid

        No, I’m thinking generally anything from any division of Bethesda this generation has been fairly awful to deal with (PC).

        • Solomon_Kano

          Even Dishonored? A good majority of Bethesda’s published content this gen has been developed by Bethesda. What little hasn’t has mostly been stuff they picked up.

          Of Zenimax’s developers, only 3 have had games published by Bethesda this gen (Bethesda, Id, Arkane). Of those, Id had Rage and Doom 3 BFG, Arkane had Dishonored, and everything else was Bethesda.

          I don’t game on PC, so I’m just asking out of curiosity. All of that’s been awful to deal with? Like the games had technical issues? DRM?

          • Strid

            Technical issues galore, yes. Dishonored may have been alright, I have no clue as I stopped playing their games well before then. I can say this though, at the very least, Dishonored didn’t get tons of bug related press like most everything else with the label.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Hm. That’s unfortunate. Hopefully Tango’s work, uh, works out better.

  • AndreasStalin

    I have hope for this one. Man i miss survival horror in my gaming life. And soon we will have The Last of Us and this one. I have hope.

  • DCBlackbird

    the evil within……………..the resident?……bad joke

    • Eilanzer

      …hummm…more like alone in the dark…

  • I still have hope that this can be a really good survival horror game we have been waiting for. I wonder if there will be any melee weapons like in SIREN. I like that feeling of having to go through an area when out of bullets with only a weak melee weapon or with short range (Wrench, ladle, flute, etc) in a horror game. Or like the knife in the first Resident Evils at the beginning when I tried to kill all the zombies that I saw. :X

  • Namuro

    Now, that’s what I’m talking about!

  • Kioku

    The picture looks like Resident Evil to me.

  • Tom

    Looks like a mix of Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill. I really do hope it won’t be just another shooter that tries to disquise itself as a survival horror. I hope it will be something grimm, something mindbending like the first 2 Silent Hill were.

  • Pokahontas McGuigan

    interesting that the game dosn’t use a HUD

  • Valtiel Ikari

    its kinda remind me of that one cellphone game called “nowhere”
    I’m in

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