These Are Your Pre-Order Bonuses For Soul Sacrifice

By Ishaan . April 24, 2013 . 4:30pm

Soul Sacrifice is slated for release in North America and Europe next week, and Sony have shared new trailers detailing the various bonuses you get for pre-ordering the game. Watch them below:


North America trailer:



Europe trailer:



To recap, pre-ordering Soul Sacrifice will get you the following:

  • Dual Costume Pack
  • Three¬† Magic Items Booster
  • Japanese voice pack


Soul Sacrifice will be released on April 30th in North America and May 1st in Europe.

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  • dragoon_slayer12

    I was highly anticipating this game, but there are some things that really kill it for me. I don’t like how everything MUST be sacrificed and only has a couple of uses, don’t like that everything is “mission based” in short burst, and that the maps are just one room…. Good game, but these truly kill it for me

    • Rohan Viajar

      what I don’t like is there is no shared exp.
      then theres the fact if you die, your party members decide to save or sacrifice you.

      so they can be douches and sacrifice you right before the boss dies, and you get the lame loot items from the quest/boss

      I mean correct me if I’m wrong because that would be great.

      • RoxasTheUnknown1

        Being sacrificed grants you martyr bonuses which they miss out on. You also get the 80 point bonus which when combined with black rite, trumps the no damage bonus making divine sorcerer rank even easier. Only thing you miss is the Life/Soul essence from the boss(which if you’re desperate for then offline NPCs are your friend). You WANT to be sacrificed for the martyr bonuses honestly.

        • Testsubject909

          If I play with you online. I’ll gladly sacrifice you for the greater good. And I expect you to do the same to me.

        • Rohan Viajar

          ahh I see. thank you everybody for clarifying this for me.
          my interest in this game is once again garnered.

          I still don’t have any money left to spend though. *sigh*

          • Testsubject909

            From the demo. Sacrificing yourself can be extremely advantageous.

            You can die by the use of your own blood magic so you technically get the unscathed bonus, meaning you took no damage from the enemy meaning that you get a higher rank for better items. Items can get recharged on the field (just look for white glowing areas with your mind eye) and you can boost items so that you can use it more often without having to have it be fully sacrificed (meaning you can easily reuse the same item without having to go hunt down another one if you play carefully).

            Back on sacrificing yourself. It’s honestly good for solo item grinding when you have an NPC ally. First of all you sacrificing yourself causes a huge AOE attack so you can easily win a mission thanks to that. If you don’t, then as a spirit you can weaken down enemy defenses and strengthen allies so it’s really just a matter of time. Plus as a spirit, you can actually see HP bars.

      • Dexward

        As Roxas pointed out, being sacrificed is fine. The only time you should be pissed at being sacrificed is when they sacrificed you early in the battle when the boss is still green when highlighted.

      • Beowulf

        I’m pretty sure both the user and sacrificed person get bonus points and matyr rewards so it is beneficial to be sacrifice for the greater good. In the demo I got time sand as a bonus, which is super useful for making golem spells

        • Syn

          And its not like you cant request to be saved or sacrificed, so far in the Demo, most people have enough sense to resurrect you depending on how often you die or how useful you are, I have had some truly amazing fights especially in the Cerberus fight, theres some amazing teamwork to be had.

    • Draparde

      yeah the one room thing is a little saddening to me, one other thing that annoys me is that if your in a party that wants to sacrifice the boss, but you want to save it, and you start trying to save it only for them to sacrifice it. you gain unwanted “Evil” exp…

      • Ferrick

        the one room thing is actually quite fine, what killed MH for me is the part where the hunt targets run around the whole map when they’re on low-critical health

        also you can delevel, and its very cheap to do so (you can choose on how low the level you want to delevel to)

        • Draparde

          It’s not fine to me, however. I prefer going through a little more than being plopped *right* infront of the boss more or less.

          I can see how trying to find the monster in a area in monster hunter can be annoying (though i personally see it as part of the hunt, though i’ve found it annoying at some points) The bosses don’t need to run from me. i just would like to travel to them. I suppose Ragnarok Odyssey is a good example of this, the bosses in that game don’t run from you. and there’s still several areas to go through before getting to them.

          In soul sacrifices case, i can also see why its not like that. they would have to allow you to have Many more uses on a single item, as you’d run out before the boss, or be forced to only use the infinite blood-based one/heal yourself.

          • Ferrick

            i would’ve liked to say that its “to each his own” but traveling to the boss while rummaging through areas filled with grunts isn’t really the best thing to do in soul sacrifice, it would make the game TOO EASY, just by going through one area, you could already hit max total level of 100 in one run if that were the case
            (also you won’t run out that fast if you ration spells properly)

            the reason on why the many maps work on monhun and RO is because they are not limited with spell charges and constant need for charging up (and in monhun, you can freely bash minor grunts without care and in RO your combo system pretty much wipes the floor clean)

          • Draparde

            If they really added respawning extra monsters to the areas, they’d probably make it alittle harder to level (or could make the exp gains lower the longer you spend in the same area saving/sacrificing them)

            I am aware that rationing spells will help. but i was referring to running through an area or two before the boss. i have no problem picking off the regular monsters before the boss in the actual game

            I also stated in my reply to you that the limited spells is the reason why the larger areas would not work as is. and the only way i could see it working would be to allowing more charges (before upgrades of course) per item.

            It’s just my preference to be able to go through an area or two before the boss. I’m not saying it has to be *just* like RO or Monster hunter. (as in a large area that creates a circle of sorts your able to go through interchangeably)

            An example would be an entrance area , a second area, then the third area with the enemy in question.

            Soul sacrifice seems to employ strategy by having you ration your spells in battle. which is a good thing. i’m simply stating that i personally would enjoy if i had to travel a little more to get to the boss. but, that’s not how the game is. and its not as though the areas are so tiny its hard to move or something. its literally being placed in the same area as the boss that makes me a little dissapointed. Cerberus’ area does this a little better since there’s quite a path leading to him. but the other bosses in the demo, not so well imo.

          • Ferrick

            The grunts don’t respawn in cleanup missions, and they do during boss fights but the exp they give isn’t that high, and they only spawn once per 20-30 secs (if the current existing one is already dead)

            well it was more of an aspect of having too many grunts with many areas (like monhun/RO style) would make it too easy for you to overlevel the mission’s level range

            hmm, do you mean like on how god eater manages their map ? Its as huge as RO’s but all are connected and doesn’t need to be loaded as you enter each section ?

            well the other bosses in the demo are pretty much just “newb areas” while cerby was pretty much an advanced level area, and they start to become a tad bigger, like one of the bosses in the full game requires you to go through a curvy path while killing grunts on the way and facing off an agile flying boss at the end of it

            also, the game does have the tendency to spike in difficulty in few missions, think one cerby is tough ? try two of them while fighting against another boss =P

          • Abyan Haidar

            that would be unpleasant of course… I can’t even manage one by myself… and AI Partners are rather useless (really, I always think that AI Partner like Meryth uses her spell too random, like always use healing and don’t do much attacking… the AI doesn’t take any initiative to dodge the monster too, in Cerby they are running around without any read to the situation… like they wont try to dodge cerby’s wind razor or maybe the developer wants to troll the player so they will choose multiplayer over single player, also they are bad in taking path… not seldom I look them try to revive me but it ends up they are barricaded with obstacles) or is it just me?

          • Ferrick

            hmm from what i heard, they get better the more you play with them (increasing their affinity), not that i’ve ever bothered to use them ever since the fiasco with cerby

          • Vash bane

            yeah it seems they get smarter as they like you but YOU must keep them with you and help them out I found this out with teena after getting her to B she started dodging blows but will not sacrifice you XD

          • Draparde

            Oh gawd. 2 cerbys XD….and something else…sounds quite crazy (i’ll be sure to not do that one alone…)

            but yeah god eater’s a pretty good example. And that’s cool, if the areas are more like Cerby’s then i’m Okay with them.

          • Vash bane

            how you beat cerb DX?

          • Vash bane

            that RO game fun solo?

          • Draparde

            It can be. its pretty speedy-combo based action combat. even for Priest and Mage. (though some bosses will be a tad harder without anyone else to take its attention from you for a time)

            I played most of the game with a friend of mine online. but i did have fun with the times i soloed as well. so i guess i should say, like most of these types of game, funner in a group. but i personally don’t think its bad solo.

          • Testsubject909

            Ragnarok Odyssey can be played solo and I quite enjoyed it.

            Playing Solo has one specific advantage. You can halt between missions to check in with the NPCs and actually get in the lore of the game and get the story of the game. You tend to miss out on that when playing multiplayer less you want to constantly jump in and out of servers.

            Plus the game can be finished entirely solo, though the final few missions will require you to learn to do a bit of hit and run to keep yourself alive as you would essentially be a one man army vs an army of giants.

    • Zenthos

      Is that true? That’s really a downer.

      • Ferrick

        this “one room” maps are rather big though, not a small arena type maps

    • Relytgninroht

      The areas in SS are bigger than each individual area of a map in MH though.

    • michel

      The short burst factor and the one room structure are the strong points of the game, in my opinion! ;)

      • dragoon_slayer12

        Not for me. I don’t like the short burst thing. I’m used to PSO/PSU large missions (ragnorak odyssey was shorter, but still long) when it comes to these “MH” type games. Plus, it’s on a portable, if I want short burst, I’ll put it to sleep.

    • Tincho Kudos

      If you look the preset dialogues in the chat, there is one dialog that say “Exploration pact, perhaps?” so maybe in the full game, there are quests with more than one room.

  • TheExile285

    Can’t wait ^_^

  • Duo Maxwell

    Japanese voice pack for pre-ordering bonus only? Wtf?

    • Hraesvelgr

      Didn’t they say it would be downloadable at a price, too? Just that preorders get it for free.

  • I hope North America and Europe get the dlc and updates that japan got for this game really don’t want another God Eater Burst on my hands.

  • Logan Moll

    I was not very impressed with the demo. The story seemed lame, even though it’s a cool concept. The voice acting was also really over done, and that didn’t help matters. I agree with other posters that I don’t like one ‘room’ field maps and having all the weapons break after ‘x’ amount of uses just sucks. I’m leaning towards not getting this, at this point. :/

    • Brandonmkii

      sounds like you wanted an rpg, and not a hunting game.

    • Ferrick

      The story does require you to read through it, and pretty much most posters who said the same thing about the story didn’t bother to read anything, so that may be why it looks that way to you and everyone else with the same opinion.

      well the VA isn’t that bad, especially when we will get the jap VA as a pre-ord bonus… and i’d be willing to accept any english VA after listening to this (… my ears bleed…

      you are supposed to manage on the usage of spells on your own though, and there are many ways to recharge the usages and increase the limit on the uses

      • Testsubject909

        The VAs sounded fine to me.

        Not the one from the video you showed me though. That’s an abomination.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      How is the voice acting bad -_-

      • Testsubject909

        ooh ooh! I know the answer to that one!

        It’s because it’s English right? Right?


        • Abyan Haidar

          so true

        • Cazar

          Eh, from what I heard in the demo the English VA ranges from bad to mediocre. I actually didn’t care at all about what language I played this game in until I heard the English VA firsthand. Bad quality is bad quality regardless of how fun jumping on the bashing-on-Japanese-VA-preferers-bandwagon may be.

          • Testsubject909

            From what I’ve heard. The voice acting is fair.

            But my background for experience with voice acting is a good 20 years of listening to both dubbed and subbed anime as well as growing up with the game industry and playing mainly localized games though toggling between both original dub and English dub. On top of having a third dubbing, French, giving me a more open perspective on the whole thing.

            Soul Sacrifice’s dubbing is just that. It’s fine.

            It’s nothing bad honestly.

            I have heard bad.

            You don’t want to hear bad.

            But at least bad isn’t as bad as horrible.

            You don’t want to hear horrible.

            Edit: Now. I will grant you that at times the voices are a bit stiff.

            But generally delivery is fine. Which is always the key word here. It’s fine. Fine is close to mediocre. Mediocre is not bad.

          • Cazar

            Too put it in perspective a bit… my rating scale would go something like…

            Deaf-inducing < terrible < bad < mediocre < decent < good < superb

            So I while I said bad I didn't at all mean the worst, I agree there is much worse out there. But particularly the opening scene in the demo with the random sorcerer came across as pretty bad IMO. The rest I heard so far just sounded mediocre to me; not terrible but far from anything to write home about either. I guess I'm just overly picky about VA. If any flaws stand out it hurts the experience for me.

          • Testsubject909

            Fair enough.

          • Ferrick

            then how low would you rate this dubbing ?


      • nano_desu

        Well, it has some flaws.Japanese version had both male and a silent female voice for narrator instead of a higher pitch voice track. Timing for phrases feels weird sometimes – lots of silence because of shorter phrases. Easy to see with Librom.
        And I still don’t understand why localization team has decided to drop Camelot theme from the game.

    • Syn

      Well those are “spells” and not weapons so hey, if you dont like it, thats a shame, thats the way the system is setup, and if it wasnt that way you would be excessively overpowered, I for one enjoy the challenge it represents and the change from the usual stuff we play, but, to each his own right. The VA is awesome, I for one love the fact that they slightly exaggerate(cos the Japanese VA’s do so as well) after all, I view the dude as an eccentric sorcerer.

  • my question is if this preorder bonus applies to preorders on newegg as well

    • sadly no newegg will only be giving you the game amazon has it with preorder bonus

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    European trailer was better. But regardless, can’t wait until the 30th. I want to dive into the real meat of the game. The demo has been awesome so far, but I want to advance my character further! =0

    • Testsubject909

      The European Advertisements for the Vita system was also better than the crap we got in the NA region.

  • Draparde

    I probably wont be able to grab this game on the release date, but i *will* be getting it!, The demo was pretty fun! and the story is delightfully morbid. which is funny, because im usually not that into super morbid things…but occasionally getting into them can’t hurt

    • Testsubject909

      Have you tried pushing Librom away or towards you? You can also spin him left or right, it gets a few different messages.

      He gets tired of it real quick… But he can’t do anything to stop you. Because he’s a book.

      • Syn

        Theres apparently an achievement for doing all that a couple of times, you should try it out in the full game.

        • Testsubject909

          I’ll be sure to squish a few bugs for good measure.

      • Draparde

        Lol, yeah. I actually did the back touch pad one by accident XD.

        • Testsubject909

          And I imagine thereafter went on to push him around against his will.

          • Draparde

            Wh-wha~? i would neeeever~ >_> <_<

      • Vash bane

        I didn’t know that thanx

    • michel

      Hehe, same for me! I dislike dark-gothic stuff, but this game is too well made to be ignored.

  • Abyan Haidar

    Can someone actually point out the role of Holy mode/ Life Power mode player for me? Getting aches that Holy mode is actually a good for scapegoat, tanks, support and something related to be sacrificed…. though my mind thought holy mode player should use a lot of weapon/arms type magic since it’s quite spammable and pay off for it’s low magic power, or maybe some healing spells for online play since there will be a lot of hardcore dark mode user out there…

    • SirTeffy

      Holy Arm makes a good tank/healer/support character and can make the most of Blood Magic, which is cast from HP.

      • Abyan Haidar

        oh yeah…. so holy arm should be built as tanky as possible? since the demo only got 2 blood magics… those blood salvos

        • SirTeffy

          I know for sure there is an Arm symbol that boosts the power of Blood Magic, so I’d assume there’s more than just two – in addition there are non-Blood spells that cast from HP like Time Sand. We’ll have to see when the final game hits how a HP-caster fares in the long run but from the small amount I saw in the demo it certainly looks like a viable build.

          For example, here’s a Berserker:
          Sanguine Cannon
          Healing Bloom (the AoE heal for you *and* allies)
          Time Sand

          Golem (any)
          Shield (element depending on boss)
          Weapon (element depending on boss)

          Go in swinging with weapon, knock down boss with Shield when it charges, then Time Sand to hold it down for a brief period. Drop a golem, Heal up, then Sanguine Cannon with the booster sigil, heal and repeat until your heal is near-exhausted, and go back in with a weapon, then sacrifice enemies to restore your casts when possible.

          A tank would eliminate the Sanguine Cannon and instead take a different Sigil that offers a different boost (healing?), protecting allies from the boss’s single-target attacks (like Harpy’s gulp) by taking the hit themselves if they can’t dodge it. Should still *try* to dodge it, but with attacks taht create openings like Harpy’s gulp it’s best if someone jumps in so the rest of the party can wail on her.

  • Roxy

    PREMIUM EDITION. not avaliable. da fuq?

  • Testsubject909

    By the way, just wanted to note. From the Demo.

    I am loving the lore.

    And some of it is interesting, especially the reworking of mythological creatures and locales. The Goblins certainly seem like Goblins when you read the lore. So do the Kobolds… Despite being obviously extremely different.

  • Can I have it free on ps+ Please sony

  • vileBrenman

    The spells seem cool but the costume is hit and miss for me and the English voices are awesome so i probably won’t use the jp pack much

  • Erwin MadJelly


  • Vash bane

    dang I wanted to be surprised lol

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