Take Chie’s Beef Bowl Challenge To Win A Limited Edition Of Persona 4 Arena

By Ishaan . April 29, 2013 . 11:20pm

Want to win a European Persona 4 Arena limited edition? You can take part in Chie’s Beef Bowl Challenge, a browser-based mini-game, for a shot at winning.




The goal is to eat as many beef bowls as you can before time runs out. Controls are explained upon starting the game. If you’re in the top-10 leaderboard at 10am GMT on May 10th, you’ll net yourself the limited edition. You can access Chie’s Beef Bowl Challenge here.


You can read about the limited edition here. Persona 4 Arena will be released in Europe on May 10th.

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  • Surf

    What is this I dont even..

  • This challenge is also a portal to the meat dimension.


    • NTaiyokun


  • Highasthesky

    Did enough of that in P4G i’ll pass nice little mini game though….i guess..

  • XypherCode

    Left click breaker :P I got 30k max :|

    • Raze

      Lol…I don’t even got into 40k…

      *check the leaderboard*
      How the hell people can got 230k score…

      • XypherCode

        Automated left clicking I guess xD Haha those scores are insane!

        • neocatzon

          macro maybe?

          • XypherCode

            Most likely. And also macros that check pixels of the beef bowl so space is automatically pressed.

          • neocatzon

            woah, macro can do that? Never use one myself, but that sounds awesome.

          • XypherCode

            Yup. Awesome as it sounds, that’s a sad truth for mini-game promotions like this. Unfortunately everyone’s gonna cheat. If you’re good you can make your own macro tool or Google similar tools like it.

      • Ferrick

        automated left clicking macro + mouse + laptop trackpad + laptop left mouse button

        you’d be surprised
        pretty much 4 clicks in a few milliseconds, now add that up to the time and you have god level scores

  • Raze

    No one will win if its an eating tournament against Chie….

  • Go2hell66

    nothing a few hacks can’t beat

  • Keima88

    Yay I am in the top 10 got 30k…!!

    *looks at the scoreboard*

    Wait a minute… That guy got got 23k how come that I am not even on the list…

    *stares at the extra 0 at the end*


    How the heck can they get over 230k!?!

    • Razzlero

      Cheating using auto mouse clickers and stuff like that

      • Keima88

        Tssk should have known.

        Elizabeth will surely give them a 9999 megidaloan for that.

        On a serious note: please atlus dont give these people the goodies. Dont reward people for cheating….

  • Colonel Custard

    Lol one of the names on the scoreboards is, This Board is all Macros…

  • heartless141

    at the moment of this post:
    9 Heartless141 204180
    X_X think imma get pushed down soon enough though

    • hows dat autoclick?

      • heartless141

        didn’t use auto click. :P got a bit more creative and slowed my CPU down so the thing ran in slowmotion for me.

        without using anything i can still get over 60k easy though.

        anyhow, i think they deleted most of the hacked entries.

        • f-f-f-fuck this.

          [edit – I’m not as tech savvy as I use to be so…how does slowing down the CPU make the browser slowmo? if I got my terms right slowing down the CPU does nothing more than reduce the processor speed.]

  • Neppygear

    This is pretty old, that’s been running for a while. People have also been *cheating* at it for a while, so…

  • Arizato

    Like many others here pointed out: Tons of cheaters breaking the game by using macro programs to cheat. Kinda pisses me off.

  • oh great, I got 30k… the guys on top have 250k…
    anyway, I don’t have a PS3 or a Xbox 360 to play it ‘-‘

  • TheExile285

    I don’t remember NA getting treats like this >_>

    • Razzlero

      NA actually got the game when they were supposed to…

  • malek86

    Without any cheating, I got 45k. I can probably reach 50k, but there’s little point since people will use auto-clickers anyway.

  • Pman Jimmy

    I have 50,000… Looks like I just broke my finger for nothing in the end.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I’ll play anything with Chie in it…… (-_-)

  • MagisterXII

    They should just cancel this contest, many people have cheated and ruined the fun and the point of this. These cheaters shouldn’t be rewarded.

  • AndreasStalin

    They should just make people replicate their score without any cheating (through webcam verification or something?), if they can’t well they don’t get the price.

    First highest scorer who can match or come close to his/her score live gets the price….

    Ain’t gonna happen for sure but would have been fair and square.

  • Looks like the obvious cheaters on this have been eliminated. All the crazy-high scores have gone! It’s ON! >_<

  • SMT

    my best is 44820, the 1st one is 89640 :P.

    after this score now you can meet with Mr.Igor

  • Damarius Wingfield

    Ooo, Chie-san!

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