The Last of Us Developer Diary Introduces The “Infected” Enemies

By Ishaan . May 6, 2013 . 2:30pm

Sony have shared a new developer diary for The Last of Us, Naughty Dog’s upcoming post-apocalyptic survival game. The video introduces the game’s “Infected” enemies and what the inspiration behind their design was. Watch it below:



The Last of Us has two lead characters—Joel and Ellie, with the former being an older, more experienced character and Ellie representing the younger end of the spectrum. Sony will release the game for PlayStation 3 on June 14th.

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  • riceisnice

    What’s scary is that this could actually happen. If the fungus mutates to be able to infect people, bad things will happen. Sure, it probably won’t be a zombie outbreak, but it’ll be catastrophic. And if there’s one thing that everyone will agree with, it’s that fungus is freakin’ hard to kill.

    • Linhua

      … i’ve always been thinking about that myself… the possibility that something like this actually does stand a chance of occurring.

      … it’s nice to be able to play in an emulated world with this setting so that in the off chance something like this DOES happen… we’ll have SOME idea of how to go about it.

      • Aoshi00

        I guess zombie land is probably the closest thing, just follow the rules like don’t go stingy on bullets, always shoot twice in the head :). I’m not very good at running, but that’s what’s on my mind when I train in gym, if I ever get chased by a nutjob or zombie, I might increase my chances of outrunning them lol..though I doubt I could survive like the people in the Walking Dead… Though as they say, in that kinda world the living is probably more dangerous…

        Preordered the Jpn ver for dual track :) excited for this and beyond two souls

        • Linhua

          … twice huh… why the twice…?

          … I have never heard of this rule .-. I would only shoot twice if it’s still moving… XD

          • Aoshi00

            It’s just a precaution to make sure it’s really really dead and stays dead, It’s rule #2 “Double Tap” in Zombieland :) Gotta love Jessie Eisenberg


            I’m the same as you, not very good at shooters (especially FPS), a scaredy cat when it comes to zombie games, I’m alright watching the movies though.. and I finished the Walking Dead since it didn’t involve much shooting.. Yeah, Tomb Raider was awesome, and so was Uncharted. I love post-apocalyptic games too like Deadlight..

          • Linhua

            … yeah! I loves me some post-apocalyptic stuff! … I hadn’t realized how much of a zombie fan I am until I looked over everything I watch and play… I play and watch Resident Evils… watch Walking Deads… wants a season two of High School of the Dead… pre-ordered The Last of Us paid in full .-. Yeah… i’d say I’m a zombie fan.

            *watches video*

            ._.|| C-consider Rule #2: Followed… Twitter style .-.

            … I like my ankles and shins where they are just fine… = =;; …

    • harmonyworld

      I dunno about that, aren’t there foot fungus’s and stuff?

  • harmonyworld

    It looks beautiful and the story sounds interesting, but I wouldn’t play it.
    For one, I suck at shooters, and two, I’d be too scared to play lol!

    • Linhua

      … that used to be me… XD

      … I wouldn’t TOUCH a Resident Evil game back then.

      … not even watch… the sound of something happening with zombies and the like would have be curling up and covering my ears.

      … I won’t say I suck at shooters… but I will say that i’m good enough to hold my own in a world like this with those kinda monsters. [I mean in game not real life XD]

      … heck I got lots of head shots in Tomb Raider… I think i’m ready. =D

  • Kaitsu

    Funny, the way the game is played. It feels like what a Resident Evil game should’ve been.

  • Detrimont

    Releases on my Birthday, can’t wait

  • Final Aura

    Capcom should be taking notes this is how a real survival horror should be like

    • it’s not survival horror, it more like Fallout 3. it just survival

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