DmC Posts “Solid Sales,” Monster Hunter 4 Is Capcom’s Next Big Game

By Ishaan . May 8, 2013 . 9:00am

Two of Capcom’s big games for the new ongoing fiscal year are Monster Hunter 4 and Lost Planet 3. In a financial report, Capcom say that they will heavily promote both titles in the domestic and overseas markets respectively.


With regard to their strategy for the entire year and the upcoming new generation of game consoles, Capcom say they’re making an effort to lower development costs and shorten development times. In order to do this, they will restructure their development organization, increasing the ratio of projects works on internally while overhauling development at overseas studios.


Capcom point to DmC Devil May Cry as a title that posted “solid sales” overseas—despite the fact that DmC didn’t meet initial expectations—and also point to Dragon’s Dogma as a game that has done well, particularly in Japan. DmC sales are at 1.1 million while Dragon’s Dogma is at 1.3 million.


Outside of traditional games, Capcom will also continue to focus on the development of online games, as they attempt to expand into new territories such as Asia. Additionally, they also have plans to expand their pachinko business in Japan.


Additionally, Capcom will also be taking streamlining measures to strengthen their management system. These measures, they hope,will include improvements in transparency, efficiency, cost reductions and financial structure, and will enable the company to remain flexible in a changing environment.


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  • Lubulos

    Still no plans for MH4 localization? Not like I’ll grow tired of 3U anytime soon, but it’s good to know if in the future I will have 1000 free hours of my time because a certain game didn’t make it overseas.

    • They aren’t going to announce a localization for 4 until it’s at least out in Japan.

      • ^ This that and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate JUST came out in the US. To announce Monster Hunter 4 already would just hurt the potential sales of MH3U this early on especially since it’s just like an upgrade of MH3. Let the MH3U DLC Quests slide over for a lil while first.

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    They still can’t say numbers or did they reduce their expectations even more?

  • Tyler Beale

    So….Where’s Mega Man?

  • Vesperion

    Doing a good job promoting Lost Planet 3 so far Capcom


  • malek86

    I hope we are going to get sales projections for those two games soon. I’m really eager to see if Capcom thinks MH4 can manage to sell past MHP3rd. And I’m also eager to see if they actually hope to sell more than a million units of LP3 (I swear, unless they do an extensive campaign a month before launch or something, that game is being sent out to die).

  • I remember Lost Planet and Lost Planet 2 being on a list of Capcom games that were outsold by Monster Hunter Tri. If that’s true I don’t know how they green-lit a third. But whatever, they recently released Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and they’re localizing Ace Attorney 5. So I’m liking Capcom right now.

    • Mr_SP

      Wasn’t Monster Hunter Tri… Really popular? Like, really, really popular? *checks* Yeah, 4.5 million across 3 platforms. (including the Wii U, which itself has yet to sell 4 million) DmC is not as popular as Monster Hunter Tri – by a factor of FOUR. Being outsold by Monster Hunter Tri is not a bad thing.

      • J_Joestar

        3 platforms?
        Tri only came out on 1 platform, I doubt that they would be counting 3U as the same game.

      • randominternetperson

        You realize Tri is different from 3U right?
        Google it. Capcom claimed that Tri is a flop in the west.

        3U with the combined sales from 3DS/Wii U is barely more than that.

        • sandra10

          Tri isn’t different from 3U. 3U is just the name of the G version of Tri. But they are different from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd which actually did sell close to 5 mil copies across two platforms.

        • Mr_SP

          Yes, Monster Hunter Tri was a lot more popular in Japan… But it didn’t flop in the west, and that doesn’t change the fact that DmC did *worse*. Capcom were hoping to sell hand-over-fist, and MH3 sold “merely” pretty well. (if these numbers are correct, 570,000 on the Wii in the US alone) Similarly, DmC is selling decently well, but far short of Capcom’s desires.

          3 Ultimate, however, *did* flop in the West (at least, it did much more poorly, but I’ve bought and enjoyed games with much fewer sales), while being a *massive* hit in Japan. *shrug* I don’t know how that works, either.

          But what we’re really talking about here is Lost Planet. And while Lost Planet isn’t on the same level as Monster Hunter or Devil May Cry, it’s still sold enough to be profitable. It’s not a flagship title, it’s a lesser title.

        • When did Capcom ever claim that? Tri is still the best-selling Monster Hunter game in the West. I haven’t seen them say anything about 3U flopping either.

      • Monster Hunter Tri (Wii), Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP/PS3), Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS/Wii U)

        I’m talking about Monster Hunter Tri on Wii only.

  • Danilo Maeda

    Units sold =/= shipped, I doubt DMC managed to sell 300k in a few weeks when it was reported that it was hovering around 800k overall by the end of the last month. Apparently halving their expectations and still getting lower sales than it makes it “solid sales” according to Capcom, but again this is a company that thinks promoting even more DLC will make their games sell better, so whatever they say.

  • haku67

    lol I read that as ” posts Solid Snake, monster hunter 4 is capcom’s next big game. I wonder how remember me will do for capcom. I hope it sells well seems good

  • gamefreak86

    Lost planet lol. It’ll make their heads spin on how much it’ll fail.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      It will fail because?

      • eilegz

        it wont sell that much…. less tha a million?

  • TrevHead

    What systems are we likely to see MH 4 on? It isn’t a Ninty exclusive is it?

    • Brandonmkii

      It was announced as a 3DS exclusive a long time ago.

    • Blah

      I think some time ago I read that the whole main series is Nintendo exclusive until 2015 or something. Not too sure about it, but there won’t be any MH games for Sony’s platforms since they really fucked up Capcom’s plans for P3rd…

  • Fr33Kingdom

    I really love both lost planet 1 and 2 and i’m a little worried about the third. Some good ideas but really worrying level design, animation, and akrid design. Also it’s really story oriented and what are the chances the story will be any good?

    • Luna Kazemaru

      will most likely be better then 2 story…haha hopefully

  • ShadowDivz

    Im not really excited for Lost Planet 3.
    I played the second one and was dissappointed. I wanted to fight alot of huge akrid. But you only fight around….6? But mostly your fighting other humans(?)

    Good game, just that i was expecting something different.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    I really hope that Lost planet 3 will be better then the mess that was 2 don’t get me wrong some of the ideas in 2 where nice and the co-op was great but that’s all it had going for it. Online was a complete joke by far in terms of balance and lag and the story…wait 2 had a story?

    • eilegz

      nope but at least it was more fun than monster hunter (which its inspired)…. which it had story?

      • Luna Kazemaru

        not saying the co-op wasn’t fun but really the last missions was honestly a rolf stomp

        • eilegz

          agree with little polish, it could be an awesome game. SO much wasted potential.

          LP3 on other hand looks like another gears of wars clone =/

          anyways the only TPS that i could be looking for coop would be fuse which the demo its being awesome

          end of the offtopic

    • Abend

      LP multiplayer has always been bad in the first one it was people abusing the dodge roll and using rifles to one shot each other it was dumb however the co-op campaign was amazingly fun especially with friends. i really hope that lost planet 3 doesn’t end up killing the franchise because i love the look of it.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        the abuse of rifles honestly came from the auto lock on. It was could be bearable at times but I honestly believe what killed 2’s MP for me was it became plasma city.

  • Donny Doeven

    it’s funny how there trying to turn a game that bombed into something that won… DmC lost… not only in sales but they lost for about 70% of the original fanbase. DMC 4 sold more in a few days then DmC did in a few months. the only thing solid here is the turd there trying to polish.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      70% oh boy. I don’t care for DmC myself but lets not pull random numbers out of no where.

      • FetusZero

        They did lose many of the original fanbase, but I agree with Luna, that 70% is random. I wouldn’t be surprised if the original fanbase were actually the ones who contributed the most to DmC’s sales. For my part, I’m still waiting for it to hit the bargain bin at a really low price.

        But yeah, compared to the previous instalment, they are definitely trying to turn its failure into a success.

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        Are you some yandere now? lol

      • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

        Actually I think that 70% is not so random. Looks like he compared the sales from DMC4 with the ones from DmC.

        • Donny Doeven

          i also added that in there sales there are a certain percentage of buyers that never buyed the original games, and the casuals who played the original DMC before but do not belong to the fanbase.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Ummmm no it didn’t DMC4 is somewhere in the 2.4mil LIFETIME range, again LIFETIME thats 7 years of sales

      • Donny Doeven

        but it’s the first weeks of a game launch that the game sells the most units. after that it will slow down so much that it would not be relevant. and it was 2.7mil

        • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

          It was 2.7 millions as of 2009 I think. Also, in some interviews Capcom estimated it was close to the 3 millions.

  • Martian Wong

    I read it as Solid Snake…

  • Spider-Man

    “Capcom say that they will heavily promote both titles in the domestic and overseas markets respectively.”

    I like this. MH needs more Western support.

    • Note the use of “respectively”. So MH4 promotion domestically (in Japan), and LP3 overseas (in the West).

      A little western promotion for MH would go a long way.

  • eilegz

    well MH its expected its the japanese COD, so it will sell, about dmc and dragon dogma i dont find anything appealing in those games but well it did great.

    In re6 its such a shame, the game its the best modern re, it improve everything over previous games since re4. it have everything that any modern re fans want. Im looking foward revelations its just sad that the game get hd remake but didnt add coop up, its a downgrade it certain aspects but at least i can enjoy this game, hopefully capcom project a proper expectations on a old portable port

  • Donny Doeven

    DMC had a solid Fanbase. capcom forgot that it is the fanbase that bring in the sales. what sales that come from the casual gamers and the people who never played the original games are a extra. they would not replace the people from the original fanbase.

  • 60hz

    hopefully lost planet 3 will be the last of this westernization movement debacle… i sincerely hope they learned their lesson… if they REALLy wanted to spike interest in DMC they should have gave it to PLATINUM not NINJA THEORY kings of 30 frames.

    Also good to see Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen getting love in the western press (except for IGN – what gives!?)…

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