Ace Attorney 5 Headed West This Fall As Download Title; English Trailer Inside

By Ishaan . May 13, 2013 . 9:25am



Ace Attorney 5 for the Nintendo 3DS is being released in North America and Europe this Fall, Capcom have announced. The game will be titled Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, and will be available as a Nintendo eShop download title.



Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies takes place eight years since Phoenix’s last appearance, and will star him in the lead role once again. The game’s first case will pit him against prosecutor Gaspen Payne, younger brother of Winston Payne.


Joining Phoenix will be Apollo Justice, who returns from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, along with a new character, Athena Cykes, who serves as Associate Attorney. Athena has a “Mood Matrix” that can detect the emotional state of a witness and tell whether they’re surprised, angry, happy or sad.


A download-only release? That’s a first for Ace Attorney on traditional gaming platforms, but it makes sense. Recent remarks from Capcom USA suggest that it might be getting more challenging to justifiably localize these games, keeping in mind their increasing production values and expected sales. Case in point: last year, Capcom USA Senior Vice-President Christian Svensson remarked that he had to put in high forecasts for Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies.


At the time, Svensson stated: “Bear in mind… the forecasts for AA5 I’ve put in are aggressive (high) relative to the historical performance of the franchise (needed to make sure it came over), so I’m counting on you guys to not make me a liar.”


Capcom have not yet announced a price for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies.




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  • Go2hell66

    Great news to finally see an english release, the 3DS library is looking fantastic. weve seen pretty much every title i wanted to play localised now.
    just a shame this is digital only

  • Christian Wright

    a download release?! if capcom wasn’t so poor at handling its franchises and costumers, things wouldn’t be this way. all of their ridiculous DLC antics, on disc content, redundant fighting game releases. >:| as a phoenix wright fan, i am saddened.

    • Sergio Briceño

      Dude. Don’t complain. We are getting AA5, THIS YEAR. Chill.

    • You can’t MAKE fans of the series. There are those who adore and love the series, and those that even with the *BEST* marketing ever will just not be interested (for example, I couldn’t give a damn about FF13-3 [or FF13-2-2] no matter how good the push is). Same goes for Phoenix Wright; it’s a great series and I love it, but the world might not share the same love of text-adventure court cases involving some goofy shenanigans. It’s been said, but this game is “niche”, there’s only so much publishers can do when the bottom line is making money — this isn’t a charity business.

      • Christian Wright

        it’s not about forcing people to like your product. i’m talking about poor decisions that tarnish your company’s image. when you do things that i mention above, that only adds to disinterest in your company AND products. while i was importing this game for the figurine, i still wouldve bought the western release if it was physical but that just changed.

        and this is my personal opinion on the final fantasy 13 series. the first entry itself kinda felt like it was made because “people wanted an HD next gen final fantasy game”. while most people hated the game’s design, i actually enjoyed it because it was an opportunity to enjoy the game’s story without the extra nonsense of most rpgs. while I thought that xiii-2 was pointless, it improved greatly in mechanics. for lightning returns? i don’t truly knock any game without trying it first.

  • Manny Being Manny

    Its a sad day when Phoenix Wright is limited to a digital release… but its better than nothing at least.

    • Though it may be, there’s one thing to consider: if we don’t support it being localized in any shape or form when it actually gets to us that will hurt its reputation in the future. To those that express their dismay over the lack of physical form will be even more hurt to when it suffers a similar fate to a certain Investigations title that hasn’t quite made it stateside yet.

      So to those not planning on getting it now that you know it will be a digital only title, you may want to consider this fact before you throw this one under the bus.

      • Coeurl

        Get it or else, huh?

        I’m not really for digital downloads but it’d be less of a issue if there was a guarantee i’d be able to keep the game after 3DS is no longer a system with full support.

        Passively supporting things like this is just a pathway to eventual acceptance of digital downloads without support as the norm.

        Capcom wants to do digital downloads? Fine. But they(or Nintendo) need to guarantee that losing the system doesn’t mean permanently losing that game.

        • foopy

          Exactly. I feel like this franchise is being “held hostage” by the digital distribution platform.

          I’m torn because I really want to support the Gyakuten Saiban series in the US, but I really do not want digital distribution. I have no interest in it at all. Now my choice is to “vote with my wallet” for Gyakuten Saiban and let that vote be misconstrued as a vote for digital distribution in the future.

          As a devoted fan of the series who specifically restrained himself from importing previous, fully-translated titles so that my money would go Capcom USA in support of the Ace Attorney games, I feel a little deceived and a lot misrepresented to the people responsible for the series in the United States.

          Capcom USA has said more info will be available around the time of E3. I’ll wait for an explanation before I decide which is more important to me.

  • Tenetan

    Well they will at least get a sale from me :D Can’t wait, pretty happy that we actually get this title to.

  • kool_cid414

    Awesome I’m looking forward to this. I think I need a new sd card though because I’m not deleting my Fire Emblem Awakening for this.

  • Arizato

    Sorry, but this is bullshit… I am looking forward to this game so much and we get screwed like this.

    • It was too expensive to the point they wouldn’t make money so they weren’t going to release it. Instead, they said “release it digital, we can make money and people won’t complain it didn’t come out”.

      How are you screwed by this?

      • Arizato

        I am screwed if my 3DS breaks, since I will have to rebuy the game. I am screwed when the E-shop on the 3DS goes offline.

        As a collector I want my games in physical form. Especially when that game is available as a cartridge in another region. First all this Capcom DLC crap and when they do something right, they have to screw it up. I am really tired of being treated as a second rate customer just because I happened to be born in the wrong part of the world according to Capcom.

        • Arrei

          3DS breaks, you get it repaired/transferred by Nintendo.

          It doesn’t help you if you lose the 3DS somewhere, but it seems like everyone forgets your system will keep its data as long as it can be fixed, so I just wanted to mention that.

        • Basically what everyone else is saying. It *does* suck for collector’s, but if there aren’t many option to bring it, you have your one non-preferred choice or no game at all. The series is niche but they’re still trying to appease fans. I’ve always been a fan of Digital Download since I live in a pretty small space. ^_^;;

        • I’m surprised that Nintendo still doesn’t have an account system, like PSN or Steam.

          • Arrei

            Apparently they’re working on it? I seem to remember hearing about something like that. Eventually converting Wii U and 3DS internet services into some sort of overarching account-based deal.

            They did say that, right? I’m not going nuts?

        • Capcom is not a charity. They need to do things in a way that makes money. In the US, digital release makes money, physical will not. Companies don’t do things that do not make money. Essentially you have a choice, Digital or Don’t Play. Capcom went digital. You should be happy you get the choice at lease if you want to play the game.

          • Ladius

            Honestly, if a small publisher like Aksys is able to do a limited print run for games like Hakuoki 3DS or Sweet Fuse PSP, I can’t see how Capcom wouldn’t be able to do a small run for a Phoenix Wright game.

            Maybe they don’t want to take a risk, or they aren’t familiar with small print runs since they deal in heavy hitters rather than niche titles like Aksys, but that doesn’t mean a retail release would be impossible or unprofitable. In fact, they will probably lose a good number of sales because of this choice.

  • Guest

    Good to hear an official confirmation, ridiculous that they would screw over fans with a digital only release. I hope they at least have an option to buy it physical through the Capcom store, with the statue Japan gets preferably.

  • DesmaX

    I don’t see the problem with Digital only release. I guess it would be cool to have the option, but, for handhelds, I’d rather have all the games on the console when I’m on the go

  • Luis Camargo

    I wanted a physical release, but no matter, will buy

  • If they spent their resources properly and not on stuff like a blood pool, sequel to games nobody wants (Lost Planet, Dead Rising, etc) then maybe they could afford to promote games like Ace Attorney a bit more and release em at retail.

    But what the hell do I know. I’ll take games I want in whatever form I can get em at this point. I try not to buy digital games on 3DS because I don’t wanna support Nintendos terrible choice to link games to the hardware. I will bite and buy games I absolutely must have like Ace Attorney….and Senran Kagura if if ever happens.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      The first part of your post made me laugh. People didn’t want dead rising? Oh boy let me see this proof

      • I didn’t say nobody wanted Dead Rising. I’m saying nobody wanted a Dead Rising sequel, or two more Lost Planets.

        • SirRichard

          “I’m saying nobody wanted a Dead Rising sequel, or two more Lost Planets.”

          Which is why both Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2 sold over a million each (2 mil, in the former’s case, if I remember right), isn’t it? Just because you don’t like or play or want them doesn’t mean no-one did.

  • LynxAmali

    B-But I wanted a case so I could toss it beside all my other Phoenix Wright/ Gyakuten Saiban stuff. Well, it’s going to look awfully….different since I have a copy of all the Japanese versions beside the English versions…

    Still getting it nonetheless.

    • That reminds me I need a new protector case, my kingdom hearts one is all beat up and Amazon didnt give me my pre-order bonus for castlevania.

    • Aoshi00

      Same here, I get both version of Gyakuten Saiban and Phoenix Wright for every game. Well, actually I only had 1 & 4 in Eng, since 2 & 3 had the same cover arts and the Jpn 1-3 DS carts were all in dual language. Would’ve collected Investigations 2 in Eng too if they had released it. No physical release for 5 is indeed very sad news.. maybe this would get ported to the Wii U in the future and by then we would get a physical release *.*;;

      Digital only is not that bad, but Nintendo does not have an account based system like PSN or XBL.. one could transfer the games if switching to a different system, say the original to XL, but the process takes time and there’s a limit of 5 times I think..

      I guess I would just import first and there’s no rush to get the US ver digitally, at least not until on sale later..

      Interesting we finally know Kokone’s Eng name is Athena, to match Apollo as a greek god lol..

  • PandaTurtle

    Download only is concerning, I really loved the look of the Japanese Box art! :(

    Oh well, it’s coming here, at least. We should be thankful for that. (Now get to releasing the HD Trilogy and we’ll be fine!)

  • Ni

    Too many games being released this year and not enough time…my backlog just increased with this one

  • Freud_Hater


  • Elemiel

    Looks like I’ll be buying Animal Crossing physically to keep space.

  • heartless141

    Time to get a 3DS :D

  • Freud_Hater

    Why do you guys care so much about the fact it’s only a digital release? I’m the first guy to drool over physical copies of video games, but come on, we’re actually GETTING that one! We need to keep the Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Incident from ever happening again, guys!!

    • neo_firenze

      1) Nintendo in particular has awful management of digital content, making it hard (if not impossible) to move my purchases to a new system. [note: Sony and Apple handling user accounts very well is a big reason I don’t mind digital so much on their platforms]

      2) I can’t ever resell the game, like I can with any physical game.

      3) It’s much cheaper for the publisher to release a digital version, yet no cost savings is passed onto the customer.

      4) I own NES carts from the 80s that I can still use. Am I confident the 3DS eShop will still be available in 25+ years?

      • ^ E shop isnt cloud based … you’ll have your games as long as you have the system. But digital formats are under subject to change so you may still be able to retain your game in some other format as technology progresses

    • ronin4life

      This being digital tells me we won’t be getting Investigations 2 ever, and probably won’t get Layton Vs ace attorney either.

      • Blame crap sales on Investigations 2 and a lot of pirating. Layton Vs. Ace, IIRC, had bad sales numbers in the homeland — maybe we should do well with Ace5 and perhaps we’ll get some movement on it. *shrug*

        • ronin4life

          That is what the optimist in me thinks. The realist remembers how svenn stated he was already trying to get Investigations localized as a DD. And now, a major numbered entry gets a digital only release.If this wasn’t considered for retail, how could a digital only spinoff from the same series be considered at all?

  • AzureRyuujin

    Well, the digital release isn’t hurting my feelings any. I find myself buying digital much more these days. Also, is that Sam Riegel reprising his role as Mr. Wright?

    • LynxAmali

      If I’m recalling right, the person who did Wright’s voice in the original games on the DS was an employee at the time. He left, I think.

      Could be misremembering things either way.

  • Something you guys need to keep in mind is that Ace Attorney has been a download-only release on platforms like iOS for years now. The digital market is the safest way to bring these games out without screwing future localization prospects over.

    This was inevitable, and it isn’t like it’s coming out of the blue. We know games like these have been becoming increasingly hard to justify bringing over, due to all sorts of complications like retail shelf space, projected sales, cartridge manufacturing costs etc. In this case, especially, since the game is voiced and the cartridge size is presumably far higher than the DS games.

    It has nothing to do with “poor handling” of franchises at all. The reality is that the market for these titles is small to begin with. Look at adventure games on PC. Do you see those getting major retail releases?

    • Arizato

      Difference is that there is no physical alternative to iOS devices. It’s not fair to compare an iPhone to the 3DS.

      This is one of the reasons people are starting to believe that consoles/handhelds will die. Since this crappy digital and casual market is taking over. It’s sucks.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        crappy digital market? Oh boy didn’t know steam was shit thats news to me bro

        • Arizato

          Steam and GOG are both really good, I can give you that. But they aren’t tied to a specific console with a special set of rules. You also have to remember that every digital service can close down, meaning that your games go down with it.

          All my digital games will disappear if my 3DS gets stolen/breaks down. I’m not saying it will happen, but it can happen.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Again we do not know if we would have better services later in the future.

    • neo_firenze

      iOS versions are digital only but are also a fraction of the price of retail games (or in the case of AA1-3 HD iOS, bundled as a trilogy that will probably STILL be less than the normal $39.99 3DS game price). We’ll have to wait and see, but it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Capcom price AA5 the same as a normal 3DS retail release.

      I also think PC retail and console/portable retail are apples and oranges. It’s not just a genre thing with adventure games, MOST games on PC don’t get major retail releases.

      • Well, keep in mind that even the Tales of Monkey Island games were all released as download titles, as were the Walking Dead games. Both of those were on PC as well as consoles.

        • malek86

          Although it’s worth noting that Telltale games usually receive limited retail printing too, sold through their own store and sometimes in GS stores as well.

          But then, there are no royalties on PC, and graphic adventures are still more popular than visual novels, so I guess the situation is different.

          • Reki Honoo

            If I remember right, if your 3ds does get stolen, and when you buy a new one and link it to your club nintendo account if you have on the previous 3ds system, all the games you bought should still be there to re download.

          • They do that for stolen systems provided you give them a police report.


    • LastFootnote

      I love download titles. All my Vita games are downloaded. That’s because Sony has a robust account system. Nintendo doesn’t. When my 3DS breaks–and it will break–all my downloaded games will be gone. That sucks.

      • You do realize you can save them to an SD card, then back them up on a hard drive and then contact nintendo if you loose or break your system and have all your games you downloaded available for re-download via a club nintendo account?

        • Arizato

          A really inconvenient process. I can get backing up your games so that you don’t have to download them again. It’s a great thing to do. But when you have to contact the company (which may take upwards of weeks) just to get your games back which you purchased with you hard earned money, something is clearly wrong. You shouldn’t even be defending them as a customer. It’s not a good system.

          • Im not even defending nintendo here Im just tired of this thought process people seem to have.

        • ShugoTakahashi

          Actually, you’re incorrect there. Games are tied to the console only, not your Club Nintendo account. If you blow up your 3DS and go link your Club Nintendo account to a new one, you will have access to exactly nothing.

          Backing up to SD card also means nothing. The backups are encrypted and tied to the system ID that they came from. If you insert it into a new device that hasn’t gotten the old device’s ID via System Transfer, then the backups will be useless.

          Everyone is also putting too much faith in Nintendo’s repair services. It’s actually a complete crapshoot when it comes to them saving your data; sometimes they don’t do it at all and you receive a replacement system with a totally new system ID, rendering all your old purchases moot. I’ve heard of this happening loads of times. You’re actually better off fixing the system yourself if you’re worried about data.

          The concern everyone is expressing is not over digital accounts; it’s over Nintendo’s system-tied digital system. They still don’t have any form of online accounts to tie your purchases to. Club Nintendo tracks your purchases, but that’s ENTIRELY just to do surveys. They don’t let you use that as proof of purchase and they do not grant you your lost games based on Club Nintendo except on extremely rare occasions, and as Arizato said it shouldn’t be that way. It’s a flawed system and until they fix it, I will buy all Nintendo console games from retail.

      • If that’s your point, it’s a legitimate one, and I don’t fault the people who are looking at it from that angle. Clearly, though, most people in here are just upset because it’s different from what they’re used to getting. Let’s not pretend that most people complaining here are upset because of digital accounts.

      • $29082171

        You can back up your SD card and get Nintendo to transfer your data to a replacement should your 3DS break but it’s still a hassle that shouldn’t exist.

    • kylehyde

      It could also been capcom recent financial results what it could have played on this decisiton of digital only?

      • I’m going to guess it’s because of all the voice-work and the cartridge size being larger, and thus, more expensive to license from Nintendo.

        • new_tradition

          Wait, AA5 has full voice audio? O_O

    • Andrew A

      I dunno. I mean, Aksys is releasing Sweet Fuse on the PSP later this year. Just….think about that for a second. Capcom really couldn’t release Phoenix Wright 5 physically because apparently there isn’t a market for it but Aksys sees no problem shipping an otome game for the PSP in 2013?

      • Luna Kazemaru

        Ok what games does aksys release on capcom’s budget size?

        • Andrew A


          • That’s one game, and it isn’t Aksys’ game to begin with. Aksys are a tiny, efficiently run company with less than 50 employees. Capcom’s employee count is in the thousands.

          • Andrew A

            So now you’re basically telling us that huge game companies don’t occasionally do limited physical runs of certain niche games?

          • Luna Kazemaru

            and thats about it with an exception of GG back in the ps2 days. So yes they have more of a budget on smaller games like that because thats what they mostly do to begin with

    • Sorry, I still think it’s a poor handling case. If Namco can release a retail version of its ultra niche Project X Zone, or if Focus can release (in Europe) a retail Farming Simulator (another niche product), why is it absolutely impossible for Capcom?

      I’m absolutely OK with digital distribution, when the platforms are done right. I regularly use Steam, Apple’s AppStores, Xbox Marketplace or PlayStation Store with no problem, but the lack of a real account system on Nintendo’s eShop is definitely a big issue for me.

  • Byas

    Oh man, if at least nintendo’s digital service wasn’t so awful I might have been ok with a download-only. I’m not so sure if I’m gonna get this game anymore.

    • Its not awful. Dont be ignorant.

      • Byas

        Yeah, losing everything in case your 3DS stops working or get stolen because of no account system is the best thing ever, huh.

        • Every single problem you could ever have can be easily dealt with if you actually know what your doing. Especially if you understand how these systems work its even easier. But since you’re a bit of a wet blanket you can just call nintendo and have them explain it for you. Especially when you can just set up an account and they have a record of everything you purchased.

          • Byas


            “Nintendo of America customer service representative: Thank you for writing. I’ll be happy to answer your questions regarding virtual content on the Nintendo 3DS. All virtual content downloaded on the Nintendo 3DS is tied to the system itself. As our warranty doesn’t cover lost or stolen game cards and systems, if this were to happen regardless of your games being virtual or you owning the physical copies, they would not be covered for replacement.”

            I’m already skeptical with my $10 purchases, no way in hell that I’m gonna risk losing full-priced games just because their system sucks.

          • *Saying something sucks implies inherent lack of quality* Well whatever, if you dont get it then you dont get it. I’m more interested in actually being a problem solver than being a ninny that complains about everything because they dont know how to be “inconvenienced” for a while when its not really that big of a deal.

          • Byas

            Sure, solve that problem then. They already stated that if your 3DS stops working or get stolen you lose your eshop content, so what is your solution?

          • Snarkeet

            I think you need to understand the difference between being a whiner and making a valid complaint.

            Like the other person said, if a 3DS gets lost or stolen, its data can’t be recovered. That means any games downloaded onto it are gone for good. This is a perfectly reasonable thing to be concerned about.

            Dismissing anyone who’s upset about the decision as an unsatisfiable complainer is really narrow-minded. Of course we’re all happy that the game’s getting released in English. That doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to criticize the way it’s being released.

            Since you’re so big on being a problem solver, what do you suggest someone should do if they download a bunch of games onto their 3DS and eventually lose the system? You can say all they have to do is take care of it and make sure it doesn’t get lost–and admittedly the chances of it getting stolen might be somewhat slim–but accidents happen and that kind of problem wouldn’t even exist if the eShop had an account system.

          • No I understand it quite well . But the again you’re assuming Im dismissing anyone’s complaints. What Im dismissing is their attitudes. Why Nintendo doesnt already have an account system in place I have no idea, but lets just stop for a second and ask ourselves why? Has anyone even asked them? Instead of complaining about it and harping on what they should have done and their archaic ways how about we communicate instead. But yeah they explained that if you loose your system you’re shit outta luck man. Its like you put all your cartridges in a basket and you loose your basket.

          • Guest

            No I understand it quite well . But the again you’re assuming Im
            dismissing anyone’s complaints. What Im dismissing is their attitudes.
            Why Nintendo doesnt already have an account system in place I have no
            idea, but lets just stop for a second and ask ourselves why? Has anyone
            even asked them? Instead of complaining about it and harping on what
            they should have done and their archaic ways how about we communicate
            instead. But yeah they explained that if you loose your system you’re
            shit outta luck man. Its like you put all your cartridges in a basket
            and you loose your basket.

      • With all due respect, aren’t you the one being ignorant? Its pretty obvious that Nintendo’s console bound digital system is very bad. PS3, Xbox 360, and PC(Steam, Origin, most games) all have account based systems. You can definitely tell how bad PC games on the past have sucked with their machine bound serials.

        Tell me what is good about this system that you are wiling to defend it?

        • Not much really. Nothing to defend, what I dont defend is people’s complacency. Now the system needs to be fixed, but people really need to get their shit together and actually be proactive instead of reactive.

          • I guess there will always be people who whine about something. Be it dual voices, be it digital vs. physical etc.

            It’s great that we are getting the game even on a digital format. Better than not getting it at all. But the flawed system of 3ds really has to be fixed.

          • Yep, but I take care of my things so Im not worried. When ever they finally decided to update it, it’ll happen.Till then Ill sit here and do what I must. Unless they do something absurd and really give me a reason to have an axe to grind with them (Nintendo). However they dont do those sort of things, so I have little expectation of foreseeable anti-consumer practices being placed into affect.

  • Mark

    Not getting this anymore. Not paying retail price for a download game I can’t physically have.

  • Highasthesky

    Pokemon X and Y (buying both) Project X Zone (pre-ordered) Mario Golf: world tour and now this! GOD DAMMIT NINTENDO! my poor poor wallet (T^T)

  • Zal_Yagun

    So is Sam Rigel is now the official voice for Phoenix, or was he always?

    • Dexward

      Ben Judd was the person who voiced Wright in the series. Rigel started voicing Wright in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

  • KingGunblader

    I’m surprised you all are so upset with the fact that it’s digital-only. Ace Attorney 5 is coming, be excited! :/

    • Fuck videogames, man. Who cares about actually playing them. Let’s all spend our time whining instead.

      • Guest

        yeah, anyone who complains about anything is just a whiner. there are perfectly valid reasons to not like this decision, even in the year 2013. you run a good site, but please get over yourself.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          yeah fuck the fact we are getting the game at all!!! FUCK EVERYTHING!!

          • DocFish

            why are you shouting and being ridiculous. of course im happy that game is coming out in english, but that doesn’t make this not a big issue. consumers aren’t beggars for table scraps. we should be treated better than this

          • Luna Kazemaru

            You do understand the market for these types of games right? The only few legit reason I can see to be upset are because of nintys hit or miss DD service or the fact you have no internet or the internet DL speeds are slow

          • DocFish

            yes, the same people who bought the last 5 games will buy this one, perhaps even more. none of the ace attorney games underperformed despite what sven would have you believe. if they can dump millions of dollars into the basically guaranteed to underperform lost planet 3, they can throw people a bone here.
            since you edited your post, another reason for physical is that these digital services won’t be around forever. eventually they will be taken down and you can’t access the english translation of the game again. Maybe there will be ports in the future, but I don’t have a crystal ball. I can still use any game I bought for my gameboy color whenever I want, the same won’t be true of a lot of the games released this gen. Phoenix 5 is one of my most anticipated games ever, and it really makes me upset that I won’t be able to revisit 10 years from now, like I would the other games that I own.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Ok where is the idea of LP3 going to under perform coming from again?

          • DocFish

            Lost planet 2 and EX Troopers both bombed, and there is very little interest in the series in general. If you think the 3rd game in a franchise no one cares about is suddenly going to sell millions, then you must be one hell of a prophet. Not to mention it’s been very under the radar, and delayed multiple times. It’s not looking good for the game.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            2 sold almost as much as the first game it bombed because capcom expected to much for it . I would guess why it had a sudden change? Tho I can’t really say LP2 was that great to begin with. I honestly don’t even know what happen with EX troopers

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Ok like you said you don’t have a crystal ball that being said we don’t know when such services will end at all for all we know there might be easy ways to transfer games over to new services if such a thing happen. Everyone keeps trying to poke that the service dies the games do with it but don’t understand the devs and pubs are so dumb.

          • Alexander Marquis Starkey

            Question, how many people actually bought the game, and how many people do Capcom expect to buy the game, new, fresh out the box, not used…yeah, lot of factors that go into these things man.

          • Anon-non

            In the case of the 3DS, AFAIK you can back up 3DS games to your computer.

          • You need to direct your discontent to the correct avenues.

        • Anon-non

          I can’t see how there’s more bad than good with a digital release. It saves them money and people like me who don’t live in a place that has a decent video game retailer can get the game whereever I am.

      • DesmaX

        I dunno, I’m not in the mood to play games right now.

        I’d rather watch this thread

      • You can’t make anyone happy these days unless it fits about 10 pieces of criteria:
        1) English Announcement
        2) Dual-Audio
        3) Full-Colour Instruction Book
        4) Super awesome super bonus (for free) for your customer’s support and love
        5) Limited DLC (because no one gets jobs and doesn’t want to spend on stuff that’d be an unnecessary adjunct to game)
        6) Hard copy (Digi-downloads are for soft-gamers!)
        7) Released ASAP or anger occurs
        8) Full half-hour trailer or complaints about voicework, limited trailer scope, and general “this is stupid” commentary or “shoulda/coulda/woulda’s” etc.
        9) A *NEW* game announcement during *current* game press
        10) Misc.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          holy crap I fell out my chair laughing.

        • Christian Wright

          people wanted mega man legends 3 period regardless of what all you mentioned and they didn’t get that at all. and the only reason I personally wouldn’t want a digital release is because I dont have the storage. my ps3 and 360 are full right now from all the digital games. put them on a hard drive you say? some games actually don’t run well from a hard drive.

          look at operation rainfall. just passionate people who wanted 3 rpgs.

      • AweOfShe

        If there were no (developer/publisher) to complain about, we would need to invent it.

      • I like how many “down votes” this has. Clearly the truth hurts.

        • Coeurl

          I really doubt it’s the ‘truth’ that is causing this community pain.

        • Kaihedgie

          That’s called vocal minority, not “truth”. Truth is really nothing more than the safeword for “hate everything” these days.

      • That’s exactly right. Video games are meant to be played, not critiqued. Websites like this exist to remind us of this. Let’s just keep hearing about games that 66% of the market will never have because it’s cool to know about them, even if we can’t play them. Let’s wax eloquent about the evils of region locking without necessarily lifting a finger to change the industry to obsolete it. Let’s read up on every single exciting aspect of a release, spoilers and the feeling of exploring a game firsthand be damned. Let’s just take whatever the game companies give us, however little it is, without question, and allow them to continue stamping all over consumer rights while we watch because video games.

        Fuck taking a stand and mattering. Having standards is overrated, never mind expressing dissent. I sure am glad I’m not one of those guys who says they’re not buying a digital release out of principle. Lord knows they might actually retract the release or something.

        • Oh, get over it. Spending $30 on a download isn’t going to kill you or anyone else. It’ll get you a great game and ensure the continued health of a niche videogame series that you love. Shit happens. Things don’t always work out perfectly. As long as a reasonable middle ground can be found, most people have no issues.

          • Money, people want to make sure that their purchased worth their money. You might say $30 is nothing, but for SOME people it’s very valuable And everyone who call the complainers as whiners clearly try to overlook the main problem which is nintendo’s awful eshop service. If people don’t complain and just accept everything the publishers want like an obedient pet, the publishers will one day do whatever they want without caring about the consumers. Although I KNOW complaining about the issue here won’t change anything.

        • If acting like physical copies are an “obviously” superior option to digital copies is what counts as “critique” or “taking a stand”, this fandom has a lo~~~ng way to go yet.

      • Kyle D. Johnson

        Ishaan, I’m disappointed in you. I used to look up to you, way back in time, but I return and now you… just come off as condescending and confrontational. What happened to you? :

      • foopy

        Yeah, man. People who have opinions that aren’t mine can get fucked.

  • Rudy Soto

    Waaait a minute, did they replace Phoenix’s original, and highly memorable “Objection!!” ?
    I know Sam Riegal became Phoenix’s VA in MvC3 and al but c’mon!

  • Zonic505

    I’m fine with it being digital only. If it does well, maybe this’ll open the possibility for more AA games to be re-released digitally. Though I wonder how much it’ll cost.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Not a problem for me. Can’t. Friggin. Waiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

  • Barrylocke89

    For the most part, I’m cool with this being digital only. I’ve been buying more games digitally anyways between Steam and iOS, so I can handle that for the 3DS (maybe if the DS was more capable of digital releases, America might have seen AAI2)

    …But I REALLY wish Nintendo would get off their asses and make a better account system for the 3DS. I know I beat a horse a bit on this subject, but in 2013 it’s really annoying to have a company, especially one that’s trying to push for more digital content, and especially a company whose handheld gets game that I both enjoy and are sometimes obscure enough that the publishers sometimes feel that digital only is for the best, to then go with this “Your games are bound to your console” style of “accounts”.

    That account system is the one thing that would hold me back from playing games digitally if there’s an option for a physical version. But for a game like the next Ace Attorney, I can make an exception.

    • The club nintendo account system is functional enough that if their is ever a problem you can easily fix it by contacting Nintendo. Use it man.

      • Barrylocke89

        I do have a Club Nintendo account, and if it has a good success rate, then I’ll have to look into using that. I don’t actually have a 3DS yet, so it hasn’t been a big deal so (only my Wiiware/VC games are at risk and I only have a handful of those). When I do get a 3DS, a system that I can see myself wanting to buy even more digital games for, I’ll have to look very carefully at how successful people have been at recovering games if something happens to their consoles before I take the plunge.

        • How many of the games are you interested in?(there are alot) Nintendo’s always been pretty consumer friendly despite their desire to stay along the more traditional route in their way of doing things.

          • Barrylocke89

            TBH, I can easily see myself wishing to get the majority of my new releases digitally on a handheld. The ability to carry around most of your library on a decent sized SD card is really appealing, especially for travel situations. The main exceptions would probably be retail games that come with especially appealing pre-order/1st edition swag, and those cases where a game that I’m on the fence about gets its price slashed or goes on sale.

      • MikeTxn

        Except if you live outside USA/Canada. I think you can’t link a WiiU bought here in Mexico to a CN account.

        They really need to revamp their account system.

        • Indeed they do. But if you have access to a beta account system + rewards program you really shouldnt be complaining.

          • MikeTxn

            That’s why I’m complaining xD. I don’t have access to those since I live in México and I don’t have plans to move out of the country :P

            Edit: Really sorry, I though you were.

          • You made that quite clear. Which is why I wasnt referring to you

    • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

      Miiverse is going to come, probably some time before Pokemon or MH4 to make connecting to friends easier. I’ll assume the Nintendo ID will come as well, providing us with the account system many ask for. How it’ll work, I have no clue.

  • Let’s just all be thankful about the fact that it’s a lot easier and cheaper to get SD cards for the 3DS than it is for the Vita.

    Personally, as long as we’re getting the game, I’m happy.

    • I’ve no problems making room on my 3DS’s SD card. I’ve got an abundant amount yet to be used on my 16 gig.

      And that’s mentioning that the 6 games I have on my 3DS are currently…all download only! And they’re full titles like Etrian Odyssey IV and Fire Emblem. It’s not very convenient for me to get physical copies of these games locally so having a digital version of it is definitely better in the cards for myself.

      • It does help that it feels like 3DS games are not as meaty as games on other systems could be, but that might just be how blocks are presented, as well.

        Personally, some games are just made for digital. I got Art Academy digital, and I plan on getting Animal Crossing digital! They’re just definitely the kind of games I’d want on my system permanently. I wouldn’t say AA5 fits that, admittedly… But at least it can also pave the way for LaytonxAA, if people buy it regardless…!

  • AweOfShe

    You can pinpoint the exact moment in the header, when video-game hoarders collectively shed tears all at once.

    In any case, I’m looking forward to playing it. Because VIDEO GAMES.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Man these comments would be how i figured it to be.

  • Shadowman

    I’m happy that it’s coming to the west!^^


    So… what happened to Layton x Wright?

    • That’s Level 5’s game, not Capcom’s. They’re doing Layton 6 first.

      • Detrimont

        but this is 5

  • TruSpindash

    Although I would have preferred a retail it is understandable why it might not be possible to give this game a physical release. Regardless, I am really happy this game is coming over and will be downloading it as soon as it is available.

  • kylehyde

    I guess capcom recent loss could have been a factor on this decistion. Anyway, I’m glad that I’m going to play this game this year, still I’m more a retailer guy. I just hope capcom continue to bring more support to the franchise.

  • If it’s a cheaper digital release then i suppose it’s alright, but if it’s a full priced one then they can just leave it.

  • Ishaan, you made an error in the article. You wrote “Gaspen Payen” instead of “Gaspen Payne”.

  • $29082171

    Oh great, can’t play it, live in a shithole country where the only DD games so far avaible on the e-shop are Mario games.

    • Aw that sucks man.

    • Asclepius

      you could just change your country from the account settings..

      thank me later

    • Luna Kazemaru

      wow that really does suck o.O

  • AlteisenX

    While no physical release bugs me considering how much Phoenix Wright has been supported in the last few years (Remember the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 thing…?) I’m glad we’re getting a release at least. I hope this sells really well and opens the doors for Miles Edgeworth 2 localization on the E-Shop.

  • Taylor Davis

    I don’t care if its just digital download or released in stores, I’m still getting this game! I’m looking forward playing it :)

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    I would much rather have a game case in my hand, but luckily I have a 4gb sd card just lying around so I can get it. Shame we aren’t getting the Limited Edition with the figurine :(

    • ronin4life

      I was just thinking this…

      Oh well… we probably wouldn’t have gotten it anyway.

      • Haku_Luvs_You

        True enough. I still like to dream that we can get the nice stuff Japan has though (eyes SMT IV 3dsXL)

  • I won’t be getting it, but I hope it does really well. Being digital only wouldn’t faze me on other digital platforms with account systems, but I know first hand that Nintendo’s lack of an account system can be rough when something happens to your system.

    Also, Juniper Woods is too cute; she’s probably guilty.

  • Trotmeister

    Don’t mind buying the game digitally at all, but I’m worried such a radical maneuver on Capcom’s part could considerably hurt the game’s overall sales number. Might be the last localized Ace Attorney title we ever get. Would be especially tragic since the series appears to be thriving in Japan.

    • antithesis

      Well, it has certainly lost my sale due to both that I far more prefer physical and Nintendo’s proven and consistent incompetency in digital distribution and having a good online infrastructure.

  • GotoHell

    No physical release, no buy. Especially since Japan is getting the game physically. It just feels like the west got screwed here.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      right because it will be a sure fire sell in the west right?

      • GotoHell

        There’s no way it’s going to sell in the west now.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          keep telling yourself that

          • GotoHell

            I don’t have to because so many other people are singing the exact same tune.

  • Dexward

    I’m ok with this. I just hope that they don’t do this with MH4 if it ever gets released stateside.

  • ChiffonCake

    …I can’t help but notice how beautiful those graphics are. Truly, gone are the days where 3D graphics could not hope to compare to 2D art! I’m very much looking forward to this game, and hoping that it sells well too. Here’s to many more years (and western releases) of Ace Attorney!

    P.S. Juniper is too adorable. Oh my god.

  • Rocket D

    I honestly don’t see why people are complaining so much…Sure, I want a physical copy too (I own every AA that released in the US..) and the 3DS eshop system is flawed but at least we get to play the game and this year at that. That’s a milestone for Capcom since in the past it’d be at least a whole year gap before an AA game made it out of Japan.

    That’s more said than what happened to AAI2 which we never got to play let alone have hope to see. I personally would love AA:DD as a physical copy and that awesome figurine/LE content (knew that wasn’t coming here) but I can be happy with this. I still get to enjoy AA:DD at some point in my life since I can’t exactly import to play (no Jap 3DS and can’t read Japanese) if it wasn’t getting localized.

    Let’s support Capcom people so they can maybe digital release AAI2 as well….I’m buying this when it comes out day 1.

  • Ladius

    This is really surprising, especially considering Aksys will release a retail edition of the 3DS port of Hakuoki (an otome game already localized on PSP!), not to mention Sweet Fuse’s upcoming PSP retail edition.

    We all know the “different publishers, different policies” argument, but it’s a bit awkward to see niche publishers like Aksys (not to mention Gaijinworks) able to do successful physical runs for their fans while Capcom isn’t able to do at least the same for a series like Phoenix Wright (and this isn’t an Edgeworth spinoff, it’s a main entry).

    The important bit is that we are able to get the game, of course, but an eShop release will limit its appeal to a wider audience, and potentially jeopardize Svensson’s “aggressive forecasts”.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Yes but at least here a difference seems to be that Sony has taken away licensing fees and print run minimums for the PSP and that otomes are a hot part of the market at the moment.

      • Ladius

        As much as I would like to see otome sales skyrockets, I honestly can’t believe the 3DS Hakuoki port will be able to sell more than a numbered entry in the PW series, and 3DS small print runs aren’t limited to Aksys, as Namco’s Project X Zone or Atlus’ Code of Princess show.

        Of course Capcom isn’t Aksys and they may not see the appeal in doing small print runs to appease their fanbase, but that doesn’t mean small print runs are unfeasible or that fans are out of their mind if they ask for them.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Because that’s the only thing niche publishers do is release niche games. Capcom can’t afford losses to games that wouldn’t get them enough to warrant a physical runs.

      • Ladius

        It’s more an issue of good will, though: doing limited print runs isn’t limited to really small publishers like Aksys, Namco is doing the same for Project X Zone, Atlus did it for Growlanser and Gungnir, Konami did it for NLKS, and so on.

        I understand that Capcom deals in heavy hitters more than niche games, but that shouldn’t mean not even considering an option that would be absolutely feasible and earn them some sales they would lose with a dd-only release. This isn’t even an untested new IP, this is a new main entry in a franchise that has a zealous fanbase.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          zealous is abit nice don’t you think?

          Sure it can earn some good will maybe but I can honestly believe they aren’t expecting much in sales

  • GaiunxWolfenX

    only thing that annoys me is that almost all digital releases cost the same as the non-digital release so the costs that are cut from the game (the cartridge, the booklet, box, transport to stores, etc) are still in there when you buy digital so its really mean in my opinion, if this game releases with a lower price (after they make a cost research of course) i wouldn’t mind that much; even so because of where i live i am not paying 40$ for that game, i’ll end up paying 50$ because i can’t use my credit card in the 3ds so i have to buy the 3ds pre-paid eshop cards that in the place i have bought them are in 24 something the one with 20 bucks in it, i have never bought a prepaid card from bestbuy so i don’t know if the can just send me the code via email as the other place i buy it from.
    Anyhow point is am not paying 50$ for that game believe me i want it bad but with the years i have learned to be a careful buyer, i’ll probably buy it if they lower the price, or get a nice discount, or if i discover that i can buy the cards and get the email code for a reasonable price. here is hoping something in those lines get to happen

  • TheRealMalek

    Let me fix the title for you :
    AA5 in the US this Fall and if it sells well someday in Europe

  • Vitonofrio del Rosso

    i want to buy the game i really do…
    given nintendo shitty eshop stuff being console-bound it’s a no-no for me :)

  • I’ll buy this when Nintendo fixes the DRM of digital games to a account based system and not as it currently is tied to the system. I have no qualms about digital games but I find the current system employed by Nintendo too risky. I bought Atelier Totori on the Vita and I had no problems with it ( except I miss not having a CE or a box). I can be sure that if my Vita gets stolen, breaks or I buy a new version I will be able to keep using my content. Same with the other consoles.

    Until then it will always be strictly physical games for me. Even if I have to be lazy and change cartridges. Even if I have to go on a world tour to find a rare Fire Emblem cartridge.

  • mockturtle

    I want to be excited, but I’m just angry. Capcom has left such a horrid taste in my mouth that even this, which would normally have me giddy with excitement, just makes me frustrated. Japan gets a badass limited edition, and we can’t even get a hard copy? Are you serious? Besides, don’t you remember the days when the original game on DS was so hard to find and reprintings sold out within hours of being made available? And aren’t you effectively LIMITING your potential sales by not making it available in the more accessible sales outlet?

    This to say nothing of the fact I’m still seething with hatred over Gyakuten Kenji 2, worried as f*** over Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, and baffled that Maya is nowhere to be found (this isn’t Capcom USA’s fault but still, wtf?).

    • Herok♞

      “Besides, don’t you remember the days when the original game on DS was so hard to find and reprintings sold out within hours of being made available? And aren’t you effectively LIMITING your potential sales by not making it available in the more accessible sales outlet?”

      Putting the game on digital would solve the problem of people being unable to find it and it increases potential sales because digital is the more accessible since you can’t always find a physical copy but if its digital then it will always be there for whoever wants it.

  • Ty Arnold

    Holy crap, I went into this comment thread assuming that everyone would be hyped, because, you know, NEW PHOENIX WRIGHT GAME!

    But instead there’s all this “Boo hoo, what if I lose my 3DS? I won’t be able to play the game!” You also can’t play a game if you lose a tiny cartridge that’s much easier to forget is in your pocket when you wash your clothes.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Had to rebuy one of my PW games when I dropped the darn cart out the car door. Yup, physical media can indeed go AWOL.

    • I did too. Pretty sad state. I had thought we wouldn’t be seeing this one at all as we didn’t get the last Miles Edgeworth and here are people raging and bashing Capcom. I don’t like how they handle many things but praise is deserved in this case. Not only for bringing us the game but so flipping fast too! Why not be glad we’re getting in the first place? I just don’t understand it.

  • Brandonmkii

    I’m just happy I can play it in English. Stay classy, vidya gaem fans.

  • Kavyn

    As long as the game is priced accordingly I’ll be more than happy to buy this game on Day 1. If Capcom prices it at $40 for a Digital-Only copy when the $40 price tag includes the case, cartridge, shipping etc, then I will probably wait for a sale (which is unfortunate since I’m dying to play this game).

  • Ace Attorney Investigations 2 doesn’t get localization -> Fans are outraged they can’t play the game
    Ace Attorney 5 gets digital-only localization -> Fans are outraged they can’t enjoy the game due to fear of breaking their 3DS and losing the data forcing them to re-buy.
    Sheesh, while there’s some validity on how the e-shop system should be more functional I think this is horribly exaggerated.
    Plus isn’t it Nintendo’s fault that the e-shop works this way, not Capcom trying to play a safe localization for a series that barely sells?
    Maybe it’s just I’m argentian and I’m used to the whole “it breaks, you’re screwed” deal, still I feel this isn’t an “offense” or “bullshit” in any single level.

    • Brandonmkii

      Crazy fans will always complain about something. I decided I wouldn’t let other people’s problems get in the way of me having fun. I’m a better person for it and I’ll never go back.

      • I’m not bothered by it, honestly. I have my own way to enjoy games and it won’t be easily swayed even if a mayority thinks otherwise.
        However, that’s another statement. I’m more worried people will take this negativity as some sort of bandwagon and be a partial reason for it doing poorly. This game has enough against it by default, being anime and detective/adventure genre… We don’t need more stuff holding it back.

  • Suicunesol

    Come on guys. Don’t let this stop you.

    Nintendo’s system for handling digital games is lousy for sure. If you lose or break your system, you lose your library of digital games. There is no consolation for that.

    But it’s the saddest thing ever to see a game localized that would otherwise have stayed in Japan, and have its fans forsake the game because of a circumstance beyond Capcom’s control (ie. Nintendo’s digital system, and the changing times).

    I’m not telling you to support or appreciate Nintendo’s digital system, but if you’re an Ace Attorney fan, I think you should bite the bullet and shell out– even if it’s just this one time. This should NOT be enough to throw out the game entirely.

    So I think you should buy the game! Not because it’s digital, but because it’s Ace Attorney and it looks GREAT. If the game doesn’t sell well enough, you may NEVER see another new Ace Attorney game released in the west EVER again. If that does happen, we’ll know exactly who to blame.

    • DocFish

      If Capcom wants money and support for Ace Attorney, they should properly support their fans. Giving Japan 3 different physical editions of the game is a slap in the face to western fans. The series has never underperformed, and Apollo Justice was actually the series’ strongest title financially. The only reason Capcom says the AA games don’t have support is because they say they don’t. I’m not going to pretend like my opinion on this subject doesn’t matter, and that we should all be mindlessly happy about this.

      • Sorry if my question comes off as ignorant but…where did they claim the series didn’t underperform? I mean, did they report that all games, including Investigations sold up to their expectations at some point?
        I thought the entire reason Capcom skipped Investigation 2 was due to underwhelming sales.
        I mean, if the series didnt underperform then why would they skip a sequel to a financially strong series?

        • Guest

          As of December 2009, it was their 9th best selling series of all time.[55] On October 2010, Capcom stated that the series has sold more than 3.9 million units worldwide and called it one of the company’s “strongest intellectual properties.”[56] As of December 2011, the series has sold over 4.2 million units.[57]

          The only game that could be argued underperformed was Ace Attorney Investigations. I forget the whole story behind it, but people found that the numbers Sven gave didn’t make any sense and that he was lying about it. AAI2 likely didn’t get localized because the DS was on its way out, and Capcom seems to hate AA anyways.

          • Hey aren’t those sales from japan and worldwide combined? The series is popular in japan, we know that, but isnt there a better report?
            It’s widely known the first game did great. I’m not sure about the others though.

            “Capcom seems to hate AA anyways.”
            If the series sold no matter how much they’d hate it in any realistic level (say this is factually true and the USA division hates anime for unexplicable reasons) they’d still localize it because it’s money. When running a business you don’t put into thought about your personal tastes or what you “hate”.

            I know you are upset, but reality is that probably the series does undershoot their expectations and they have to reach a certain forecast to attract investors and digital release might be one of the best choices.
            Doing a limited printed run complimented with this would have been ideal, but it’s not happening.
            The game’s still getting localized so at the end of the day…will we really be so upset to not buy and support one of the few franchises Capcom is still treating decently?

      • Suicunesol

        It doesn’t matter what Japan got. Japan is a different country with different circumstances. Over there, there are retail game stores everywhere and finding certain games is not difficult. Ace Attorney is also more popular there than in the west. Capcom didn’t give Japan extra stuff because western fans suck. It’s because retailers in the West don’t order enough physical copies for Capcom to justify producing them.

        The series have never underperformed? Then maybe Capcom is taking this route because this time they’re afraid it will. This isn’t the DS anymore, after all.

        No, I don’t think you should be mindlessly happy about it. But I don’t think you should drop the game completely either.

    • antithesis

      Because it’s not one time. Capcom has been pretty active about digital releases. Some of us would rather stick to our principal more so than to support a faulty digital service and questionable future practice.

      Besides, there are plenty of other really good niche titles with publishers that seems to understand the fan far better than Capcom. I choose to save my money and reward them first. If Phoenix Wright is on sale for $15 or less, then I’ll consider.

  • That trailer was amazing! *o*

    Now… about being an eshop-only game… I really don’t mind, but collectors won’t like it… =[ If Capcom is doing it because a physical form is too expensive… they should as well release AAI2 through the eshop too! But I doubt this will happen…

    and yeah, an account system would be perfect!!

  • Lemon

    I don’t mind this title being a digital only release. I loved the Ace Attorney series so I’ll still get this because I’d like a continuation (or conclusion?) to Phoenix’s story. My concern is if this will be the start of a trend for Capcom and its future titles? Personally, I prefer physical copies because I like to keep the box and stuff as a memento of sorts after I’ve finished the game – keeping it as part of my collection or maybe even sell it in the future for whatever reason.

    The various problems/restrictions associated with a digital copy on the 3DS have also been stated by many others here already, so there’s no need for me to repeat them.

  • Sef

    Well, to everyone who won’t be buying it… I’ll be enjoying my game. I just don’t understand where everyone gets the idea that they’re so entitled to stuff like this. Capcom is TRYING. They are trying at the very least to fix things. They didn’t have to bring this over. Ace Attorney Investigations showed that. Support this release so that maybe we can get that too… AND then when Ace Attorney SIX comes out, maybe with high enough numbers we can get a physical copy.

    But hey, there’s always the alternative. You could learn Japanese.

    • antithesis

      Nope, it’s pretty clear what path Capcom is taking since it’s not the first time they’ve been pushing for digital release. Okami HD is another, but thank goodness I could import that with English for $33.

      If Phoenix Wright 5 bomb in digital sales, Capcom will say, “well that’s the end of this series” and if we are lucky they will realize that maybe people still want physical copy. If it does well, Capcom will say “it’s all thanks to digital distribution, let us push more titles onto that path because it’s profitable!”. Either way, it’s a lose lose situation.

      The alternative does not work because the 3DS is region lock.

      I was excited for this game but I’m skipping now. There are plenty of games coming out that’s even more niche, I opt to support them and their physical releases.

      • Sef

        Well I support you and hope you enjoy your games. I will enjoy PW5.

        • antithesis

          If it’s ever in ~$7 range, then I’ll consider about joining the fun but until then, enjoy PW5.

  • VietKnight

    Phoenix, Apollo, Athena hmm not shock in a way the names are in.

  • Rogerrmark

    Miserable. Capcom being Capcom,after all.

  • SirRichard

    I can’t say I didn’t expect this, it’s no surprise given how Capcom are pushing more and more for big AAA million sellers. That we’re getting it at all is kind of remarkable, actually.

    Though judging by this comments thread, I guess Sven’s going to end up looking like a liar after all.

  • Natat

    You know, I’m just happy it’s being released at all. What, would you prefer it not being localized at all like Miles Edgeworth 2? I know that many don’t like the whole “lose the console, lose the games” deal. I don’t either. Also I MUCH prefer my games physical because it’s just a different feeling, it’s something I’ve been doing since the NES era. But hey, it IS much easier to lose a cartridge than to lose the freaking huge (for a handheld) XL… I’ll take what I can get.

  • kool_cid414

    Something I’ve always wondered was why people complain that if their system gets broken or stolen they can’t get their game back from the 3ds but if a physical game is broken or stolen and you didn’t get some odd insurance for it you wouldn’t be able to get the game again without buying it. I used to have a gamecube game I loved but I got it scratched to the point it couldn’t be read anymore (I was a kid who wasn’t perfectly responsible but that’s neither here nor there) the fact was I could no longer play that game and could never find it in stores again but I don’t blame the store I brought it from or nintendo for not being able to replace it I personally feel that while it’s awesome that digital games from other companies like the psn game and 360 are able to be played on another system I still don’t consider that a given and I don’t mind not having the same luxury on the 3ds. Just thought I’d put that out there. I’m going to try and get this because I like the series and want to support it and find it a little silly that others won’t buy it only because it’s digital. If their ds cartridge got damage they would most likely have to buy a new one so why not a digital copy?

    • Coeurl

      You can’t lose data. If a physically copy is gone, it would cost money to replace the cart. If a digital copy is lost, it can be sent to you and re-downloaded in minutes. It costs nothing to provide a download link yet this service is not offered to digit owners; even if you have proof of purchase.

      • pressstart

        Actually, from comments I’ve read, Nintendo does offer to replace those digital goods. It’s just that you have to send them the police report about the loss of the system. Your proof is probably the box and/or your Club Nintendo account.

        • Coeurl

          Well it’s good to know they do that at least.

          But what about ten years or so down the line when they stop fully supporting the system? With a physical copy, I can just whip out the old carts and start playing. Replacing them would be as easy as getting them from amazon or some such website. If something happens to my digital copy, there’s no guarantee i’ll be able to replace it.

          • pressstart

            I never said that digital is foolproof, I just addressed the claim that Nintendo didn’t replace digital games.

  • colorblindnightmare

    Athena is cute…..but i really dislike side ponytails……wait what were we talking about? Oh yea. Looks good :)

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    I wonder if Ace Attorney Investigations 2 could get an eshop release too if this game sells well? I won’t hold my breath but it would be cool if that happened.

  • Digital… no. You have lost a sell.

  • Detrimont

    Ace Attorney PEGI 16…. really…

  • I can’t even… Yes!! Yeeees!!!! OMG Yes!!!! Day one ( ;A;) Tears of joy.


    Something I find interesting~ I don’t know if anyone else has made this comparison but Athena looks like Lynn form Ghost Trick (yes I know its by the same person)

  • Maia Kasoya

    …”Gaspen Payne”….
    I see what they did there.

  • porkiewpyne

    And here I was, thinking which preorder bonus we might get. Silly me.

  • $36487238

    Download-only? Well, okay, but……

    Many of you know I had my 3DS stolen so… all right, better be extra-careful ‘cuz when I had my 3DS stolen, I reported to Nintendo about it and then, they suspended my account. I had Cave Story and a bunch of demos tied to it, plus a Kirby game from Club Nintendo. I’m not sure if I can get it back since I live in the Philippines.

    So I’d better be extra-careful NOT to get the new 3DS I’ll buy soon stolen. I wanna play this game because I’m excited! I cannot wait. Let’s hope Capcom made a right decision here.

    Well, I guess it’s okay. I’ve been mostly digital-only releases these days so it’s cool :) Just gotta be extra-careful when I have a new 3DS.

  • Miki

    in my country there’s no e-shop service. or to put it in another way, my country’s e-shop is completely empty. I believe there are several Latin American countrys withouth e-shop service. Lots of people from Latin America will be unnable to buy the damn game

  • piichan

    Time to get a bigger sd card. I’d like to have a physical copy too since my net is slow but it’s better than nothing.

  • Anon-non

    Those models are amazing. When still, they look drawn; them solid outlines.

    But really though, would this game really be that expensive to localize? I don’t know much about the business behind localization, but I thought all you needed to localize something like this is a translator? There’s no dialogue to record anyways.

    • This one’s got voice-acting.

      • Suicunesol

        Have we seen any videos with voice acting yet? I’m hearing that it is voiced, but none of the gameplay videos shown have had voiced characters.

        I imagine the anime cutscenes will have voices for sure, but perhaps the rest will be kind of… voiceless?

        • Or maybe only the scenes that are “canon” or advance the main story will get voice acting? For example, in the case of cross-examinations, only the subsequent dialogue resulting from the correct choices will be voiced, etc.

      • Anon-non

        HAPPY NEWS. How come we’ve never seen that in trailers?

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Considering that i am a huge fans of this series, i am going to get this game here even though i am not really a huge fan of digital release especially if it is retail release too.T_T

    I am still hoping that Capcom will release limited edition retail of this game here so i can still collect this game.T_T

  • …. Im not a fan of download tittle, but I’m going to buy it for the sake of the next phoenix wright game to get localized…………………………….

  • Making it a Digital Download saves them a lot of money, not only because they don’t have to ship any physical copies, but because people can’t buy pre-played copies of the game (which as far as I’m aware nets only the store selling it money, not the company). That said, Ace Attorney games don’t have a huge re-playability factor, so people are going to want to be able to give their game to a friend or trade it in at the store, and now they don’t have that option. Unfortunately, I think that’s going to cut into the sales of the game.
    It also means people without a wireless internet connection can’t buy the game, although in this day and age that’s not a major problem.

  • s07195

    Well, I don’t have a 3DS yet, so I’ll be standing around watching others play it I guess. If I do get an English one in the future, I’ll make sure to get this. Can’t wait for some more PW goodness. :)

  • This is not that related to the news but I’ve always hated Sven especially with how he talks to people on the Capcom-Unity boards. I saw this news coming from his posts there.

    Seriously, even way back when people begged for Investigations 2, he’s been treating the series as hostage and telling people that they should buy AAI5 if they want Investigations 2 to be localized.

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