Resident Evil: Revelations Has New Costumes Like Pirate Jill And Sailor Chris

By Ishaan . May 15, 2013 . 12:58am

Resident Evil: Revelations is getting three new unlockable costumes on PC and consoles—Pirate Jill, Sailor Chris and Ninja Keith. You can view all three costumes below in that order:




Resident Evil: Revelations will be released on May 21st in North America and May 24th in Europe for the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U. A demo is available for trying now.


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  • Lucian Kara

    Played the demo last night, found it pretty fun enough to warrant a purchase. Not so sure I’m feeling the new costumes though. In the interest of fairness, that may be just my desire for an RE3 Jill costume getting in the way.

  • Dexward

    Hmm… that doesn’t really look like Jill.

  • InfernoCommander

    Whoa, how dare they objectify Chris like that.
    Lol, jk, these costumes are pretty rad.

  • Tails the Foxhound

    What is with Chris and him getting these homoerotic outfits? Is it wrong if I find it funny?

    • Ehren Rivers

      I’m not sure why they’re doing it, but I am not complaining in the slightest. Waaaant~

    • It’s not homoerotic. It’s just erotic. lol

      But seriously, I can say a lot of bad things about Capcom, but if there’s one thing I like about them, it’s that they provide fanservice for both male and female gamers.

    • They definitely know Chris became a gaymer favorite after RE5.

  • TiredOfMyOldUsername

    Capcom have gone crazy, they are giving free costumes O.O

    • jeka69

      I hope they keep crazy, then :D

  • Closet_Ninja

    well they look interesting I find jills kinda boring probably because of the ACIV i’ve looking up. Chris… well is awesome after all hes in a Captain Morgan pose

  • If they’d say “Sailor Jill” and put her in a little sailor uniform, I’d swear they’re pulling right from my dreams.

    • XypherCode

      Holy-moley you’re right! Let’s hope Rachael has it. XD

    • I’m the opposite. I really wish they’d given us a sexy “pirate Chris”! lol

  • XypherCode

    So….is this for Raid mode or campaign? I never finished the 3DS version so I might give this a go. Good thing they’re adding more content. I’ll download the Wii U demo later and try it out. :)

  • KekeP

    how about sailor moon uniform ? who will wear it anyway? lol

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      Chris of course

      • Nightmesh

        I would honestly pay for that one.

  • Peace Legacy

    Am I the only one who find how awesome Ninja Keith is?
    Lots of reviews bashed the new character, but I always like to use Keith in raid mode because his dual machete melee is cool as heck… and now it is a pair of katana only make him more awesome

    • Tails the Foxhound

      What? People didn’t like Keith? That’s like the people who didn’t like Josh. Neither of them were around long enough to dislike. I could see being ambivalent, but not disliking.

      • Nozomi

        You know how people are with new characters. Insta-hate.

        • Tails the Foxhound

          Preaching to the choir man, I’m a Sonic fan, I know ALL about that.

    • zaidandzhadow

      wasn’t Keith a Black person

      • Tails the Foxhound

        Yes. Came paired with Quint, he’s ok too.

  • [Insert Jill Sandwich joke here]

  • Muhammad Haris

    her wet legs reminds me of something. LOL.
    I hope its not came from the a…

  • Hours

    I love that Capcom is embracing Chris’s large gay fanbase and are actively making content to appeal to us. Bravo.

    • Nozomi

      *gay and female fanbases.

  • Tincho Kudos

    Oh Chris, what have they done to you?

  • Linhua

    =D … Silly Capcom, you’ve got Pirate in my Jill Sandwich!

  • Nitraion

    Played demo never play original 3DS all i can say is: its better than 6 in aura and i get some classic vibe from this one….
    also capcom? unlockble/free costume? O-o wow

  • And yet, Chris STILL looks MANLY.

    • Zombie

      “Manly” in the sense that he just has large muscles and a cocky smile. Otherwise he looks like a pansy.

      • Shoreleave from The Venture Brothers.

        That is all.

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    I wonder if the parrot starts talking nonsense during the gameplay

    • zaidandzhadow

      that would be bossy

  • Namuro

    I keep imagining Chris saying “Fa~bulous!” in those clothes. Also, what’s the deal with the Ooze’s corpse in the image? At first I though he was resting his foot on the Ooze, but the angle of his foot clearly shows that he’s resting on the mooring bollard. If the Ooze is meant to be in the picture, then they really messed up with the placement of the Ooze’s body…

    Anyway, love the DLC costumes, especially the Samurai…er…Ninja? It saids Samurai on other sites… But I guess it’s more of a Ninja with the way the swords are kept?

    • Nozomi

      Some websites have the picture of Sailor Chris but without the bollard. I honestly think it was added for censorship. Where Chris’ foot rests in the original picture is right on the buttcrack of the Ooze.

      Edit: The original picture is on Resident Evil’s official FB page.

      • Namuro

        Ah, I see now. Thanks for the link.

        But…the way he had his foot right on the Ooze’s butt, and in those clothes… Yeah, I guess I can understand the censorship LOL.

  • Colonel Custard now all they need to add is a cowboy and biker gang costume and they will be swimming in all the moneys.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    PIrate Jill looks delicious for multiple reasons, especially since you can’t see some of that horrid face.

    • DCBlackbird

      You mind enlightening me on the whole ugly face deal? I honestly haven’t seen her face since re5 and I can’t really bring the details to mind when seeing her new face. Why is it bad?

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        I personally hate it cause it looks absolutely nothing like Jill Valentine. It might as well be another character.

  • Jake_Indiman

    I don’t even know what to say about these. I thougth the Resident Evil 6 costumes were crazy….Must buy game….

  • Raltrios

    Pirates didn’t wear short skirts :/

    Other than that I’m okay with this DLC.

  • Mugen confirmed as playing character for Resident Evil: Revelations.
    -gets shot-

  • Jill and Keith look fine, but Chris looks a little……….. “MANLY” lol

  • Oh wow I was ready to buy them but they are free? Man 2013 is looking good for capcom lol

  • Ronldbx6

    very sexy

  • HerosLight

    Keith as a Ninja is gold.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Sailor Chris, must love being a seamen on the sulty seas. opps I missed spelled Salty…..meh looks fine

  • Strid

    PC has forced mouse acceleration… no thanks. You can’t fix that with costumes. The console version doesn’t fair much better, I don’t know what the hell they’ve done to go wrong with the aiming there.

  • Pokahontas McGuigan

    isnt the first character jessica and not jill?

  • カルロ ランバルディ

    id like to take a bite of that jill sandwich

  • JustThisOne

    Everyone should have ninja outfits! Eveeerrryone! Let’s get YAIBA!

    Also, Chris looks all kinds of creepy in this. It’s the shorts. At least they’re not short-shorts.

  • Damnn fuckin’ hell all 3 are sexy AF

  • Dave

    The one in the pirate outfit is Jessica, not Jill

  • alixraen

    Chris looks like a Crackerjack box with a bad prize inside, and I love it.

  • KingGunblader

    Dat Chris. Woof.

  • Justin Perry


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