Skullgirls’ Second Mystery DLC Character Is Beowulf

By Ishaan . May 17, 2013 . 12:06am

Skullgirls’ second mystery DLC character has been decided—Beowulf, the chair-wielding wrestler will be added to the game. We now know all of the game’s upcoming new characters; Squigly, Big Band, Eliza, Beowulf and Robo-Fortune.


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  • endril

    Great choice guys
    why not just put duke nukem in skullgirls

    • Christopher Nunes

      Hey I was voting for Minette, but I’m OK with Beowulf. It’s nice to see another male character to play as in the game.

    • Nightmesh

      See I don’t get this. People were butt hurt because the game had no male characters but they were shunned because of that. Now that there is a male character coming to the game(not counting the cop) the same people that shunned the guys that didn’t like tacos are upset the game is giving out a hotdog. Double Standard at its finest.

      • endril

        Don’t accuse me of a double standard when I never said I wanted a male character.
        Beowulf fans went out of their way to insult and bash all the characters I like. Apparently, anything other than excessive manliness is retarded. So, excuse me for being a little less than excited.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          @Nightmesh:disqus If the battle needs to continue, please find another hill on which to fight. Thanks.

          • Testsubject909

            Well… When a Mod tells you to find another hill.


            Run tooo the hiiiiillllls. Run fooor your liiiiiifeeee.

          • Nightmesh

            So I’m not allowed to type anything back to anyone that replied to my comment? Just me?

          • M’iau M’iaut

            This line of thread already was seeing words like butthurt and retarded. Rude and angry behavior we just ask not be used on the site. Been a bit much of it lately from multiple posters, there just didn’t need to be much more back and forth where nothing was going to be solved.

          • Nightmesh

            See I would understand that if you didn’t single just me out of all the other comments in this line. By saying @Nightmesh and only @Nightmesh, I can’t reply back.

            I essentially have to sit there and take it. If you had just left that part out then no one would have kept it going. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            My original request post was made to the other participant, you were included with the @ command. It means both of you receive the reply and I don’t need to write the same request twice.

          • Nightmesh

            Oh, okay then. That really bugged me. It kinda felt like I was a kid again getting into an agruement with another kid but only I got in trouble when both of us should have been equally punish. He must not have gotten it or cared then. Ether way I’ll move on. Life is short and yadayada.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            No worry and not that big a deal. When there are many threads running at once it can be hard to see which response is to which person. The little arrow to the right on a response can help some.

          • Nightmesh

            *Says “Oh” outloud* I’ve never noticed that. Neat.

        • Lucian Kara

          Might want to calm down a bit, These kind of things happen. I can’t speak for these Beowulf fans that tore you down, but paying it forward doesn’t help your case. Just an observation.

        • Asura

          Boohoo, people bashed characters I like. Sinffle sniffle.

        • Testsubject909

          Panzerfaust is manlier though…

      • Testsubject909

        No no no, not double standards.

        Different vocal group of people.

        Now if this person would’ve complained both ways… Then yeah, double standards up the wazoo.

      • CirnoLakes

        The people who were complaining over the lack of male characters aren’t necessarily the same people who are complaining about Beowulf.

        I really didn’t care if the game was all female at all. It is called Skullgirls after all. I’m perfectly fine with an all female cast. What I wanted was less curvaceous women. There’s way too much gigantic breasts and hips in this game for my tastes. Though I equally don’t want testosterone laden muscle-men.

        And out of these four characters that made it, all of them are either buxom women or muscly men. I’m disappointed. I wanted some characters for once that didn’t have exaggerated secondary sex characteristics.

        • Scrooge_McDuck

          Well, we already have Peacock and Painwheel. And I wouldn’t exactly call Squigly “buxom” either. Because if she was, then the only vote girls who are not are Annie and Umbrella.

          • Testsubject909

            I had no interest in Umbrella personally because I didn’t think she’d be doing that much for the story. She certainly feels far more like a side character, much like Minette, rather than a main player. That detail often tipped who I’d vote for.

            Which character would not only be interesting to play with, but would actually feel as though they’d be contributing to the story and not just expanding a side character. It’s not a commentary on their ability to make interesting stories with any character though, just my own personal gut feeling on who I’d find more interesting as characters to fully flesh out first and foremost.

            Edit: Hmm… I said something not positive about Minette… Should I be bracing for impact?

          • Scrooge_McDuck

            Unlike Minette whose whole story arc is more like a side, comedic distraction, Umbrella’s background story is deeply rooted within the main plot.

            She is actually one of the likeliest candidates to be the next Skullgirl, should Marie goes down, more than any of the current playable characters.

            Alex Ahad has on the record said that the first part of the canon story could not be completed without Umbrella being playable (as well as Marie and Black Dahlia).

          • Testsubject909

            Guess it’s a “She needs to be in the game for the impact to be felt” because from playing Parasoul’s playthrough… Umbrella’s importance was… She was the damsel in distress, wooptidoo…

            She was… just… kinda “motivation fodder” character… So I take it it’s a, as I stated, “She needs to be in the game for the impact of her importance to be felt”. Sorta deal.

            As it stands. She’s pretty much in the same line as Minette. On the side character…

        • Testsubject909

          Feng would’ve been interesting.

          Edit: And Stanley would’ve been badass… Come on, who DOESN’T like a SCIENCE shark?

          … Apparently quite a few people…

          I’m saddened. Do you people not understand the potential of freaking sharks with freaking lasers on their head?

        • Hinataharem

          “And out of these four characters that made it, all of them are either buxom women or muscly men.”

          Big band is a giant saxophone. Robo-fortune isn’t buxom

          • CirnoLakes

            Big band is a big dude. And Robo Fortune doesn’t particularly flat.

          • Testsubject909

            And Stanley is a shark in a lab coat.



            Edit: Maybe if we had Octa from Drakengard 3 to vote for.

        • Pichi

          Kind of agree with this. Was hoping it’ll be like the Western version of Arcana Heart, but only more female different body types and perhaps more themes that’s not touch upon in Arcana Heart. It kind of loses its identity now, but still a solid game.

  • alixraen

    Beowulf wasn’t in my top 5, but he was my next pick. Great choice!

  • Lucian Kara

    I’m a little surprised that Beowulf beat out the crowd, but I’m happy. The Minette fanclub not so much I guess.

  • z_merquise

    I was expecting for Panzerfaust but this guy still looked cool.

    So is the severed arm he’s carrying is from a monster named Grendel, like in the old tale?

    • Lucian Kara

      Nice pick up there. It would fit, AND it would still be closer to the lore than the Christopher Lambert version. =p

    • Alexisonfire

      Yes, there is a race of giants called the Gigans in the Skullgirls world (Scythana is one of them). There was a Gigan wrestler named Grendal that was thought to be unbeatable until, well, Beowulf arrived.

      • Scrooge_McDuck

        All this time I thought he just beat Grendel up. He actually mutilated the poor guy? Man, wrestling in Canopy Kingdom is brutal.

        • Alexisonfire

          Grendel’s mother, upon Gendel’s defeat, ate half the audience.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Yep. And his chair, The Hurting, stands in for the classic Beowulf’s sword Hrunting.

  • Sakurazaki

    I personally never wanted or liked Beowulf; about mid-last on my polling. Majority rules, obv. and congrats to fans of the character.

    I’ll just be crying the corner for B.Dahlia/Aeon. There’s always SG2!

    • Testsubject909

      I didn’t care much for Beowulf either, compared to other characters who seemed more interesting story wise or in gameplay descriptions.

      Plus personally, Kanji already fills up the “I use a freaking chair” quota for me.

      • Scrooge_McDuck

        It doesn’t help that Alex Ahad’s style concept art for him is basically just him posing with no actual attacks.

  • Gyro Zeppeli


    • M’iau M’iaut

      Turning in a McDonald’s application along with Minette, I would suspect.

      • Lucian Kara

        Minette Fillet? :O

        • Testsubject909

          Great… Now there’s some sort of white sauce joke churning in my brain.

    • Sakurazaki

      Joining Yu Wan and Minette in the Fish Trio Platter.

      • Testsubject909

        Well… at least I’ll have a good dinner.

  • Lazulis

    D’aw. He was in the middle for me iirc. Oh weeell, SG 2 will perhaps have the characters I wanted to make it in.

  • Scrooge_McDuck

    Welp, none of the canon-story trio (Umbrella, Black Dahlia, Marie) made it in. My hope of actually having a canon story mode in the game is getting dimmer by the seconds…

    Oh well. More male representative in the game is a good thing, I guess.

    • Testsubject909

      But the shark man didn’t make it.

      No representative for animals I guess…

      • Scrooge_McDuck

        We have the wolf carcass. And if Squigly counts as a character, the wolf carcass should, too.

        • Testsubject909

          Hmm… wolf carcass not same as SCIENCE shark…

    • Shariest

      You could buy them all the characters, Scrooge :P

  • Just Tim


    I can’t help but do that SRW shoutout. xD

    Also, I mean this as a joke, but I’m under the impression the US fighting game community finds a predominantly female cast as “estrogen poisoning”, yet are A-OK with sausage parties. xD

    Gah, this reminds me too much of the time when the US FGC hates the idea of getting taunted with, “Dude, you got your ass kicked by a little girl”, after losing to Roll in Tatsunoko vs Capcom, yet are perfectly fine spamming Viper Beams with Cable’s big guns.

  • disqus_d7pcGiZvbI

    Geez Louise.
    Complain much?
    Can’t be happy that there’s at least another character coming out?

    So tough to please the whiners.

    • Testsubject909

      Well, what can you expect. They tossed dozens of characters at us, all of which were quite varied and interesting in their own way. Put that out and boom. Instant problem with whoever wins because… Well…

      It’s really obvious. Do I need to spell it out?

    • Fidelis

      You’re not really displaying much of an ability to walk in another guy’s shoes here.

    • Fidelis

      You’re not really displaying much of an ability to walk in another guy’s shoes here.

  • CirnoLakes

    What? What? I thought he was out of the race already.

    I was so sure Annie would win. Now the two who won are characters I would have not enjoying having in the game to being with.

    I’m disappointed. Out of all of these four, not even a single character I care about. I guess there is Skullgirls 2. But it is a bit saddening that what I got out of this crowdfund is a higher ratio of characters I don’t like to characters I do like in the game.

  • Neppygear

    Gasp. Wow. Okay.
    D-don’t get me wrong, Beowulf. It’s not that I wanted you to get in because I like you or anything. I-I’m just happy for you because you kicked reason to the curb and did the impossible, row row, fight the power. That’s all, okay?


    • Testsubject909

      You’ll have to pardon the rough translation here, but my Tsuntsun to English dictionary is slightly dated. If I’m not incorrect, the phrase up above roughly translates to:

      “Beowulf, I want you in my bed right now.”


      Nep Jr,, have you been getting tsuntsun lessons from Noire? :P

      Beowulf is a welcome addition to the skullgirls cast, if that is what you’re saying…

      • Neppygear

        That is what I’m saying, yes. I’ve been jonesing for Beowulf ever since he was first revealed to the world, actually. Between him and the fabulous Eliza, there is absolutely no salt here.

  • TheDarkEmpress

    No Dahlia, no care. I guess Eliza was decent enough for me, can’t complain. Really wanted Black Dahlia though…on top of everything she’s part of the story….not understanding why people didn’t vote her in…

    • Testsubject909

      I really wanted the teacher to make it in… Though she wasn’t in my top 3 picks.

      And Beowulf was nowhere in my top 10 picks either.


  • Draparde

    A little sad that Feng didint make it. but oh well. there’s always the next game.

    I am happy for his fans though. I’ll probably give him a shot but I doubt i’ll like playing as him.

    • Testsubject909

      There better be a Skullgirls 2 and a Skullgirls 3.

      • Draparde

        I agree!

        • Testsubject909

          And yet I was downvoted for hoping to get sequels.

          Wow the local downvoter’s really at it with his/her blind downvoting ways today.

  • Kristoffer Brandberg

    Though it saddens me that my top three (Black Dahlia, Panzerfaust &
    Brain Drain) did not make it, I’m glad they lost to Beowulf. I think he
    is a great character and have lots of potential. You are a worthy
    opponent and deserves the spot, Beowulf. *salutes*

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Awww man, I really Isaac to win this round.

    Oh well, Beowulf was my second choice, so I’ll take it.

  • Pockystix

    When I read the title I was like: “. . . Who?”

    I honestly didn’t even realize someone that. . . average looking was in a game with so many weird and fantastic characters . . .

    He must have slipped under my radar amongst the far more interesting designs. . . kinda disappointed in this.

    • Testsubject909

      Well, when you’re suggested a huge husk of a man with a TANK for a wristguard. A shark scientist who uses SCIENCE and SHARKNESS for combat… And a young girl who uses a MOBILE SUIT for combat.

      It’s understandable why you may not have noticed him.

      Edit: To those wondering. No, Molly wasn’t in my top 3. Just recognizing that she indeed was quite striking and memorable.

  • Yuriangels

    i am happy and i didn’t want Beowulf that much!!!

  • Shariest

    I voted for him in the first character voting, but lost hope!
    Now if Feng gets in as third… *CrossesFingers*

  • MrJechgo

    Guess people are gonna have their Kanji clone after all XD
    (I’m sorry, but I chuckled when I read “not Kanji (P4A)” in Beowulf’s fighting style inspiration)

  • ParrotProphet

    I think I’m enjoying all of the salt and the accusations of Kanji cloning here on this page. It’s delicious.

    • Testsubject909

      Is Salt a reference to salty tears?

      Edit: Also, I voted for Eliza and when she won, I didn’t choose to rub it in the face of other people like a prick… Because I understood that all the characters have supporters and that doing so would be nothing short of being a bitch…

      Edit 2: Just… saying…

      • Canceris

        It’s a word commonly used in FGs communitys.

        Also it was stated that references for Beowulf would Not be Kanji, thus hes enjoying comments with lack of knowledge.

        • CirnoLakes

          I’ve got to admit, it sounds less creepy than certain other slang out there for “mad” or “upset”.

          • Testsubject909

            Eh. I think I’d still stick with the classic “U mad?”

  • ChiffonCake


    I’m very happy with this, considering that he was my first option. Yay!

    Of course, it’s also pretty funny to see all the MAD SALT in here.

    • Testsubject909

      Mad Salt?

      New term… Flying right over my head here.

  • anarchy_panty

    Now I’m going to go back to crying over Annie’s defeat. ;_;

    • Testsubject909

      Okay I need to ask. And I am honestly curious and want to know.

      Why is Annie so popular… I mean outside of the whole Loli aspect.

      Because story wise I felt other characters would be far more interesting. Loli wise, personally for my tastes, there were more appealing ones. And gameplay wise, that’s personal tastes but, she didn’t sound as interesting as many others.

      In fact whenever I would break down my interest in each characters. Annie would always wind up very, very low.

      • anarchy_panty

        I just like the badass magical girl motif, and thought her character design was nice compared to most Skullgirls characters (Alex’s designs are really hit or miss for me). That’s pretty much it. Can’t speak for anyone else, cause I don’t really participate in the Skullgirls community too much.

        Gameplay inspirations wasn’t a huge factor for me, because I trust Lab Zero will be able to make any of those characters fun to play. Plus, I’d be willing to bet those most of those gameplay inspirations won’t survive once they start actually making these characters.

      • I never liked her for the Loli look, I liked her because of her interesting design that meshes the magical girl and tough guy looks into a medley of awesomeness that will pierce the heavens… a drill.

      • Curan_Altea

        It was mostly the gameplay aspect for me. Not into the whole loli thing but she had a pretty neat design (nothing special) and from a gameplay standpoint she sounded perfect for me.

      • Rishtopher

        I didn’t vote highly for Annie (I wanted Isaac) but she was in my top 5. I thought the badass magical girl sounded cool. Basically, she sounded like another Peacock to me, in terms of personality. Peacock is my fav character in SG. Also, the fact that she apparently plays like Sol means she’d be easy for me to play, I guess?

      • Scrooge_McDuck

        1. Lore
        As one of the oldest people in the roster and a warrior who has personally defeated the Skullgirl numerous times, she could potentially shed some in light on interesting history and plot elements.

        2. Story
        The story of her double life could be entertaining. Her neverending struggle against the Skullgirl is a fascinating heroic motif and she’s serve as a perfect opposition to Double. Also, there’s always the tragic backstory angle to make people root for her.

        3. Characterization
        A grizzled, world-weary, no-nonsense war veteran? This is the kind of character I love. Her being in a little girl’s body is an interesting twist.

        4. Visual design
        Her moves might be the most colorful and over-the-top visual spectacle. A destruction pillar that actually reference Pillars of Creation? Galaxy Cutter? North Sword? Yes, yes, yes.

        5. Shenanigans
        Peacock and Parasoul’s reactions to her would be glorious.

        • Testsubject909

          Hmm…. Well congratulations, you’ve piqued my curiosity.

          But she still wouldn’t have been in my top 3 pick…

  • Chiupon

    I thought the game was called SkullGIRLS?

    MY BAD

    (joking aside omg dat grendel arm)

    it’s nice to see new characters, and remember — these characters were VOTED upon. The direction is that of the fans, not the writers themselves, so the lack of characters involved in the story should not be reflective of the writing. These guys were voted in. They don’t need any other reason to be there, and just because other characters had more reason (aeon ;__;) doesn’t mean they aren’t good enough. They’re just unpopular.

  • Nitraion

    The should change the title… IMO

    • Curan_Altea

      Only females can use the Skuulheart, and thus only females can become a Skullgirl. There is no Skullboy or anything and the story of the game doesn’t change its concept because a couple characters are added.

  • Damn, was really hoping Venus or Aeon made it in this time. “Sigh” Oh well. Congrats Beowulf.

    Profound sadness =(

    • Testsubject909

      Ah well… Guess on the bright side, Aeon and Venus will appear as proper holy-high-end-fuck-me deities of power in Skullgirls 2 and 3.

      Really wanted to see Aeon. Man that bit of save-state messing with the combat… Sounds just freakishly intriguing to me. She was top 3 for me.

      • She was number 2 for me only to be beaten by her sister Venus who was my number 1 lol

        • Testsubject909

          I don’t know exactly why but Venus was low priority to me.

          As in not in my top 10 priority.

  • Hollowkoopa

    From the start the creator said that Skullgirls was supposed to switch the female and male ratio not completely remove males from the game.

  • YES!! Not Kanji Beowulf is in the game! Now I can play as him and study his moves so I can finally show him who is the best chair wielding badass around D:< !!!

  • TruSpindash

    I was pulling for Issac but Beowulf was still up there on my list. Happy to see he made it in.

  • Raltrios

    Aww, no SCIENCE shark… I may not have donated, but I was still hoping for Stanley. Ah well. At least it’s another male character.

  • Ixbran

    As much as I would have preferred Stanley Whitefin, I just keep telling my self “At least it isn’t Annie”, and I feel so much better.

    Beowolf shall be a nice addition to the game, and I cant wait to play as him and Big Band when the DLC for them comes out.

    • Testsubject909


  • Warboss Aohd

    no Stanley? i am disapoint.

  • Jordan

    I look forward to playing as this guy. Already liked his design (still haven’t bought skull girls yet. lol)

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha, good on Beowulf! I voted Annie and Aeon, but I’m cool with the picks that did happen… heck I’m cool with Skullgirls getting money to begin with, all these whiners who get mightily upset that a majority of fans voted for someone else just kind of baffles me. The people who voted all backed the game and helped it get WAY more DLC than was planned, you’d think people would be grateful for the opportunities to help the Skullgirls team out to make some extra characters.

    And even if they DID get Umbrella or Marie in they would still need three characters for that rumored canon story mode, so there’s pretty much no way this drive could’ve given us a canon story mode anyhow since only TWO characters were up for popular vote.

  • Vash bane

    lmao still called skull girls?

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