There’s A Third Nintendo-Exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog Game, Too

By Ishaan . May 17, 2013 . 8:47am

Sega are developing two exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog games for Nintendo consoles, Nintendo announced this morning—a new Mario & Sonic game for Wii U and Sonic: Lost World for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.


However, there’s a third exclusive Sonic game headed to Nintendo consoles, too, Sega have shared with This game has not been announced yet. Part of the deal of this exclusive partnership is Nintendo handling European publishing duties.


“Sega have chosen to exclusively partner with Nintendo to distribute or publish the next three Sonic the Hedgehog titles throughout Europe and Australia,” Jurgen Post, COO of Sega Europe, confirmed.


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  • FJLink

    Last Storybook series title maybe.

  • Daniel Curtis

    That’s what I was thinking FJLink!

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Funny how former mascot rivals are now practically best friends, though Mario definitely came out on top from this relationship while Sonic ended up dropping down to a B-list star.

  • Byas

    All-Stars Racing, maybe? (Going from the idea that they are all different genres).

  • grevlinghore

    My money is on SA3. It`s about damn time.

    • Zenthos

      Hell yes it is.

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      I really wish people get over that name. There is nothing that Sega can do with Sonic Adventure 3 that can’t show up in every other Sonic game they can make. It’s just a name, now let it die and let’s get going on with our lives.

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      I really wish people get over that name. There is nothing that Sega can do with Sonic Adventure 3 that can’t show up in every other Sonic game they can make. It’s just a name, now let it die and let’s get going on with our lives.

      • Never

        But it isn’t just a name- it’s a description.
        Obviously when someone says they want “SA3” they mean they want the same gameplay mechanics as the Adventure games. The same logic applies when someone says “I hope the next game is like Generations” and yet I don’t see you being oh so personally effected by that.
        Did no one honestly ever teach you basic deductive reasoning in school? Here I had hoped the day I’d need to spoonfeed simple logic would never come.
        Though that hope had honestly been dashed ages ago anyway.

        • Fidelis

          The most hilarious thing though is that a majority of the fanbase bashes the variety of play styles besides the running stages-The treasure hunting/fishing/shooting, etc

          So they should be happy with hedgehog engine games, right? Games in which the “Sonic stages” are the only kind.

          But when what you said is taken into account..that means..people want another game with the stuff they were bashing in it.

          It just makes absolutely no sense

          until you realize that the fanbase consists of more than one person.

          But even then you still see people saying they hate the treasure hunting and shooting, but also saying they want an SA3.

          By “SA3″, do they just want multiple playable characters with their own story modes? Or do they just want that and a chao garden? Because besides the universally panned treasure hunting and shooting, that’s the only thing that the Adventure games share.

          And going even further, the Chao garden is the only thing that the games exclusively share.

          I feel the Sonic Adventure title just holds an amount of nostalgia for most people.
          There’s a lot of parts that many Sonic fans agree detracted from the games, but those parts are what made them..”Adventure games”

          • grevlinghore

            Well yes, there`s definitely nostalgia involved. I for one did not mind the treasure hunting at all. In fact, I thought most of those stages were brilliant. The shooting I could care less for though.
            But the main charms of the SA games are that there are lots of secrets, the atmosphere is great (gameplay-wise. The cutscenes are usually cheesy as hell) and the chao garden is very addictive.

            When it comes to the racing stages, I would not mind at all if SA3 borrowed from the style of Sonic Colors, as I absolutely adore that game. More treasure-hunting with ol`Knuckles would be very welcome with me as well, even if it means having to invent a new excuse to have the Master Emerald shattered.

            What I also liked about SA1 was that it was based on Sonic “lore”, if such a thing exists. I`d love to be able to once again explore areas like Angel Island or the ancient ruins, and any other place that Sonic visited in the comic strips back in the day.

          • Fidelis

            Well, being loaded with secrets isn’t exclusive at all to the Adventure series. You mentioning the atmosphere at first seemed like a blatant display of nostalgia, but you can’t be denied that point when you look up a gameplay video of Sonic blazing through emerald coast or windmill valley.

            As for your comment on the lore…Yes, the adventure games were very healthy for the overall setting of the Sonic series. Unlike many post-3D, the adventure games introduced many recurrent locations and plot points in the series (such as the ark, egg carrier, the whole chaos thing, expanding on the echidnas, gerald robotnik)

          • Fion

            Whenever anyone ever refers to SA3 they mean the general playstyle aka the 3D platforming and the way Sonic handled along with any clones of his like Shadow or Knuckles to a lesser extent and Tails from SA1.

            Ironically your confusion was caused by you clearly viewing the people who say it as idiots. People know what’s generally disliked, they’ll specifically say things like “I want SA3 but keep Knuckles” or “I actually liked playing as Tails”- knowing this what would they then be referring to if they say “I want SA3” without anything else? Obviously not SA2 Knuckles or Tails, but rather Sonic- since, like the Chao Garden, Sonic was the only character that also came out unscathed.

            And how often do you hear people actually say “It’s the variety that made the SA series awful”? Not at all often, it’s always bashing a certain aspect “I didn’t like Knuckles in SA2” or “The shooting sections were awful” which may lead you to believe it’s the variety that they’re blaming but that isn’t the case, and anyone who did say variety was to blame is immensely dullheaded. Take a look at SA1 for example-

            How often do you hear anyone bash ANYTHING other than Amy (who was slow and forced to attack with a hammer and nothing else) and Big the Cat in that game? Not Knuckles, whenever someone’s bashing him they’re bashing the SA2 version of him. Every-single-time it’s the SA2 version. And why? Let’s look at his gameplay in the first game, it’s an entertaining break from the regular Sonic gameplay, he still handles the same as Sonic so it’s no big deal and it didn’t take long <- that's the massive, crater sized difference between SA Knuckles and SA2 Knuckles. In SA you could find any of the Emerald Shards at any time, but what does that mean? It means you only have to fly around and explore the stage ONCE. If you've flown everywhere in the stage you're done with it, before it gets tedious. But in SA2 they cut that, you can only find ONE at a time, so you'd have to search almost the entire stage THREE TIMES before you were done, not only that but the hint boxes would point you to LANDMARKS so you'd HAVE to explore before you could even make SENSE of them. See how a fun mechanic that no one hated in fact being actually liked could turn bad? In SA2 it became tedium, and yet even despite all this there are some people who still liked Knuckles and why? Because his movement remained a clone of Sonic, so despite having to search 3 times it was still not slow enough for people who enjoy exploring to hate it but horribly tedious for those who don't. Now lets take a look at Tails.

            Tails in Sonic Adventure was literally a clone of Sonic but with a twist- he could fly. That added a whole new aspect to the game, so even though you were running through the same levels as Sonic you could complete them much faster through the air and take entirely different routes to reach the goal making it seem completely new. Then take SA2 Tails, now he doesn't mimic Sonic at all- instead he inanely targets random things as you just walk through the level- you could no longer fly, run almost as fast as Sonic, when you turned it took a second for your character to actually do it and all you did was target, target, target, target. It became so IMMENSELY boring and that's why people blame side characters, not because variety is bad but because of SEGA.

            People blame the side characters because they're the only ones who changed and turned complete tedious and dull. They hold Sonic up high because he's the only one throughout the series that didn't change for the worse.

            So you're entirely wrong, what made the Sonic Adventure games was the way Sonic handled and his 3D platforming, and that's what people refer to when they say SA3. The variety was never a truly bad thing until Sega either MADE it bad by turning good gameplay styles into tedium or made characters that didn't play like Sonic (Read: Amy, Big, Tails from SA2- the three you hear the MOST whining about).

            After all, what are SA1 Knuckles and Tails but different gameplay variants of Sonic? Like 2D platforming and every genre there are ways to make them worse- and that's what SEGA did with them in SA2. (And what Microsoft did with Halo) But even despite that

            What makes them "Adventure games" is how Sonic handles and anyone who clones that. It wasn't the variety that made or broke them as adventure titles it was the deviation from Sonic's playstyle.

            In fact I've heard people say over and over that "I'd be ok with SA3 so long as everyone played like Sonic."
            THAT'S what makes it… an "Adventure game".

            On a final note everyone says S3&K was the best 2D title and yet it had the variety that you think is what made "Adventure games", the reason they didn't hate Knuckles then is the same reason SA1 Knuckles and Tails were hardly ever bashed. He was a Sonic clone with glide, variety even in the 2D games was harmoniously accepted as it mostly was in SA1.

            Better late than never.
            Maybe this'll work like dominoes and people will start actually being capable of objectively viewing things.

      • yorudox

        I just want a game where I can play as more then just Sonic :I…..

        • British_Otaku

          Sonic and the Black Knight.
          Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow and Blaze.
          The game is fun and has each of the games with the same playstyle like 2D games with different quirks like Knuckles gliding and stuff.

    • Draparde

      I would love a SA3 X_x.

    • AlexanderPappas

      I played the shit out of SA2 and SA, but both of those games are absolute shit in terms of gameplay. The only reason I like them is nostalgia. The only good sonic play styles are generations modern and the original games.

      • grevlinghore

        Well I for one haven`t really played generations yet, but from what I`ve seen, you nearly always have enough boost to blast through an entire level – and that`s not really fantastic gameplay in the long run either.

        I think Sonic Colors was more interesting; boasting a unique style and a fairly balanced all-round difficulty. That`s a type of Sonic-gameplay that I`d love to see returning in future titles, be it SA3 or Sonic Colors 2 or… you name it. But I also wouldn`t mind a playstyle similar to what we had in SA and SA2 if they just polished things up a bit. (less random bouncing off course, better camera and such)

        Anyway, I don`t agree with you that SA-gameplay is complete shit. It could use some polish for sure, but the SA-games did many things right as well. And a revamped chao-garden would be fantastic too. Imagine for instance:

        – Expanding upon the chao minigames. The player has more control over what`s going on rather than being limited to cheering
        – Everything you collect as you play casually goes into a Chao-bank with near unlimited space. That way you won`t be forced to come back as often, and can select what types of items you wanna bring when you do.

        … etc

        In my head, SA3 could potentially be amazing!

  • Masa

    SONIC AS EXCLUSIVE………….who cares.
    This will not help.

  • Spirit Macardi

    As long as they keep the writing and design team from Colors and Generations, I see only good coming from this :3

  • Solomon_Kano

    I think the most interesting thing about this is what it indicates for other platforms.

    Sega’s got 11 PC games, 7 PS3 games, 7 Wii U games, and 4 Xbox 360 games in the works for the current fiscal year.

    Here’s a breakdown of what’s what:

    At least 3 of those Wii U games are exclusive, as announced today: Mario & Sonic, Sonic: Lost World (also on 3DS), and the Yakuza port. So that leaves 4 unannounced Wii U games for the FY.

    The Xbox 360 has 4 games, which accounts for 4 of the PS3 games and, possibly, accounts for the other 4 Wii U games.

    The PS3 has a new Nobunaga’s Ambition (also on PC) and some soccer game (also on Vita), which leaves one unannounced exclusive, PS3/Vita, or PS3/PC multiplat.

    The PC has Total War: Rome II , Company of Heroes 2, and Chaos Online in addition to Nobunaga, so that takes us down to 7. Well, I expect 4 of those games will be the multiplatform titles covered above between PS360, which leaves us with 3 unannounced PC exclusives — 1 of which may also be on PS3.

    There are 6 3DS games and 5 Vita games in the works. Sonic: Lost World and Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 are known, which leaves 4 unaccounted for 3DS games. On Vita, we have the aforementioned soccer game, which leaves 4 unaccounted for Vita games. So we’ve either 4 Vita/3DS multiplats, 4 exclusives each, or some combination thereof.

    So Sega’s certainly got a diverse range of titles lined up for the year already, and their fiscal report does not include their next gen plans or PSN/XBLA/eShop releases. So, yea, E3 and TGS should be fun.

    • ronin4life


      I thought I could be super analytical, but that is incredible. And insightful.

      OT, I really wish Total war would jump to wiiu… at least I would if I thought CA could make a decently coded game…>.>;;;

      • Solomon_Kano

        Ha. Thanks.

    • Bravo. :)

      • Solomon_Kano


    • Tails the Foxhound

      Are we sure the Sonic games are even counted by Sega? I mean, Nintendo’s the one publishing them (in two regions at least).

      • Solomon_Kano

        Yes. As you said, Nintendo’s only publishing them in two regions. Aside from publishing, those expenses are still on Sega, so they’ll track its return.

    • Thanks for the details :) I’m praying twice a day for Valkyria Chronicles 4 and a new Project Diva for Vita

      • Solomon_Kano

        No prob.

  • SirRichard

    Looks like I missed a pretty interesting Direct. It’s funny, really; Nintendo have turned to Sega to help turn around the fortunes of a console.

    • At the same point that the Wii U is being compared to the Dreamcast. The irony couldn’t be better.

      • The Dreamcast killed Segata Sanshiro. Are we in dire times?

        • The closest analogy I can think of is Iwata getting voted out of the president’s chair at Nintendo, but I don’t even want to think of that possibility.

          • I thought Reggie was our Segata Sanshiro counterpart.

          • Reggie certainly looks like he could stop rockets with his bare hands.

    • ronin4life

      I wouldn’t say they turned to sega at all. This has probably been in the works for ages… and certainly, The olympic games show this cooperation is far fron new.

      Plus, it isn’t just sega. Atlus, Platinum, Capcom, level 5… lots of good partnerships. Anf while things look bleak now, I don’t think Nintendo is in any trouble long tern with wiiu and they know it. If this one partnership tells me anything, its that Nintendo has been keeping secrets really well, and no doubt has many more in store for us coming up near e3.

      • SirRichard

        Just poking a bit of fun, mate, I’m well aware of their other partnerships.

        • ronin4life

          I kind of figured as much…but couldn’t help myself anyway. ^,^;;

      • Link

        Nintendo has always had good relationships with Japanese developers. Its the American side of things where there’s a rough patch. But that probably speaks to the different ideals in the respective cultures.

  • SirRichard

    Looks like I missed a pretty interesting Direct. It’s funny, really; Nintendo have turned to Sega to help turn around the fortunes of a console.

  • And once sales fail, likely not for Olympics game, they’ll come out for the 360 or next gen games. I could be wrong, I forgot the M rated games on the Wii were the ones that failed yet were pretty much the best games Sega published and best games on the Wii. I guess everything that’s Teen or below will do Sega and Nintendo fairly well.

    • Skyer Ist

      Sonic always selling great on nintendo platforms – GC, GBA, DS, Wii

    • Link

      You do realize that Sonic games always sell better on Nintendo systems? Hell Sonic All Stars Racing Transform on the WiiU outsold both the PS3/360 versions with an install base 1/50th of those two.

      • We’ll see, that was the racing game, going to see how a Sonic game of his own ranks up especially if it ends up getting shit reviews which has a high possibility.

        • Link

          A Sonic game of his own? Likes Colors and Generations? Which did phenomenal on Nintendo’s platforms? Or even a crap game like Unleashed? Which still outsold its PS3/360 counterparts? And how is it a high possibility that it will get shit reviews? Because its on a Nintendo system? Sonic has been making a huge turn around since Colors, his games have actually been very good lately.

          Its funny how your asking for it to come for the 360 and Next Gen systems but according to you it’s gonna get shit reviews so whats the point? Oh wait no it’ll only get shit reviews on Nintendo’s systems, but it’ll be perfect on Xbox! I get you now.

  • Sonic rpg for 3ds !!!

  • Skyer Ist

    Great! GoGoGo, Nintendo!

  • Justin Perry

    theres a disturbing lack of america being mentioned here….Sega is giving me more reasons everyday to hate them

    • KingRuff

      Why would they mention America here? It’s talking about a deal where Nintendo has to publish Sega’s games in Europe. The simple fact that they did not mention America means that the deal had nothing to do with publication in America, it’s as simple as that. It’s not saying America won’t get these games, just that Nintendo isn’t publishing them. As for your Sega hate, don’t care, don’t really wanna know why.

  • Vesperion

    I thought Sega decided not to make so many sonic games so close to one another?

    • Testsubject909

      Well… it was just announced so who knows, maybe we won’t see it released in another 2 years or so.

    • British_Otaku

      Being announced together doesn’t necessarily impact on the quality of the games. One of the games is a minigame collection which can work off prior ones to an extent, one is likely to be an ambitious Sonic platformer released next year (no footage yet – so it may be early) and this last one may also be set for in the future or for a platform with low costs like the 3DS or WiiUWare.

  • 60hz

    good move with sega partnering with ninny since sega’s sales/marketing wing is such rubbish anyway… interesting tidings indeed.

  • Testsubject909

    *Looks at the pretty picture up above*

    … I’d love to see Culdcept in a Hexagonal grid… Yes, random thought but it’s honestly the first thing that popped in when I looked at that picture.

  • Kaihaku

    This looks like Sonic the Hedgehog meets a hexagon Minecraft. Very interesting…

    Also, this all but confirms that Sonic will appear in Smash Brothers “U”. Here’s hoping for some more classic Sega characters like Shining Force’s Max and Phantasy Star’s Nei.

  • yellowmage

    It might be (and definitely should be) the third and final game in the Sonic Storybook Series.

    According to the poll Sega did on Facebook it’ll be based on the myths and legends of Ancient Greece, which I suppose keeps it thematically similar to the other two, which were based on the myths of Arabia and England respectively.

    But I really wanted it to be based on film-noir! Or maybe that’s my excitement for Diggs Nightcrawler talking.

  • Mario and Sonic Wii U = Game 1

    Sonic: Lost World Wii U – Game 2

    Sonic: Lost World Nintendo 3DS = Game 3

    • Beta

      Nope, Sega already confirmed that we only know two out of three of the games. So both Lost World games are considered one. And by that logic, wouldn’t they be four? I mean, judging by the past they will probably release a 3DS version for Sochi Olympic games.

  • Göran Isacson

    Man, Sega and Nintendo working together to combat Nintendos WiiU drought. Gotta admit, it really is kinda beautiful to see for an old veteran of those bygone console wars…

  • I’m sitll hoping for the Chaos World to re-appear in the series :L

  • Pope The Rev XXVIII


    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      So he is worse than in 2006?

  • Pope The Rev XXVIII


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