Here’s The Opening To Arc System Works’ New Visual Novel, Xblaze Code: Embryo

By Ishaan . May 19, 2013 . 3:07pm

Arc System Works shared the opening movie to their upcoming visual novel, Xblaze Code: Embryo, at their Arc System Works Festival this weekend. Watch the opening below, courtesy of



Xblaze’s story is linked to the world of BlazBlue, according to series producer Toshimichi Mori. The game is being developed by the BlazBlue team and is slated for release on July 25th for the PlayStation 3 and Vita.

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  • Tyler Beale

    Visual Novel? No chance for NA release, then….I want to hear how it connects to BlazBlue, though. Maybe it takes place in Kagutsuchi? Or does it have any Ars Magus?

    Or maybe Terumi is back to take his revenge…

    • Go2hell66

      well who knows, ArcSys did just open up a US branch so maybe this could their first bold move into bringing the VN genre to western gamers

  • Seriously stop trying to make me buy a Vita.

    • Give in to your ~desire~ You know you ~want~ it~ XD

      • The back touch screen and the d pads are off putting to me. Infact just holding the thing makes me feel that my palms are going to curl up like they have arthritis. Oh and I dislike the traction in the joysticks. Ill take the PSP over that thing any day.

        • So….. the Vita is a little too big for your hand?

          • Nah, I got long hands. If that was the case I wouldnt dislike the dualshock controller as much as I do. Heck I dont even like the 360 controller anymore. Its a lot heavier than I remember. the Wii U Pro controller was many times better. Nintendo knowing how to actually make proper d-pads is a big help

  • Interface23

    Aksys is all about releasing VNs in America. I’d expect it to be Vita exclusive here though.

  • Curan_Altea

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think that trailer was for a fighting game.
    Looks really interesting and the BlazBlue connection got me even more interested then I was before. Looking forward to it and hoping for localization.

  • new_tradition

    Yay, more male characters! lol

    Also obligatory “In Aksys we trust” ;D

    Seriously, Aksys has been very VN friendly the last few years. With this having some vague connection to BB, I think that cements it even more to having a better chance of an English release.

    I don’t own a Vita yet, so I’d scoop this up for the PS3 (and the only BB games I have are for the PS3 to boot), but maybe they’ll consider a digital release to play it safe..?

    Though these guys are confidant enough to release a PSP VN game in the physical format, so I’d hope they release a retail game.

    • I don’t mean to be rude, but Aksys is not involved with this game as far as I can see. Arc Systems and Aksys are separate companies.

      • new_tradition

        But Aksys is the publisher for the BB and GG games in English (In NA at least), right? If XBlaze allegedly has ties to the BB story, I think it has a better chance of being localized and published by Aksys in North America.

        You’re right, Aksys has no involvement as of now, but I’m hopeful :3

        • They are splendid publishers :)

          • new_tradition

            Whoa, so I totally missed this, but they opened a Western branch of Arc System Work, so they could possibly publish the game instead of Aksys O_o

          • Ah, yes. I had forgotten about that.

  • rorschacht

    Boobs, lots of boobs

  • Aoshi00

    Hm.. I’m not that familiar w/ the BlazBlue universe, even the cutscenes in the middle kinda make my head spin, wonder if this VN is accessible to non hardcore fans of the series..

    • AkuLord3

      Well its going be part of the series so besides its own story, its going have some references to the main series

  • fireemblembeast

    Lol whose idea was it to put embryo in the title? But seriously, looks damn good…I wish it was a fighting game >_<

  • the main antagonist and protagonist clash reminded me of gilgamesh vs shiro from fate/stay night

  • biskmater

    oh crap, did I see the Terumi and the black beast?

  • Göran Isacson

    Am I a bad person for hearing the words “visual novel” and “connection to Blazblues plot” and immediately imagining some incredible conspiracy where Terumi is somehow setting itself up as a love interest that will betray and lead the main protag into a bad end?

    Because I would play that VN. Without any hesitation.

  • Mad_Dog_Yayan

    Mind 0 and this are on my must to buy list this year

    • Definitely, though I have yet to delve into BlazBlue, this looks and sounds very interesting.

  • Tonton Ramos

    XBlaze is linked to Blazblue? so Xblaze world seems to be the normal world version while the Blazblue world is an another world filled with fantasy and nightmares? I wonder if the next Blazblue game will include an Xblaze character hmmmm?

  • colorblindnightmare

    Wow arc….you are too go good to us. BBCP, This…..and GGXRD. Favorite developer hands down.

  • F/SN any1? I saw Shirou/Saber/Rin/Ilya/Taiga/Goldie there XD

    Nice OP. I am definitely HYPED. Hope this could cross the sea!

    For those who wonder abt the connection of XB and BB…

  • Romancer Ecclesia

    Linked to the world of Blazblue… wonder if we’ll see Rachel Arucard references? <3

  • Shinra

    I hope I am not the only one that noticed the girls that appear around the 1:09, they look like Murakumo Units, they are even holding swords, the guy who seems like the antagonist swords in fact.

  • Go2hell66

    Something about this game being tied to blazblue really bugs me, the character designs just don’t appeal to me as much as they do in BB, which is funny because if they weren’t linked it wouldn’t have bothered me at all.

    btw i’m still amazed at how productive a company ArcSys is, how many projects and games and events they manage to push at the same time is incredible

    • Izanagi

      my issue with the connection is that a few small details are not adding up in my mind: the azure being created before Terumi made it and the existence of an anti-black beast priestess before the black best even was a thought. That said, the references, names and possible ancestors to many favorites make me intrigued

  • Aristides

    Wow a non Corpse Party/Hakuoki VN that actually has a ghost of a chance at being localized. Let’s wish for the best :P

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