Project X Zone To See “Surprise Demo” In Europe This Week [Update]

By Ishaan . May 20, 2013 . 11:30am

Project X Zone is getting a “Lethal Surprise Demo” in Europe this week on the Nintendo eShop, Nintendo of Europe announced this morning. The demo will be available on May 23rd when the eShop is updated.


Update: North America will not be getting the demo this week. A Namco Bandai USA representative confirmed to Siliconera: “We will not be releasing the demo here this week. Once I have a solid date for the North American release, I’ll be happy to share that with you.”


Project X Zone is a strategy RPG developed by Monolith Soft in collaboration with Banpresto. The game features a crossover between characters from Namco Bandai, Capcom and Sega. Namco Bandai had to re-negotiate rights to every character for the game’s Western release, but no content from the game has been cut.


Project X Zone is slated for release on July 5th in Europe and on June 25th in North America and Latin America.


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  • FJLink

    Shouldn’t it be the 23rd?
    Anyways, wonder if it’ll be different from the final game, like the RE one.
    I heard it has a subtitle.

  • Keima88

    I still cant believe this coming to the west… I am so happy.

    Lets see limited edition includes : mini-poster, mini-art book and the game soundtrack.

  • yellowmage

    Woo! I’ll definitely be downloading this! The fact that they actually gave the demo a name implies that there’ll be more than one; I sure hope that’ll be the case!

    • If it’s like the japanese demo, there will be two versions with differernt maps and characters.

  • YoshEE

    Hope they release U.S demo soon

  • benhofb

    Well this is a pleasant surprise! I was really on the fence about this game. Perhaps the demo can sway me…

  • Go2hell66

    Wow this week is just full of great news, almost suspiciously so…

  • ShadowDivz

    Namco Bandai had to re-negotiate rights to every character for the game’s Western release

    Can’t we just do something for the fans?
    I know, money and the business world… But still.

    Oh well, atleast everything worked out and no content has been cut.

    • It’s more of a matter of not getting sued to kingdom come.

      • ShadowDivz

        There’s that too. xD

        • J_Joestar

          I doubt it was too difficult, probably more of a formality than anything else.

  • British_Otaku

    Already tried the Japanese demos and I’m convinced I’ll have a nice alternative to Fire Emblem and G Generation 3D. It’ll be nice to try a localised one with though, even if it is the same as one of the old ones.

    Would have been nice if the limited edition was coming here to us PALs.

    • Seeing @keima88:disqus mention the limited edition bundle I did a quick google, but… it seems we’re not getting this over here bro. Hey, at least we’re getting the game, right? I just hope it doesn’t get delayed.

      I think this demo might finally pull me away from my slightly unhealthy obsession with MH3U :>

  • ronin4life

    …is it really a “surprise” If you announce it before hand?

    • NTaiyokun

      From what it sounds like, it might cover a chapter of that name in the game.

  • NTaiyokun

    Aww frig, is NA getting a demo too?

  • Learii

    no demo for north American?

  • Pau Rawr

    Oh shit Ulala <3
    I keep hoping that whenever a character is relevant in a different game or mentioned by companies they'd get a new game or something, now I'm looking forward to a new Space Channel 5.

    That game is just too damn Groovy.

  • Brimfyre

    Just finished Resonance of Fate (sweet Lord, that game is brutal)
    About to Finish Endless Frontier, and hopefully I can finish Xenosaga III before June 30th.

    • VietKnight

      Yeah for me I put Endless Frontier on hiatus for a few years finding out that I was near the end.

  • Göran Isacson

    Downloading that sucker like it ain’t no thang, oh yes.

  • Haseyo
  • Nyandroid

    But we are getting one? That’s good enough for me! =^w^=~

  • Zoozbuh

    First thing I wanted to comment upon reading the title– “WELL it’s not a very big surprise now, is it?! Thanks a lot guys!”

    ..Just kidding of course. Awesome news (…for when I get an XL of my own) :)

  • Prinny Dood

    Aw man oh well at least they didnt say we werent getting one at all

  • Julien_N

    Good to see NB promoting the game with demos, they are a very useful tool to measure our interest in the game before release. I for myself will download the demo and try it out.
    Let’s hope it does have a large number of uses. (well, no usage limits would be much better but I don’t know if it is allowed by Nintendo…)

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