Square Enix Will Make Console-Like Games For Smartphones And Tablets

By Ishaan . May 26, 2013 . 8:44pm

As we recently reported Square Enix plan to focus more on releasing games for smartphones in the future. In a financial results briefing, Soon-to-be Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda says that these will consist not only of the kinds of games you normally see on smartphones, but also the kinds of games you would expect to see on home consoles and handhelds.


Matsuda feels that Square Enix make two kinds of games:


  • Console-oriented products, where the focus is on single-player, carefully played titles


  • Smartphone, tablet and PC games whose focus is on multiplayer and event-driven style social games


Moving forward, in addition to their console business, Square Enix will be making the kinds of games that they used to make for consoles on smartphones and tablets as well.


“On the basis of the progress of recent devices, moving forward we are thinking to push into publishing games on smart phones and tablets, which we had hitherto only published on game consoles, in particular our strong‐point of single‐player, story‐driven games, etc,” Matsuda says.


He adds: “I have already given these instructions to our development teams, and we are moving ahead with this effort. Until now we have published games on these devices such as remakes of our old titles or turning our old franchises into social games, but going forward, in addition to these efforts, we will create new game titles of similar type.”


The challenge, Matsuda says, will be figuring out the earnings model from such an initiative, which is something he hopes Square Enix will be able to address by moving to a more flexible business model involving various revenue models like pay-per download, free-to-play, paid DLC and even hybrids of these.


  • Kenny Loh

    square-enix, you guys should focus more in console gaming ==

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Nah screw consoles, do right by the handhelds man.

      • Guest

        console games are more fun to play, imagine to play FF type-0 in PS3?

        • DesmaX

          They’re equally fun.
          I like my PSP

          • Anime10121

            Agreed, Crisis Core, Birth by Sleep, Dissidia, Dream Drop Distance, etc. all say Hi!

            Handhelds can be just as fun/ if not better than their console counterparts (mostly because they dont have to worry about high end graphics, and can put that focus towards other aspects, like gameplay).

            That being said however, I prefer my games on consoles if only because handhelds are increasingly becoming hard on the eyes. Its not the graphics that make me prefer consoles (heck the Disgaea series is one of my favorite game series), its the larger viewing format.

          • raulrain

            I like Handhelds, but I feel something it´s not right when they announce a main entry of something for handhelds, those kind of entry i like them in a bigger scren, but it´s ok in the end, but I´m also thankful for the console versions of some games, like the psp silent hills, MGS peace walker, among others, and the HD version of KH Birth of sleep that will come with KH 2.5 (official name pending jajajaja)

          • Anime10121

            Twas why I loved the PSP and its component out so much! I loved the decision to be able to play handheld titles on a TV at full screen (though I did have to purchase a third party tool to be able to utilize full screen play)! Dont know why this feature aint available on Vita yet, its one of the main reasons I’m trying to hold off on buying one!

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            I have only one gripe about the PSP. It was disk based.

          • SiliconNooB

            Yea, that’s a feature I miss quite a bit…

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            If you’re a fan of JRPGs/Strategy/Fighting/Puzzle/Platforming games, you gotta love handhelds. Heck even the 3DS’s ecosystem is better suited for RPGs and it does something consoles cant when it comes to controlled environments that flesh out various worlds. Much better than bloody phone games.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Are you shitting me mate? Thats some ol bullshit.

        • SiliconNooB

          Imagine to play it at all…

    • ShadowDivz

      Nah, it’s more like “We are still gonna get CONSOLE games right square?….Square?”

      • Guest

        Yeah :D well, forcus console and handleds both, well, actually i think square-enix already have lot smartphone games.

    • Brion Valkerion

      I wish, sadly or awesomely Squeenix has shown more creativity on handhelds the past 10 years than most other devs. If only they could translate that to consoles they would be in the money.

    • Guest

      It’s really like they dont care anymore.

    • culip21

      but comparing to 70 millions console users with almost 1 billion smartphone and tablet users. It’s reasonable for SE to put their faith on tablet and smartphone.

      When console gaming need too much cost, smartphone games only need maybe 1/10 of console games cost.

      I will definitely buy all SE console port if it’s released on smartphone and tablet.

      Imagine to play PS2 FF and all other high quality RPG on Tablet.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Not really those numbers seem big but they are actually a lot smaller and its a distended market

        • culip21

          yeah, but it’s growing bigger lately.
          back then, i personally have no faith on mobile games, but recently they start making many good games.

          not as good as console, but at reasonable price.
          i enjoying playing games on my tablet in cafe with my friend. Most of my friend using Android, so we can play together if the game support multiplayer.

          I don’t know about you, but i feel ashamed when brought a handheld to public place.
          With tablet, i just feel like more comfortable. And it can do much more thing than handheld.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Uh sorry no dont feel the same. And having to do multiple things with a tablet is just a general lack of focus. You can listen to music on the 3DS (and edit it ) use the internet and use other various applications, so moot point mate.

          • culip21

            I just see tablet is more productive for me, and it well accepted on society and is more common for people to play games on smartphone and tablet than handheld.

            In my place, 23 years old guy playing handheld seems look a bit weird, as everyone that play handheld on my place is at range 7-12 years old boy.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Sorry but I only see them kiddies playing on phones now (and the occasional DS ( I have to go hunting for someone with a 3DS ) Tablets are really one of the smoothest fast ones the tech industry has pulled on people.

  • …for console-like prices… :(

    • Anime10121

      Yep, they probably mean more titles like Dimensions, where you pay over 30 bucks for what turns out to be a high res Super Nintendo game with horrible controls (I STILL cannot stand touch screen controls unless their for something like Theatrythm).

      • SiliconNooB

        I wanted to play that game, but couldn’t – the controls were beyond inadequate!

        I don’t understand why they can’t also release their smartphone games on 3DS or Vita…

        • e-Shop: I know right?

          • Anime10121

            I’d SO love that! But that would be a smart decision, and one that fans would actually agree with, aka not in Squares frame of thought :(

            Edit: hey wait, just realized you’re not a cat anymore :P

          • Ayup! We had a whole Final Battle skit with Sui narrated back in the OT .w.

            Yes, I am an elf again! Eh, wait a minute….

  • gamefreak86

    New IPs I can understand. Just stop whoring out your established franchises. FF primarily. I better not see BD iOS. If that happens no more square games will ever be bought by me.

    • Anime10121

      I agree, however, that is what Matsuda sounds like he’s saying. I think he wants bigger franchises on smart phones/tablets in an effort to grow sales. He wants strong story driven content that will make them money. I hope with all my heart I’m wrong though, and they dont end up putting mainline Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean, Final Fantasy titles on a smartphone:(

      • $36598391

        Which is pathetic
        People won’t sit down on their couches and play cellphone games

  • DesmaX

    I dunno… Games on mobiles just drain a lot of battery, and I’d rather have my phone with good battery time

    • Guest

      Do any recent Smartphones have a decent battery life? Last time I checked, there were only mobiles that had a battery life of at least one single day.

      Ah well, last time I checked, Square Enix was considered a gaming company as well, not something like Zynga.

      • Kevadu

        Pretty much none of the recent high-end smartphones have decent battery life. After all, quad-core processors and 1080p screens are more important than having your phone actually be useable for an entire day, right?

        But if you get a lower-end model it is still possible to find something that actually does still manage to be somewhat practical. For now, anyway…

        • Guest

          True… I used a Lumia for a while, but I got so annoyed that I had to charge it every night, that I dediced to get back to my Blackberry again. It has all the features and apps I need as well.

      • eilegz

        xiaomi mi-2s with 3100mah battery, galaxy note 2 and motorola droid razr HD MAXX

        • Guest

          Let me guess: You probably charge it with this!

  • Nightmesh

    I remember you guys wanted to have Type-0 on cell phones when it was under the title Agito. I remember thinking how cool it would have been back then but now I can’t imagine if it would have played as well as it does with emulated buttons. Also still waiting for The World Ends with You: Solo Remix for the android, Square.

    • Kevadu

      Type-0 would be a *disaster* on a touch device in its current state, at least without some serious redesign. It uses every single button on the PSP (including some hold down a trigger and press other buttons stuff…), and it actually needs all of them.

  • Rogerrmark

    I kinda doubt cellphone games sell as much as they would if they were released on consoles.I’m talking about games like FF Dimensions and Chaos Rings-series,that are really good games.

    I kind hate this digital-only generation,but guess their main market are casual players,and those players dont tend to collect physical copies,or even mind if it’s digital or physical….Plus,physical copies are more costly.

    Well,whatever,if it’s good,I’ll probably get.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      If Gunman Clive couldnt hack it being a 2 dollar game in a sea of 99 cent ventures even with advertising and short bursts of visibility these 15/30$ titles arent going to even make an direct precision entry and ride that to the land of sales viability.

      • Rogerrmark

        Pretty weak game

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          One that has a vast more potential at appealing to the main stream than this

          • Rogerrmark

            Except that it’s a new-ip,from a developer people are not even aware of,and Nintendo itself already has plenty first-party platform games.

            jRPGs fans would give attention to a Squareenix RPG on a console/handheld,since Dimensions carries the ”Final Fantasy” brand name,even with all nowaday hatred for FF.Both XIII and XIII-2 sold well.

            And both Vita and 3DS are still lacking RPGs,even with Ys IV and Bravely Default out and stuff.

            So Chaos Rings would have chance.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            The 3DS doesnt lack any way in form of RPGs. There’s a bunch of them coming + the DS library. You’d be better off putting those games on the 3DS

  • ShadowDivz

    Worse part is. These amazing smartphones games(assuming they will be amazing) won’t come over here.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Nah the worst part is Square Enix’s potential “market” is distended and completely scattered.

    • Zero_Destiny

      What? O__o Last I checked lots of Square Enix games pop up on the iTunes store pretty frequently, heck sometimes even days after it came out in Japan it’s on the EU and US store.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Square, if you can recreate something akin to FFIX and Bravely Default, I really wouldn’t mind it if it came down to a new RPG every one or two years.

  • The-Beast

    And what about mah 3DS and Vita ? I thought they said a while ago that they wanted to be know again by their quality console titles and that their last social smartphone game would arrive sometime this year.

    • When did they ever say this? They’ve always said more social and smartphone games all along.

  • At this point, I don’t care if Square Enix is dead as a company that makes great games. I just want them to release a perfect Versus XIII and go out with a bang!

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Thats a complete waste of their assets. They cant die until they give me a Valkyrie Profile SRPG. Or the World Begins With Two.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Valkyria Chronicles???……….Valkyrie Pofile if that is what you are talking about?

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Yes it is lol, Sega tried to jack my brain

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Phone games are usually cut up into separate pieces, right? Hopefully if they make a console like game for smartphones and tablets it isn’t just cut up into pieces, although I don’t think that’s possible from what’s been going on over the years…
    Media.Vision did Chaos Rings with SE publishing, right? Weren’t those games good? (console quality good?) If so they already have a god exanple published by themselves…
    I wonder how a 1st person dungeon crawler would do. That’s be pretty fun to have on the go (my experiences with EOIV tell me so!)
    Too bad I don’t have a smartphone or a tablet. I guess everyone does nowadays.

    • Lumi

      I think they are usually cut up in the Japan release, for SE knows what reason, especially now that there’s not much size constraint problems on smartphones. Still, the rpgs need to stop having onscreen buttons as a bad replacement for the lack of buttons.

      Why can’t SE do Kemco’s “tap to go there” for maps?

  • Tyler Beale

    “Until now we have published games on these devices such as remakes of
    our old titles or turning our old franchises into social games, but
    going forward, in addition to these efforts, we will create new game
    titles of similar type.”

    D..Did I hear this correctly? They’re going to continue to derail their old franchises…and they LIKE it?!?!?

    • Just hope that they support controllers on these games.

      • Meaning, they should focus on big games for consoles.

        • Google Android 3.2 and higher natively supports gamepads both via USB and Bluetooth, it even supports PS3, 360 and Logitech gamepads via USB and developers don’t have to support controllers individually, the OS handles all of that as long as they use the native gamepad API.

          I don’t need a console, I just need a controller and games with controller support.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Along with longevity, apt controller response(zero lag) and proper device cooling

          • Either way it’s still uncomfortable having a phone/pad screen attached to a controller, it’s like a mediocre concept between handheld gaming and console gaming.

          • Some Android devices have HDMI support.

            And there’s also Google TV, which soon is getting updated to Android 4.2.2 and support for native apps.

            Plug a controller into one of those and there wouldn’t be much of a difference.

          • “Some”
            Plus, this is too much of a procedure/requirements to play a game that should be on a console/handheld to begin with.

            I think this is pretty lame, phones should work mainly for communication purposes and consoles mainly for gaming, console quality games should remain for consoles or handhelds, they are designed to work with these games.

          • DesmaX

            … Why, exactly?

            I already said that I dislike mobile gaming here, but, to be honest, I’d rather use 1 piece of hardware instead of 2

          • Huh? Not sure if I get your question and I agree I’d prefer to use a one piece of hardware .

          • Your argument doesn’t really hold up when you toss in Google TV devices though.

            They’re boxes that run Android apps and Google Chrome.

            Can’t call that too much to do when buying a console has pretty much the same setup requirements, plus these have more utility than a console since they house a full OS plus you get more bang for your buck for the sheer fact that an app bought for Google TV should work on Android phones and tablets too.

            I buy a game for my PS3 and it only works on my PS3 (not even on the PS4).

            I buy one for Android and it could work on my Droid Incredible, Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, Logitech Revue, Nexus 7, Droid Eris, etc… (so that’s phone, tablet, TV and even some laptop/desktop setups)

            Plus gamers like me prefer to get more bang for our buck. It sucks that to play AAA games, I have to buy a system that can only do that and not much more.

            Gamers that don’t want that stuff have nothing to lose. If Sony abandoned the PS4 in favor of a suped up Android TV box that played AAA games, I’m sure you wouldn’t lose out on anything by buying one if it offered all of the same games, you just get a bit more than a console and you’re not being forced to use any of the other features.

          • Guest

            Now to only make the games console-like.

  • Ni

    I can’t say i’m surprised, was already expecting something like that from SE
    This even make sense if you think about it. Since smartphone games are moire cheap to develop they can try to make better quality games for the plataform without wasting a big budget.
    But now that i think of it why not develop to psp, 3ds and vita? how much is the cost to develop for the current handheld consoles?

    • Slayven19

      The psp is dead but they’ve made plenty of games for it and they do make 3ds games, KHDDD, Bravely default?

      • Ni

        Two games, three if we count Gyrozetter. What i’m trying to say is that even that they do develop handhelds games the number of games released on smartphones still out number the 3ds games
        edit: I put psp because even though he is dead in the west new games for the plataform is still selling good in japan

        • LightZero

          4 actually if you count that FF music game.

          • Ni

            Yeah, but get a port to IOS so I didn’t count. my bad

  • dragoon_slayer12

    Love how they ignored the handheld market. I’m sure type-0 would look great on the vita, psp title or hd remake, and their only contributions are bravely default, and (pretty much) a hd remake of a ps3 port. I play my handheld more than I do my consoles, and I’m home most of the time.
    They could at least port those mobile games to the eShop and psmobile stores

  • I don’t mind any of this as long as they give us good games and as long as these games support gamepads.

    It sucks that Final Fantasy III for Android doesn’t support gamepads when Android has gamepad support built right in (not that it needs it, being a turn based game and all, but it’d still be nice).

  • keriaku

    I hope this means a Chaos Rings 3 is on the horizon.

  • EggmaniMN

    For the love of God, Square, stop with the focus on tablets and phones. It makes you look like a joke to all of your fans. You don’t need to debase yourself like that. All of those games you’re trying to put on tablets, put them on 3DS or Vita. Or Wii U. Or PS3. Or PS4. Just anything but tablets and phones. I refuse to ever buy a single title you put out for those things and I’m not alone.

  • I’m kind of done hating on SE for making mobile games, I understand why they do it, look at this industry and you can see why. Where a game that sells millions is a failure can we really blame them? I always had a problem though with the way they reveal these games, and how they turn old franchises into social games (ala Mana :( ) But hey, there’s enough hate going around.

    I do not have that much of an issue with this, I recently completed Chaos Rings 2 after 30 hours of play, never in my life did I think I would spend 30 hours on a mobile game but my god this game was good, the story was beyond excellent and the music ….I have no words for it. As long as the games are of this quality I don’t have a problem, SE will still make console games regardless.

    • Kenny Loh

      chaos rings is a nice game, but that game is not really develop by square-enix, it was develop by media vision which develop wild arms before.

      • Yeah I know, Media Vision did an amazing Job and WA is an old favorite of mine, but still, SE published that game, even is their focus is on releasing such games developed by other game houses like Media Vision, I don’t have a problem. I do also believe they have the talent and drive to create something special on these mediums.

        • Kenny Loh

          well, actually i hoping square-enix can make more company collab games(like star ocean, dragon quest 8, chaos rings etc), those games have the best qualities compared to the linear FF13, and i hope square-enix can focus much of Nomura’s works too.

          • I do agree, you know SE is big enough to bring all these talents together and I think they should. even if it is on a smaller platform, it can be good for things to come.

            Hopefully when versus 13 get’s released, Nomura will get much more spotlight

    • benhanks040888

      I finished the first Chaos Rings in something like 10-15 hours, here are my takes:

      – Finished it in my iPod Touch (won’t jeopardize my phone’s battery to play games, not to mention RPGs which require serious commitment)
      – Never played it again. The battle system is monotonous (same problem with lots of mobile RPGs)
      – Controls not as precise. Touch control sucks for RPG games.

      Main point? Use gadgets for what they’re meant to be used. Casual games for mobile are okay and effective, but complex games with complex gameplay/presentation? Leave them for consoles/handhelds please.

      • The second Chaos Rings is really good hey and much more varied in gameplay and story with multiple characters to use and swap out of your party each with their own ‘Limit break’ and much more locations.

        The controls needn’t be that precise too (though I never had a problem with it) as it’s turn based, it doesn’t hurt the gameplay. But I do agree with you on the first chaos rings, gamplay get’s stale , but I found the story to be a worthwhile motivation to play through it.

        • benhanks040888

          i have heard good words on CR2, might try it later.

          Touch is fine for turn based RPGs, but it can’t replicate the quickness of maneuver you can do in buttons.

          Imagine playing Tales of series in phone…

          • For a Tales or any action orientated game then precision is of utmost importance but, hey , for turn based it’s okay, but I do understand, I’m still not used to touch controls yet.

            And you should try it out, it is the same battle system but I just found it to be a more meaty experience and just much more realized than the original.

          • benhanks040888

            yeah, i will.

            My point is if they focus on building RPGs for mobile, then I worry that 99% the RPGs will be turn based. Not that it’s bad, but a perfect combination of action + RPG can be a real gem too, eg. Tales of and The World Ends With You.

            Talking about TWEWY, it’s just not the same in iOS. The upscaled HD graphics are pretty, but the touch control is not that good.

          • Kevadu

            I don’t know, it seems to me that most mobile games go for action systems because that’s more ‘casual’ and accessable to people. Unfortunately, the controls are always crap. I kind of *wish* more of these games were turn-based…because as you say, turn-based works fine on a touchscreen. And I love a good turn-based game.

          • Those type of games are hard to implement though on a phone, though not impossible, but that would be really awesome to play such a game though. TWEWY was ok on mobile, not to bad, Neku controlled fine but I really missed the second character though

          • benhanks040888

            When you have a drag, hold, and slash type pins together, it’s really difficult to maneuver Neku around at the same time, since our thumbs are much bigger than stylus in DS.

            But you get the point. Those are hard to implement in touch control.

  • I would gladly play console games on my ipod devices…except my hands are dirty. I know where they’ve been…even with a screen protector, I don’t like dragging them all over the place.

  • Sergio Briceño

    This is actually good news. Start small and remember what actually makes a game good. Maybe the reason they made so many bad games for the last decade (not all, but most were) is they had a very easy time just porting the good games and taking chances with FF (and we all know how that turn out).

    I’ve been more interested in mobile games as of late. Hope SE delivers at least on this platform.

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    Squeenix, go home.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    I am sad here that S-E is more focussing on smartphones and tablets rather than portables gaming machine considering that most of their release there have been excellent and selling well.

    • Pockystix

      it is sad, really it is. Their handheld dept has been surprisingly well managed. It’s like night and day, when compared to their console and pc development this generation.

      I think they need to swallow their pride and ask the Bravely Default group how its done.

  • Kaitsu

    Honestly, SE has made the best games for the iOS. Even the ports from the DS are superior on the iOS.

    Sadly, my phone is outdated, so I can’t really play anything made after FF3 on the iOS.

  • xXDGFXx

    And I will stop giving you my money altogether, fair trade!

  • Tom

    I’m afraid that this means Type-0 will be a mobile game if it manages to come to western shores. Since both PSP and PSV saler were poor and they want to spread their games it seems logical that they target the smart phone users… It’s not the same experience, if that’s the case I’m leaving SE to sink in it’s dumb decisions…

  • michel

    I think that Square Enix should be studied as a (negative) business case in university courses. Now they are leaving their core customers and fans to cash on the casuals on smarphones. Then, when the smartphone games market will be oversaturated with thousands of similar games and the fad gone, some top manager will say: “Eh, you know, it’s difficult to be profitable with so much competition, what should we do?…”

    • saxophone15

      Where did it say they are leaving their core fans? They still plan to make console games….they just want to make better mobile games as well.

      • michel

        They didn’t say it, but I think that the Type-0 blunder and the Versus case tell a lot.

        • saxophone15

          Type-0 wasn’t a blunder for the people in Japan. For Versus, I don’t see you point. If they really didn’t care about their core fans they wouldn’t still be working on it.

          • SaveTheDay

            Bearing upon the recent events revolving around SE I think you shouldn’t be that much optimistic about Versus XIII. I just can’t believe I’m actually writing this, (as I always had faith in SE, at least until 1~2 years ago.), but I can’t possibly imagine how they could make versus an awesome, deep and emotionnaly powerful game, like some FF were, if they just focus on their current ethos (money money social game ios money)

            It’ll be likely to be another action rpg game, made casual to attract the most possible people. It will be only used as a technology demo for the PS4.

            Again, I do hope I’m wrong and that SE is trying its best to release a “true” FF. But I’m afraid future will prove me right.

          • saxophone15

            Why not be optimistic? Unlike some people, I actually enjoyed FFXIII and XIII-2 (and no, I didn’t start with those games). I didn’t buy FFXIV for obvious reasons, but ARR is looking to be pretty decent. If Versus turns out to be bad, I just won’t buy it. I wouldn’t make a big fuss about it.

            I’m not sure what you would define as casual. If by casual, you mean easy….I think some of the earlier Final Fantasy games were fairly easy (for just getting through the main story). If you meant casual as in, not complex…I don’t think that really matters if the game is fun/interesting.

            I think a “true” Final Fantasy is the wrong way to think about it. Each Final Fantasy game is different to an extent. By thinking this way, you confine your expectations…making it more likely you will be disappointed. I guess it’s your choice if you want to be pessimistic, but I don’t think that way.

          • SaveTheDay

            Don’t get me wrong, i bought both ff XIII and ff XIII-2, and quite enjoyed them. These games were good, but not as good as I expected them to be. They lacked something…something that would have made them more than just games. Something that would have made them “Final Fantasy”. I didn’t feel the same emotions as I did when I played the previous ones.

            Also, when I refer to “a true FF game”… I don’t confine my expectations, I don’t want a “stereotype” game or something like that. All of the FFs were different, and I enjoyed all of them. However, although they were different, they shared the same soul. It’s something you can feel but you can’t explain. The emotions you feel while you play the game, while you live the story with the characters…I shared the pain and the joy they felt, I shared the sorrow of their friends’ death, the same despair they would feel if they were defeated by an ennemy…That is the emotions I am looking for in a “true” FF game. It’s not about gameplay. It’s not about the world of the game. It’s about what you feel when you play it.

            It’s deeper than just an addition of all the qualities and defects of the game. It’s an experience by itself. Sure, I’ve grown up a lot between the first ff I’ve played and now, and sure, it must have changed my expectations, my personal tastes or whatever. But I’m still looking for these emotions which are incredible memories.

            I may be pessimistic, but the world taught me to be.

            That being said, It goes without saying that I’ll buy Versus XIII day one…because I need to and because this game seems awesome AT FIRST SIGHT…I’m just saying that based on what SE is actually doing, and if it’s a sign of the quality of their work, maybe we should be careful about this game — especially in order not to be disappointed.

            NB : Oh, and by “casual”, I was refering to the xp system / grinding / loot / progression system this sort of things. ff XIII was kinda disapointing this way and way too simple. I like spending some time in menus, trying to find a way to develop my character in the best possible way.

          • saxophone15

            I guess for me I just don’t really have any reason to be careful of Versus. Even if the outcome is disappointing…I wouldn’t let it bother me.

          • michel

            In fact it wasn’t, but, sadly, we aren’t “people in Japan” ;)
            As for Versus, I don’t share your optimism… Time will tell…

          • saxophone15

            I prefer to be optimistic. If something I was looking forward to turns out to not be so great, I just shrug it off and wait for the next game. (this applies to all games, not just Final Fantasy)

          • Anime10121

            How do some of you not understand by now the reason why Type 0 wont come? It’s a PSP game, on a system where software is HEAVILY pirated, Crisis Core came out when the system was still new to the pirating scene, and thus sold extremely well. Dissidia and Birth by sleep sold considerably less respectively, and both were extremely solid games.

            Type 0 is a high quality title with MANY voice actors, in fact, I think I remember them saying its the most they’ve had in a Final Fantasy thus far. Had it come, and sold less than Birth by Sleep here (which it would have, cuz PSP software sells are pitiful nowadays compared to the beginning of its life), regardless of the quality of the title, it would have been another horse for western game “journalists” to beat, and them saying “Oh, the Final Fantasy series is dead”, and “JRPG’s need to be revitalized” etc etc.

            They cant just decide to port it to another console just for it to release in the west, it has to make sense for Japan too (and their dev team output). If they dont have a team to port it, it cant be ported.

            And by now, I’m sure people would want it to be a discount title even if they did release it in the west, just because it was late getting here. I can here the cries now “Why should I pay full price for a 2 year old PSP game” (even though it technically wouldnt be old whenever it released because it would be new to the west.

            In its current incarnation, it’s impossible for Type 0 to come to the west and do decently. Unless Tabata’s team isn’t currently working on anything and just sitting idly by twiddling their thumbs (I doubt thats the case, and they are working on something), theres no one to port it right now.

        • LightZero

          Type 0 blunder? Oh you mean releasing a game on a very dead system in the west that would sell like crap. Yeah sounds like a good idea…

  • Alos88

    So you’re going after the console players by making console style games… for smartphones.
    It’s like they want to fail.

  • epy

    When Wada finally stepped down, we get Wada 2.0.

  • akiko_sakuraba

    Is it really that much of a sin to want to play with a controller and a console?

    • Neophoton

      Apparently to Square Enix, it is.

  • ragingmerifes

    Don’t. Don’t do that, Square.
    We love console games for portable devices when these devices are called 3DS or Vita. Games for tablets and phones aren’t supposed to be like that.

  • FeaturePreacher

    This is what happens when you buy used games and developers don’t get compensated by people that buy used games. Hopefully, the PS4 and XBone will solve this. Otherwise get used to seeing good games on bad platforms where you can’t trade anything in.

    • SaveTheDay

      Although I do agree with you, this can’t be the unique reason.
      Piracy and the used game market help promoting games some customers wouldn’t have bought at full retail price. The same customers who, sometimes, after having enjoyed a used game, don’t hesitate to purchase the sequel (full price).

  • ShawnOtakuSomething
  • Neophoton

    I foresee more social F2P games. Or $15+ releases. Sigh…

  • Morricane

    Well, I don’t mind them making kinds of games for smartphones, if they wouldn’t make the interesting titles out of them smartphone-exclusives…

  • FFmax

    Uh yeah, Square ever think about focusing on the handheld market instead like the 3DS and Vita? And not just smartphones?

    • CirnoLakes

      I am guessing that Square Enix think that the handheld market is starting to disappear. Perhaps even the dedicated device market in general.

  • anarchy_panty

    I’m all for this is they include traditional controls along with touch screen controls, like Taxman’s ports of Sonic CD and Sonic 1 do.

    That will never, ever happen, though. :(

  • Pockystix

    honestly, they should just make console games for consoles. Dimensions was really limited; thanks to the tech/battery/controls, hence it probably would’ve made more sense to have ported it to either the Vita or 3DS as budget ttles. . . rather than charging ridiculously high prices on iOS

  • ElAbuelo69

    start by at least giving them controller-support.

    This might make the Ouya worth it but I would prefer (as most of us, I suppose) that SE just focused on consoles :(

    • CirnoLakes

      Agreed. They should also come with keyboard support. The most common tablet peripheral is a keyboard. In fact, a good portion of people are using keyboard with tablets. And using tablets as basically a laptop replacement.

      What many don’t realize is that much of the tablet market is actually a laptop market. Microsoft realize this, Intel realize this, nVidia realize this. That’s why they’ve all be trying to get into the tablet market. nVidia already has a major place in the tablet market. Intel is developing Haswell chips specifically with competing with ARM in mind. And Microsoft has developed their first OS for ARM because of wanting to get in the tablet sphere.

      Because these folks realize they’re all losing laptop market to the tablet market. And lots of people are just using tablets as laptops. If tablets are basically a laptop, which they pretty well are, then the industry should treat them as such, and develop for them like they were PCs as much as if they were phones. Most people have a keyboard with their tablet, you’d might as well develop for that.

      Tablets need more PC thinking and less phone thinking. Or should at least attempt to make the best of both worlds.

  • whatinthewolrd

    Phone and tablet gaming is here to stay, so you old farts can either accept it, or stay bitter. The problem always was the fact that smartphones had bad tech and controls but all of that is changing and all that is now needed is for developers to actually start making good games for those markets.

    • CirnoLakes

      It’s a culture thing rather than an accepting new technology thing.

      At best, tablets would just be an evolution of the laptop. That being said, most games for tablets don’t come with even keyboard support for gaming, much less are they meant for controllers.

      Touchscreens really aren’t that good for gaming, and the screens are too small to enjoy a proper console experience. Tablet screens are at least as good as handheld screens, but they’re definitely not a console experience. And tablets don’t play as well as handhelds because there’s a limit to what you can do with touchpad input. Most games simply weren’t meant to be played with a touchscreen. Including classics like the original Super Mario Bros. You really do need buttons. Heck, even arcade sticks aren’t obsolete.

      Furthermore, a lot of these “mobile games” have been very low quality. Even from big companies, there’s a lot of cheap cash-in games. So there’s a reason for the stigma behind mobile gaming right now.

      I will admit that things can change, however. Tablets will become treated as a more respectable part of the hardcore game industry when: many of their applications are meant to be used with the TV or computer screen through HDMI, keyboard, controller, and arcade pad support becomes mainstream for tablet apps, and when x86 Windows tablets become mainstream, and tablets are treated much like a small laptop. And, when far more “hardcore” games start showing up on the tablet which do run 1080p, HDMI, keyboard, and gamepad.

      That can happen, but in the meantime there’s been a lot of disappointment to find in the mobile world and mobile culture. We who like console style video games have a lot to worry about if developers stop catering to us and making games the way we like.

      • whatinthewolrd

        You sound just like a PC fanboy telling me in the 90s I was stupid for buying a gameboy.

        • CirnoLakes

          You sound like someone unwilling to take criticism of the mobile platform.

          I’m not a fanboy of anything. I love the Game Boy back then. Though I’ve never enjoyed the neck pain handheld gaming always caused me. And I own all platforms, including Android mobile devices. If I were altogether against mobile gaming and a “fanboy”, I wouldn’t have a huge stake in the mobile market. I much prefer Android to iOS and Google Play to iTunes even if I think the iTunes library is better.

          I see a limitation in the current industry. One that doesn’t go as well with the console game industry and culture as it ought to. And I see limitation to touch controls to console style genres. Tablets are fine as a platform, but touch controls are limited. And simply aren’t a replacement for buttons of some variety.

          If you want people to take you seriously, I think you should form a reasonable argument people and their claims rather than just calling them a fanboy.

          • mirumu

            I agree with you. I really like tablets/smartphones for a lot of things, I use them all the time for certain tasks. Both iOS and Android. There are certainly games out there that work really well with a touchscreen interface, I love the ones that do, but they’re unfortunately few and far between.

            So many games are designed for controllers or keyboards that really feel clumsy and frustrating when shoehorned onto tablets without any other form of input. I think they still sell because games on Android and iOS are relatively cheap, but the user experience tends to be extremely poor. It’s just shovelware taken to new levels and I really doubt it’s going to sustain itself in the long term.

          • whatinthewolrd

            Maybe take a second to read what I said before posting paragraphs repeating everything you said before. I said you sound like one, because you do, that simple. Now you are backtracking on you neck pains, defending the game boy’s limited controls, which have the same amount of limitation as current smartphones. If you do not know this than you really don’t play anything worth more than a dollar on your device.

          • whatinthewolrd

            And to repeat my point as you did, all it needs is good games. That simple.

  • Why not releasing this console-like for PSN games? That would work even better.

  • CirnoLakes

    I guess that’s the direction the industry is going.:/

    I guess it’s better to get enthusiast/hardcore/console type games for tablets than no hardcore games at all. Still, touchscreens aren’t very good outside of a very specific type of game that takes advantage of the inface.

    And those are arcade style swipe games. And if people are going to move to tablet development while still trying to make “console type” games. I’d rather see them at least add some kind of controller/pad or keyboard support.

    Most tablets are created with keyboards in mind as well. So you’d might as well develop the games with at least keyboard support as well as touchscreen support.

  • Demeanor

    My two cents: Square is becoming something else altogether, and that would be fine although it saddens me to lose such an important company of the past, problem is they’re still trying to use their former glory (it’s been YEARS now) and are focusing on a strategy that imho does not really make sense. It’s like they’re trying to go for the hardcore crowd on tablet and smartphones, problem is the hardcore crowd will NOT stay on this track for long, they’ll still prefer the dedicated console and handheld market, the best they can come up on these platforms are PS1.5-generation titles (do you seriously think they can create something like, say, a Shadow Hearts 2 on tablet and smartphones? I don’t), there are really too many downsides to developing serious games on these devices: controls, power, space, variety of hw, std price… I don’t feel any excitement or attraction regarding their plans.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Square Enix ceased to be relevant about the time they turned FF casts into androgynous boys / chicks showing no personality and when instead of trying to give closure to the ridiculously (and purposefully too for that matter) narrative of KH decided to instead toss a bunch of spin offs. Why’d anyone still care about them~?

  • Charmchar

    I really would prefer to play console like games on my console sitting on my couch, that’s just me tho.

  • elcido6

    boo this company!! booooooooo!!!

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