Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Trailer Shows Off The Game’s Job Actions

By Ishaan . May 30, 2013 . 9:20am

Square Enix have shared a new trailer for Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn, showing off Job Actions in the game. Additionally, signups for Phase 3 of the game’s beta test are now open and can be accessed here for North America and here for Europe:



Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be released on August 27th worldwide for PC and PlayStation 3.

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  • I personally think most of the effects are overkill. They’re meant to look cool but get in the way

    oooh pretty lights

    • The Watcher

      Have you Seen Lv 41+ offensive spells in PSU? THAT…was overkill. got so bad Masterforces wouldn’t be allowed in some parties.

  • Ardus

    Traditionally i roll paladins on these types of games but iv always loved everything about the dragoon class.

  • Shariest

    Can’t wait…Both for the release and the next beta…
    Missed phase 2 for internet reasons :P

  • karasuKumo

    So much standing around.

  • kool_cid414

    Yay June 14th is planned to be the start of phase 3 beta

  • Joseph

    Black Mage looks badass, but all the other skill animations are just too flashy for my tastes.

    • Mister Spooks

      I have the opposite sentiments. They’re not flashy enough. Everything is so underwhelming. It doesn’t feel like a Final Fantasy game at all.

      • Joseph

        Imagine a boss fight with 5+ players and the enemies attacking… it will be like 4th of July with so many fireworks!

        • Mister Spooks

          But they’re all just standing there. And the camera is all static. Its one thing when old console hardware limited it, but not these days. MMO’s in general just strike me as so stale.

          • Yuta Takemoto

            The camera is static because this isn’t meant to be a representation of gameplay. It’s strictly getting a good camera angle to get a look at the abilities, that’s all.

            And yes, having more than a handful of people in an area doing stuff, the flash does get to be too much.

          • Guest

            The video isn’t meant to be representative of gameplay. They picked a camera angle and stuck with it to just show off the abilities. It’s why everyone is just standing around. They didn’t want to distract from what they were trying to show you.

      • Wiccan1109

        For a long time now my sentiments on the games combat has been ‘overwhelming lights’ and ‘underwhelming choreography’. Or the fact that the lights simply drown out the characters, especially with multiple people fighting at the same time, heaven help you if you want to see the characters beneath the lights when 8 people are fighting at once. So ‘flashy’ in the literal sense but not in the impressive sense.

        The actual effects themselves are pretty similar to all the low lv content we’ve seen. The lights are just as flashy, the physical movements are pretty much the same. The high spells are grander than what we’ve seen in ARR, but less grand than they were in 1.0, maybe in order to keep up with the new tempo.

        The only thing i can say is this may be intentional in order to make the limits feel more intense. The trailer that had meteor showed them to be quite cinematic. For me though, the combat is just so fast and generic that none of the attacks look or feel special. DRG seems more popular because its a bit more creative with its attacks.

        • Mister Spooks

          I think I’m just doomed to never enjoy an MMO. I don’t value ‘teamwork’ as much as I do a gripping personal plot and an energetic presentation. You can’t get that out of an MMO.

  • Bunzi

    They put all this love and work into attack animations and the enemies just sort of twitch their heads at them. Even they’re not taken in by the light shows. As a long time MMO player, that’s always been something that takes me out of it.

  • SirTeffy

    Links aren’t working right now – if we signed up for Phase 1/2 PS3 testers, are we automatically in for Phase 3 selection?

    • Seeing how they take new apps every beta, safest bet would be to sign up again

    • Solomon_Kano

      Yea. If you try to sign up again, it’ll tell you that there’s already been a submission under your e-mail address. So you’re still in the running for Phase 3.

  • This game will have it’s own following but I don’t think it’s going to find the crowd it’s looking for.

    This game is do or die for SE. I think there will be some ramifications at the company due to this especially with it’s pay to play model

    • Luna Kazemaru

      I hope you aren’t implying F2P is a better way to go with it.

      • No, I think they’re going to have population issues

        • Luna Kazemaru

          so far its gotten some hype but like all mmo’s it will die down the thing is if square can keep people in.

          • Yea it’s too early to tell what will happen. I think if they decide to release it on the PS4 they’re going to run into fierce competition with games like Destiny which is brand new

  • StarWarudo

    I’ve always loved the Dragoon class.

  • Vash bane

    looks cool already see two classes I like

  • riceisnice

    Oh my gosh. Bards actually have instruments now!

  • HerosLight

    I had no Idea Monk class was in this and I love Monk classes.

    Why I love Monk classes? I get to be like Sabin and suplex trains.

    • I love you simply for mentioning suplexing trains.
      FFVI was amazing.

      Hopefully somewhere down the FF line, we’ll be able to suplex airships.

  • Yeah, I went and pre-ordered a few days ago =). Can’t wait until they release more info on the Summoner class as well. This is going to be a long 3 months lol.

    AzureNova will be the best Dragoon evaaa =^_^=

  • Mister Spooks

    I’ll never understand how anyone can find such slow, underwhelming ‘battles’ stimulating enough to engage in this for hours on end.

    • Suicunesol

      For more than a decade, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and dungeon crawler games featured static sprites “attacking” each other. Yet somehow they became some of the most beloved and famous games ever made. Why is that?

      That’s probably because it wasn’t about flashy graphics back then, even though developers strived for it; in the end, there must be some other hook, and the human imagination does the rest. What you see on the screen are just visuals; the intellectual battle happens in the mind, and that’s what’s exciting.

      For the record, many people find the action-packed experience of Dynasty Warriors to be button-mashingly boring.

      • Mister Spooks

        Even back in the SNES era the battles still had wicked cool special effects for its time. The PS1 era introduced dynamic camera angles, and the PS2 allowed for excellent particle effects. It only started stepping backwards with FFXII when it became static just for the sake of rendering the field map in real time 360 views.

        Thats a stupid sacrifice. A pretty world is worthless if nothing interesting happens in it.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      If you want mash happy you can always play tera

  • Dragoon it is than!

  • Masa

    games looks beautiful and i’m guessing its the pc…..need to upgrade my pc. :(

    • kool_cid414

      Ps3 version is available at the same time if you have a ps3.

  • So many tempting classes, and with the Summoner not being shown off yet… Oh, I’m very excited for the release of this game. Now, please excuse me while I rush out to go place my preorder on the PS3 collector’s edition.

    • Burne133

      Scholar is coming too!

      • Really? What’s that one supposed to give access to?

        • Burne133

          Scholar is the job actually, The class for it won’t be revealed until e3. The job is on the new cover art and it was confirmed by the producer last week. He said wait til e3 for more information.

          • Cool! Glad to know it’ll only be a week or so before finding out more.

  • Ferrick

    hmm, kinda weird that dark knight isn’t there either…

  • Masengan

    When I saw the dragoon it was like looking at the FF4 cover.

  • Guest

    This looks pretty awesome, the mages especially :-)

  • new_tradition

    So far I plan to get this game, but I’ve never played an MMORPG before. In general, the Dragoon job has been my fave in the FF franchise, but I was reading some comments suggesting going for the healer approach since it’s more likely to get party invites.

    …But I wanna do high jumps :/

  • Donatetimo

    yup warrior for sure now.

  • does anyone know if this is releasing via gamestop?
    Every time I ask I am met with “Did they announce a collectors edition?”

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