• puchinri

    That was a fun read!

    The memory bits are more in-depth than I would have guessed, and I’m very curious about playing with people’s memories (and how it’ll be handled in-game).

    Also, I remember hearing somewhat about how the dev team had already finalized a lot (decision-wise) as far as story and such go by the time this was picked up. I kind of wonder how things would have changed if Capcom had come in earlier, but regardless, I’m glad that they got it later and that through a lot of the opposition they were met with, they stuck to their guns and did get someone willing to publish the game.

  • Strid

    And unfortunately as cool as the story and setting are, it’s still a 6 hour game with uninspiring Arkham City style combat. I’m grateful Blockbuster still has stores in my area.

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