Square Enix To Show “Next Generation Of Final Fantasy” At E3, Along With More

By Ishaan . June 6, 2013 . 2:20pm

Square Enix will show “a next-generation of Final Fantasy” at E3 this year, the publisher has confirmed. This will be joined by other Final Fantasy games like Lightning Returns and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.


Square previously announced they would discuss the future of Final Fantasy at E3 on June 11th, Tuesday, from 9am to 11am. Square plan to stream some of their E3 activities and features on their E3 YouTube channel.


Other Square Enix games at E3 include: Thief, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut and mobile and tablet games like Deus Ex: The Fall.


  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Thats an interesting thing to do, hopefully this generation around they are a bit more focused and less ambitious with plans at the start of the gen and work on gradually unveiling their portfolio of titles over the coming months and years when they are closer to being at a stage of completion and even release.

    • kylehyde

      Who the heck are you what have you done with tsuna…whatever?
      Being serious I think you are 100% right

      • Solomon_Kano

        Right? I had to check whose comment I was reading lol.

        • kylehyde

          All right maybe I exaggerated the things.

      • KyoyaHibari

        He has a BL avatar and super flowery prose; I’m really suspicious lol.

  • NoLastName

    I know people hate when people bringing up Final Fantasy Versus XIII but I have to wonder if it’s going to be rebranded as Final Fantasy XV

    • Solomon_Kano

      I think that’s a very real possibility.

      • TheExile285

        Isn’t Versus an ARPG though?

        • Solomon_Kano

          Yep, so that would make it the first numbered game to be an action-RPG.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            Funilly enough, I seem to recall a rumour that Versus, along with the name, was changed into a turn-based game with an ATB-like system.

            But since this is all just baseless conjecture, who knows…

          • Solomon_Kano

            Now wouldn’t that be a drastic change. If true, that would guarantee it as a numbered title. Hm. Well, just one more week…

          • I hope that’s not true, but for all we know it is. Where’d it come from?

          • Tom_Phoenix

            I’ve managed to find the source, but I was actually wrong on the name change; the guy doesn’t mention anything of the sort.

            Anyway, here is the statement:

            “The game is NO LONGER AN ACTION-RPG. Its more in-line with traditional Final Fantasy and has been described to me as a combination of FFXII and the Classic ATB. seen in the older games. Still a Playstation 3 exclusive (you can thank/hate Sony for that) and is slated to release this Winter in Japan and North America (sorry Europe.) The game being shown for PS4 is NOT FFVXIII.”

            Source: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/932981-final-fantasy-versus-xiii/65619020

            Again, though, this is just an UNSUBSTANTIATED RUMOUR, so take it with a fistful of salt. Then again, almost everything about Versus is a rumour so far.

          • Odd. After all the work on making a dark KH-ish arpg, why switch gears back to classic turn-based rpg style. I mean I like turn-based too, but Versus always seems intense with lots of running and jumping. That’s action rpg all day.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            Well, if the claim is accurate (and that’s a BIG if), we will find out for certain during E3.

          • think they’ll spill the beans on day one or at the end?

          • Tom_Phoenix

            Either at Sony’s conference on Monday or at their “Future of Final Fantasy” Q&A session on Tuesday.

          • Shariest

            Grat, now my mind is filled with ideas on how to complete that combination!

        • Kai2591

          It is? INTERESTING.

    • No.
      Just Final Fantasy Versus… supposedly

    • mike dickson

      nope ff versus 13 would be not be change to ff 15 for two reason reason one ff 15 is for ps4 reason 2 versus was announce as a PS3 exclusive so if they do change versus they will lose a lot of fans imo

  • Tom

    Okay, you can show me some current-gen Final Fantasy. Like that Opposing Final Fantasy or whatever they called it…

  • I’m digging deep into my well of sarcastic responses and not really coming up with anything. Square Enix is kinda out of ways to disappoint by now.

  • ChiffonCake

    Come on Square, at least SOMETHING about Versus… please?

  • Solomon_Kano

    I wonder if Versus will be the only next-gen game they show from Japan. Their EU side’s already bringing Thief, so I don’t expect another one out of them, but Squenix’s got several people who’ve been real quiet for some time now. That Ryutaro Ichimura Unreal action-RPG hasn’t come up since 2011, after all…

    • Anime10121

      Honestly, even if they do show Versus, I’m not expecting a very big trailer, heck LR which comes first only got another minute and a half long trailer. So unfortunately the new FF will probably be a very short teaser and nothing more, asking us to “Please wait for TGS”.

      I too wanna know what happened to that Ichimura action RPG, and also that big game they were developing that had airship battles etc that was talked about on Sili YEARS ago, but never heard about again.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Remember though, LR also has a gameplay demo on the show floor. It’s been and is being covered by various sites. It makes sense that it wouldn’t get a longer trailer when attendees can play the demo itself, so it’s sure to be shown off across various outlets. Heck, SE’s own Youtube stream of E3 may broadcast the gameplay footage.

        I expect that Versus won’t have any playable gameplay demo, so it’ll get a longer trailer instead. It wouldn’t make sense to re-reveal it to as paltry a trailer as LR’s.

        What’s this second game you’re talking about though? Are you perhaps referring to this one?


        Because this never came up after that job listing. I’m STILL wondering what it is/was supposed to be, especially given it was PS3 and Vita. I speculated back then that it was a sequel to Type-0 (I’m Balthier lol) and all this time later… yea, that still makes the most sense to me, unless it’s another spin-off/different series/new IP.

        • Anime10121

          I dunno, last time Nomura talked about a Vs reveal, he said it would be playable on actual hardware (he didnt technically say it’d be playable to the public/press, but it would be shown playable), so if Vs. IS their “Next Gen FF”, then I’m hoping for a teaser, and then a surprise demo.

          I do however dislike the fact that Square seems to be shying away from their usual epic trailers. Usually, by the time we have a release date for the game, we have a trailer that lasts more than 2 minutes. I mean it releases in 5 months in Japan and we still haven’t gotten many concrete details by way of trailer or Famitsu info. But I guess it could be a good thing too, as it’ll keep us from knowing everything about the game before it even hits.

          And yeah, that’s exactly the title I was talking about. It sounded like it could have really been something y’know. But with all the cancellations Square has spoken of over the years, I fear it may have been sent to the chopping block, especially considering Vita has still yet to catch its stride. :(

          • Solomon_Kano

            Oh, I expect a demo. I guess I didn’t word that right, but I what I meant by no playable demo was that it wouldn’t be one that the folks at E3 could play.

            I think they’re moving away from the epic trailer treatment for Lightning Returns given the fatigue some people are expressing with the XIII games. It wouldn’t really have same impact when only half the people watching actually care about the game, no matter how epic the trailer. Actually, I think they’re applying that to the game as a whole. As you said, we’ve gotten precious little info on the game. I’d typically expect E3 to be a blowout, but nope, it’s just a single gameplay demo (which sounds pretty short by Spencer’s preview, since it’s just to show off the combat).

            I don’t think that title will have been one that got cancelled. For all the Vita’s woes, keep in mind that it was also going to be on PS3. If anything, they’d have just cancelled the Vita version. I can’t see them having axed a project from the 1st Production Dept., especially with it having been on Unity. That was probably the cheapest title they had in development, with Unity being a lot simpler than Unreal or SE’s own messy engines. And, if it really is Type-0 related, it’s definitely still around since that sold like crazy.

            Whatever it was/is though, maybe we’ll see it at TGS. It’d be nice to see SE finally do another Vita game. I mean, two launch titles and then… a F2P port? Boo!

          • Anime10121

            All good points!

            Though technically, their 3DS support died with Bravely Default (unless you’re referring to western support), but yeah, seems strange they arent supporting either handheld as much. 3DS DEFINITELY got more love, but, all in all, neither is getting half of the support DS/PSP got! So yeah, hopefully TGS will be a blowout for Square,and they announce all kinds of new stuff.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, I was talking western support. I certainly hope we see more handheld titles come TGS. For both, too. Squenix made all of my favorite PSP games and a number of good DS games, so it’d be a shame if they stayed away from our new portables.

  • Just don’t want to be disappointed so whatever happens happens


    Just don’t expect anything or get your hopes up and you will be fine. :)

    • Mimi

      I think I have failed entirely at both. LOL

      • JustThisOne

        I know. It’s so hard. But let’s be cool.

        *___* Cooool. *deep breaths*

      • Don’t worry, one day all this will pay off. I hope.

    • Sounds like a cynical way to go about things. Sometimes it’s ok to get your hopes up. People just need to exercise maturity when things sometimes turn out bad. Personally I’ve gone thru some times of childishly raving or loosing it. But after its over you notice real life doesn’t care if you’re mad. Best just to try again later or be patient.

    • ShadowDivz

      Yeah, we should go about this like that hot girl at the mall.

      Don’t stare too much, act cool and calm.
      And make sure she doesn’t know your looking.
      Aww yeah.

  • SupaPhly

    does iOS count as “next generation”?

  • Lemon

    Kingdom Hearts 3. About. freaking. time. I’m very interested which Disney worlds will be in it this time!

    • Solomon_Kano

      Highly doubt they’re announcing KH3 when Versus still isn’t out.

      • Lemon

        Whoops, I posted in the wrong section I think. I was actually trying to reply to whoever it was that posted the supposed leaked pics of KH3 and FFXV posters.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Ah. Gotcha. Yea, those were fake.

          • the net gives birth to more trolls than anything else, shame

    • not yet yo, that ones still being born

  • DarthSithZero

    Just kill Final Fantasy, its dead anyway.

    • Solomon_Kano


      • DarthSithZero

        Some people don’t get that Final Fantasy will never be the same again

        • JustThisOne

          It’s fine. I think some people are along for the ride because Final Fantasy changes. If Final Fantasy never changed, then we’d just be playing the same games over and over. We could always just play that “golden era” of games whenever we like. It’s still there.

          • exactly. they’ll be good one, great ones, and bad ones, you gotta stick around and see it things get better. just quitting doesn’t help anything. every series hits a rough spot.

        • but there’s a chance it can be better than ever one day, why give up?

    • never kill something. fix it.

      • SaveTheDay

        What about Justin Bieber ?

        • LOL well even though I hate his music, even he could improve from just being a generic pop idol.

    • any wait?

      • DarthSithZero


  • Donatetimo

    I’m interested to see what they reveal about Final Fantasy XIV in E3

  • Subaru

    Am I the only one thinking, that Agni’s Philosophy Demo looked way more interesting than Versus? I wish they would turn that into their next FF main game.

    • Mimi

      I agree completely, I’m on tender-hooks for all these announcements

    • amagidyne

      You’re not the only one.

    • ShadowDivz

      A.P isn’t a game?

      • Solomon_Kano

        Nah. Not yet, anyway. It’s just a tech demo for now, though they did publish a survey right after its unveiling asking in people would be interested in seeing it as an actual game in the future. I sure said yes.

    • I thought it was decent, but I got a tired pope-acult-middle east vibe from it. I don’t want any of those things for 1000th time (seen them in movies and lots of sci-fi games). They need to break into something new and add hints of nostalgia.

      • MrTyrant

        I rarely see middle east warzones combined with ff magic and summons, could be interesting. Yeah I liked Agni, a lot in my case.

        • OK that’s true, but I guess I meant the middle east is often brought up in war games like Call of Duty. So I figued from looking at it it would only be a matter of time before it became something like that. Middle Easterns misunderstanding a cult in the area that they see as raising a demon (and likely is) and they attack and the lead escapes never knowing she’s helping the demon…..wait, I think I just talk myself into something good.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Introducing the long awaited Final Fantasy XV!

    ….starring Lightning.

  • Wonrei

    Can we have no Nomura designs this time, please? His art style just doesn’t fit this realistic look these games have… his characters look like barbie dolls in HD.

    • Chiupon

      he’s pretty competent as a designer, imo
      there’s a girl who’s name I forgot who does the 3d modeling, though
      nomura does not make the models
      he does art
      and his style definitely does
      you should be more worried about him writing…

  • Grape Monet

    Whatever it is, I just hope they have something planned for Wii U, Deus Ex port notwithstanding.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    FF: Agni’s Philosophy plx!

    Otherwise, surprise me. But it better be f*coming good! You got one shot at this

  • Beat

    I really really really hope it’s like Agni’s Philosophy. That was amazing.

  • “Square-Enix on the future of Final Fantasy”

    (Sqaure-Enix walks on stage)

    “Ahem. There will NEVER be a FINAL fantasy. That is all.”

    (Walks off stage)

    • ShadowDivz

      I honestly see that happening.
      Cause, what else could that mean? “the future of final fantasy”…seriously what the hell does that mean?
      Agni’s Philosophy would be a cool game. What’s the word on it?

      • It was just supposed to be a test demo for their new engine, but hopefully it will become a full fledged game one day.

        • Definitely would dig it if they actually made a game out of that demonstration :3

  • AnimusVox

    Everytime I see ‘Agni’s Philosophy’ I want it to be a game more than us getting a new FF honestly.

  • eilegz

    hopefully its not versus xiii because we want that in current gen

  • Shariest

    The future of Final Fantasy…
    Nomura walks slowly to stage and says:
    “No More Lightning”
    And walks away.

  • harpdevil

    Hopefully they wont give XV a european medieval theme (unless it was more cartoony like IX, but they’ll never do that again). I also hope it isn’t about two kingdoms at war, that’s been done to death and not just in FF games.

  • I think is great to know another Final fantasy will be released in 7~9 years in Ps4

  • artemisthemp

    I really looking forward to watching Square Enix E3 :)

  • Letiumtide

    Watch as they tease everybody with an HD demo of Final Fantasy VI, but ah, it was just a demo, don’t expect a game.

    • Alos88

      That would be a weird case of deja vu


      • Letiumtide

        Oh, I’m aware of that. I just couldn’t pick something from the last generation really to have them make a “it’s so impressive now” demo. That and Final Fantasy VI fans have been begging for a remake.

        Man that video brings back memories.

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    I hope it involves a newcomer named Agni or Noctis

  • badmoogle

    I hope they realize that after the XIII fiasco they need to work really hard to change people’s opinions about the brand let alone impress them.

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      XIII-2 was their way to make up for XIII with less linearity and multiple endings. However, somebody from Square had the brillant idea to end the story on a cliffhanger and release lots of DLCs that focused on people’s favorite characters, Snow and Sazh, rather than leaving that in the game

  • William Cole

    Am I the only person who cares about Dragon Quest? At least a Dragon Quest VII 3DS release? Dragon Quest XI would be awesome but really. We missed Dragon Quest Monsters 3D, Dragon Quest VII 3D, and now we’re probably going to miss Dragon Quest Monsters 2 3D. I am really disappointed in Square Enix right now.

    • Elvick

      Square is slacking with localizations. It’s really disappointing.

  • I think I figured it out. The future of FF is action rpgs. That’s why Versus will be the first Numbered FF as an arpg. People have been saying for years that turn-based is dead (I disagree but most people I know agree heavily). Maybe that’s what they’ll announce.

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