Tekken Revolution Coming To PS3 As A Free-To-Play Game

By Ishaan . June 8, 2013 . 10:28pm

Namco Bandai have announced Tekken Revolution, a free-to-play Tekken game for the PlayStation 3, which will allow you to play as eight characters from the series for no charge. Here’s a trailer for the game:



Tekken Revolution will allow you to play either against CPU opponents or online against other players. The game also has new Special Arts and Critical Arts moves that are designed to aid newcomers pull off hard-hitting attacks.


Additionally, you’ll also be able to level up your characters with three stats—Strength, Endurance and Vigor—to create a specially-tuned fighter focusing on offense or defense.


Tekken Revolution will be available on June 11th.

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  • RovCal

    sigh… I was so sure that it was a vita title….

  • roockie112

    8 characters only that’s weak

  • Must Have OST

  • Sergio Briceño

    Given TN’s last effort into the freemium market, I don’t think Namco’s will be much different. What will they offer to make Revolution a must download? Their past couple of games (not taking tag battles into account) were really similar (while the last DoA as bad as it was at least tried something new).

    • $7573679

      Pff, the last DoA was awesome. Anything else is blasphemy and none objective. On a sidenote it is free, so what they got to offer is a real trial for anyone new to the two series or those who simply want a slimmed down version of it for online play.

      • Sergio Briceño

        You are missing the point. Yes, it’s a demo with online play. BUT if it’s anything like the new freemium DoA then it’s going to be a lot more expensive for people wanting to get the whole experience.

        If you are still missing the point: What exactly makes it worth downloading? Just it being a demo with online play? For a fighting game I don’t think anything beats local multiplayer and we already have demos for every fighting game imaginable.

        You know what would make it worth downloading? Make it a different kind of Tekken. Even if you know you are getting the slimmed down version you are glad you do because it’s got it’s good points that no other fighting game has.

        • $7573679

          Are you sure it is not you who are mistaken, sir?

          The complete game is possible to purchase like before, and for the regular buyer nothing changes. (As a matter of fact the full game is cheaper than before when bought complete, at least in DoA’s case.)

          I think the nature of this is that they allow none-hardcore fans or low income people the access they need in order to secure a healthy online community for a longer time period. The followers and fans of their respected franchise will just buy the complete game as they always has.

          So to sum it up, for you and me, it is probably not going to bring anything new. But for people not heavily into fighters this may be a gateway experience to becoming a regular. Very few people will end up investing more money than before, most will spend less.

          • Sergio Briceño

            1) Yes there is always the option of getting the full game from the beggining, but then what exactly does DoA 5 Core offer? And no, getting the full DoA 5 game starting from the freemium package isn’t the cheaper way (You get 4 free characters out of 26, so 22 characters * $3.99 per character + $14.99 for story mode = $102.77). I think the Ultimate version is a much better deal taking Tecmo’s history with pricing of their re-releases.

            Now about Tekken Revolution I really can’t talk about because we know next to nothing about it. I’m just saying that if it is anything like TN’s last attempt at freemium then it isn’t really worth it, at least not for me.

            2) If it’s non hardcore fans they are targeting, then they may as well play a demo. I mean sure, a demo doesn’t have online play, but they are non hardcore fans, remember?

            Myself, I prefer local to online in these types of games (or most actually) but I understand some pro players need to step up their game with online challenges.

            3) It’s fine, I really hope it proves successful. I know I won’t be downloading it because it isn’t of value at all to me, but if only it could stand on it’s own even as an inferior freemium Tekken but with it’s own identity I know I would get it and even pay full price for the extra content (which we know they will be eventually announcing for an exorbitant price) because again, in my opinion, that is value I’m willing to pay for.

            But yeah, free is good and I support both companies.

  • D-Rev

    That guitar solo reminded me of the intro to Selfish Love by Miyavi

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    It’s free and you can customize your characters fighting attributes for offense, defense and agility? Now I’m even happier about next week.

  • Keima88

    To make money I gues they will offer new fighters and customization for a reasonable price.

  • $7573679

    They feel the pressure from Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate I guess… Good effort.

    • Tee Niitris

      Based on Harada’s twitter, this was planned since last year.


      Blame Microsoft for there being no XBL version.

      • Sardorim

        I was going to blame them anyway! >_>

    • Dynami

      That can’t really be the case. It’s being released… next tuesday. You don’t just whip a game up like this and set things up with Sony in the space of time since DOA5U’s F2P announcement.

    • Brion Valkerion

      Are you insinuating they made a whole game in the 2 weeks since DoA5’s free plan was announced?

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    WHERE IS HEIHACHI!!!!!!!??!?!?!?!?!??!?

  • Suriel Cruz

    Ok, so I’ll end up buying some Ritalin to control my hypeness(If that’s a word?), because next week is going to be AMAZING!

    – E3 news

    – Tekken Revolution (free to play!)

    – The Last of Us

    I’m missing something?…

    • Exkaiser

      Shin Megami Tensei IV?

      • Suriel Cruz


        • Testsubject909

          You have dishonored yourself…

          Now go to the corner of SHAME!

          Edit: I keed… I keed…

      • Laith Rem

        That’s July, not June.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Not seeing much of a drawing point with the proposed features, but at least the release date is so soon after this trailer; Harada and the Team have been marketing things well. As for me, I’ve moved onto DoA because objectively I’d argue the engine is better, so this is somewhat inconsequential to me. If they go in DoA5’s new Freemium direction, this could really help expand the interest for fighters.

  • Tee Niitris

    This is day one for me.

    I just hope the level up concept doesn’t become some pay-2-win scheme because that would make me sad (I’ll immediately stop playing). Special and Critical arts are presumably an indication that their trying concepts for Tekken X Street Fighter.

  • Demeanor

    LILI-SAMAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! Paint me interested for her sole presence! Is this a new game after TTT2? But this kinda worries me, where are they going to get the monies for this? Do we have to buy the game piece by piece after this? We’ll wait and see I guess…

    And here is a lucky find from Lucca Comics 2012!

    • Demeanor


  • Oh, Asuka’s in the initial roster? No Dragunov, but that’s at least something for me to start with, I guess.

    Although, I wonder just how welcoming the game is going to be for newcomers. Easier move executions is one thing, but I don’t think that’s gonna be enough to make accessible a game series that has added feature after feature over the years.

    • Dynami

      #1 thing they could do to make Tekken more accessible is mainstream the way movement works. Movement is a tremendous part of controlling a game and understandings its basic flow – the fact that efficient movement is perhaps the most difficult thing to grasp with backdash canceling is a huge blow to the game’s barrier of entry.

    • no Dragunov? YES YES YES YES YES

      • Testsubject909

        Ah, I don’t know why but I laughed at that… *upvotes*

        • heh Dragunov is probably DrakosAmatras favorite character and it pisses me off every time he uses him against me.

      • You know I can just buy him once he comes out, right?

  • Dynami

    Interested in the pricepoint (if any) for the future available characters. Obviously more will come, having already seen gameplay of Bryan, Kazuya, and Jack.

    Also curious to see how they may’ve mainstreamed the game in a manner similar to SCV.

  • Anime10121

    While I’m definitely gonna get this, I mean its free, so why not? But I hope this aint all the Tekken coming to E3, (still hoping for Tekken X SF to rear its beautiful head).

  • BlitzWhat

    As an entry to the series in itself it’s nothing spectacular, but consider the fact it’ll draw new blood in, and then when the next main entry hits there will be that much more interest and players who would have never dreamed of buying a fighter full priced may have the confidence to dive in.

    • TrevHead

      It might be good in the short term for getting fresh blood interested in the genre but I don’t think it’ll be healthy in the long term when more fighters jump on the bandwagon and we see a repeat of MMOs and MP FPS genres where most ppl wont pay $60 for a game unless it’s CoD or WoW.

      Basically it’ll only serve to devalue the genre imo (unless you happen to like hats).

  • Neppygear

    Eh, it’s got Lili and it’s free. I’ll try it out.

  • ZEROthefirst

    As excited as I am for a F2P Tekken game, I’ll have to pass. There’s no Hwoarang, Brian, Forrest (him and Marshall are pretty much carbon copies of each other, but Forrest sounds funnier when you use him). There’s not even the fun exploding farts Dr. Bosconovitch.
    I’ll probably DL the game regardless and play as Marshall from time to time, but maybe some of the others will come out with time.

    • Slayven19

      These days people even pass on free games.

      • ZEROthefirst

        Might be free, but I don’t like many Tekken characters (love the gameplay and mechanics more than any fighter around, but again I really don’t like many of the Tekken characters).

  • Istillduno

    I’ll probably download it, but I don’t see myself spending money on it unless I can get all the content of a full game for the price of a full game, also I wonder how they’ll handle paid or customised characters for offline multiplayer since it would be quite the pain in the arse to have to buy and level all your mates characters as well as your own just to play together offline on an even footing.

    Cynical I know, but we all know you never really get something for nothing and fremium pricing structures always make me a little wary of all those fivers here and there turning into less content than a full game for more money than a full game.

  • Kelohmello

    That motion blur is riddikkulus

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      It’s not as bad as Perfect Dark Zero, Need For Speed Carbon or many other early games with motion blur. In this case it enhances the ridiculously fast paced combat, even though it’s fairly demanding (The game changes resolution in a dynamic way, it can go from native 720p rendering to 720×720 depending on the stage, how many characters are on screen, etc.)

      • Kelohmello

        I’m not bashing or anything, I’m just thinking, woah, that motion blur stands out alot.

        • Juan Andrés Valencia

          I know you aren’t bashing but trust me, it’s not that bad. Plus, AFAIK you can disable it.

  • Penguin

    a freebie tekken game? i’ll take it!

  • Free? o_O
    Holy crap!

  • I remember when Nina was the female lead until she was replaced by the two love-hate high school girls.

    • MrTyrant

      Her rivalry with her sister was getting old as now the two love-hate high school girls are getting old now. They need to put new female ones (next Tekken)
      Nina is still important to the plot unlike the high school girls, that’s for me its a good thing. The other two are more like a comic relief and Lily is cute <3

    • alixraen

      Nina and Anna got pretty old (pun intended) by Tekken 3, so much that they left Anna out of Tekken 4 entirely. Lili and Asuka don’t bother me so much really, since they’re comic relief. If you’re going to get angry at anyone, it should be Alisa. >>

    • Tee Niitris

      Actually, Nina was more or less replaced as the headline female as early as Tekken 2 (Jun Kazama). Then Jun was killed and Xiaoyu took her place in 3. Christie was put out there in 4 to replace Eddy with a attractive female who fights the same way. Then said high school girl was pushed in 5 and her rival in 5’s re-release. And then finally we get to Alisa in 6.

      It’s actually pretty interesting. Most fighting game devs will try to push a new female character (usually one for marketing’s sake) with every iteration, of course with varying degrees of success. I’m sure it’s done in other genre of games as well, but I’m not as educated on those.

  • Ferchenko

    There it goes again, NAMCO playing with my thirst for playing and the suggestive Lili and Asuka.

    • Testsubject909

      Succumb to it man! Succumb to it!

  • i guess if we keep asking for free to pay games we might just get it. i keep seeing more and more free to play games

  • RichyGaming

    While this is great news to hear, I can’t help but wonder out of curiosity. What do you benefit from making a free game?

    • Brandonmkii

      Basically, the point of a F2P game is to make a bunch of people spend a little money on it, which adds up to some big sales, eventually. Kind of like PSO2.

      • RichyGaming

        What do you mean by adding up to big sales? Is it like how new content is made in free games where later on you’re buying with real money?

  • Kevi Johnson-el

    I think this is setting up for TxSF! :)

  • Chiupon

    do waaaannnttt

    upset xiaoyu isn’t there (yet?)

    but lili is my main anyways so

  • Isaac Newton

    Tekken with a free to play service is like giving a free taste of a High Class Caviar to a bystander…
    Micro transactions with characters well I don’t know other people’s opinion but looks good to me.

  • Pay to Win

    • neo_firenze

      Um, no. Pay to unlock additional characters, sure.

      But there’s no real disadvantage to using the free characters, some of whom are traditionally fairly good in competitive settings (and Tekken is pretty well balanced anyway).

      • Unlimax

        From what you can see on the trailer ~

        I think it has a ” Leveling ” system that allow you to unlock each character in specific level .. for free !

  • TheExile285

    Not sure i like this rise of f2ps in the fighter genre…

    • Testsubject909

      I personally believe it’s a smart move if they continue along with their current trend.

      The Free to Play is basically a basic package that still holds the majority of the game’s actual content such as enabling online matches and for your score to exist and be connected to your account as it would normally with online matches and scores anyways.

      This opens up the game to anyone with a console for them to join in and bolster the amount of people to play against, which in turn will increase the fanbase and increase the amount of competitive fighters or casual fighters and broaden the fighting game genre’s horizons a bit (Theoretically speaking here, but best case scenario thinking).

      Since you can still have access to the majority of features, it’s basically a full game with an extremely limited roster, but for those who decide to “Main” just one or two characters, this can save them a whole bunch of money, plus it’s not impossible to determine what character you might enjoy other then the base package since you can encounter the others in fights, meaning that you get these small previews of these other characters so even without online research you could go “Hey this old dude looks kickass, I wanna know how he plays like”.

      Plus nothing forces a person to purchase the items one by one digitally, they can still go out and purchase the whole game full which would probably cost less then buying every one of the digital content to the point where it fully unlocks everything in the game itself. If I’m not incorrect, they’ll still have the retail format.

      So this is really for the best at the moment. Plus, you can also look at it as one hell of a sweet Demo with no time limit. If ever you want the full and complete experience if just having one or two characters to “main” or if you host local tournaments among buddies, well the full game is still available for you.

      But this is just me and my speculations and views on what’s going on.

  • Testsubject909

    Sweet. Never been good at Tekken, but it’s still nice to see this happening.

    And I’ll probably end up buying the full game.

  • Vash bane

    i…i don’t remember asking for this

  • Gilgamesh2025

    I’m excited for this! :)

  • isfuturebright

    So it’s free to play but you’ll have to pay for coins to buy characters and skills?

  • Chee Yang

    what’s the point? Just get Tekken Tag 2

  • I wish that it was also available to download on Xbox 360 too.

    But, I am getting a PS3 console in a month or two hopefully.

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