Xbox One Upload Studio Allows You To Record And Share Gameplay Video

By Ishaan . June 10, 2013 . 11:16am

Upload Studio for Xbox One is a new built-in DVR app that will allow you to record and upload gameplay video from Xbox One, and will also allow you to add commentary to your videos using the new Kinect peripheral, Microsoft announced this morning.


You’ll also be able to stream video live using Twitch. This feature will be available to Xbox Gold subscribers, and you’ll be able to provide commentary using the microphone on the Kinect.


This puts Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on level ground as far as sharing features are concerned. Sony announced in March that PlayStation 4 will have a “Share” button that will allow you to record and upload gameplay for others to view. Like Xbox One, PS4 will also allow for live-streaming, but via Ustream instead.


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  • Watch it copy PS4 features, just watch!

    • Anime10121

      This already is.

    • DesmaX

      This is a nice thing to copy, btw.

    • Sakurazaki

      Except Twitch, which I think MS has the upper hand here, as popular as it is.

    • In 2006, Sony launched a system with HDMI out, and then Microsoft started making Xbox 360’s with HDMI out. omg microsoft, way to copy your competitor! Next thing you know they’ll be offering Wi-Fi built into the system instead of having it as an external peripheral…

      • Skode

        Ummm as if Sony dont plagiarize themselves – Nintendo were the pioneers of everything from trigger buttons to analogue control to vibrating controllers and much more… when the Wii exploded motion control to the mainstream Microsoft went the expensive innovative route to motion control… Sony instead made the move which for all intents and purposes was a direct Wii Mote copy. Everyone copying the better features of their competitors is a great thing because everyone wins at the end of the day that way. Besides how is it copying Sony on this anyway… because Sony mentioned it first?

    • AdhesiveBoy

      Except… “This feature will be available to Xbox Gold subscribers.” Unless Sony also requires $ for streaming?

      • They’re greedy! I declare all of Team PS4 dress as Robin Hood and go to the PS4 booth and piss Team XBox One off! Only to avenge KI!

    • artemisthemp

      It don’t copy PS4 features… Can’t you see they use Twitch (you know 1 post pr. minute Twitch) and they don’t push a Share button.

      Next up Microsoft announce Mcharted, where you play a Maten Lake and explore stuff and oh ya GUN GUN GUN

  • Vesperion

    Awesome. Now i can show my friends how i get my ass kicked in Killer Instinct, then play it over and over.

  • AuraGuyChris

    This pretty much makes everyone a Youtube Let’s Play person…

    • DANG! They are ruining Youtube! Sony should rethink this, too.

      • Don’t worry Youtube can be used for other thing like I don’t know K-pop and maybe other stuff. Don’t have to use it for video game always.

  • Zenthos

    Hey Microsoft. I know a feature that will help you sell millions! Being able to “share” your GAMES!

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