Super Smash Bros. Screens See Mario About To Take A Beating

By Ishaan . June 24, 2013 . 9:00am

Nintendo have been uploading a new screenshot of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U to the game’s official website every weekday. Below are the six screenshots they’ve put up so far. It should be obvious which ones are from the Wii U version and which ones are for the 3DS when you click to enlarge them.



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  • Oh! Fox!
    Remember when he was in games?

    • idrawrobots

      StarFox is one of the few Nintendo franchises I would trust Retro with. I think they would fit with Fox really well.

    • OH RIGHT…Like the one that was released for the 3DS? 8V

      But in all seriousness,I would LOVE to see a new StarFox game. Imagine controlling the Arwing or LandMaster with the WiiU pad. It would be awesome. :3

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        That was a remake / port; doesn’t really count for much. Point still stands, it’s been forever since a new entry in the franchise~.

      • Kevin Schwarz

        Remakes don’t count IMO, because those are…remakes.

    • NightzeroAX

      Star Fox, F-Zero and Metroid need more games.

      • RisukuAozora

        There hasn’t been any F-Zero since that Climax game on GBA, which Americans didn’t get. Maybe Retro Studios or SEGA could take up the helms and release the next one? We’ve been waiting for quite some time now…

        • idrawrobots

          If Monster Games is not working on another Excitebots, they could do an F-Zero.

          • KingGunblader

            This is a good idea. Somebody call Monster Games!

      • Linhua

        … BOY, you said it… =

    • Repede91

      Fox needs more games, true. But F-ZERO GX will be 10 years old in August…

    • Linhua

      … boy, you said it… =

  • Wake

    Yep. This explains Mario’s love of transforming into all kinds of creatures. He’s definitely a furry.

  • The fact that they’re committing to this screenshot-a-day rollout makes me wonder just how close to completion this game is. I was under the impression that it was still very early in development.

    • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

      Sakurai only started after Icarus went gold, which I think was last January, so I’m seriously surprised by all of this.

    • RisukuAozora

      It probably isn’t all that hard to do. I mean all we did in Brawl was press a sequence of buttons to save a screenshot. And the screenshots aren’t exactly showing new stuff. He probably has a lot more interesting stuff coming.

    • Farid Belkacemi

      It’s coming out next year so very early in develoment ? I don’t think so :p

    • $29082171

      Brawl had the same weekday screenshots in the dojo for a full year before the actual content updates started appearing. Thing is, Brawl was 2 years away from release (at that point).

    • Link

      Biggest difference this time around is that it isnt just Sakurai’s team. Dont forget they have Namco Bandai working with them as well so its a bigger dev team as well as well as teams well versed in HD development so its not surprising development is going much faster.

  • Gilgamesh2025

    In the first picture Fox looks like he’s gonna rape Mario … O____O”’

    • raulrain

      and apparently mario is ready for him o__0?!

      • X_Bacon

        Reggie came to my mind now, somehow.

        • raulrain

          Somehow, I can understand your thought 0_0°°°°

  • shuyai

    thats first pic lol

    Mario: do whatever you want monster!
    Fox:yay!!! time to dig in!

  • RichyGaming

    Mario: Aw shit! He’s going in for the Final smash!

    • Linhua

      … dat five star body press.


  • Junko Enoshima

    Where’s the 3DS screens of Villager? And Wii Fit Girl?

  • SuperSailorV

    Villager apparently has no use for the slingshot anymore.

  • Mario sure looks like he’s enjoying it… maybe fox is about to beat him off (the stage)

  • Mildra

    Ladies and gentlemen, Fox “Superfly” McCloud-Snuka.

  • NekoDraga

    Looks like Mario’s about to be hit with the Five Star Fox Splash.

  • LightGenx

    Mario’s eyes tell you everything.

  • Pipiskin99

    mario should actually be glad that wiifit trainer is not around, he could be already dead..

  • Shady Shariest


  • FlameEmperor

    Mario: “My body is ready”

  • Linhua

    … Fox had a Talk with Link apparently… thought this might be a good technique for a downed opponent…

    … then again… Mario kinda looks ready and willing… >.> … Fox… you’re coming on too strong… maybe you’re doing it wrong!

    … Link says: “Do it without saying a word? Get results.”

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