The Legend of Heroes Art Books Coming To North America This Fall

By Ishaan . June 24, 2013 . 12:00pm

This Fall, Udon will release two new art books based on Falcom’s The Legend of Heroes series of games—The Legend of Heroes: The Illustrations and The Legend of Heroes: The Characters. Below are descriptions the two books from Udon.


The Legend of Heroes: The Illustrations weighs in at more than 272 pages, and is comprised entirely of gorgeous, fully-rendered artwork created for the games, including pin-ups, story artwork, advertising art, and much more. The Legend of Heroes: The Characters is also 272 pages, and is a character-designers dream come true!


It’s full to the brim with character designs, costumes, facial expressions, rough concepts, and tons more! Both books have been completely translated into English, and the artwork contained within covers the games Trails of Blue, Trails of Zero, and the Trails in the Sky trilogy, as well as the “Trails” artworks from the spin-off game “Ys vs. Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga.”


The Legend of Heroes: The Characters and The Legend of Heroes: The Illustrations will be released simultaneously this November. Both will be 272 pages in length each, and cost $45, but Amazon are offering them at a discounted price, as per usual.


Below is a preview of the two books.


The Legend of Heroes: The Characters:



The Legend of Heroes: The Illustrations:


  • Justin Lewis

    does this piss anyone else off? -__-

    • Highasthesky

      A little bit…kinda wish the game was coming over…

    • Go2hell66

      i know exactly what you mean

    • Maxwell3000

      Oh. I’m with you.

    • Ereek

      Why? This has nothing to do with XSEED, it’s an Udon release. I’m not sure who or what there is to get mad at here, other than maybe the larger publishers who overlooked Trails series localization because of its scope.

      • Grape Monet

        Artbooks carry character information, background data, story notes – in other words, SPOILERS, and this is a series infamous for the huge amount of twists and potential spoilers it has, to the point that just giving the basic intro summary of the game’s plot spoils the entirety of the first.

        • Ereek

          I’m not entirely sure why this would make you mad, though. Or who the blame is directed at?

          I can understand sad and disappointed, but mad?

          • MrTyrant

            Mad at life and everything else ;D

        • M’iau M’iaut

          So you don’t buy the book. Udon is giving us artbooks on a level that honestly, could never have even been imagined. Of series and characters we know we won’t get beyond these books. Clearly not everyone is so mad,

      • M’iau M’iaut

        It is worth folks remembering we did get the series before TiTs. About as by the numbers and cut and paste as RPG series get.

        P.S. And you always know if that moment ever comes where you decide to join the evil world of the twitterverse, a whole bunch of friends will be very happy. You could be like Yui with his once a year posts!

  • Can I get a ‘yea buddy’

  • Daniel T

    So.. you’re localizing an artbook in which 6 of the 7 games covered haven’t had an English release even announced? O… okay guys, good luck with that

    • Maxwell3000

      Yeah….. preeeetty disapointed considering I will buy all those games so fast.

    • I just wanna see some legs

    • Barrylocke89

      Not too much of a surprise, though I can see how it’s a tease. Udon also did a Valkyria Chronicles 3 artbook, and that hasn’t come out in the West either.

      I imagine that localizing whatever comments that were in the original source artbooks is much easier and takes less time than localizing the script of an entire game (especially ones that are as notoriously lengthy as the Trails games)

    • $36598391

      Udon released a Growlanser Artbook in which 3 of the 7 games covered haven’t had an English release even announced

    • pimpalicious

      Apparently they do well enough for Udon They’ve released Valkyria Chronicles 3, several Shining books, and probably more I’m not aware of.

  • Lester Rat

    Just like Shining games, Valkyria Chronicles 3 and others…

  • Aveyn Knight

    Interesting… Hope these come out in Europe too, so the shipping cost isn’t a nightmare.

    • Crimson_Cloud

      Oh God, don’t remind me. There was a few times where I had no choice but to import and the cost was so high that I could buy two brand new games.

    • I’ve bought quite a few Udon artbooks from and the UK site for Book Depository. Not sure where you live but both Amazon and BD ship to most European countries as far as I know. :)

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    lol what a kick in the ass

  • speedstersonic

    What’s going on with the second game? I thought we were getting it?

    • DesmaX

      It’s just soooo big, poor Xseed can’t handle it

    • Farid Belkacemi

      Patience, my friend ;)

  • Anime10121

    Every time I see something that even mentions this series, I shed tears knowing full well that I’ll never be able to experience the stories told :(

    Oh and @ishaan , could you post a link to the Amazon preorder pages? I cant seem to find them on Amazon and I want BOTH BOOKS NAO!!!

  • LightGenx

    Why must you tease us?

  • Solomon_Kano

    Udon, I fucking love you.

    Might not ever get to play the rest of the games, so I guess I’ll settle for some nice art books lol.

    • Just maybe, just maybe…purchasing these, along with the #jrpgvita campaign, might speak to some people with money and the games will flow a little faster…

      • Anime10121

        It wont, but it is nice to believe!

        Though the optimist in me wants to hope that the games get released on PS4 through PSN like “indie” titles, but that would be too much like right :(

        • Honestly, there’s already a version other the son to help make a release profitable but y’know localization costs something which is the real issue, especially with all the text. However, moneyhats go a long way, y’know? Money from Sony to help localize the rest of the titles would be like a godsend for Marvelous USA. So as Parappa says, “I gotta believe”

      • Solomon_Kano

        I’d like to believe that’ll be the case, but Xseed’s made it clear that it’s largely an issue of manpower. Small as they are, devoting themselves full time to finishing LoH would kill them, no matter what kind of interest we as consumers show. The impossibility of a digital release for Vita darkens those chances further.

        I kinda wanna say I hope somebody with more resources can get a hold of it since it’s not working out for Xseed, but the only two that fit that description (Atlus, NISA) probably wouldn’t want the series anyway. I mean, they certainly didn’t show any interest in the 4 years before Xseed took on the job. A real shame, since I loved Xseed’s work on the first game, but it really doesn’t look like the sequel will happen for them.

        Oh, but how I hope for the day we see them all. I still want to believe that the PS3 versions make things just a bit more viable for them.

        • Should so see my comment below about Sony ;D? Also just preordered on Amazon. Next step early next month, purchasing Trails in the Sky on PSN. Yes, yes I’m a bad person for holding out till now but my excuse is I was waiting for a Vita D=!

          • Solomon_Kano

            Don’t worry, I waited til I got my Vita to pick up Trails as well lol.

            It’d be nice if Sony threw their support behind Marvelous’ work, definitely, but that ultimately wouldn’t land us with anymore Vita games in the near future as Marvelous would have to grab the PS3 versions. SC and 3rd are so damn massive Falcom couldn’t even do digital versions. Once those are out of the way though, they’re in the clear for digital versions of Zero (and physical, since there’s Evolution) and Ao on Vita.

            Let’s pray something comes of this JRPG Vita talk.

          • Yeah I’m definitely praying on that front, this campaign along with some other factors is the reason I sealed in my own Vita. Can’t wait to pick it up soon, two more weeks I think uh -checks calendar- yep two weeks. I’m a bit surprised though, SC and 3rd really aren’t on PSN? I imagine unless Sony decided to assist further, that’d be a problem in that plan. It’s not like PS3 needs the software or anything.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, SC and 3rd couldn’t get digital versions. Xseed had previously mentioned that it would be difficult, but Falcom made it plain when literally every other Trails game but those two saw digital versions.

          • Ah, now it’s coming back to me. Are those the ones with the two UMDs?

          • Solomon_Kano


          • I so want to cry but next best solution, port to Vita, Full Voice Edition! Which depends mostly on Falcom ;-;

          • Solomon_Kano

            Well, they ported Zero, so maybe it can happen. They’re kinda busy with Sen though, and who knows when that’ll be done.

          • Well Falcom themselves didn’t actually port Zero but rather a separate party with Kadokawa funding/publishing it. That’s probably not a bad way to go to get the rest of them on Vita, though without the glitches of Zero preferably.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Ah, true. Perhaps we’ll see Kadokawa take on those as well. They seem to be one of the more westward facing of the Japanese publishers, judging by their collaboration with Suda and James Gunn on Lollipop Chainsaw.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Ah, as Zharkiel has corrected, SC is actually the only one with two UMDs and they apparently worked out the issues with a PSN release. So… one less issue now.

          • Zharkiel

            Nope, SC is the only one with 2 UMD’s. And Falcom fixed the issue they had with switching so it now has a PSN version (In japan, of course)

          • Solomon_Kano

            Oho? Well, that changes things then.

          • Thanks for the correction! So then, what about 3rd? Did 3rd go digital as well? If so, then the plan is totally on and by on I mean we should just go tweet ;-;

          • Zharkiel

            It should be. If I recall only SC wasn’t on the PSN because of the UMD swapping. You should ask one of the experts, I only knew about SC because of the special circumstances surrounding it.

          • Well I didn’t ask any experts per say, however if wiki is believed, 3rd is indeed on PSN.

          • Zharkiel

            Oh no, I meant people like Floofy or jazzman, tho I haven’t seen them post around here lately. They’re way more knowledgeable than me on the Kiseki front.

          • Sergio Macellaro

            No big deal. You must be proud to be wrong because a digital release is the best -if one- chance to see these games on PSP/V.
            Both are compatible and looks better on Vita’s screen.
            And They have ports to Ps³ and Vita, no?

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, it’s a good thing to be wrong about. Hopefully it makes things better for Xseed.

            And, yea, they both have PS3 ports as well. In fact, the port of 3rd just came out in Japan this week.

          • DesmaX

            The PS3 version is kinda shitty (It doesn’t fill the whole screen, and it’s marked on my PS3 as a “PSP Remaster” game, which is weird because even my Peace Walker HD is marked as a PS3 game), so I don’t think that can be used.

            Only hope I see is the PC version… But yeah

          • Solomon_Kano

            That’s because PW HD isn’t a PSP Remaster — that’s an actual line of software. PSP Remasters lack trophies and the like, while PW HD is treated as an actual PS3 game. Other PSP Remasters include MH Portable 3rd HD and the DW Strikeforce games (Multi Raid in Japan).

            I’ll settle for it not filling the screen over not getting it at all. And it doesn’t bother me that it’s marked as a PSP Remaster.

          • DesmaX

            Honestly, it runs fine (No framerate issues), and the game is just too good for people to not play it (Even though I would really like trophies)…

            At least in theory. Knowing the market nowadays, unless it’s sold so cheap it wouldn’t be profitable, I don’t think the game would sell… I mean, the HD ports didn’t even sell that well in Japan (But I guess the PS3 ports only exist for people who don’t play in portables to get into the series, to play Trails in the Flash, so I guess it was worth it for them)

          • Solomon_Kano

            To be fair, the series already sold well on the more popular portables, so I don’t know that the PS3 versions were even expected to do well. They were pretty quick and dirty, too, since Falcom just reused the assets from the PC version.

            It is worth wondering how they’d do in the US though. For one thing, we typically get our HD games in bundles or as $20 or less PSN/XBLA games. Selling an individual Remaster for $40 wouldn’t fly and bundling them would mean waiting til they’re all translated to sell it, so they’re in a tough spot there.

            On top of that, Xseed said in no uncertain terms that the first game didn’t do very well. So… unless a whole bunch of people that didn’t buy the first game buy SC, it doesn’t look very good.

            Sad as it is to say, I can’t think of a scenario where the return they see justifies all the effort it would take to get these games out.

          • DesmaX

            Well, I don’t think there was another way. I mean, this is a HD Remaster, all you do is pick the game and and make it look good on the big screen… And, since it uses 2D sprites, it would look bad up scaling those sprites to HD, so using the ones from the PC version was the best course of action.

            And FC is US$20 on the PS Store. Seeing how PW and PW HD shares the same price, I can see they sharing the same price (Or maybe putting FC HD at US$15 because it’s a lazier port).

            And remember that SC starts one day after FC, so yeah… Getting on that without playing the first one will be a serious problem. Xseed would have to draw attention to that game too.

            Yeah, this is one series I really can’t see working in the US… Which is a shame because I think these are Turn-Based RPG at it’s finest

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, it’s really unfortunate all the hurdles there are around the game’s themselves. Well, if it ever happens, I hope Falcom and Marvelous can work something out where everybody wins.

            If not, guess I might as well start getting into Ys, since we get those games with no problems lol.

          • DesmaX

            Haha, you should get into Ys, great games. (Even though I think the PSP screen is just too small for Ys Seven… I kept getting hit for no reason. Can’t beat the final boss because of that)

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, I’ve been meaning to try them out. Always got room for more action-RPGs.

            Wonder if playing on Vita will rectify that issue any? Because my PSP is shot, so I definitely won’t be playing the series there lol.

          • DesmaX

            Well… There’s a Ys game coming to the Vita, I’d recommend starting with that one. It probably fix these issues

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, Celceta. I want to play the story in order though, so I’ll start with Ys 1&2.

          • pimpalicious

            Just keep in mind that those are pretty dated(even the remakes). If you can’t get into them it’s okay because there is no big on-going story.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Hm. Thanks for the heads up.

          • Sergio Macellaro

            You are wrong.
            Both games are already release on Japan’s PSN. Past Year to be precise;

          • Solomon_Kano

            Zharkiel already corrected me.

  • mojack411

    I just started playing Trails in the Sky and absolutely love it! Makes me so said to know that the 2 sequels will never make it over here. I head the other two LoH games that were localized are nowhere near as good.

    • Farid Belkacemi

      Who said it’ll never make it over here ? Do some research before posting comments like these :p

      • DesmaX
        • Farid Belkacemi

          “…though that doesn’t mean never…”

          You probably know that but they’re still working on TiTS SC ;)

      • mojack411

        It’s been 4 and 5 years since the original PSP games came out and there was no sign of those coming over . If there is a sign of them coming please show me, I would love to be wrong.

        • Farid Belkacemi

          Well, Xseed is still working on TiTS SC…

    • pimpalicious

      Other three, actually. They’re not bad games but the localizations are terrible.

  • Alexander Aubert

    i’m happy, but a little dispointed. i think you guys know why

  • This is kind of a kick below the belt.

  • Yan Zhao

    Hmmm artbook. I love artbooks, even for games I’ve never played.

  • Xillia

    seriously ?? we want more RPGs please !!

  • laurenhiya21

    I don’t know a thing about this series, but I want these so bad ;-; I’m a sucker for artbooks… (I really want to play a game from the series too though :<)

    • My friend, you’re doing yourself a disservice (as am I as mentioned below). Start here:!/en-ca/games/the-legend-of-heroes-trails-in-the-sky/cid=UP1023-ULUS10540_00-0000000000000000 playable on PSP and PS Vita.

      • laurenhiya21

        Unfortunately I do not have a PSP, or Vita ;-; I don’t have a lot of money right now, so unfortunately I will have to wait a while to get a PSP ><; But trust me, it is definitely on my "really-need-to-play" list.

        I just haven't looked into it too much so I don't make myself feel bad and to not spoil too much XD (I've only looked up enough to know that they look good and people say that they're good).

        • Ah, I’ve been there. Well when you’re in a better position money wise. Track down a Vita, grab a $20 PSN card and away you go =3

  • Zero_Destiny

    I can understand maybe salt on old wounds but I would be happy about it myself. Personally got on the hype train for the first TiTS but said train never really managed to take off for me.

    As someone who has imported lots of Japanese art books for things we’ll never see in the US (Mostly Dragon Quest stuff, Emblem of Roto, Dai’s Great Adventure, assorted guides, lots of old school Toriyama goodies; since that’s my thing) I would of been thrilled to get a domestic releases of these things even back when I never played the games (still would kill to read Emblem of Roto, have the art books, but no english manga to read ^^’). Rather have something nice then nothing at all, I suppose, and actually being able to read the art books is always nice! lol

    If you really wanna hold out hope and not spoil things then just don’t buy it. Since Udon has put out lots of artbooks before for series/games we never got in the US; Grownlanser, Tony Taka/Shining games, Shining Force Feather, Valkyria Chronicles 3; it’s obvious that there is a market for it, and it beats import prices and you can actually read them without needing to know Japanese. Honestly if there was anything that surprised me it would be the Pixiv Almanac. :O That one seems outta place (and pretty awesome) I can see a president for these.

  • I wasn’t expecting this! Thank you so very much, Udon!

  • Kelohmello

    This actually just makes me salty as hell. “You can’t play this game in your native language but here’s a book so you can look at the game in your native language!”

  • Pablo Sanchez

    so , thy bring us a book but not the games?? …. -.-`

  • Prinnydoom

    What a bad time to have virtually no money

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    This is pretty much a kick in my no-no naughty bits. I’m sorry but my heart is not ready to see art of all the things I’ll never get to read or experience by myself~.

  • Raltrios

    I’ll probably try getting this. I see at as a hint that they’ve not forgotten Trails in the Sky, so they might be watching purchases to gauge whether or not interest in SC is still as strong as it is. If my money spent on this can help bring the Second Chapter of the amazing series to the west, then I’ll try to have some saved up for them.

  • So… this is like telling us that if you want to know the story but can’t buy the game due to language barrier, buy the artbook to know more about the story and the characters…. Yay… just jay…

    NOw just give us Sen no kiseki xseed, I’l buy the artbook and read about the previous games story summary. Now NO ONE can say “this game won’t get localized because you dun know the previous games;story”.

    • Slayven19

      makes sense

  • Reki Honoo

    So wait. We can get a english version of this, but yet no english versions of the recent legend of heroes games?

  • Suriel Cruz

    meanwhile in Japan…
    The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 3rd Kai HD Edition
    and we get an art book on fall… -sigh-

  • SetzerGabbiani

    What a c*ck tease! Good on Udon for releasing these though

  • Hyli

    Did someone say…art books!?!

  • Houten Lee

    NOOO!!!! Now I regret ordering this collection from Japan… I guess i could go through it to see text heavy it is before I order English version.

  • Learii

    get me a game for vita as well please

  • Hours

    I will definitely be getting this.

    I really hope we get some SC news soon. I won’t give up on this series.

  • IS there linkage to the amazon page?
    I am not fnding it in my searches.

  • Sergio Macellaro

    And the games?
    Where i find them on english???

  • Nitraion

    Lol for a second i thought it was the HD collection game that will be released XD

  • Sergio Macellaro

    Xseed i still believe!!!!

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