Funimation To Stream Danganronpa The Animation Anime Series

By Ishaan . June 29, 2013 . 3:30pm

Anime publisher Funimation have acquired the streaming rights to Danganronpa The Animation, Anime News Network reports.


As previously reported, Seiji Kishi (Persona 4 The Animation) is directing the series, and will adapt it from the 2010 PSP game.


Funimation have not announced when they will be streaming the show.


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  • Spirit Macardi

    I wonder who Chris Sabat will play once they eventually dub it x3

    • Lynx

      I’d much rather have a Bang Zoom or Ocean dub for this. Alas, that will not be happening as it was Funi who picked it up.

      I miss Bandai.

      • Spirit Macardi

        Actually Funimation has outsourced a few dubs to BZ recently. Oblivion Isle I know was outsourced to them, and the new Lupin series has brought some of their talent in.

        Not really much of a big difference though, since a lot of LA talent like Vic Mignogna, Laura Bailey, Troy Baker, and Kyle Hebert work between the two studios frequently.

      • Kaitsu

        Ocean doesn’t even exist anymore. And if anything, they’re mostly in Viz Media now.

        • Lynx

          Except they do. They still do the good majority of Canadian animated shows between Ocean and Blue Water.

  • brian

    Yesyesyesyesyyyyyyyyeeeeesssssss, please let it do well.

  • Taylor Davis

    Knowing the true about it, they’ll probably start streaming it when the first season (or the only season) is done in Japan. So maybe (my guess) early next year or at least the middle of next year, just like every else anime.

    • Spirit Macardi

      Actually a good portion of the anime they stream is simulcast. In other words, it shows up on their site the same day it hits Japanese TV.

      • Taylor Davis


        Well I actually might to say when it gets dub. ^^; sorry that I worded wrong. :)

  • Dragard Kaos

    Localization for Dangandronpa 1 & 2 Reload? ;_;

    • benhofb


  • ReidHershel

    God this series scares me.

  • Oh good, I’m glad to see they got the streaming rights.

    Under Funimation, it might get more exposure than if it had just been up on Crunchyroll, so I’m happy. More exposure means more chances for Reload, after all.

    Looking forward to the streaming starting!

  • As awesome as this is, am I the only one who thinks this bodes poorly for our chances of getting the games?

    • Solomon_Kano

      I would actually say this bodes better for us, but I’m curious as to what makes you say otherwise.

      • It’s sort of a historical curse. Get the anime, lose the game. Get the game, lose the anime. I think Persona 4: The Animation is the only time in recent memory where we got both, and .hack doesn’t count as Bamco gave up on the franchise in the States a long time ago (i.e. we don’t get the anime or the games anymore).

        I’d love to be wrong, but until Aksys (and if it’s anyone, it’ll be Aksys) steps forward, I’m not going to hold my breath. I’m just going to silently…despair. (^_^;)

        • neocatzon

          “Get the anime, lose the game, vice versa”
          This kind of thinking quirk me. I don’t think they correlates that way. Let’s say if the anime sold well in state and they think releasing the game will boost their profit, why not?

          If they don’t think it will sell, they won’t sell it. It’s simple like that. Example for this anime games for psp, we can think it will sell, but the companies may think otherwise for many reason (including psp state in west). Speaking about history, prior media release usually used for marketing and “preparing the soil”. For example, Pokemon (game to anime) or Yugioh (anime to game).

          P.S I also hope Aksys interested..

        • Solomon_Kano

          Eh, I dunno about discounting .Hack just because we don’t get it anymore. It’s not like they’ve made any new games outside of that PSP one (which we weren’t going to get under any circumstance) and Versus on the Beyond the World hybrid disc.

          It’s actually one of the prime examples for why this bodes well. Cross-media promotion is always an appealing prospect. For example, Digimon is returning to American airwaves this fall (Fusion and reruns of the original anime). I bet dollars to donuts that we see Re:Digitize Decode within 12 months of the anime airing again, unless it’s a massive flop.

    • Alos88

      I don’t see how this could lower our chances.

  • Detrimont

    hopefully Crunchyroll will be able to stream it too(so people outside the US can actually watch it legally)

    • Neow Shau Jin

      just putting it out there, people outside of US don’t have access to Crunchyroll’s full catalogue.

      • Detrimont

        i do know that (AoT), but there is more of a chance for non US residents to be able to legally stream it from CR than there is from anywhere else, because Funimation is fully region locked

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Oh wow, I never even knew there was an anime. I’m on chapter 3 of the game. Its great.

  • DongT

    this game’s awesome! playing it as we speak :3

  • >Seiji Kishi

    When you watch Danganronpa, just take a brief moment to recall some scenes from Carnival Phantasm.

  • Z3

    I was expecting CC but whatever

  • Raze

    Can’t wait to hear the goodness voice of the Literary Girl here…


  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Funimation? Yeah its going to get dubbed

  • Junko Enoshima

    Is there a chance that they might dub it? I mean, I like the original VA of the games, but it would be interesting to hear the anime dubbed…

  • I do hope that the Funimation website update comes out before/during the show is airing as it would help a lot with the actual streaming of the show. Anyway, am looking forward to this.

  • Virevolte

    Arg… Seiji Kishi makes rather plain adaptations. It still good for the fan, but doesn’t appeal to those who doesn’t know the story.

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