Yet Another 3DS Game That Involves Undressing Your Opponent

By Ishaan . July 3, 2013 . 12:00pm

Last night, Famitsu magazine revealed a High School DxD game, based on the anime series of the same name, in development for the Nintendo 3DS. Now, the Famitsu website has shared the first screenshots of the title.



High School DxD is described as an “erotic battle” game, and the key to victory is lust (naturally). Each chapter will have you battling various opponents, and battles are turn-based. By using lust power that you accumulate in the game’s everyday interactions and fulfilling certain conditions, you’ll be able to trigger a “Dress Break,” humiliating your opponent.


No release date has been announced for High School DxD yet.


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  • Demandred

    Oh, Japan…

    • I don’t know why it’s so ‘oh, Japan’ though. Consider what would happen if this was released stateside. Admitted or not, people would buy it.

      • Kevin Schwarz

        I am…pretty sure the states wouldn’t allow people to buy it, unless it’s rated MA…and that would totally kill it. Unlike in Japan.

        • nothing956

          What are are you talking about? The M rating does nothing to kill sales here in the states. It seems like every triple A title that comes out gets the M rating.

        • Not really, Persona games are M rated and they sell A LOT! I would say Call of Duty, Grand Deft Auto (is that how you spell it?) and such but we’re talking about japanese games, right?

  • British_Otaku

    A turn based erotic battle game eh… I like the idea of the interactions over the day (visual novel style presumably) building up lust/chi/ki/energy for the battles.

    As I haven’t seen the show or read the original novels, I would need to see more to be sold on buying it. >_>

  • XypherCode

    My kinda game! xD lol

  • Nero

    Doesn’t this have an actual plot? Why couldn’t they focus on that instead?

    • JustThisOne

      *shrug* I’m sure it’ll have a plot, but this is just… I dunno. The hook, I suppose. >__>

      • Nero

        I hope so, I’m looking forward to the second season coming out on Sunday.

      • Josh A. Stevens

        It does have a plot. I loved it because it was one of the few ecchi shows that does have one. The sauciness is just a by-product.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      The funny thing is it’s based off an LN… for some reason a lot of ecchi manga/anime are originally light novels… very strange, but I tend to avoid LNs at all costs

      • British_Otaku

        Avoiding light novels is like avoiding anime or avoiding books.
        Spice and Wolf is a light novel series (though you can experience a good manga or anime) which in short makes economics entertaining.

        • MogCakes

          And Horo gets naked a lot! :3

          • British_Otaku

            I haven’t read the whole story (will probably get to buying the rest of them when I conquer the rest of my book collection), so I can agree that’s an element. >_>

            However, it isn’t really ass shot + boob shot or “You saw higher than my knees, I’m going to beat the shit out of you”. I also enjoyed when Gurren Lagann avoided it in one of their earlier episodes.

            It isn’t so much the content as much as how the characters respond to the situations and how they play out.

        • MrSirFeatherFang

          I know. It’s a curse that I live with. I’m not liking how this type of thing is working anymore. From what I’ve read, ever since the Suzumiya Haruhi anime, studios have been looking for the next big light novel-anime hit. So instead of trying to make original anime most would just adapt a light novel. Most, if not all have interesting premises, however I feel like most of them are unable take advantage of their potential and it all goes to waste.

          Maybe I should’ve said anime/manga light novel adaptations (it’s also what I probably meant), because they don’t usually stay true t the source material (which are usually pretty good from what I’ve read). If I feel the source material is better I might as well buy the original light novels. I don’t know if this is true, but I feel like the anime of light novels are more popular than the light novels themselves (of course except maybe a few series)
          I’ve read the Spice and Wolf manga… a very long time ago maybe sometime in 2007/2008.

          • British_Otaku

            Adaptations eh? I would argue that I have plenty of issues with most adaptations (you don’t want to talk about Detective Conan with me) and that adaptations are done as there is an install base and already material to work with, which may guarantee some quality to start with…

            However, yes… (Light) Novel to manga/anime adaptations can have a greater likeliness of missing out on material and ending up weaker as a work as a result of text to picture and all me thinks…

            Anime based on light novels being more popular than the source material, I can’t say for sure about Japan, but who has watched Black Blood Brothers in the UK? Anyone who has £5 spare and wanders into a HMV for anything. The novels were not localised in English. Likewise, we get a lot of anime based on games and visual novels regardless of the source material’s status. Outside of Japan yeah the anime get more attention, inside perhaps with a good timeslot, it’s possible.

            One good novel I know is Welcome to the NHK. I’ve went through the manga adaptation and anime adaptation as well. Would recommend any of them… All of them. They were localised but the manga and novel are pretty hard to find/expensive.

    • $7573679
    • Nightmare637
  • So is it an RPG? What companies are behind it?

  • NRool

    I quit.
    I’m done.

    • DanteJones
      • AnimusVox

        Lol what is this gif from?

        • Seasqwaa

          That last guy looks a hell of a lot like TK, so I’m going to guess Angel Beats. But I have a tendency to be wrong.

          • @AnimusVox:disqus

            No you’re right, it’s Angel Beats lol

      • Vash bane

        ah gif we meat again lol

  • Pinkemon

    Haha, oh wow, that really sounds like what you’d expect a PC eroge by some doujin group to be about. At least they’re honest about it.

    • JustThisOne

      To be fair, the main character is supposed to be a perv, I guess. ^__^;;

  • Elemiel


    • Linhua

      … this face was all kinds of appropriate… lol.

    • Darkrise

      Well reacted.

  • Highasthesky

    I have a 3DS,yet i can’t buy this game,something is wrong here…i just know it.

  • Nightmare637

    welp, thats issei for ya.
    a random pervey protag who spoke to the god of breasts.(I am completely serious read vol.7 of the LN no joke.)

    • Hyosuke575

      Yep, no joke. He can read woman’s minds…. through their breasts. Well, that’s an oppai dragon for you. ^^;

      • Nightmare637

        lol I remember that. Asia and her tsundere breasts lol.

        • Hyosuke575

          I still think the funniest part in this series is how he finally achieves balance breaker. Oh god, I almost coughed up a lung after reading that. ^^

      • golden izanagi

        I guess that’s a good ability to have for one who’s goal is to have his own harem.

  • Josh A. Stevens

    I love the anime. I would totally buy this game if not for region locking.

  • Jindan

    I wished some novel games like this were at least in english and on vita or psp( even though its almost dead)

  • Lol, and can’t wait for season 2 of the anime to start =)

  • supervamp

    Of course it would be this anime

  • dragoon_slayer12

    And why don’t these make it stateside? The nation of porn as common place, but can’t handle interactive “nudity”…. Still waiting on Senran, but if game play seems promising, I would check this too

    • Suicunesol

      It’s not porn though. That’s the problem. If it was, it would at least have an adult audience. But the game’s content is in a grey area that is just risque enough to be NSFW, and at the same time not risque enough to market in the West as adult entertainment. Plus it’s cartoon.

      Also, the title “Highschool D&D” pretty much ensures it’s not coming, seeing as it means the game is going to have some underage girls. That’s a nono here in Ameri.

      • dragoon_slayer12

        Based on anime of same name, M rating attached, I see no problem other than “promoting pedophilia” (as most anime does). Still, I hate this crap though. If parents really pay attention to the ratingsystem, there wouldn’t be too much issue. It’s just socks for people like me that want to experience these games, regardless of reason (game play and story always comes first before fan service for me)

      • dragoon_slayer12

        Just thought of this. In regards to the underage girls thing, the US is no different. In almost every slasher film (Halloween, Nightmare on Elm St) and action movies, not only does they sexualize the high school girls (seniors can still be legally minors), but also have them nude and fucking. Transformers 1 would probably be key example. Granted she’s dressed in “fashion”, she was pure eye candy, and referred to as one through the flick. So double standard, regardless. Japan uses cartoons, we use real people. Despite the actor’s are above 18/21, they are portraying minors, therefore, subtly “promoting pedophilia” in a more extreme manor, in my opinion.

  • Tyler Beale

    So Nintendo of America isn’t okay with this (referring to the Fire Emblem DLC), yet Nintendo of Japan IS?

    …Well damn!

    • British_Otaku

      Senran Kagura, LovePlus and other games exist on the 3DS… >_>
      It’s CERO’s job if it isn’t a Nintendo game specifically.

      Though yes, I’m salty about the localisation of Fire Emblem DLC censoring details, not enough to import especially when I’m done with the game.

      • Tyler Beale

        But are any of those released here in the US?

        See, my fear is that if someone (say, Aksys) picks it up for localization, it has to be “Licensed by Nintendo”. Therefore Nintendo may say that it can’t be released (in America, anyway) because of all the sexual content.

        • Arrei

          Nintendo doesn’t really seem to stand in the way of whatever third parties want to put in their games anymore, in terms of sexual content.

          There’s an Onechanbara game on the Wii that was released stateside, after all. And Bayonetta 2 coming on Wii U.

          And there’s a strip poker game on the Wii eShop.

          No, seriously.

          • Symbol de Au

            XD I remember seeing that,

        • British_Otaku

          Nintendo of America has gotten better since the 1980 and 1990s, even allowing BMX XXX which Sony had censored. Recently, we have had Sony step in and censor The Last of Us for PAL players (not just Germany or Australia) in advance.

          I can’t say for sure that Nintendo of America would let it be and let the M rating decide for itself, but it’s better chances than through Nintendo exclusively and everyone tends to be inconsistent as hell on things.

          As for Nintendo platform titles with sexual content outside of Japan? Or in the US as you seem to pick… I’m more curious if you can name what is enough to cross this line you seem to think Nintendo has up.

          Groping breasts? Blazblue’s Taokaka. Near naked characters? Tekken or Dead or Alive Dimensions. Sleazy otaku? No More Heroes. Arrei has a good memory and mentioned Onechanbara which goes like this:

          It went worldwide. >_>
          I think Senran Kagura seems a little less special now.

          • Tyler Beale

            Since when did Taokaka have “groping breasts”? Or do you refer to her jumping all over “boobie lady” (Litchi) whenever the two meet?

          • British_Otaku

            Taokaka did so in her storyline in Continuum Shift II (likely all CS, but I’ve only played CS2) to Tsubaki commenting that they are average. Yes, Taokaka has been groping the likes of Bang Shishigami and Litchi “Boobie Lady” Faye-Ling as well.


          • Tyler Beale

            I’ve only played CS Extend on Vita, so….(checks CG Gallery) Yep, it’s there!!

    • Hinataharem

      Because America is scared of Tharja’s butt.

      • fyi1191

        Someone got hexed.

    • Just Tim

      Because of cultural dissonance, Tyler.

      Heck, Anglosphere has a major hangup on sex, to the point it condones violence.

    • s07195

      What happened with the FE DLC? Did the hot springs and beach DLC not get released?

      • British_Otaku

        The Beach DLC featured fanservice shots of Tharja’s fanservice shot I suppose, they censored Tharja’s sparkles and a bit more for the release outside of Japan. Cordelia, Gaius and Chrom’s artwork went untouched.

        Some say the censored artwork is more lewd, given that it could be one of our caped crusaders moving in and that it makes it harder to tell that she is actually wearing a bikini bottom. The imagination has no limits… >_>

  • GHAmer

    Akiba’s Trip (or Akiba Strip, whetever) is still better than this I think

  • Logan Moll

    Based on how much of this shit there is, I have to assume that Japanese people are just really damn perverted. lol

    • Renaldi Saputra

      well, you can see

  • Sardorim

    I’m very disturbed at the lack of any Xenovia promotion stuff.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    undressing? lol
    just as I expected.. it was aimed for most of perverted otakus who like the series

    • Dokuro

      Like you, enjoy.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        did I say something wrong?

        • Dokuro

          No, enjoy the series, its made for your kind.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            I see, ok

  • biskmater

    I like Issei, he is amusing to watch, and his relationship with Grias was
    a lot better than i was expecting.

  • Erick

    Is there a game like this (ripping opponent’s clothes) for ps3?

  • Just Tim

    I can’t believe this article just introduced me to HS DxD! (Lazy spelling intentional)

  • Strid

    “Yet another” – insinuating that there are already enough [there are not].

  • Joshua ‘Near’ River’z

    They actually has a release date guys, 2013年11月28日発売予定 ..

    yes 28th November this year

  • DyLaN

    =_= Gee are ppl always this touchy whenever things like this pop up?

  • Aristides

    lol ok, I wouldn’t mind this not getting localized XP. No judeging or anything but yeah lol

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