Fate/Zero Studio Ufotable Working On New Fate/Stay Night Project

By Ishaan . July 12, 2013 . 2:20pm

Ufotable, the anime studio behind Fate/Zero, are working on a new Fate/Stay Night project, Anime News Network reports. Ufotable founder Hikaru Kondo announced the news on Friday, but provided no further details.


While Fate/Zero was animated by Ufotable, the Fate/Stay Night anime series and the Unlimited Blade Works film—which follows an alternate route through the game—were both animated by Studio DEEN.


Sentai Filmworks licensed both those projects in North America, while Funimation have licensed Fate/Zero for release with an English dub in 2013.


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  • DigiWing

    heavens feel?!


      I want it to be sooooo

    • midgard229

      It must be!!!!!!!! they said they wanted to do heavens feel, so Maybe maybe maybe!!!!!!

  • HakaHina

    “…while Funimation have licensed Fate/Zero for release with an English dub in 2013.”

    It’s actually Aniplex of America that has the license and are doing the dub.

  • IS | 桂木

    Funimation’s not doing Fate/Zero, Aniplex is

  • Jungo

    Heaven’s Feel? Hollow Ataraxia? Fate/Extra???

    No, but seriously it’s probably just Heaven’s Feel.

    • Kevadu

      ‘Just’? You make it sound like that’s a bad thing!

      A Heaven’s Feel anime with Fate/Zero production values would make my year.

    • Shizumasa

      Most likely it will be Heaven’s Feel.
      It said new Fate/”STAY NIGHT” project.

      • Daru Titor

        I definitely want to see HF animated.
        If not for NLBW, then it’d have to bee seeing Lancer die again lol.

    • Lynx

      I’d love an Extra adaptation by SHAFT with both protagonists. Sadly, that won’t happen for a good while, if ever.

  • DanteJones
  • Seraph

    I would love to see Ufotable tackle Tsukihime. That would be glorious.

    • epy

      Yeah, seeing as there’s no Tsukihime anime it would be great. They already proved themselves with the excellent Kara no Kyoukai movies and Fate Zero.

      I kinda want them to do the Fate route again. I’m not really fond of Heaven’s Feel even if Shirou is a beast in that route.

      • Kevadu

        Erm…there is a Tsukihime anime. Or was that a sarcastic quip?

        • AkuLord3

          Yes he was thanks for ruining but yeah that crap was so badly done that it stop being “Tsukihime” with just similar name characters.

          • Seraph

            Thankfully the Manga of Tsukihime was loads better.

          • epy

            If they ever do an anime for Tsukihime, they should just do a direct adaptation of the manga. It was excellent, especially that ending. I always recommended to people that don’t want to try the visual novel.

        • biskmater

          the fanbase wants to pretend it never happened, justifiably so, it seems.

          • Adrian Werner

            That is silly. At the very least Tsukihime anime had great first episode and most of all gave us the glorious Wounds theme.

        • Lynx

          THERE IS NONE.
          Let’s leave at that.

          Carnival Phantasm was the first time they were animated.

      • Seraph

        To be honest, I feel that the F/SN franchise has been pretty overmilked the past few years. Hell, even if they did adaptations on some of Nasu’s other works, I’d watch them.

        • midgard229

          ???? so fate zero was a milk? and unlimited blade works? Nooooooooooo!!!!

          Must have heavens feel!!!!

          carnival phantasm was amazing too

          • Seraph

            I don’t really mean anime adaptations. Merchandise too.

            Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty big on TYPE-MOON’s stuff. I just feel that the Fate series (and spinoffs) are getting all the limelight.

          • RichyGaming

            I think so too. I’m personally more of a fan of Fate series than Tsukihime and everything else from TYPE-MOON, but jesus christ, all I see is Fate whenever I see something from them.

          • Seraph

            On the other hand, I’m more of a fan of Tsukihime, Kagetsu Tohya and Melty Blood.

  • Sergio Briceño

    It’s probably a Fate Apocrypha project.

  • ChiffonCake


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNsjHcWDt1Y To those who haven’t seen it yet, a taste of things to come (F/sn spoilers)

  • mojack411

    Do I hear a Heaven’s Feel movie?

    • komiko12

      I dunno. if they are going to do something with Heaven’s Feel, might as well make it into a series. Unlimited Blade Works was quite difficult for me to watch.

  • XypherCode

    I want Fate/Prototype

    • wererat42

      There was a PV made for Fate/Prototype but I’m pretty sure it was just a bonus thing and not intended as a indication of things to come.
      Maybe Nasu will one day take the plot of the original novel he wrote in high school and make it into an otome game or something. I don’t really see it happening.

    • DyLaN

      PS: F/P just got a prequel LN.

  • Chaos_Alfa

    It seems to have been more or less confirmed it is going to be an adaption of the Heaven’s Feel route of Fate/Stay Night.

    “[UPDATE 07.12.2013] – According to those attendees who received an early look at the PV, the new F/SN project will cover the Heaven’s Feel route.”


    • epy

      Noooo Seiba!! T_T

      Welp, we’ll see kickass Shirou and Kotomine at least.

      • Daru Titor

        Yep, I wanna see them fight to the death.

    • Rytan

      I thought Deen still had the rights for all routes in FSN? I’ll be happy if it turns out Ufotable got the rights though. With how the handles F/Z, Heaven’s Feel would be a blessing. Though I’m sure they’d still have to edit out some content.

      • Lynx

        They combined the routes. The result was…disappointing.

    • YES! The BEST route in FSN is definitely heaven’s feel! And for it to be animated by the Ufotable it is like a dream come true!!!1

    • InvestedInYourFuture

      The so called “attendees” is literally ONE Japanese person on twitter, who retracted his claim in next tweet. Nothing is official.

  • Arcm

    I really hope its the Heavens Feel arc.

  • SHSL Big Bro

    I think I read a tweet confirming this is heaven’s feel.

  • RichyGaming

    “Ufotable founder Hikaru Kondo announced the news on Friday, but provided no further details.”

    So that’s what they say, BUT WE ALL KNOW ITS HEAVENS FEEL BITCHES!


  • akai

    Last night , I thought to myself : It would be awesome if Ufotable made anime of heaven’s feel arc. And today I saw this. Kami-sama arigato gozaimasu :)))

  • Nice! I love the Fate series and should really, REALLY should catch up on it. I’ve honestly only watched the very first series. Started the second one, but was waiting for all the episodes to come out so I could watch it through, and just never got back to it lol =P

  • Suicunesol

    I wonder if they’re gonna censor it. Hope not. The worms, at least, should remain. If Mara is an acceptable monster, the worms should get a pass at least.

    • ChiffonCake

      The worms were in F/z too, so if this is HF, we’ll probably still get our dose of Zouken being terrible.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Well if it’s a movie they have a bigger chance not to censor it…
      Watching Berserk movie III… yup 18+ material

  • It’ll be Heaven’s Feel, in no small part because that’s the most logical follow-up to their adaptation of Zero. It picks up a *bunch* of the plot threads begun in F/Z.

    And if F/Z is any indication, Heaven’s Feel is going to be amazing. Hopefully it’s a TV series and not a movie.

    • Suicunesol

      That’s true. After seeing Sakura get picked up and violated by Zouken, there are gonna be viewers who will want to see what’s going to come of that. And Heaven’s Feel is all about that.

      Gotta be a TV series. Heaven’s Feel is the longest FS/N route. Too much to cover.


      I just worry that the Heaven’s Feel route may not live up to the standards set by Fate/Zero and Urobochi Gen.

      • biskmater

        Well, that depends and how well you think of Kinoko Nasu as a writer.

      • Yeah, I really hope they are going to make it into a tv series, I can’t imagine if they turn it into a 1 + hour movie, I don’t want the same mistake that happened to FSN UBWmovie to happen to HF; which is my most favorite route ever

      • Amagidyne

        If it really is a Heaven’s feel adaptation, I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said 90% of my reason for watching is for RIDER AWESOMENESS.

    • InvestedInYourFuture

      That’s a bullshit if I heard one.

      EVERY route “picks a bunch of plot threads” begun in Fate Zero.

      Fate embodies the key elements of Saber plotline from F/0, touches upon Kiritsugu ideal conflict and deals with fallout of previous war.

      UBW embodies the key moral conflict of Kiritsugu, through the dilemmas Shirou faces and picks up on Tohsaka plotlines from the F/0 right where F/0 left them off.

      HF picks up…Sakura’s plotline(arguably quite small part of F/0). That’s all.

      What’s more all routes work only together – HF route RELIES on you having played through the previous routes, and having emotional connection to the characters. HF pretty much lives off the CONTRAST it makes to other routes. Its impossible to adapt without the other two routes.

  • mike dickson

    ahh there taking about fate/kaleid liner prisma illya another alternate universe in fate stay night and guess what shiro isn’t the main character

    • Silver Citizen

      There’s already an anime of that being worked on by Silver Link. First episode aired today in fact.

      • mike dickson

        yeah i saw it i like maybe its fate/apocrypha or fate/hollow atarxia

        • 果林

          most likely heavens feel :P

          • mike dickson

            yes how could i forget that

  • Romancer Ecclesia

    I remember the scene where Saber gazed upon the light of hope, shining upon her in that tragic fate… as Shirou hopefully announces he’ll follow his father’s footsteps… I’d be disappointed if they animate Heaven’s Feel route instead. =/

    • Dun worry, we already have the anime for the continuation of that scene lol =P

      • Romancer Ecclesia

        Yea but it was kinda… really crap… compared to the VN itself >.<

  • 果林

    psh we all know its heaven’s feel.

  • Alexander Marquis Starkey

    Um I thought Sentai Filmworks is doing Fate Zero’s dub? It’s definitely not using Funimation actors.

    • Lynx

      It’s Aniplex. And it’s a Bang Zoom dub.

  • Zodiacking13

    Maybe Fate/Apocrypha… doubt it, but who knows. Either that or Heaven’s Feel.

  • ChromeH34rts

    Fate Apocrypha perhaps? Shirou Kotomine would be badass…
    Not to mention that ufotable would do an awesome job with whatever fate project they are undertaking.

    Ah… so it’s Heaven’s Feel? Hopefully it won’t be a movie. UBW felt like too much action was chopped up and crammed into a small amount of time.
    I’ m still excited either way.!

    • DyLaN

      To all ppl thinking it was Apocrypha: Apocrypha only got a volume so far. And they mentioned F/SN not Fate/.

  • Blackburn7

    PLEASE let it be Heavne’s Feel! Watching that animated by ufotable I could die a happy death, no kidding.

  • ekibyougami

    I’d get so stoked if this would be Fate/Prototype. But most likely it would be Heaven’s Feel

  • Amagidyne

    Please, please PLEASE let it be Heaven’s Feel!!!
    I need to see Rider do awesome things and not just die at the start of every adaptation…

    • InvestedInYourFuture

      Hopefully all routes and not just HF, considering HF without the other routes would be nigh incomprehensible mish-mash of kitchen scenes, sex and badassery. There’s a reason why the routes are locked in that order – you NEED each previous route to understand the next, less so with fate and UBW, while with HF its a must.

      • Amagidyne

        Yeah, I agree about the routes being tricky to understand if you’ve not seen all of the content, but Fate already had an adaptation in the original anime (ignoring the odd chunks of UBW and HF that were thrown into it, it had Fate as a majority) and Unlimited Blade Works got not only a film adaptation, but the Fate/Stay Night manga is based on that same route. Heaven’s Feel hasn’t really had anything to its name, I’d much prefer that rather than yet more of the previous two.

        Plus, if it were to be HF, I’d say most F/SN fans already remember the pertinant details required to understand it, and interested newcomers would watch both the anime and the movie first anyway.

        • InvestedInYourFuture

          Fate anime is complete butchery. Anyone who is familiar with novel would laugh himself to death at the idea of Gilgamesh and Saber fighting equally.

          And UBW “movie” was a glorified recap animated in flash animation.

          And no, Manga Does NOT follow UBW route – it has diverged into a weird mix of ubw and fate with its own storyline.

          Giving HF a proper ufotable animation, NOT only would not make any sense story-wise as it would be incomprehensible, but would be a direct spit into the faces of the fans who loved UBW and fate routes – why should HF get a proper animation by a great studio, while all UBW and fate have is idiotic butchery?

          Also why would anyone watch the previous FSN anime and UBW recap movie is beyond me its so inaccurate that it would directly contradict HF adaptation.

          • Amagidyne

            Yeah, the anime was butchery when compared to the VN’s, but what I’m saying is that it is still at least a partial adaptation of Fate – up until they started trying to throw in the end games of the other two routes, it followed the events set out in Fate.

            I’ll concede the point about the manga, I’m only about 11 volumes in, so where it goes from there I don’t know, but it was looking like an UBW adaptation to me. But if you’ve read it and know otherwise, fair play.

            As for the film, sure, it was a lot of recap and UBW would have benefitted from having at least a 26 episode series

            but at least it was something.

            Heaven’s Feel has had nothing at all in the way of representation, hence why I want HF to be animated more than anything. Fate and UBW got something. They had their adaptations, and even if they were bad to some people, it was SOMETHING.

            As for how incomprehensible it would be: considering just how long the F/SN series as a whole has been around, I’d be willing to bet that people are more than familliar with the ins and outs of the universe and all the things going down in the grail wars, hence why HF isn’t just going to throw the fandom for a whole as a loop. And if new people are going to want to watch a HF adaptation, while having the series and UBW film to watch aren’t great by themselves, they’re easily a gateway into the ‘verse in general, finding out what they’d need to know ‘aint that hard.

            Heck, I stated out by watching the Fate anime way back when I was a kid, and I turned out alright.

  • Gilgamesh2025

    New Fate games are always welcome! :D

  • michel

    Haven’s Feel!…

  • Beat

    Please have Gen Urobuchi do the writing!

    • InvestedInYourFuture

      That would be pointless since FSN is written already and Nasu is as grimdark and as good as urobutcher.

  • RichyGaming

    I’m gonna be mad if they make it a movie. Because if its a movie, that means they will be skipping scenes because they won’t be able to fit everything. I never looked at the VN of Fate nor UBW because there already was animations for those. But Heaven’s Feel was pretty damn big, so…

  • Lumi

    Finally, heaven’s feel (I hope).

  • TheMightyKamina

    Sorry,I watched the Fate Stay Night,and I’m watching Fate/Zero Now (late I know),but with this discussion,since i didn’t see the VN,is there a true ending,a canon ending,or is it like choose you ending and be happy?

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