Namco Bandai’s New Mystery Game Is For Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . July 15, 2013 . 10:10pm

Namco Bandai recently erected a teaser website for a game, which we reported last night. Clues so far are scant, with only “V  20” and “F  30” mentioned as possible hints on the site, but now we know one more little detail—it’s a Nintendo 3DS game.



Namco updated the site once again today, confirming it as a 3DS title. The full site is set to go live later this week, but we’ll probably hear about the game in Famitsu or another Japanese magazine prior to that.


Namco Bandai also have another teaser running parallel to this game. That one’s for a new game by Project Aces, the developer of Ace Combat.


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  • Will Jay

    If it ends up directly related to the Project Aces title.. Perhaps an Ace Combat 3 remake?

  • Guest

    Mappy? :P

  • Ethan_Twain

    So do we reckon these are teases for the same thing? We’re working towards the eventual reveal of a Project Aces 3DS game?

    • No, I doubt the Project Aces tease is at all connected to this.

  • Suicunesol

    I really hope it’s not a game about planes. I want a Japanese RPG. Or something cool.

    Maybe it’s a Tales game…. :O

  • Blackikun

    Decode for America and Europe :D

  • Timovisch

    OMG…Vesperia F….sorry just had to do that.

    But I’m pretty interested in what game this will turn out.

  • JustThisOne

    Hmm, with the other teaser in mind though… Doesn’t this seem more like a new IP than anything else? It’s a little easier to risk things on 3DS than on consoles. It’ll definitely have a focus on aerial combat, but it doesn’t feel very Ace Combat-y right now.

  • cirE
    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      ? I thought we already had Ace Combat 3D?(Under the name of Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy…….. Get the game. It is remake of AC2.^_^)

  • James Enk

    i hope this is a new IP and i also hope for some tales love that will also get released in Europe

  • Enzo

    Oh my god this is so funny because I did NOT expect this.

  • Vernauth

    I guess its Macross X Ace Combat

  • Gilgamesh2025

    No clue, but I hope it will be a game I like.

  • Showmeyomoves

    Hmmm… Remove the V… and the 20… And then get rid of the 3…

    OH MY GOD!!!!!! Namco’s developing a new F-ZERO game!!!!!!!! MY WISH HAS COME TRUE!!!!!

    Meanwhile, back in the real world:


    • puchinri

      Why you gotta do that. Just the thought of a new F-Zero is so exciting, but it’s depressing knowing that it won’t happen (that) soon when/if it does. ;u;

  • Adam

    Digimon Re:Digitize Decode or bust.

  • Chaos_Knight

    Project X Zone 2


  • ronin4life

    I was really interested in this (and a little bored otherwise) and did some spelunking around for other peoples opinions…

    And a few people have said that the Famicom 30th anniversary is soon, as is v-jumps 20th. Further, one Neogaf-er mentioned an old Jump crossover (I believe it was an rpg) game for the famicom.

    …Project Jump Zone?

  • Spirit Macardi

    Is it going to be a new crossover game that actually has variety in its roster?

  • Guest

    Woops. Thought I was on OT

  • Please… JRPG…

    • Bigabu Beaze

      Or something to do with Mechs!

      • All I want to is an interesting game, it would be awesome if it was a JRPG but if it’s a good game, that’s enough to me.

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