Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies English Trailer Introduces The New Prosecutor

By Ishaan . July 17, 2013 . 9:00am

Capcom have released a brand new trailer and batch of screenshots for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, introducing your new rival prosecutor, Simon Blackquill. As previously detailed, Simon is serving time for murder, although whether or not he actually committed one is obviously unknown. Watch the trailer below:



Meanwhile, the screenshots are from the game’s third case, which is titled “Turnabout Academy”. You can read more about the case here if you’d like to know what the basic premise is.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies is slated for release this fall in North America and Europe.


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  • A release date would be much appreciated, Capcom.

  • kuma483

    Blackquill is very… interesting, to say the least. I can’t wait to play this game.

  • IM

    1st column third pic…
    Myriam SCUTTLEBUTT!!! XD

  • Pockystix

    it’s funny how the prosecution keeps getting weirder and weirder lol

  • Tristan Diaz

    I’m surprised the game is Rated M in NA.

    • British_Otaku

      It is rated CERO C in Japan and 16 by PEGI. Since, the rating is consistently higher in other regions perhaps it has some universally “bad” material to put it on the same age rating as Saints Row 4 (god I hate how rigid and meaningless rating systems are).

      • Tristan Diaz

        I agree with you on the rating system! It’s so messed up all over the world! hahaha.

    • Zonic505

      I was surprised as well, especially since the descriptions are the same as the original AA, but I think it’s due to the fact they went with 3D models and animation, which in turn makes the game more “realistic” compared to the 2D sprites.

      • RisukuAozora

        It’s funny that if that’s their logic, because I find it more cartoony with the 3D Cel-Shading actually. Nothing wrong with that tho.

      • Tristan Diaz

        I have to agree on that.

  • *Want’s it naow*

  • Freud_Hater

    Taka is a terrible name for a falcon, that’s basically like a French guy naming his dog ‘Dog’ since Taka is Eagle/Falcon in Japanese. Gin was a much better name, but I guess I’m just nitpicking, at this point…

    • But Simon’s not Japanese in the localisation though, I think, so it shouldn’t matter for the localized version right? Although if it was still called Taka in the Japanese version that’s different

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      Well, considering the name of any other character in the game…

      • Freud_Hater

        Y-Yeah… I really can’t argue that point…

  • Strain42

    …I want to play this as soon as possible.

    That’s really what it boils down to right now. I just wanna play it.

  • HershelLousyton

    Everything about this new prosecutor is fucking amazing!

    • linkenski

      Except for his voice… what a dissapointment.

      • kuma483

        I kinda like his voice. It’s grown on me. But I guess you can’t please everyone.

  • Rohan Kishibe

    Phoenix Wright looks like Clark Kent. He just needs the glasses.

    • linkenski

      You stole my line xD I’ve been looking for such a comparison for months!

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Well, Blackquill is certainly eccentric enough to be a prosecutor. In fact, in many ways, he reminds me of Godot (making weird analogies, going silent at times, manipulating the judge with his sheer aura and cool demeanour, a mysterious past…). I’m still eager to find out WHY they are letting a convincted murderer act as a prosecutor, though; it’ll probably have something to do with the meta plot of this being “dark times” for the justice system.

    On a side note, it’s nice to see Apollo face-off against a prosecutor OTHER than Gavin for a change (not that those were really face-offs much; I’m curious to see how Gavin would act in a trial where he WASN’T helping Apollo out half the time).

  • NRool

    I’m not sure if I like Blackquill or not, on one hand he seems just like every other prosecutor, hard boiled and likes to keep secrets, and oddly enough, doing time.
    But then, he also seems very generic in terms of design, it’s like they are purposely trying to just make him seem just “OH SO EVIL” when he clearly is gonna turn out to be a nice guy by the end of the game.
    His design reminds of Dr. Blackjack, but … with even more flair

    • linkenski

      I kinda miss having a prosecutor that’s just pure evil like Manfred Von Karma. I’m really dissapointed in the voice actor they chose for Blackquill because i fully expected him to be overly dark and evil sounding, just like how he looks. I think it makes the game fun, because it’s over-the-top.

    • Miss_Madness

      He doesn’t come off as oh so evil to me. Just in dire need of a good brush and comb when it comes to that hair.

    • colorblindnightmare

      I didn’t think that could be possible. Lol Dr Black Jack is hella stylish.

  • Zero_Destiny

    For some reason all I can imagine is that Capcom put Black Jack and Hyakkimaru (from Dororo) into a blender and this guy came out. xD

    His aggressive nature, that hair color, and being a criminal; it’s so totally Black Jack, and the hair with like the ponytail and being all samurai like; totally Hyakkimaru. lol Maybe I’ve been reading too much Tezuka stuff lately.

  • Poor Judgey. Sometimes, he just seems to attract verbal abuse from the prosecutor seat for no reason. I suppose you could call it… destiny. [Sunglasses]

    • Testsubject909

      You also forgot physical abuse. *coughs* Von Karma…

      Oh. I didn’t do the coughing thing right? Sorry, my throat’s a bit dry is all.

  • Kaihedgie

    Why are these people allowed to prosecute? D:

    • AverageGamers

      I think it’s the same way that each and everyone of us are allowed to comment here XD
      This is simply Capcom’s absurd world, so everything is possible..

  • I’m kinda glad this game isn’t coming out just yet. My wallet can only handle so much at once. Even so I can’t wait to delve into Phoenix Wright again.

  • colorblindnightmare

    Holy crap black quill is awesome. newly added to my “to cosplay” queue.

  • s07195

    What happened to the option to ‘Move’ from one place to another?

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