Crytek USA, The Ex-Darksiders Studio, Is Helping Out On Ryse: Son of Rome

By Ishaan . July 19, 2013 . 2:00pm

Earlier this year, Crytek took on a core team of staff from Vigil Games, the studio behind Darksiders, after they failed to find a home following the bankruptcy of their parent company THQ.


Following their adoption, the ex-Vigil staff were assembled into a studio named Crytek USA, and now we have some idea of what they’ve been up to.


Crytek USA are helping develop Ryse: Son of Rome, Crytek’s exclusive title for Xbox One, the games’ producer, Mike Read, revealed to Siliconera today. The Crytek USA team consists of about 30 people now.


Read added that Crytek USA are also working on their own “things,” but had nothing to offer on just what these things are.


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  • Solomon_Kano

    Deep sorrow.

    Can’t wait to see what they get to do for themselves once their ready, though.

  • Altin

    I am a very huge Rome-aphiliac. Too bad that this game is going to be released on a console that I wont get in this century. Guess I will keep myself entertained with Rome II: Total War

    • JerkDaNERD7

      If your a huge Rome-aphiliac, what else game would you be playing besides Rome II Total War?! I don’t understand your point.

      I’ll enjoy both, win win for me!

  • dammit crytek i want my darksiders 3!

    • Jah-keem York

      They can’t. they lost the bid for the IP

      • ah that is unfortunate i wasnt aware of that, so who owns the rights then?

        • Jah-keem York

          I don’t remember the exact name of the company, but don’t get hopes up for a game from them. They’re heavily mobile based and they’ve only made sports games. I have no clue why they bothered buying the IP

          • Dylan Harris

            that is very wrong. Nordic games makes COMPUTER games. and they said they want somebody else to do it, to have it be a perfect next game, but itll be a couple years….Jah stop talking out of your ass, you have no idea what you are talking about

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    So does the game plays by itself like they mentioned it or is it actually playable and challenging now?

    • Guest

      It’s still QTE: The Game, according to Crytek: “We have this concept we call mashing to mastery. The idea is that anyone can play it and they can mash the buttons and fight, but if you get the right timing you’re able to actually master it.”

      • Juan Andrés Valencia

        I hope that’s only for the lowest difficulty.

        • Guest

          No it isn’t :P

          • Altin

            Reminds me a lot of Bioware and Dragon Age II:

            “Press one button and bam! Awesome”

    • GGear0323

      it never played itself. it is a hack and slash game. think God of War. mash the button until a button prompt comes up to do an execution. people talk like it is an on-rails QTE machine. it will NOT be a hard game and if that is something you don’t like, you won’t like it here either but it may be fun.

  • Anoia

    Wow that’s some insult to injury, sad to see what has become of such a great developer.

  • tubers

    At least they have some jobs :)

    Maybe this could be the roots of a GoW quasi-equivalent on the X1; Cinematic, H&S, QTE flavor -game, but more realistic.

  • GGear0323

    people have been hard on this game for some reason i don’t get. yeah, it will be an easy game but the level of hate this game has gotten is something else. it is just a pretty hack ‘n slash title with basic squad commands and voice controls with QTE executions. it shouldn’t be that offensive to anyone’s tastes.

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