PlayStation All-Stars Was Going To Have A Journey And Gravity Rush Stage

By Ishaan . July 22, 2013 . 10:40am

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was allegedly going to have a stage that was a mash-up of Journey and Gravity Rush. Ky Bui, a designer that worked on the game, shared images of the stage via his website before they were discovered by PlayStation Euphoria and subsequently taken down.



Despite the leaked images, in a statement, Sony have confirmed that they have no plans for PlayStation All-Stars downloadable content. They did, however, mention that at one point, Dart was being developed as a playable character who ultimately didn’t make it into the game.


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  • Melvin Kwan

    Damn, that would’ve been awesome.

  • Craig Mikucki


    • Samuel

      I think they gave up on this game, looks like their just looking to cut their losses.

    • Jah-keem York

      Only thing is DLC costs to make as well unless it’s pre-planned DLC. At least when it comes to DLC like this, costume’s ect are more for making up costs then anything else.

      • Craig Mikucki

        I am aware of that. But when/if the DLC makes a profit, the excess can go towards the overall profit of the game.

    • Tonton Ramos

      or even better get Crash and Spyro in the game… Oh wait Activision… DAMMIT!

  • This game had a lot of promise, and despite all expectations it was a lot of fun, and a genuinely interesting alternative to Smash Bros. I hope Sony’s not planning on just ditching the franchise forever.

    • Samuel

      The one thing that I loved about PSABR was that it was more combo orientated than Smash. The flaw was everything else, I think instead of trying to make the game different from smash, they should have made it as similar as possible. All people wanted was a smash game on PS3 with their favorite Sony characters. If they do plan to do another, which they probably won’t, they should change the entire battle system and make it more like smash bros. I bet then it would have sold a lot more.

    • SlickRoach

      I hope they can pick it up and improve if they decide to make a sequel. Despite not being as grand as I hyped it up to be it was a real fun game and at the end of the day that’s what games should be. Smash Bros. popularity rose when the second game came out, hopefully this will too.

    • Guest

      It was a fun game, but it could’ve been a lot more, specially if sony represented more old series like Wild Arms or Legend of the Dragoon.

  • TheExile285

    So they made the boring Unfinished Swan/Medieval mashup but passed on this? Not only that, but they passed on Dart and gave us a 2nd GoW character?????

    Meh, I’ve been done with PSABR since BB hit PS Plus and I can just play Gravity Rush when I want to see

  • MasterScrub

    I find it absolutely hilarious that they canned a whole bunch of DLC I actually would have bought. Why couldn’t we have had Dart and this stage and gotten rid of Zeus or something.

    • JoJo_649

      They should’ve replaced the black dude who glows in the night for Rudy Roughknight, he could’ve been Dart’s rival, and Abe could’ve been better than Isaac, but could and should are this game’s legacy.

  • zferolie

    This would have been amazing… I thought PSASBR was a good game, but sony gave up on it WAY too quickly. They didn’t even give it a chance to breath and become it’s own thing. I mean Smash Bros wasn’t huge right away actually…

  • Rishtopher

    While I don’t think it this would’ve made me like the game or its mechanics more, I’d at least play it more often if they gave me DLC that I actually wanted. This would’ve been nice.

    Even though I didn’t enjoy my time with this game, I was hoping they could make a sequel and change the mechanics to make it fun (ie, more like Smash Bros).

    • If they made it more like Smash Bros., wouldn’t that just validate everybody who says that’s all this game wants to be anyway?

      I for one rather enjoy the mechanics at play as they are. The game seems sort of shallow at first, but reveals a lot of hidden depth and complexity as you get more into it, and sometimes trying to execute your final strikes can be a very strategic and difficult affair as you go for the most return to the least cost while also trying to avoid letting anyone else do the same.

      I understand it’s not for everybody, but I wouldn’t want it to just copy the competition; if I want that, I’ll just play Smash instead.

      • Rishtopher

        I won’t speak for everyone, but yeah, that’s all I wanted it to be: a Smash game with Sony characters. I don’t find the current mode of play fun or innovative. I tried playing it again recently with friends and as soon as they realized that they could only kill with supers, they stopped being interested.

        I’d rather have had the death-by-supers as a separate game mode. Or better yet, just give me more game modes to choose from. Arcade is a pretty standard affair, but what about a mode that modified the mechanics a bit? Even just Stock or Stamina mode would’ve been cool. Maybe they could’ve done something similar to Special Brawls in Smash. Really, there’s a lot that could’ve been done.

        I get that people don’t want something that’s just a rehashed copy of something else, but I think that speaks more about how fun Smash’s design is rather than a dev’s lack of originality.

        I won’t say outright that All-Stars is a bad game, everything seems to work fine. But, I’ll say that in my opinion, bad decisions were made (stages, characters, mechanics).

        • I’m just gonna state that there is a stock mode, and you’re not missing much. Just… don’t bother with that one. I personally like the super mechanic, but if you do a one on one match with 5 stock you’re going to be there for a good 15-20 minutes. The game shines in 4-on-4, which I can’t say about Smash so much, but that’s probably more on personal preference; I find a full 4 players in Brawl to be too much to process and just an all around cluster to deal with, but under time pressure with the focus being more on dealing damage than avoiding it, I think All-Stars works better in that department.

          I can relate to the friends losing interest thing, but for me it’s more of a bummer. Nobody to really play against offline, because the learning curve involved to really feel “good” at the game is much sharper. I know there is a point, though, since generally if you set me against someone who finds the game boring or lacking in depth, I can utterly destroy them without a second thought. I feel like All-Stars makes a bad first impression because of that lull between learning to play and learning to work with it, but maybe it’s more a play style thing people just can’t get into. I don’t know. :/

          I do wish the stages were a bit more varied, though, I’ll agree, and there’s some weird omissions from the roster. I understand Crash and Spyro aren’t owned by Sony anymore, but it’s hard to pretend they don’t belong in that character line-up all the same.

        • Anime10121

          I said the exact same thing, I WAS hyped for the game, then I played the Beta, realized it wasnt the Smash clone I wanted, and it bored me to sleep. Suffice to say, I didnt think the full game would be worth a purchase, and as far as user reviews and official reviews go, it seems I made the right choice.

  • BizarreJelly

    Dart!? That would have been amazing! Legend of Dragoon deserves all the recognition.

  • Chaos_Knight

    Oh just throw in Cloud as DLC and watch as FF fanboys get this game just for him.

    • Testsubject909

      As a Final Fantasy 6 fan. I wouldn’t.

      Be very specific when you state “Final Fantasy Fanboy”. Because there’s a ton of sub-category for those.

      • Anime10121

        My sentiment as well, being a FFIX fan (I like the majority of them, but in my mind IX>all)!

  • XiaomuArisu

    Looks much better then Zeus and Issac…come on!Do it!

  • Darn Sony it’s too bad you cancelled this thing I totally would have spent money on. My main is Kat. Kat is DLC. Giving up after two rounds of DLC really bums me out, too, because ongoing additions is part of what I really looked forward to with All-Stars. :/

  • The Watcher

    Digimon Rumble Arena 2 had better game mechanics than this game.

  • kaizin

    Wow that really sucks I would have loved to play as dart would have been a day one buy for me T-T oh well I had a fun ride with the game but all rides end someday.

  • Ben Sylvia

    Regret buying the DLC to support this game since they just tossed it aside.

    ESPECIALLY Zeus and Isaac. Waste of DLC spot.

    But really, did they actually think Zeus and Isaac were going to sell well, WHEN NO ONE BLOODY WANTED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE?

    Really, who actually wanted either of them in the game at all?

    And the only interesting thing in the game were the customizable character animations. Gameplay sucked, stages sucked, movesets were boring though they did stay true to the characters, singleplayer content was an after thought (like every other fighting game that isn’t Smash Bros. or Soul Calibur 2 or 3), 3rd party characters sucked and made no sense really.

    I think I’m done on that rant. Sorry for the long post.

    I would have bought this stage though if it had been released.

    • JoJo_649

      The third party characters were this game’s greatest dissapointment, as they looked more like multi-platform cheap advertising than Playstation’s legacy, I’m still scratching my head at how they chose to represent MGR Rising over MGS4 Guns of the patriots, which is STILL only on playstation.

    • brian

      Blazblue single player is an afterthought?

      • Ben Sylvia

        Oh yeah, forgot about Blazblue.

        But those are like the only ones.

  • hilari0s

    Hey guys, please help support the #ReleaseDart movement via twitter as well as helping out the Playstation AllStars community here:

    Thank you guys very much for your support.

  • Slayven19

    The funny thing about this game is outside of kat the rest of the DLC kinda sucked. I mean the costumes were ok I guess but they didn’t release the rest of the costumes that they were going to release. Even Zeus and Isaac costumes that were put in the game with the patch along side them weren’t released as DLC.

    Hopefully they’ll try this series again on ps4 and hopefully another developer makes the game more like smash bros. I don’t care if its a rip off lots of games are inspired heavily by others, I just care if the game is fun. Its not like we can play with nintendo characters on ps3/4 so why does it matter to anyone without a nintendo console if its a supposed rip-off?

  • HassanJamal

    SuperBot couldve done all this but Sony cut their contract too soon :L

  • MrJechgo

    My god…
    First, Dart and Abe, and now this?
    Sounds like a complete package right there with 2 characters and 1 stage.
    Honestly, I would have removed the 3rd party characters, replace them with actual Sony characters and make every DLC character free for the first 2 weeks, like Kat and Emmett were, but Zeus and Isaac weren’t.

  • brian

    Dart as in Legend of Dragoon?

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