Nintendo Not Interfering With Bayonetta 2 Development Says PlatinumGames

By Ishaan . August 6, 2013 . 10:30am

In an interview with Gamasutra, PlatinumGames’ Yusuke Hashimoto and Atsushi Inaba comment on the developer’s relationship with Nintendo, who are publishing their next two games—The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2.


Hashimoto, who is directing Bayonetta 2, says that rather than interfering with development, Nintendo have been more of an observer that provides critical advice when necessary, rather than interfering with development.


“And all of the things we want to do in the game, they’re not standing in our way, in that sense,” Hashimoto says. “But it’s almost as if they are a very critical player that can sit back and give us great advice on how we’re creating the game.”


Inaba adds that working with Nintendo in particular is making PlatinumGames all the more aware of the need to design strong gameplay, rather than cover up design weaknesses with better graphics.


“Working with Nintendo, one thing that comes out of that is that we’re not able to cover up weaknesses in the core gameplay by making the graphics prettier or adding cutscenes, or whatever,” says Inaba. “The concern, first and foremost, is the core of the game and the quality of the gameplay. They really have our back in that sense. And that’s actually a little bit unnerving, working with people who are such perfectionists in that sense.”


Bayonetta 2 is scheduled for release in 2014 on the Wii U.


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  • Smooosh

    Bayonetta was probably one of the finest games I’ve ver played from a gameplay perspective. I died like 5 times in each stage the first time I went through it, but you can actually go through the levels receiving next to no damage. If you die it’s your fault, you get all the tools to survive if you master the mechanics. The difficutly curve WAS pretty steep though, “normal” wasn’t exactly what I’d call a normal difficulty.

    • Chee Yang

      Just like the hard difficulty in DMC3 wasn’t really hard at all if you got the timing and mechanics down. More than anything else, you have to adjust to the difficulty and up your gameplay.

    • 60hz

      i found it pretty easy (but still very fun) except for the highest difficulty (which WAS difficult but still fun) – DMC3 was hard as nails though, and ninja gaidens are as well… bayo – not so much, though the lost levels (or whatever they were called) were pretty tough – and secret boss rodin was tough as nails as well…

  • AuraGuyChris

    “Working with Nintendo, one thing that comes out of that is that we’re not able to cover up weaknesses in the core gameplay by making the graphics prettier or adding cutscenes, or whatever,” says Inaba. “The concern, first and foremost, is the core of the game and the quality of the gameplay. They really have our back in that sense. And that’s actually a little bit unnerving, working with people who are such perfectionists in that sense.”
    *Slaps him*
    You’re making a game, not a movie, man.

    • Ying

      His comment on that have made me wonder how many other developers do that so now I’m probably going to become paranoid and scrutinize every cutscene

  • JMaster3000

    PlatinumGamess’ and working with working with Nintendo :P

    Get some rest Ishaan!

  • Kyle McDaniel

    This makes it sound like Bayo 2 could even be better than the first.

    • Farid Belkacemi

      After playing the demo, it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case :)

    • $29082171

      So far it seems that case from the comments of those who played the demos at E3, saying it fixes issues of the first one.

  • ParrotProphet

    I tried the game at Comic-Con. It’s everything that I would have wanted from the game…and more. The game has way more animations than before including a powerslide.

    It’s fantastic.

  • Herok♞

    So nintendo makes everything better.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething


      • AuraGuyChris

        Makes everything better nearly all the time.
        Does ungodly decisions once in a while. Prime Example – Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

        • ShawnOtakuSomething

          yeah and Pin ball mario/ Metroid

          • Pietro Spina

            Pinball metroid was great. Also: rumble.

        • AkuLord3

          Well that one was one of the licenses so makes sense…and really was all Miyamoto. He’s the Man but even then he didn’t know what was TRULY best

        • Guy Rainey

          Paper Mario Sticker Star wasn’t an RPG. It’s a bad RPG, but it is a pretty good Western-style adventure game, at least from a puzzle perspective. Think about it: inventory puzzles. The only addition it had was turn-based battles, which could actually be an interesting addition, if the game was intended to be so from the beginning,

    • TheFoolArcana

      Minus adding region lock, yes.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Region locking shouldnt bother you unless you live in Australia or travel quite a bit. As long as they localize games it shouldnt be an issue.

        • TheFoolArcana

          You act like every game from other countries is brought overseas without any problems.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            On the contrary.But I see the efforts however doggedly slow these companies are making to meet their bottom lines so Im not going to bother myself with living in the past and letting it detract from my enjoyment.

            Besides titles coming later means I can plan my expenses with a more deft hand and clear my backlog.

          • SetzerGabbiani

            I knew there was another grownup on this forum.

          • And when a title doesn’t come to your region? Why can’t you play it? If you like JPN voice why not be able to get another region’s version?

            The other console makers do it I don’t see why Nintendo still fights this.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Because Nintendo plays a different ball game.

            Regardless of how I personally feel about region locking, I am not aware of their reasoning, so I’m not going to make presumptuous accusations and lambast my opinion on it all over the internet, like the slew of people that have started doing this within the last two months.

          • From what I’ve read they do this because they don’t want to hurt a region’s market. Say a game is cheaper in Europe, people in the US would rather buy there making sales drop in their region. I think it might have something to do with investors in each region or something, like Nintendo prefers to have a better control to each region.

            Still, what makes me a bit sad is that being a person that knows japanese and english you can’t play games in both languages without having to own the same console twice.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Its probably not as simple as that, something happened in the DS generation that lead them to decide to region lock the 3DS. I think its a compounded set of circumstances that lead to its inclusion

          • Yeah, you’re right. That’s what they say when people ask about it usually. Like in the last petition that happened.

      • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

        all of Nintendo upcoming games coming worldwide

  • zferolie

    This reminds me of what nintendo used to do with Rare. For most of rare games, Nintendo didn’t interfer. In fact the only one I can think of that they did was Starfox Adventures, which started as Dinosaur Planet.

    Most of the time Nintendo mainly helped Rare with advice and stuff. Like Miamoto suggested the characters in Jet Force Geminai(which I started playing recently, excellent)

    • Suicunesol

      I didn’t know that! Jet Force Gemini was a great game I used to rent multiple times. I’m so sorry I didn’t buy it.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        I miss that game :{

      • zferolie

        Gah I forgot to finish that last sentence. I was saying that he siggested making the characters older. Originally they had them younger, but he thought they should be older teens.

        If you ever find a copy, grab it. I know you played it, but owning the game is something. I didn’t buy it till like 3-5 years after it was released, but I only just started playing it now.

    • Elemiel

      I freaking love Jet Force Gemini. I used to play it all the time with my brothers.

    • Kyle McDaniel

      Wasn’t it Miyamoto that said Donkey Kong Country wasn’t good?

      • zferolie

        I thought he said he didn’t want DK to look like DK jr. could be wrong.

        That was at the start of the Nintendo/Rare group. Later they gave them A LOT of freedom

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    >:} *sits back and wait* yes good,,,,This game is going to be lovely

  • KingGunblader

    This isn’t really surprising news considering that we’re talking about a company that’ll delay a game for years if it isn’t up to their standards. And this can only be good for Bayonetta 2, right?

  • Wow. This just means that we’ll have something close to a masterpiece too look forward too. Bayonetta remains to be on of my favorite games, and it looks like Bayonetta 2 will make me love it more than the first. =^_^=

  • TrevHead

    I would have guessed Bayonetta’s new look and the brighter colour pallete would have been Nintendo’s input. Whatever the case it looks great.

    I’m looking forward to buying a WiiU and playing Bayo 2, Sonic Lost World and the new Donkey Kong.

    All that’s missing from the WiiU line up is a good Rail Shooter like Panzer Dragoon or Sin & Punishment.

  • James Enk

    all the feedback about Bayonetta 2 is really positive i believe we are going to get an amazing game

  • Inaba’s comment about covering up gameplay weaknesses with better graphics is interesting, because it makes me wonder. Is this what is happening with games today? Are companies using graphics as an excuse to not make better playing games? I wouldn’t be surprised. Graphics do seem to be the most talked about thing in games these days, so it seems developers are taking advantage of those smoke and mirrors to trick people into thinking their game is better than it really is. I’ve even heard companies admit they didn’t make their games better because doing that is hard while making awesome graphics.

    Something else I feel like mentioning just based on some comments I’ve heard. I love Nintendo and I appreciate their commitment to quality, but It doesn’t always pan out for them. Since they’ve been in the industry, they’ve made quite a few crappy games, or at least outsourced them to mediocre developers. Thankfully most of the time their stuff is a hit, but I have played a couple of bad Nintendo games before. I don’t feel like naming which ones.

    But nevertheless, it’s good to hear they’re just hanging back this time and letting Platinum do their stuff.

    • Göran Isacson

      One thing I notice is that it feels like most AAA-games these days have… kind of lax gameplay? I recently played the new Tomb Raider game and was sort of struck of how neither platforming or gunplay was any smooth or actively engaging on their own, just tolerable or functional I’d say, but it had so much work put into the environments and keeping a high pace that you just kinda went with the flow. Only when the game stopped a little, or the firefights got really longwinded, did you realize that it wasn’t THAT much fun to actually PLAY it. So yeah, sometimes it really does seem like graphics trumps polished gameplay.

  • Göran Isacson

    As long as this means Nintendo axed the QTE’s that came out of nowhere and had REALLY finicky input, I shall be oh, so, satisfied. OH so satisfied. Because really, I don’t know much in the Platinum model that CAN be trimmed and improved beyond those few irritations.

  • Alestaos

    This will however be ported especially since the west the wii u isnt as strong as a Ps3/360 and the perspective XO/PS4. To me i wouldnt be surprised to see it on vita or PS4 and the vita act like the tablet thing the wii u has as optional. Or just straight to vita and that keeps the touch mechanics if any in one game. But i hope they dont moan if its not a strong seller over here due to the lack of wii u’s and blame it on the series instead of the limited availbilty. Im not hating on the Wii U but theres stores here where you have to order it in purely because they dont stock the console compared to others. And the wii u games have like 1 tier shelf if lucky which imo is wrong but eh. Im only saying this really cause i love the series and dont want to see it lost if this fails in the west.

    • Can we please stop this? Platinum has said several times that a port isn’t going to happen, not when Nintendo is funding, publishing and even supervising the game themselves. Why can’t people just be glad that a new game is even getting made, regardless of what platform it’s on?

      • Patrick Lucas Honeyman

        Probably because they want it on every platform available. Its an unrealistic expectation though. Platinum Games could rename it after it has been out on the Wii U for 12-18 months and release it for either of the SONY/Microsoft consoles on the market.

        Depends on how much money Platinum Games and Nintendo want to make from Bayonetta 2 really.

        • Ferrick

          but its nintendo that paid for the development in the first place, unless if ms and sony are willing to chime in, chances are very low

        • Alestaos

          Major reason is because you see so many games on all platforms now. My thought ports would be logical for more overal money and accessing all fans..didnt know nintendo were funding it so i apologize there. Thought it was like Bayonetta 1 where it was on systems that could handle it.

      • Alestaos

        Its just so it becomes more accessible to people. The wii u isnt as successful in the west, and the platform does count because of the userbases and the numbers that can by there product. As stated in my replies below i didnt know nintendo were funding it and i apologize for that. Glad its a new game but saying platform doesnt matter is also wrong since it needs to reach the target auidence and the biggest auidence possible. I doubt Baynoetta 1 was on the Wii, instead it was the ps3 and 360 buyers importers etc. That made the game popular.

        Good on nintendo though for stepping up to the plate.

    • Ixbran

      can you just stop and actually do your research.

      as KALiverin pointed out, Nintendo is funding, publishing, and supervising the games development. Because of them we’re even getting Bayonetta 2 in the first place. The game had been, for a couple of months, canceled because PGames couldn’t find someone to help fund the games development.

      Be happy were even getting the game, who cares what system its on as long as its coming at all.

      • zeta

        amen brother amen

      • Alestaos

        K ^^ Sorry about my point of view didnt know nintendo were funding it. I just thought about the Bayonetta Players that wont have a wii u for whatever reason and that a port would be applicable down the line. Guess people like me in this situation will have to go without, or make up what we would think would be nice for a sequel.

        And couldnt find funding yet call of duty spurts out the same rehash every year and people are like do it again whislt seal clapping. Whats become of this generation..

        Once again i apologize for being incorret and not fully informed, just a passionate fan who wants it to greatly succed.

        • Ixbran

          Thing is, I forget where I read this but it has stuck in my mind since i did, but it was either Nintendo or PGames that said if Bayo2 is indeed successful, Nintendo would continue to fund the franchise indefinitely.

          And with Hideki having confirmed that the first Bayo game would be ported to the WiiU eventually (fan asked him if it was gonna happen, he said “it wouldnt make sense if it didn’t now would it.”), the entire franchise will be on Nintendo consoles from now on, that is if the second game does well by Nintendo’s standards.

          Not to sound rude, but if you really do love the franchise as much as you seem too, then you should consider buying a WiiU sometime in the distant future. Or you will end up just watching other people play a series you love, and wont be able to play it your self. That doesn’t sound pleasant at all.

          • Alestaos

            I am considering taking your advice about the Wii U to help support Bayonetta 2, then i hope Bayo2 does well for Nintendos standards so everyone can enjoy the series that is Bayonetta. If it stays on nintendo consoles maybe she would appear as a 3DS game like spin off. That be cool especially if you had to do things like in another code etc…i can dream. But i will look into packages for the wii u when Bayo2 is released here

          • LogicIncarnate

            Kamiya is hoping Nintendo will green light Bayonetta 3 or so he said in a twitter post. So far in Bayonetta 2 Nintendo has been assisting with the gameplay and helping optimize the game for the systems hardware.

    • LogicIncarnate

      Wii U actually has 4 times the ram and a GPU thats 2 generations newer than the PS3 and 360. From a technical standpoint it literally blows them away in every aspect.

      • Alestaos

        Wii U though is classed as the new generation along with Xbox One and PS4. Comparing machine to consoles that came out in 2005/06ish isnt exactly fair. And im glad now lets get a last of us or uncharted type games on the system and it would be great :)

        • LogicIncarnate

          Its an “inbetween” system similar to how the dreamcast was in its day.

          • Alestaos

            That maybe so but many sites, blogs, etc refer to it as the begining of the next gen. Just like the Vita and 3DS are the new gen of handhelds. And i read plenty of articles that stated dreamcast as a console in PS1 and Nintendos Console saga then. Its even referred to as part of the new gen by commentors on this site (the wii u)

  • Ferrick

    sweetness, i guess when this game comes out, i would finally buy myself a wiiu

  • Ethan_Twain

    This is kinda to be expected though, right? Whether Nintendo’s internal development teams make products a person likes or dislikes, it’s very hard to argue that they aren’t one of the very best publishers of video games. Nintendo collaborations, even from developers otherwise unknown or unsuccessful, are extremely reliable bets.

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