Devil Survivor 2’s Protagonist Has His Very Own Nendoroid

By Ishaan . August 10, 2013 . 8:24am

As previously reported during following the summer 2013 Wonder Festival, the protagonist of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 is getting his very own Nendoroid figurine, and it’s up for pre-order now. Take a look at him below, courtesy of the Good Smile Company’s Kahotan blog:


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  • SerendipityX

    First pic: Hi! I’ve come to eat your moe soul…*smile*
    Third pic: Now I can join Watchdogs too!

    • DyLaN

      Why Watch Dogs?

      • SerendipityX

        The power of cellphones compels you! unless that’s a pokedex in his hands….*hasn’t played any DSu games*

        • DyLaN

          The cellphone have an app that lets you summon demons and see your friend death clip.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    please do an article on the naegi one from danganronpa both so kawaii.

  • komiko12

    Does it also come with the mini Byakko?

    Though I find the figure really cute, I am used to the MC being portrayed as humorous and slightly cocky in game.

    • Nyandroid

      Yep. He does come with mini Byakko! =^w^=~

      • komiko12

        Heh. That’s nice. Feels like that Byakko really suits MC. They even have the same colors.

        Oh BTW, Hibiki can also put on his bunny hood!

  • ragingmerifes


  • Strain42

    …and we buy this…where? Also is it weird that I’m more interested in the mini-Byakko than I am by the actual figurine?

    • MrSirFeatherFang
      • Strain42

        Hmmm…it’s cool, but it’s not worth 30 bucks. Thanks though.

        • Darkdam

          don’t think you’ve ever bought nendoroids as they are have always been as least 30 if not higher

        • Presea

          It’s really up to you if you want to buy it or not, but, getting it $30 from an import site is the Nenderoid at its cheapest. It can reach up to $40 for some, but buying it at an anime hobby store is really expensive, since they mark up the price up to $50 or even $60.

  • mike dickson

    the only thing i want is that byakko he sexy

  • DyLaN

    I can almost forgive him for doing one of the worst round of DeSu2. He managed to kill off the ppl tht are unkillable in-game o_O

    • Whoa. Watch it there. At least the schizophrenic one was taken care of surprisingly early.

      • DyLaN


        You referring to Keita? I like his anime ver character to be honest.

        • Nope. The one the majority really can’t stand even with rumors he could appear later. Keita’s just tsundere.

  • Neppygear

    I’m super sorry, DeSu2 MC-kun, but whenever I look at you, I can only see the craptastic anime protagonist. :’I
    when’s Aigis coming out ffs

    • Eefara

      Was his anime incarnation that bad? I haven’t seen it.

      • Detrimont


      • DyLaN

        I think the main reason ppl hate him is that he just can’t save any1. That or ppl don’t like his “MUST SAVE EVERYONE” personality.

        I like his relationship and backstory with Daichi though.

    • Schezo Wegey

      You late she already has a crapload of figures. To be honest I rather see Alcor or someone else from P3 besides her, like Ryoji.

    • DyLaN

      P3 The Answer? Persona 4 Arena Aigis route?

      • Neppygear

        The wha? I was referring to Aigis’s Nendoroid. It looks wicked cute.

  • FedeChart

    I was expecting the nearly blank expressionless eyes he has in the games, it made him look so epic

    • Guest


  • Schezo Wegey

    Where’s ALCOR?! I want that too with an apron! Or at least on Hibiki’s head.

  • Presea

    He looks adorable! I watched the anime, since I was interested in the game. I really felt that the anime most likely have messed up his character to the usual “I must save everyone!!11!” without much depth in personality besides the fact he is nice (I do like his relation with Daichi though). I probably should play the game soon…

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