Crimson Dragon From Panzer Dragoon Creator Is An Xbox One Launch Title

By Spencer . August 20, 2013 . 3:41am


Originally designed as a Kinect-only Xbox 360 game, Crimson Dragon from Panzer Dragoon and Phantom Dust creator Yukio Futatsugi resurfaced at E3 as an Xbox One game. On top of the platform switch, Crimson Dragon uses traditional controls. Why the change? The producer of Crimson Dragon said that’s because of fans.


Microsoft announced Crimson Dragon is one of the launch games for Xbox One. The game will ship alongside other first party titles like Killer Instinct, Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5, and Dead Rising 3. Check out our impressions of Crimson Dragon here.

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  • “I’m so excited to get the Xbone so I can play this!” -said no one never. XD

    • Never

      No one never said that?

      • Wow, I’m trying to be witty and I make a grammatical mistake. Actually, that’s just a dumb mistake. ~_~() But. Yes. “ever” not “never.” Thanks for catching that. XD

    • Fub Frank

      I wouldn’t be excited to get an Xbox One but there are games that are coming out for it that I am interested in.

    • Jordan Coleman

      Speak for yourself. I’m a huge Panzer Dragoon fan and have been waiting for a sequel.

      I may not get a Xbone right away, but I can’t deny that when it comes to games, MS is delivering far better then Sony in that area. And well niche games like this and that Swery game sure help.

  • too bad its an xbox one exclusive im really interested in this title

    • Aoshi00

      Would be nice if they do another Panzer Dragoon RPG too.. I actually got the original Xbox for Shenmue 2 and Orta.. would definitely get this too, also Dead Rising 3, D4, and Quantum Break..

      The pic above reminds me of the Kaiju in Pacific Rim :)

      • a new panzer dragoon would be nice and yeah D4 and dead rising 3 look like solid entries aswell

        couldnt say havnt seen pacific rim yet

        • Aoshi00

          Pacific Rim was awesome in imax, always been a Del toro fan, the kaiju jaeger battles were exciting, nothing like Michael Bays transformers mess :( it was like evangelion in Hong Kong :) I bought the prequel graphic novel too I hope there’d be a prequel or sequel movie.

  • Shane Guidaboni

    Welp, this game will die.

  • Rizzi

    Ha! I still remember that presentation at the Xbone event.
    The marketing department probably wasn’t happy about that.

  • Sophitia

    The only Xbox One exclusive that I really want to play. Loved Panzer Dragoon series

  • leingod

    After MS dropped its stupid policies, I’m actually considering getting one… I’m not blinded by fanboyism. The launch titles look a tad more interesting to me than the PS4’s, with Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3 and this.

    Now, if they’d only release a Kinect-less version at launch…

    • Demeanor

      Setting aside the fact that I’ve been a Sony fan since ages ago (Genesis -> Saturn -> PS1/2/3/psp/vita…) if I had to objectively judge the two consoles in the light of what we know atm I wouldn’t base my opinion on the announced titles, this is only the first skirmish and 0.1% of what we’ll get to see in the machines’ lifetimes. I’d be more attentive to the policies and game series that the companies have been supporting over the years, the end-to-end history of every console, the “can I expect to play my favourite game series/genres in the coming generation? Do I prefer CoD mp or niche titles and jrpgs?” So far I’ve seen nothing that could make me decide NOT to get a ps4, maybe not at launch but as soon as a sufficiently appealing title will be released.

      • Vesperion

        I’m with Leingod. I may feel like i want a PS4, but none of the launch games look too appealing to me. I would love to get my hands on Dead Rising 3, KI, and now Crimson Dragon.

        Every console gets some good games EVENTUALLY, but right now i’m just talking about launch day

        • leingod

          Exactly. It’s not like you can’t get a PS4 further along the way, too…

      • Jordan Coleman

        You sure you’re looking objectively? You’re verging on trollish comments with stuff like “Do I prefer CoD mp or niche titles” as if that’s all the xbox is.

        And if that’s your prerogative, then why go PS4? Not like PS4 has shown it’s hand with niche titles. And yet with stuff CD and that Swery game, MS has.

        • Demeanor

          Wow, if my post can be considered borderline trolling I guess I’ll refrain from any remotely “dangerous” considerations in the future, it’s the very last thing I want to do. I personally enjoyed CoD mp and by niche titles I mean stuff like NISA games (Atelier, Disgaea…), or Dragon’s Crown, the MS console does not look to me like the go-to place for those kinds of titles. Also, the quality of XBL mp is something that MS fans often cite as an advantage of their line of consoles.
          Anyway, my point was mainly this: “I feel like I shouldn’t judge the consoles based only on launch titles, the history of past hw and the companies behind them is imo a far stronger indicator of what to expect in the future.” I usually don’t consider the possibility of getting multiple consoles because I have absolutely no time (or space) to handle even one + handeld, let alone two or three. For the next gen I’m waiting for one or two titles I can’t live without before getting a new machine.

  • TrevHead

    I’ll probably play this game when I buy a xbox1 in 5-6 years for about £150

  • I may buy an Xbox One someday, but I’ll definitely be waiting for the price to come down and some more games to come out. I’m not even buying the PS4 right away. I don’t see the point when they’re eventually going to make it cheaper anyways. Besides, after the Red Ring controversy and their almost DRM lockdown strategy, I find it very hard to trust Microsoft. Hopefully Julie Larson-Green can turn things around for the better.

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    As interested as I am for this game I have to wonder why is it running at 30 FPS.

    • leingod

      … because it’s elegant? :P … dunno.

  • AnimusVox

    I thought the X1 wasn’t coming to Japan?

    • Solomon_Kano

      Not this year, but it’s coming.

      I’m not sure what you’re trying to say though. Like… are you asking that because this game is developed by a Japanese studio?

      If so, Crimson Dragon was originally announced back on 360, so they’ve had this in the works since before we found out they wouldn’t launch in Japan this year.

      • AnimusVox

        Yeah that’s pretty much what I was asking. I guess I just found it kind of odd at first since its a Japan based company makin an exclusive X1 title for a system I THOUGHT wasn’t coming out for said region, but now that you informed me that it is going to be released there, I stand corrected.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Ah. There’s actually a lot of people who seem to be under the impression that the system won’t release in Japan at all, so I don’t know if that speaks to Microsoft’s clarity (or lack thereof) in conveying that or what. But, yea, you’re not alone in thinking that.

          • AnimusVox

            Yeah thanks for the clarification, I must’ve misinterpreted that info.

          • Solomon_Kano

            No prob, man.

  • Ryudo9

    I was going to get this on 360 then they moved it to XBO last minute. That never works out. I can’t get the game now. A niche game should be marketed to people who have a system already. I swear MS is dumb

  • Solomon_Kano

    So now both of the Xbox One exclusives I’m interested in are launch titles (the other being DR3)? Interesting.

    Wanted this since it was announced for 360, but I’ve no plans to get an Xbox One in the near future, so it looks like I’ll miss out for the time being. Hope it’s good.

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