Yakuza Restoration Is An Alternate Historical Tale Featuring Kazuma Kiryu

By Sato . August 20, 2013 . 9:06pm


Earlier this week, Sega announced the next Yakuza game in Japan, titled Yakuza Restoration, with a teaser poster showing the series’ Kazuma Kiryu in the form of Sakamoto Ryoma, a prominent figure during the Bakumatsu period of Japan. This week’s Famitsu magazine shares details surrounding the upcoming game.


While the hardware for the title has yet to be revealed, but according to Famitsu, Masayoshi Yokoyama who wrote the scenario for the first four Yakuza games will be the producer, and will also be writing the scenario once again.


According to the magazine report, both Sakamoto Ryoma and Saito Hajime, a samurai and captain of the third unit of the Shinsengumi who survived the Bakumatsu period, will be portrayed by Kazuma Kiryu.


The concept behind the game is, “How would things have been different, had Ryoma had the personality of Kiryu?” or “What if Ryoma was part of the Shinsengumi, and joined by calling himself Saito Hajime?”


During this time period, the Bakufu supporters often hunted down Ryoma, and he had to create an alias to hide himself from them and others of the Shinsengumi. The idea of thinking how someone similar to Kazuma Kiryu would’ve handled it, was the amusing thought that created Yakuza Restoration.


Tosa and Kyoto will be two cities that are a part of Yakuza Restoration’s setting. The game is currently in development.


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  • ronin4life

    Sounds awesome actually. And I never cared to try the Yakuza series before.

    • AkuLord3

      You should getting them…they pretty fun and the stories are entertaining

    • Namuro

      You should try out the games, my friend, you totally should.

    • michel

      At least, get an used third episode of the serie for dead cheap, and evaluate if you like it or not. I’m quite sure that you will love it, and it has got the original Japanese dubbing in it, too…

  • Michael Connell

    This announcement is making me think two things:
    1) I wonder how things would have gone if this had happened in the Hakuoki setting.
    2) Is Kazuma Kiryu a Time Lord who just likes using the Chameleon Arch alot?

  • Fox

    What… the hell? How will they justify that? Ryoma was an Imperialist. One of THE imperialists. Why would he side with the Bakufu loyalists? So confusing.

    …So confusing it makes me want to play the game even more.

    I really hope it gets localized. I can handle most Japanese, even Osaka dialect, without too much trouble… but I just cannot understand these Yakuza games. Too much Yakuza slang in the modern day games, and the period stuff has all of that archaic language at play, too.

    • Kevadu

      Sadly if they didn’t even bother with 5 then the chances this will be localized seem slim to none. Especially considering how steeped in Japanese history it seems to be…

  • Suicunesol

    Saito Hajime… Saito Hajime… rings a bell…

    Isn’t it… this guy? Mr. Hakouki Bishounen?


  • Namuro

    Kazuma Kiryu as Saito Hajime!?

    Ow yeah…!

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    How confusing.

  • Oh god, I’m a huge Ryoma Sakamoto nerd. Seeing his name here makes me want to do more productive things than surfing the Internet.

  • Virevolte

    Kiryu again ? I was expecting an original character. Well… wait & see.

    • XiaomuArisu

      Kiryu is so awesome he can be everyone!
      What if Abraham Lincon was Kazuma Kiryu?
      Answer: A must buy game

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    now, give me Majima

    • michel

      If Sega is smart, they will use all the (in)famous character of their serie in this game too, obviously disguised as historical personalities…

  • leingod

    This sounds beyond awesome. I love both historical Japan and Yakuza games. Makes me mad / sad that it probably won’t see a localization, as things are going with SEGA lately…

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