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Sonic Lost World Sells 700,000 While Pachinko Boosts Sega’s Profits

By Ishaan . May 20, 2014 . 5:31pm

Sega’s sales and profits for their last fiscal year (ended March 31st, 2014) increased year-on-year owing mainly due to the company’s Pachislot and Pachinko business.

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This Week In Sales: Harvest Moon Is Bigger Than Ever

By Ishaan . March 5, 2014 . 1:31pm

Last week, Marvelous AQL released Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land for the Nintendo 3DS, and it saw the biggest opening for any Harvest Moon game in recent years.

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Yakuza Series Came From The Desire To Create Something Different

By Cheng Kai . February 22, 2014 . 12:31pm

The Yakuza series came about as a result of trying to create a game that was different from others on the market, according to producer Toshihiro Nagoshi.

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Yakuza Restoration Demo Coming To PS4 On February 22

By Spencer . February 20, 2014 . 11:53pm

PlayStation 4 launches in Japan this Saturday along with Yakuza Restoration. A demo for the game is out now for PS3 and will also be available for PS4 owners starting on February 22.

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Yakuza, Yakuza Restoration And Yakuza Kenzan Are In The Same Chronology Says Producer

By Cheng Kai . February 19, 2014 . 3:31pm

Nearly every console Yakuza game is part of the same chronology, series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi revealed to Siliconera during a recent chat.

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Yakuza Restoration Has A “Little Bonus” For Fans That Have The PS3 Games

By Cheng Kai . February 18, 2014 . 2:35am

Siliconera spoke with Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi about the differences between Yakuza Restoration on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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Decorate Your PS4 With Yakuza’s Kazuma Kiryu

By Spencer . February 17, 2014 . 2:01am

While the Yakuza series isn’t getting a limited edition PlayStation 4 like Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Sony made a special PS4 hard drive bay cover with Kazuma Kiryu on it.

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Yakuza Restoration Demo Coming To PSN In Japan On February 13

By Spencer . February 10, 2014 . 12:27am

Want to try Sega’s alternate take on Japanese history where Kazuma Kiryu and other Yakuza characters replace historical figures from the Shinsengumi?

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You Can Run, You Can Hide, But You Can’t Escape The Yakuza Restoration

By Eugene . February 6, 2014 . 3:00pm

In the latest series for the Yakuza Restoration video playthroughs, the developers walk us through the next section of the game with Ryoma.

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Yakuza Restoration To Include Japanese Athletes In The Game

By Eugene . February 3, 2014 . 4:30pm

As part of a sub-story in the game, Japan is adding in the faces of four of the country’s well-known athletes for Yakuza Restoration’s Ryoma to compete against.

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Check Out The Opening Segment Of Yakuza Restoration

By Eugene . February 2, 2014 . 3:30pm

It’s almost the entire prologue of Yakuza Restoration in this week’s video for the game, so if you don’t want to be spoiled you have been warned.

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Yakuza Restoration Compared On PlayStation 3 And PlayStation 4

By Sato . January 21, 2014 . 2:58pm

In Sega’s latest Yakuza Restoration> video, producer Masayoshi Yokoyama shows us some of the main differences between the PlayStation 3 and 4 versions of the game.

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Yakuza Restoration Runs At 60fps On PlayStation 4

By Sato . January 14, 2014 . 9:00am

According to this week’s Dengeki PlayStation magazine, the PlayStation 4 version of Yakuza Restoration will run at 60 frames-per-second.

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Someone Got A Rhythm Game In My Yakuza Restoration

By Eugene . January 13, 2014 . 2:27pm

Remember when we broke the news that Yakuza Restoration was going to go anywhere with you via a Vita app that synced with the game? Sega have demonstrated the feature in a new video.

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Yakuza Restoration’s Ryoma Is So Strong, He’ll Carry An Entire Cannon Into Fights

By Eugene . January 8, 2014 . 10:28am

The new video demonstration from Yakuza Restoration producer Masayoshi Yokoyama and designer Shinnosuke Hirasawa is live, and in it comes news on how leveling up and weapon forging work.