Record of Agarest War PC Release Date Coming Soon

By Ishaan . August 23, 2013 . 11:00am

As reported back in April, U.K. publisher Ghostlight are bringing Record of Agarest War to PC. The game is being ported by Laughing Jackal, using the Xbox 360 version as a base, and recently, Ghostlight provided a quick update on how things are coming along.


“Thanks to the hard work of the guys at Laughing Jackal along with our intrepid band of beta testers, we are now fast approaching our first Agarest: Generation of War PC master candidate,” Ghostlight wrote on their blog.


“We’ve been busy squashing the last few remaining bugs as well as integrating the DLC, so this means that while we’re not quite there yet, we’re not too far off being able to announce a release date.”


We’ll have more news on Record of Agarest War for PC as it’s announced. When the game is released, it will be available worldwide.


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  • Masa

    cant wait to play this on pc!

  • I am excited to finally play this!

  • Monterossa

    I never finished this game on PS3, it’s too easy even on the hardest mode and the graphics are so poor.

    • I didn’t because…sort of this. It just got really repetitive after the second generation and I couldn’t bring myself to finish it. This is not one of those games you’ll want to play for hours at a time. You really would need to stagger your time a bit.

      • Crimson_Cloud

        Finished it once and I can’t really get myself to play it again. With so many generations you really spend a little bit of time learning about your chosen heroines. Shame really, as some of them have superb design. Not really a fan of SRPGs ether so… But I’m glad for PC version, a lot of people wanted to try this out.

        • Lynx

          The first did really drag on.
          Zero felt too short.

          I think they really nailed it with 2, length wise.

          • Crimson_Cloud

            I also bought Zero, and well, same thing like with the first one. So I heard that the second has some pretty good things, and new gameplay system. You think it’s big improvement, should I get that one?

          • Lynx

            Second has ton of gameplay improvements.

            I didn’t like it as much considering Eva and lots of loading (which could be my system itself.)

      • coax

        Yep, I felt pretty much the same way. Only made it to 3rd gen myself, the story and girls were decent enough, the battles just took too long. Did manage to finish Mariage though, it’s Neptune-like battles went by quicker it seemed, and maybe being portable helped too.

      • DesmaX

        Oh yeah, I stopped there too

        Nothing kept happening there

  • greg_67

    Hope this does well to bring in over Record of Agarest War Zero and 2 onto PC!

  • Altin

    Hopefully they will release it as a Retail too

  • Wolfs_Rain

    Don’ really care for RoAW, but I hope this is the start of a trend of more JRPGS on the PC.

    • Pinkemon

      Yeah, I pretty much agree. I’m still not entirely sure about this game since I’ve heard people say before that it was bad (though I’ve enjoyed games before that others said were bad) but either way I’d like it if there were more JRPGs on steam cause its a genre that I have a preference towards so I feel like supporting it just for that.

  • Presea

    I’ve completed the whole game once and probably never do so again (it was really long), but I’m glad to hear that they are porting it to PC. :) It’ll help bring more fans, so that’s really cool

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Boring on the PS3 and it’ll be boring on the PC.
    It will funny to see people’s reactions to how bad it is upon PC release.

    I have no clue why they chose THIS of all games.

    • DesmaX

      Agarest and Agarest Zero are their only X360 games

      X360 games are way easier to port to PC’s

      • artemisthemp

        If they decided to bring Zero to PC and use the 360 version, they better fix the True Ending last boss bug

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      Maybe because PC gamers needed an overcomplicated and poorly optimized japanese SRPG and since they can’t put Sengoku Rance (Which is one of the most ridiculous and… well made SRPG’s I’ve played) in Steam it’s their best alternative.

      However I would love a PC version of Agarest 2, which is actually a pretty good game.

  • DesmaX

    Props for Laughing Jackal for making a great port.

    It works pretty nice with mouse + keyboard and 1080p

  • Joshua Myers

    Will probably try it loved the xbox 360 version

  • AxionAzure

    I’ll pick it up when it’s out just for the sake of my games collection, but I’m not sure I’ll replay the whole thing again.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    As always, I hope non-Steam DD services (such as GOG) will be considered as well.

    That aside, though, this game has a reputation for fanservice. For anyone who’s played it, how much of it is there? I’m usually not very fond of games that go overboard in that aspect.

    • Curan_Altea

      Compared to other games, especially CH ones, there really isn’t that much. Usually risque situations play into humor more than fanservice.
      There’s plenty of just silly fanservice, but it’s usually in weird random events that are easily missed.

      Personally I find the combat system and generation mechanic interesting and fun. Definitely worth checking out if you like SRPG’s.

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      Record Of Agarest War 2 is much more “fanservicy”. Just look at the Move enhanced massage minigames.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Hardly any to be honest. I was originally interested in it because of the fanservice but there was hardly any at all, and on top of that the game is pretty damn bad.
      Anyone saying its loaded with fanservice is just ignorant.

    • Lynx

      Most of it’s optional.

      In my first playthrough, aside from marriage sequences, I didn’t get any of it.

      It’s pretty serious into the politics/war stuff though.
      Zero is kinda similar.

      2 is by far the most fanservice-y because of the style they went for the models (certain characters have jiggle physics. Looking at you, Eva) and the, gulp, bath house.

  • icedearthaholic

    Guessing this will be a Steam release. Any possibilities of a physical release as well? Will gladly import if needed.

  • fireemblembeast

    “Squashing bugs”
    Haha that’s a good one
    I still need to finish this on PS3… >_>;

  • Fox

    So will this be on Steam?

    • EvE


  • CirnoLakes

    Sounds like things are coming along nicely. Looking forward to it.

  • LM009

    why on earth did they bring this over surely there were other choices…. i really regret picking this up on ps3, the gameplay was just so awkward and dull

  • Harley Gorillason

    Bring the 360 version to PAL already.

    • artemisthemp

      They don’t have license to make Xbox 360 games.

      • Harley Gorillason

        They hold the PAL publishing licence though, so they don’t have to make anything, just strike out a deal to get it “published”.

        • artemisthemp

          They have to get a License from Microsoft to publish Xbox 360 game.

  • Bojan Njegomir

    Platinumed this on PS3! The battle was great and fun, but the dialog and voice acting was PAINFULLY bad! I don’t know why i spent 300h on this lol.

    • EvE

      the voice acting was not bad at all…

      • Kamakuma

        I agree I actually liked the voice acting. And this is coming from a derp like me who’s extremely picky when it comes to voices. >,,<

  • Alberto Maytorena

    *insert retro porno music*

  • Warboss Aohd

    it will likely sell far more on Steam than on it’s own……maybe in Japan, Europe, and America console versions combined.

    Such is the nature of Steam.

  • Haven’t heard of this game, is it any good? :) I like the graphics!

  • Yan Zhao

    Game has a great world, characters, story, and lore.

    But jesus the battle system is the most grindy and draggy thing I’ve ever played, it gets tiresome fast. This could’ve been an amazing series if they would fix the battle system.

    • Kamakuma

      I agree with you there the games are great and they hold off my starving RPG brain with some decent story and the like.

      But… (Yup there’s always a but.) I’m still on the first one right now as I’m grinding to get stronger as the game is unforgiving when you start off fresh without Zero to give you a head start…v.v

      • Yan Zhao

        I can at least say Agarest War 2’s battle was actually FUN, albeit still repetitive and dont change throughout the game.

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