The Witch and the Hundred Knight Coming To U.S. And Europe In Early 2014

By Ishaan . August 26, 2013 . 7:26pm

NIS America have announced an official English title for their witch and hundred knights RPG. The English title is… The Witch and the Hundred Knight (without the “s”).


Additionally, lead character Metallica’s name has been changed to Metallia. Being the Swamp Witch, she’ll be teaming up with the Hundred Knight to help spread her swamp throughout the land of Medea.


The Witch and the Hundred Knight will be released in North America and Europe in early 2014.


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  • DanteJones

    I’m glad that both the title and the witch’s name are pretty much the same, the latter preventing them from spiraling down into lawsuit hell.

    • IS | 桂木

      your Phoenix Wright avatar made me giggle @ the lawsuit part

    • Marcelo G

      Though now her name makes me think of a Sailor Moon villain XD

      • Raharu95

        I am Guessing you are talking about the “Negaverse” X3 Apologies to everyone ofended by that term.

        • NeoStrayCat

          Well, at least someone did make a ref. to this now, at least it makes sense in context, lol. :3

    • EtherealEarth

      Law suit, how come? I am pretty ignorant about this :(

      • Lynx

        Metallica = Name of the bad of the same name.


        The band called Metallica sues everything that use that word.

  • SlickRoach

    Close enough.jpg

    • Pyrotek85

      Yeah it’s better than them getting bogged down by lawsuits. Prudent decision IMO.

  • Oh good, it’s alive!

    I can’t wait until I can actually make due on my pre-order.

  • Aqua King

    Why is the Knight not plural? :(

    • Because the knight character is named The Hundred Knight.

  • DesmaX

    I was hoping for “Metarica”, at least. I can still hear the “c” in the japanese dub.

    But whatever, glad this is coming so soon. And I love the logo too, really have the same feel as the japanese one

    • I was hoping for Metarika :sob: :sob:

      but anyway, if they changed name of main character I guess there won’t be japanese voice selection in US version? that will be really big disappointment

      • DesmaX

        Japanese VA is already confirmed, according to Gematsu

        • than what about character name, they will re edit it in Jap audio?

          • DesmaX

            Nah, they’ll probably keep it like that.

            Even some tracks from the soundtrack her name can be heard, so that would be a problem too

          • I hope so, cuz I rly like ME- TA – RI – KA <3

          • Crimson_Cloud

            They will keep it. It will be the same like in few NISA titles. On top of my head, Neptunia game comes to mind. Japanese audio says Gear-chan while you look at the English text that says Ge-Ge…

      • PotatoPower

        Ni no Kuni had huge disrespancy with the jap and eng dub, what with all the name changes, but there was still dual audio

  • I’m looking forward to this

  • Admit it, Metallica’s name was gonna change no matter what. lol

    • Even ignoring the obvious litigious music band, the name had to change for the English version. Rika / Metallica wasn’t gonna work. Lia / Metallia is better.

  • DyLaN

    And still no localization news abt the ZX game or MGZ :(

    Not tht I mind TWAHK crossing the sea.

  • Kaitsu

    OH MAN, NOT THE S!!!112

  • lorelai4cuties

    i hope they announce a limited edition in US like the japanese one
    i liked Metallica the name *sigh* Metallia sound okie i guess

  • equalequation

    I’m really curious about what happened in the story that set off the Japanese reviewers so. Good to hear this is coming to a bigger audience!

    • DesmaX

      What did they say?

      • equalequation

        That although the art is cute, players who’s in for the cute should beware because horrible things happen in the story. And that Metallica IS a witch, and she does things that should never be done. It’s a very えぐい game, is what they said, which is usually reserved for something extraordinary gory or gut-wrenching, or both.

        So I’m really curious about what provoked that reaction. Will probably get the JPN version later anyway, but assuming the reviewers weren’t overreacting, this has a better chance of finding a cult-ish niche in the west than in Japan. We like that sort of thing better.

        They also say the gameplay is great, IIRC.

        • DesmaX

          Oh yeah, I do see this appealing better in the west than your regular JRPG (I mean, you do horrible things to people in Demon/Dark Souls, and those games are pretty popular here)…

        • Landale

          So, basically more like Phantom Brave than Disgaea then? I’d say Soul Nomad, but that didn’t really have cuteness hiding the horrible stuff that goes on.

          • equalequation

            If between those two, yeah I guess? Except, if they aren’t overexaggerating, even darker than that. That word is something you’d use to describe like, say, Megaten or Drakengard or Limbo….

          • Landale

            Figured as much, which is why I also brought up Soul Nomad.

          • equalequation

            I had to google up Soul Nomad because I’ve never played that game, and now I’m wondering how it slipped my radar. Possibly because I got the name confused with another game which was not that great. Probably will go hunt for it now, it looks interesting. Thanks!

          • DyLaN

            Wht the translation/meaning of tht word?

            Drakengard level….. Oh boy.

          • equalequation

            There are two common meanings to it. One, “so cruel it’s sickening/leaves a bad taste in your mouth”. Two, “so severe that it’s hard to live with.” (I’m paraphasing because I’m not sure if it has a literal translation to English.)

            You can use it with positive connotations sometimes, and you can lighten it up based on context. But with the shocked tones of those reviews, I’d guess not. If they were talking about the gameplay, that might mean the gameplay is unforgiving, depending on how slang-prone the reviewer is, but since they’re talking about the story….

          • DyLaN

            Thanks for the info.

            I think we may have found Drakengard 3 competitor for this year WTF award.

          • equalequation

            Haha, maybe not that WTF? At least everybody’s saying the story is great if you get past the dark bits and it makes sense in the end!

            (And of course keep in mind that I read those reviews way back when. It’s possible that they were overreacting!)

        • Christopher Nunes

          How bad or dark is the story? As dark as Soul Nomad or darker? o_0

          • equalequation

            I have no idea! Just going off on Amazon reviews here. And while they’re far from unbiased, when most of them say the same thing you kind of pay attention. XD;

          • DyLaN

            Never heard of Soul Nomad until now. Plz explain how messed up is tht game.

          • Landale

            The normal route is fairly dark, slightly more so than Phantom Brave and like I mentioned before it lacks cuteness to cover it up.
            The Demon Path. That’s where things get pretty nasty. Genocide isn’t quite strong enough a word for what Revya, the main character, decides to do on that route. Basically everyone you came to like in the normal story you mind rape and murder, if they don’t just kill themselves first. The villains of the normal story, which include rapists, murderers, and slave traders among other horrible types of people, are some of your allies, until they realize how completely screwed in the head you are, take the moral high ground, and turn on you. And then you go ahead and kill a few gods and basically end all existence. Now why did Revya do all this compared to the normal story? Because it seemed kind of amusing.
            Oh, and Larharl is most likely terrified of Revya. Most games he shows up to chew you out for whatever petty thing he feels like. He did it from a safe distance in Soul Nomad, never actually revealing himself.

          • equalequation

            Okay, I read a few more in depth reviews and I’ve found an example. It spoils the ending of the first chapter, so don’t read further if you don’t want to be spoiled! Note, also, that this is what they *said*.

            The first witch you defeat is Metallica’s mother. Metallica turns her into a female rat, then summons up a bunch of male rats in mating frenzy to er, accompany her. The unwilling kind. Then after leaving her to fend for herself (the success or failure of which is not told to the player) one of Metallica’s minions caught the witch-rat and cooked her into rat stew.

            ……….considering things, I’m not sure if that would remain unchanged over in the west. It’s not *genocide*, mind you, but wow. They also say that while the list of horrible things go on as the story progresses, the ending is one of the most feel-good endings they’ve ever reached and they loved Metallica by the end. So. Take that however you will.

          • Christopher Nunes

            Then how horrible was the first Witch then?

            That’s kinda cruel, but not really OVER the top… I know a particular manga that comes to mind that I think is darker than what you describe. I can handle it but that is messed up.

            I like the gameplay but the story is… sheesh.

          • equalequation

            Manga has been darker than games and anime since practically forever, what else is new? XD I can name a few of those, too, but it’s a different medium with a different history, audience and standards.

            I don’t think the first witch was shown to be particularly horrible. She’s just said to be Metallica’s mom and the game uses it as a character-setting moment for her, that’s all. At least that’s the impression I got.

            At least everyone says that the gameplay is pretty brilliant?

          • Arcana Wiz

            probably dark as soul nomad story, japan culture arent very fond of anything chaotic cause their culture, and i can imagine what she did, probably torture, kill innocents rob, these things.

        • Göran Isacson

          *before reading this thread* Yeah it looks kinda cute, might be cool to see what kind of action game they can make on the Vita, I guess…

          *After reading this thread* DRAKENGARD LEVEL HYPE WHOOP WHOOP BRING ON THE TERROR.

          Although I may be hyping myself up just a LIIIITTLE bit too much, but still- it will be quite interesting to see what can make the Japanese reviewers react this way.

  • LM009

    i’d rather hear news for localization of d4 and neptunia for vita :P

  • Sentsuizan_93

    >The Witch and the Hundred Knight
    >No “s”
    Anyway, lack of plural aside, I’m looking forward to this

    • DyLaN

      Read Linka comment below.

      • Sentsuizan_93

        After reading that, I feel a lot less confused. Thanks for that Dylan.

  • Raharu95

    Now I honestly wonder if one of her attacks in Disgaea Dimesions 2 Will be called Negaforce X3

  • Milla

    ya where is mugen souls z censored edition Kappa.

  • Triplicity

    I’m okay with this.

  • They changed the name to Metallia because one of the d-bags from Metallica might get pissy. Napster, anyone? XD

  • I knew they would change her name lol. Metallia is still cool too =^_^=

    • Arcana Wiz

      yeah, copyright issues can be a headache, but glad that we are getting this game early 2014!

  • MagisterXII

    Last time I checked the U.S. and North America weren’t the same thing.

  • Presea

    Another game to buy in 2014 along with Tales of Symphonia Chronicles and Prof Layton Azran Legacies. Can’t wait :D

  • Kevin Schwarz

    Whatever the changes, the most important thing: we are going to get this localized! Cheers everyone!

  • artemisthemp

    Hopefully they ain’t gonna release in February, since there is already enough game in that month.

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