Xseed To Release Ys: Memories of Celceta Limited Edition With Cloth Map And More

By Ishaan . August 26, 2013 . 10:02am

Xseed will release a limited edition version of Ys: Memories of Celceta, Falcom’s action RPG for the PlayStation Vita. Titled the “Silver Anniversary Edition,” this version of the game will come with a bunch of bonus items when it releases alongside the standard version this holiday.


The limited edition of Ys: Memories of Celceta will include a 3-CD collection of music spanning the entire Ys franchise, a cloth map of the lands of Celceta, a compass emblazoned with a logo, and “Adol’s Travel Journal,” which contains strategies and art work for the game.


The standard version of Ys: Memories of Celceta will cost $40, while the limited edition will cost $60. The game is a re-imagining of Ys IV, with changes to the game’s story and more. Xseed have not announced a release date for the RPG yet.


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  • Gonna put that under my nose and inhale DEEPLY the instant I get that. Mmmmmm.

    Really curious as to what the track listings will be for the CDs.

    • Malon

      What a weird fetish.

      • Raltrios

        Are you kidding? That new-game smell is almost as addictive as the fragrance of a new car!

        • Altin

          I love it when I open packages from new books. Gotta love dat nice smell of paper with a nice story.

        • Kitestwinblades

          We could be civilized about our new possessions… OR we can flip out and bask in the sweet success of our hard earned money turned into something new!

          I’ve waited a entire YEAR for this! Its Mine ALL Mine! ( °∀°) *Deep Sniff* ( *∀*)

      • LM009

        I don’t do that but that smell from opening up a sealed game is pretty refreshing now that I think about it

      • Shinobikens

        It’s like opening up a tube of brand new tennis balls

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Hope its December or something so it can meet the holiday crowd hungry for Vita games and out of the way of the hectic November next gen panic. Definitely getting this.

  • Sara

    Woooot! *goes to pre-order*

  • Grape Monet

    Stop tormenting my wallet XSEED why are you doing this to me!

    • School Idol Addict

      Come on! Don’t be like that, it’s their job to empty your wallet after all lol

      • Arcana Wiz

        and they are so good at it.

  • Duc PC-QB


  • Altin

    Pre-Ordering like the Fist of Zeus!!!!

  • ヴィンチェンゾ Vincenzo

    Isn’t there any news about an european release yet? I only read about a us relase at the moment

    • Altin

      As for Europe: Flashpoint Games is going to release Ys IV during Q2 of next year.

      • Ryujin

        Is that confirmed, then?

        Either way, Q2 2014…I’m not sure if I’d hold off on importing for that long, especially with how good this collector’s edition looks.

        • Altin

          I’d pretty much say so, yes. During the Gamescom, I took a catalogue from Flashpoint and saw Ys IV on it.
          Here a picture for dem downvoters. I wouldn’t mind the mistake on part of mentioning NISA as a dev – they also wrote Adol’s surname wrong.

          They are also publishing EO IV soon.

          • Ryujin

            Ah, thank you. I’ll have to wait and see which version of the game I end up buying, then.

          • Altin

            Anytime mate. It’s nice to see that Europe is going to get a piece of the cake, but I really want to clench my teeth into that Limited Edition T_T

          • Ryujin

            Oh, definitely. It looks like a really good deal for the $60 price tag, especially with how cool the music from the Ys series is.

            I do wish someone would partner up with the XSEED team in more than just a “case by case” manner, though. Would be nice to see gamers from areas outside of the US not having to worry about how they’re going to get around to playing games like this.

          • Altin

            Artbook and Compass as well. This is just as good as the Agarest 2 Limited Edition that I bought last year.

            There is actually – Ghostlight. They published for example Trails in the Sky with a Limited Edition which was quite nice. It’s just annoying that Europeans have to wait about one year just for this great game. Not to forget EO IV.

          • Ryujin

            Hmm. I hadn’t really noticed Ghostlight’s involvement yet, it felt like there just wasn’t any news about the status of the games I was looking forward to in the EU.

            That said, I only bought my Vita about 2 months ago and I currently only have 2 games for it, so it’s mostly the upcoming stuff like Ys I was paying attention to.

          • Altin

            I have my own ever since it got released back in February 2012. I dont have a huge library of physical copies, but I will make sure to get this one, even if it means to buy it from someone on ebay who retails this item for way more money <.<

          • Ryujin

            Then I wish you luck in your quest, friend. *Epic salute and whatnot*:P

            My Vita library should be getting a whole lot better soon, though. Killzone: Mercenary, Toukiden, Muramasa Rebirth, Ys: Memories of Celceta…All games I’d love to get my hands on ASAP.

      • chibiwall

        i’m reading NISA… I love how many games she’s releasing in europe, but i want this limited so bad, but support is important, but probably it will be only dd… I don’t know what to do ç______ç

        • Altin

          Import the game or wait about a year for the regular edition. I might buy both actually as this long waiting span may imply that they are going to release it in multiple languages. Either way, I will get the US edition as I was planning this for longer than Flashpoint announced that they will release Celceta over here.

    • Jisgsaw

      The Vita is not region locked, so if you want to play it safe, you can order the US game.

  • Ladius

    Two copies for me, thanks. This has to be one of the best LEs in recent memory.

  • AxionAzure

    A cloth map? I can’t quite figure out why but it’s damn appealing to me!

  • Rohan Kishibe

    Um release date for this game in america is September isn’t it?

    • Learii

      no I think is come out in winter

      • Rohan Kishibe

        yeah it just checked gamestop. its november 5. could have sworn it said september like a month back

        • wyrdwad

          We’ve actually never announced a release date for this game, as we’re still working that part out with Falcom. Any dates you’ve seen thus far are placeholder and are very much subject to change.

          Good things are worth waiting for, though. ;)

          • Pyrotek85

            Yeah I figured it was a placeholder too, and I’ve held out on preordering since I had a hunch that a limited edition was in the works.

          • Altin

            Damn you Tom for making me go searching for a page that is going to offer this delicious edition for Europe too!

          • Aquarius

            Good to see you here Tom, as always only XSEED gets really involved with the community, it’s refreshing to see how you guys work compared to other publishers.

            On another note, do you know if this will only be at gamestop? Because it’s not on amazon yet, and my finger is itching to click that Pre-order button. I already have the normal edition pre-ordered since it first appeared at amazon, and yes, I’ll buy both, the LE and standard editions.

          • wyrdwad

            No, no, definitely won’t be exclusive to any retailer. We’re just a little behind on getting it listed for preorder, that’s all. Should be preorderable at most major retailers, online and otherwise, in the near future.

          • Aquarius

            Excellent, thanks for the quick reply Tom, another LE to my collection from you guys.

            I just remembered after looking at my Ys Seven LE that the Cloth map for that edition is HUMONGOUS, is it about the same size by any chance? Or better yet, bigger?

          • wyrdwad

            What you’re seeing in the above image is actually just a mock-up. We haven’t finalized the exact dimensions of the cloth map yet, so it’s unknown right now just how big it’s going to be. Bigger is always better, though, so we’ll be striving to upstage ourselves if we can. ;)

  • echo78

    Heck yeah!

  • Saintdante

    Hmmm somewhat tempted I might just grab one.

  • Pyrotek85

    I think that’s worth it for the 3 music CD’s alone.

  • hopefully I can preorder this at VG+

    [edit – looks like someone is salty to down vote every comment]

  • TheExile285

    No words…

  • School Idol Addict


    I don’t usually buy limited edition because i almost always feel like i’m being ripped off, but this time this seem a pretty good deal for 60$.

  • Nyandroid

    Really wish they’d placed the travel journal differently. You can’t see much of the map.

  • Tatsuya1221

    I can only hope there will be preorders left at the beginning of october, i cannot preorder it until the first of october due to financial issues.

  • Arcana Wiz

    Wanna it!

  • KingGunblader

    Woah, an LE soundtrack that has more than 8-10 tracks on it…?


  • Peytral

    Stay calm and YES. YES.

  • pekikuubik

    No Ys Heroines Calendar? I am disappoint, XSEED.

    Well, not really. Looks like a great LE. But since I don’t have a Vita, I’ll wait for that Steamy Napishtim announcement instead.

    • wyrdwad

      Oh, I’m sure the art from the Ys Heroines calendar will be making an appearance. We have a whole book to fill, after all. ;)

  • Zal_Yagun


    Hoping Xseed was gonna do something special with Celceta.

    I hold Ys much more closer to my heart than any other series, the moment I heard that Ys was coming to vita it sold the system for me.

    Damn though. I was expecting that to be the confirmed release date, but if a LE been announced might mean it could be soon…

  • ReidHershel

    Don’t even own a Vita, going to buy this LE.

  • Brion Valkerion

    An old school cloth map… I was planning on getting a 3DS this fall but THE MEMORIES!

  • laurenhiya21

    Only $60?? I don’t have a Vita but I already super want this o-o
    I’m such a sucker for good soundtrack and the game looks really good too…

  • wat_wat

    Just give me a release date. My wallet trembles in fear of all these Vita games.

  • Rol

    Seeing as they did not do it with the previous versions, I suppose there is no point in hoping for the original voice track to be in this game?

    • wyrdwad

      Sorry, English voices only. As with previous Ys games, though, there’s not a lot of voice-acting to be found in this game, and it can be disabled at will, so it shouldn’t be too distracting for the anti-dub crowd.

      • Rol

        I pretty much support/don’t support with my wallet. This is the reason I have not bought a single Ys XSeed release on console yet have bought every one of them on PC. It’s a shame the market has fizzled in Japan, so seeing this game on Steam is highly improbable.

        • Firekitty

          So wait, the PC versions have the original voices? Because I just can’t justify a dub-only purchase to myself, no matter how much I want to support XSeed.

          • Rol

            The PC versions have no voices, so there is nothing to dub over. Sorry about the confusion.

          • Firekitty

            Thanks for the info…’no voices’ is a far more acceptable option than ‘dubbed’, anyway, so maybe I’ll check out the PC versions, now that I know.

          • wyrdwad

            You, uh, do realize that you can turn the voices off in the portable versions, right? Making them identical to the PC versions…

          • Rol

            Nah. If you wanna use your cash to not support games without original language, the PC version is the way to go.

            But also, some might argue more importantly, is 1920 x 1080 prettiness.

      • Firekitty

        That’s too bad…I’d actually be happier with the voices completely removed than dubbed over. Not to mention how strange it seems to bother dubbing at all if there’s so little voicework.

        …Oh well. Thanks for your hard work, anyway; if nothing else, you’re motivating me to learn more kanji!

        • wyrdwad

          As mentioned in another comment, you can turn the voices off in Celceta. Which is effectively the same thing as having no voices! I’m not really sure why giving players the option to play with dubbed voices is worse than flat-out removing them and replacing them with nothing. Because that would’ve been our only other choice — we don’t ever get rid of Japanese voices in games unless we legally or contractually HAVE to.

          Also, Celceta is Vita-exclusive, so if you wanted to play the game in English, I’m afraid it’s English voices or no voices. Again, Japanese voices weren’t an option for us.

  • Wow I may have to get this before I get a Vita so I don’t miss out.

  • Skye Johnson

    I’ve always liked the special edition releases of Xseed’s stuff, regardless if the game was something I’d buy or not. I might buy this to try the Ys franchise out, though I’m blind to the series since I’m a Mac owner without a dual boot option. And haven’t tried any of the others that might be (and probably is) available for the PSP or something.

    Might have to give the music a listen now though and see if it’s up my alley.

    Looks nice, Xseed.

  • Strelok the Stalker

    Just how limited is it I wonder? Would I still be able to order one in late September?

  • JuhRo


  • Dagobert

    I’m assuming since it was just announced, you can’t pre-order this yet right? I don’t see anything on Amazon or Gamestop.

  • Kami nii

    I want this badly!!

  • SS4Nels

    Cloth maps have spoken to me since Lunar 2 Eternal Blue.

  • leingod

    Oh, yeah! Totally forgot this game was coming soon. Happiness!

  • Not bad for 60 bucks. I’m going to GS tomorrow to make the upgrade!

  • dragoon_slayer12

    I wish there was a LE for the digital version. I want the book and soundtrack…. Being a digital customer sucks in time like this….

    • TheExile285

      I think you should make an exception and pick this up as physical

  • neo_firenze

    LE is going to be going on my shelf next to my JPN version of Celceta. Bravo, Xseed.

    (now, as is the usual request… *cough*trailsinthesky*cough*idontcarewhatplatform*cough)

    Also… very interesting to see an article about this lovingly crafted LE two posts away from Siliconera reporting on Capcom declining to offer a physical version of the new 3DS Ace Attorney game. Xseed, this is how you make people see you care for a high quality niche game :)

  • Eric Harris

    I passed on Muramasa bc $60 seems a bit high, however I am hyped for this game. Funny how an extra $20 doesn’t mean much when you really like the game. This is nice to see also since there was some “not sure if Xseed will continue physical” talk a while ago.

  • sweet! looks like its time to go pre-order this game

  • artemisthemp

    This is coming to EU?
    Guess I gonna place a pre order ad Amazon.com, just to be sure.

  • klkAlexar

    Never played an YS game nor do I have a ps vita, and yet I’m tempted to buy this. Too bad BB didn’t have this up for pre-order yesterday.

  • Neophoton

    Contemplating getting this. I’ve never been big on the Ys games however, but a new game for my Vita sounds appealing.

    • Eric Harris

      You should consider it. I’ve played most Y’s that have come stateside. And Y’s 7 for PSP was one of the most fun times I’ve had playing my PSP.

  • Keine

    include a faceplate/backplate skin sticker then im sold….

  • FetusZero

    Thank you, Xseed.

  • Zero_Destiny

    The three CDs are super nice and the cloth map is different from my Ys 7 map. But the “travel journal” probably has most of my interest. It’s a very nice set, I might hafta pre-order this one too. I don’t wanna miss out.

  • No money for this. Gonna have to buy one from a scalper >_<

  • Demeanor

    Another LE? Maybe I’m gonna pass on thi… Wait. CDs with a selection of YS MUSIC? Holy hell, this is a LE that I just CANNOT miss XD excuse me while I go see what I need to do to preorder XD

  • awat

    Ohh Yes time to buy a Vita

  • Croix Zapp

    Is this game good?
    i like persona, disgaea and fire emblem, so would i like this too?

  • Presea

    I need that LE! Been waiting for to buy this game since it was announced, I can’t wait!

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