Yakuza Restoration Will Play More Like A RPG, Has Plenty Of Weapons

By Sato . August 27, 2013 . 3:25am


In Sega’s Yakuza series, you take on gangs, rival mobsters, and occasionally zombies. In the recently announced game, Yakuza Restoration, you will play as Kazuma Kiryu, who’ll be assuming the roles of Sakamoto Ryoma and Saito Hajime during the Bakumatsu period. This week’s Famitsu magazine shares more details.


Yakuza Restoration will start out with the iconic scene of Sakamoto Ryoma’s death where he met his end after being hunted down by Bakufu supporters. The game’s prologue will take place in Tosa, but most of it will be take place in the historic city of Kyoto. While Kyoto will keep true to its appearance from the era, it will be similar to present day Kyoto in terms of cityscape.


According to the magazine, the name Kazuma Kiryu is never mentioned, and the protagonist won’t have any tattoos. One of Sega’s biggest focuses for Yakuza Restoration, is to make it more enjoyable than any JRPG out there. They’ll be focusing on more RPG features, such as being able to enhance your abilities as you go around town, and weapon forging.


Weaponry will consist mainly of swords and firearms, and there will be an abundant amount of arms available for the player. Another goal of Sega’s is to make Yakuza Restoration’s battle system have more depth and a more refreshing feel to it than any of the past titles of the series. The difficulty of battles will also be higher, as they’ll be making it tough to advance if your stats and weapons aren’t up to par. The level cap is also set at 99.


Sega has not announced which console(s) Yakuza Restoration is in development for.

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  • Namuro

    Oh wow, this sounds really interesting! Although…it feels really bad, knowing that the character you’re playing is gonna die at the end…man. But still, I’m totally looking forward to this!

    • Gekokujou

      That’s right, Saito Hajime dies… of stomach ulcer at age 72.

      • Namuro

        Y’know… That might just be the twist right there. Maybe THIS Ryoma actually survives the assassination, and dies as Saito at 72.

        …Then reincarnates as a kick-ass Yakuza!

        • Ryujin

          Not bad. I like the way your mind works. :P

  • Ryujin

    Sounds great. If the swordplay looks good, I’m in.

  • Death Saved

    So they were afraid of putting out a new IP and decided to put Kazuma and the Yakuza name in it to insure a good amount of sales?

    • 60hz

      1. it’s not called yakuza in japan, it’s called Ryū ga Gotoku – which has something to do with dragons…

      2. they are using the kazuma character as an actor, so he appears in different story, fictions, worlds…

      3. this is not the 1st time he appeared in ancient times, he played miyamoto musashi in Ryū ga Gotoku kenzan! (look it up)…

      hope that clears things up.

  • landlock

    Sounds like the series Kengo. Only I would expect it to be alot better.

  • Antonio C. R. Murray

    “which console(s)” Sounds like wishful thinking there.

    • Learii

      maybe ps4? since all Yakuza series in sony console

      • Antonio C. R. Murray

        The editor was trying to imply Xbox One or some shit like that since Ryu ga Gotoku went to Wii U earlier this (while bomb so hard that it didn’t even make Media Create Top 50).

  • Luis Camargo

    I just want them to announce a worldwide release, dammit.

  • leingod

    Every time I read about this game, it just gets better and better. I really fear about it never getting localized though, what with Yakuza 5 still in limbo and all that.

    Oh, hoping to read some news about geisha bars soon too.

  • tnicols

    this better not be i get an hit you get an hit garbage. The reason why no one seems interested in yakuza on wii; is because you are over saturating the local Japan market with your games; and refuse to release english versions in the UK and America; and you wondering why your game isn’t selling. Japan is not the only place on the plant that likes yakuza video games.

    • Antonio C. R. Murray

      Reason its popular in JPN is partly due to SCEJA actually co-signing it via marketing promotions i.e. LE console, contests, specials, features, etc.

      SCEA and SCEE would rather promote and think that amateur indie games (which didn’t win any awards at Gamescom this year) i.e. Assault Android Cactus are what people will look forward to drop $399 on a new gen platform over guaranteed system sellers like FFXV, KHIII, and this.

      Don’t buy that “PS loves Indies” bullshit for a second. The truth is that they continue to constantly lose system selling exclusives (either outbidded by Microsoft or out negotiated by Nintendo), can’t get solid exclusive deals from 3rd party publishers, and are hoping to buy time until their 2nd wave Western 1st party games (which more than likely aren’t guaranteed to/or help sell) are done.

      As of now Microsoft and Nintendo have released videos highlighting their exclusive titles. If Sony were actually confident that the “indies” can carry PS4, where’s their exclusives highlight video to prove it?

      Look, I want Sony to win as it’ll be better for JPN both commercially and critically (graphics), and games like Ryu ga Gotoku are what they need to be behind 100. Globally. September 9th can’t come soon enough.

  • Wada

    Oh lordy, Feudal-Era Japan Samuai RPG. This is like my dream come true.(until it never gets localized)

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