Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies To Cost $30 And €25

By Ishaan . August 28, 2013 . 9:30am

This fall, Capcom will release Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies as a download game for the Nintendo 3DS, and today the publisher announced a price for the game.


Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies will cost $29.99 in North America and €24.99 in Europe when it releases this fall. Capcom have not yet announced a release date for the game. You can view new screenshots for the game below.



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  • Wow, wasn’t expecting that…

    • Lusankya

      They always hinted at such a price.

      • Since when? Capcom can be sketchy at times. That’s why its a bit surprising to me.

        • Lusankya

          After the announcement AA:DD will be digital only in the West there was an article on siliconera where Sven stated something like “when you see the pricing you’ll understand the method of our madness” or something like this. There were also several official postings on the capcom-unity board where they enforced this “bla bla… will be reflected in the pricing… bla bla”.

  • Presea

    Nice screenshots, I do like seeing Apollo. I think the $30 price tag is nice though.

  • Heh, that price is perfect for the 30$ from the FE:A+SMT4 campaign. Come to think of it… #ConspiracyTheories

    • Taxes. You’d still need to add more money.

      • Nogib

        There are always zip codes to get around that.

        • So you’re suggesting tax avoidance? Your morals must be very strong.

      • Sakurazaki

        Depends on the state if you live in the US.

        California doesn’t tax on digital stuff iirc. Been buying Fire Emblem DLC with none of that.

      • I’ve been buying digitally from US eShop ever since I got my 3DS, and I’ve never had to pay any kind of tax; all the purchases has been in the declared base price.


      Was actually hoping it was 30$. Am happy it really was.

  • SailorDark

    Good enough for me! At least the download only aspect gets us a cheaper price. Now I kind of regret not taking that FE/SMTIV offer to get 30$ which I could of used to pay for the game but oh well.

  • transferstudentx

    i still have my 30$ from FE:A+SMT4 campaign so its FREE!!!

    • Guest

      $30 US =/= 30 Euros

      • Niko Sandwich

        But it’s $30… and he has $30… I don’t understand your point.

      • British_Otaku

        More importantly, only America got that deal with the $30 free credit for buying some of the best games on the 3DS. >_>
        I’ll hold my bitterness as good luck and bad luck goes around.

  • haku67

    lol okay guy capcom.
    not good since its no physical copy but it will do. now whens it come out :o


    Don’t worry I’m sure we’ll still pay more than $40 with all the pre-release planned DLC.

    Where’s the date, Capcom?!

    • Lusankya

      Actually there is only a costume pack (most likely for free the first month) and a DLC case which seems to be great (probably $5 the first month).

    • Herok♞

      So what if we do because of DLC its better to have a $30 game with over $10 of dlc than a $40 game with over $10 of dlc

      • SBKJAZZ

        If the DLC was announced two months after the game came out? Sure, fine, whatever. Announcing it before the game comes out is the type of DLC that I abhor.

        Sad that it’s typical of Capcom and a few other modern day large companies.

        • Herok♞

          The game is already out and has been for a while, just not in the NA or Europe region and more cases is not something to complain about.

  • resuri

    Glad I took part in the FE and SMTIV promo so it’s basically free. XD

  • TheCynicalReaper

    $30 exactly? And the deal for buying SMT VI and FE:A was… $30?
    Hrm… Something tells me this was planned out.

    Call it the…attorney’s intuition.

    • Kavyn

      Chances are you’ll have to pay a little extra thanks to taxes.

      • Darkyhalf

        AFAIK Nintendo eShop doesn’t apply sales tax so it would be exactly $29.99, you will even have a cent left (don’t spend it all in the same place).

        • It’s been taxing me every time. You must be somewhere where you’re not taxed, in which case you’re lucky.

      • PreyMantis

        Uhhh… eShop doesn’t do sales tax…

        • Lumi

          It depends on your state.

        • Kavyn

          I’ve been taxed on all of my eshop purchases. Could be based on location?

  • Not a bad price, I might just buy it then.I just hope the dlc doesn’t cost that much. I’m just interested in dlc that have a new case, dun care about costumes. btw anyone know how many dlc that contain new episode/case?

    • British_Otaku

      In Japan, it costs 400 yen (roughly $4) currently and is on sale till late September (800 yen – $8).
      So you can probably expect a similar price point there.

      Also, on the costumes, they were free for Japan for the first few weeks then 150 yen later.
      Perhaps they will be free for you guys.

  • XaviIniesta

    That is actually a really good price. I will get this for €24.99. I hope it’ll still be at that amount in Sweden.

  • Yeah, this was pretty much the maximum price I expected. I was actually hoping for $25, but anything much under $40 is good.

  • British_Otaku

    A pretty safe price point for most people… Well done.

  • Niko Sandwich

    Ha, I enjoy the screenshots. That Box guy is great, and with a name like Scuttlebutt… We can have even more Butt jokes than Larry Butz!

  • AuraGuyChris

    Screw whatever they said about no physical release. First day buy.

  • James Enk

    nice move Nintendo/Capcom

  • Lazulis

    Yay eshop credit! Would have liked to get Unchained Blades, but that can wait!!!

  • Strain42

    I already assumed that’s what it was going to cost. Just hurry up and give us a release date.

  • Freud_Hater

    Rats! I bought a few SMT IV DLC quests so I’m at 29.52 bucks! Now I’ll have to buy a twenty bucks Wii Points card T___T Oh well, I can use that money to buy the Ace Attorney costumes! :P

  • Even if it’s $30, you still have to pay tax, right? Too bad I already used my FE:A/SMTIV credit though :|c hmm…

    • Learii

      there no tax for download games unless Nintendo not like psn

    • 하세요

      If your area has digital taxes, sure. Just do what most do – switch to a state like Maryland (I just happen to live here) that has no digital sales tax.

  • Learii

    oh good I been waiting for the price before I buy a card

  • Dianatos

    Please tell me the slowed-down music is back. That was honestly my favorite part about Percieve. Now time to buy another card (That SMT IV and FE:A dlc adds up…)

    • linkenski

      Lucky for you the exact same theme returns and it’s not even a remix :D

  • SuperSailorV

    Importing GS5 LE cost me $150. $30 to actually play…. $180. With all the DLC, I’m almost certain I’ll have spent over $200 on this game…


    …all right, this IS pretty damn relevant. >_>

  • RisukuAozora

    Ok, that makes the no-box thing a tad more forgiving. Still box would be nice.

  • Göran Isacson

    250 crowns for this sweet, sexy little digital package? I… Capcom, this is a good step on the way. A step in the end, but a GOOD one.

  • Thiefofhearts

    The AA games I buy on day one. But this? 30 bucks for a single dl graft. There is no AA5 to me. Enjoy your rentals.

    • Herok♞

      a rental implies it expires, I will have the game as long as I have my 3DS and if I take good care of my 3DS so I will have the game the rest of my life

      • Lusankya

        And even Nintendo will sooner or later introduce a unified account system, so there should be no problem, even when the 3DS breaks. Even now there are means to get the stuff back, but it’s a hassle.

        • TheExile285

          Even now there are means to get the stuff back, but it’s a hassle.

          How does that work?

          • PreyMantis

            Sending it to Nintendo.

          • TheExile285

            So if you lose it, you can’t get them back right?

          • Thiefofhearts

            You got it. Your game is at the mercy of Nintendo’s good graces, unlike Steam, PSN or even XBL.

        • Thiefofhearts

          Until they do that, I have to ignore pretty much everything on their online shop.

      • Thiefofhearts

        In this case, it’s a rental, good for the length of how long your device lasts, unlike every other digital service run by reasonable human beings that ties your titles to an account, not a device. This is exasperated to the fact that policy requires a police report or the device taken to an official repair site to get it moved to another system. For something you should own.

        Accidents happen and come out of nowhere. That’s why they’re called accidents.

        • PreyMantis

          If the system dies, Nintendo can always transfer them to the new one. The game is with you for the rest of your life!

          • Thiefofhearts

            Which you need to do by petitioning the company and jumping through hoops if the device is still in one piece. I see no reason why that is worth defending compared to “remember your login?” “Yep” “Just go to downloads and download it again on the new machine.”

            Can is not a synonym for Will.

        • Rytan

          If the game is registered to your Club Nintendo account, and it is broken/stolen, all you have to do is call Nintendo up, they’ll get you to verify some things, then bam. They’ll either give you your titles back or give you credit to buy them back (excluding tax, of course). Granted, I haven’t done this myself. But there’s a handful of people that have done this.

          • Thiefofhearts

            And I’ve read enough stories where this fails hard. It might be worth risking for a 5 buck game. But 30? I expect the thing to have more shelf life and not begging nintendo to get it back to me 5 years from now.

          • Rytan

            Eh, I guess you can always just watch somebody else play it on Youtube then.

          • Thiefofhearts

            “In case the game refuses to work and Nintendo no longer will gift you a new copy, Capcom will send you an authentic storyteller to tell you how the AA5 game goes…”

          • Qunton C.

            Hahahahahahahahhahhaha no. I had my Wii stolen from me and called Nintendo about it. Despite my CN account being linked, I was still old that I was “more than welcome to buy them again”.

          • Rytan

            Because you likely didn’t file a police report and send them a copy. This has been the case for other people and their accounts were credited nearly the full amount they spent on the 3ds eshop. idek about the wii.

          • Qunton C.

            Actually, I did. And I was still told (and I quote) “All virtual content downloaded on the Nintendo Wii is tied to the system itself. As our warranty doesn’t cover lost or stolen game cards and systems, if this were to happen regardless of your games being virtual or you owning the physical copies, they would not be covered for replacement.”

            So for future reference, at least have some knowledge of what you’re talking about or experience in the matter (as you had admitted that you didnt above) before making grand and totally baseless assumptions.

    • Brandonmkii

      I will, don’t worry!

    • Suicunesol

      You know, a long time ago in an era long past, there was a time when if your Gameboy broke, got lost, or was stolen, or you left your bag of game cartridges on a train, you couldn’t call Nintendo or Sony to replace them for you. And if you tried, it would be ludicrous to expect a company to replace them because of your accident or your mistake.

      Accidents do happen. But I fear the conveniences of services like PSN and XBO result in a little too much paranoia. You act as though it’s easier to lose a game now compared to back then.

      You sound like a big AA fan too. If you saved one penny per day for 300 days, you could buy this. In fact, chances are in 300 days, AA5 won’t be thirty dollars anymore. Are you really so afraid of losing the game that you don’t even want to play it? Ever?

      Are you even an Ace Attorney fan?

      • Qunton C.

        BUT DIGITAL ITEMS ARE NOT THE SAME AS PHYSICAL ITEMS! It doesn’t cost a company any production costs to replace that item for you. None. There’s nothing to replace aside from digital data. I can understand losing physical items and being out of luck, but this? Lets be logical here.

        If I lose literally any other non-Nintendo system that has digital games on it, all I have to do is sign in on my new system and download them. This goes for Steam, 360, PSP, Vita, Android, iOS, PS3, GOG, and Origin. So why are we still letting Nintendo off the hook for it when they are the EXCEPTION AND NOT THE RULE?

        • Suicunesol

          No, of course they’re not the same. My point is that Mr. ThiefofHearts is too afraid of losing digital games to the point that he won’t ever buy them, even if he really wants one of them. He even considers it a kind of rental. Even if it really was a rental, thirty dollars to play the game for as long as you can take care of your system is a good deal. Nintendo systems don’t really have a history of failure either.

          Letting Nintendo off the hook? Not saying you have to be happy with Nintendo’s policy. It is archaic and it would be to their customers’ benefit to adopt a system like that of the PSN. But the risk is being overblown in comparison to the benefits.

          Sony has really expensive proprietary memory cards. Sony is the only company that has them. Are you going to let them off the hook? Yes, because the allure of the PSV and its games is worth the extra money.

          Purchasers of AA5 are letting Nintendo off the hook because the allure of the 3DS and its digital library is worth the risk. (Though, in my opinion, if you take care of your stuff, the risk is nonexistent.)

          • Qunton C.

            “Sony is the only company that has them”.

            Actually, they aren’t. Microsoft has proprietary memory for the 360 as well.

            As for the risk being “overblown”, its obviously an issue that concerns many people. Myself included as I have been burned by Nintendo before thanks to that policy. I mean, be rational please. Stop being an apologist and look at it objectively. It shouldn’t be a matter of “I don’t think it will affect me so its not an issue and shouldn’t be fixed”. That kind of thinking only enables the problem.

          • Suicunesol

            Oh okay. My mistake.

            Actually, I do think it is an issue of “I don’t think it will affect me so it’s not an issue.” Not saying it shouldn’t be fixed, but I understand that the problem won’t go away regardless of the decision to buy. For that reason, there’s no point in maintaining abstinence when you love something that much (AA5).

            If you want Nintendo to change, you need to do it some other way. I’m sorry to hear about your firsthand experience; it’s clearly not something you can let go. But my own firsthand experiences have been good–good enough for me to believe that games from the eShop will be good for many years to come.

          • Thiefofhearts

            Funny, I had the exact same response from people who just couldn’t wait for the new Sim City game and said the always on thing was necessary and wouldn’t be bothersome. They all promptly started whining about not being able to play their game they paid a good deal of money for, with little chance of a clear refund.

            The only way for companies to change is you let them know via purchases and lack there of. Origin changed their tune and now offer return policies of in house titles. It didn’t adopt this customer friendly from blind mass purchases and support, I’ll tell you that much.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          And plenty of folks have noted Nintendo’s ability and willingness to work with them when bad things occur. Have an old account with any system/company tied to a dead email and lose that old password? Similar things can happen there, too.

          • Qunton C.

            “Plenty of folks”? Who? Please, go ahead and email Nintendo about losing your digital games. I guarantee you’ll get close to the same response I got that I posted above.

      • Thiefofhearts

        Boy, the Jonestown PR people would have loved you.

        I work for a living. If I wanted to put aside the money, sure. But the question is about quality, rights of first sales and principles. Now Digital Downloads like Qunton pointed out are treated completely different than physical copies. To make up for things like having it not being transferable, other options are presented like being able to DL it on different systems or far lower prices. These are the things used in trade for that, or nice cases or extra goods attached to the product. This is not simple paranoia, but a trade off when companies wish to limit and control the placement of the products they have sold to customers.

        I personally feel my money is better spent on other games on services that treat me well. Capcom’s argument is incredibly weak with other, smaller niche games by smaller companies than Capcom getting physical releases. I will not stand to be metaphorically punched in the gut and call it a hug simply because said abusive service has a game series I’m fond of. A complaining, abused customer is still a customer. I like the AA series, but I like my integrity more.

        And I do have a nice way to protest – Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney. That title is coming out, in a physical format no less. I recommend everyone pick that one up instead to let Capcom know.

  • David García Abril

    Well, at least it’s something…

    Let’s hope this leads to good sales and we get more AA games… but the next one translated to more languages, please.

  • Rocket D

    I was expecting it to be cheaper based on Capcom’s claim to save consumers money but at the same time this is reasonable too. It is $10 cheaper than physical retail and making a great title like AA super cheap would be almost insulting. Great series, lots of work to localize and time saved so this price seems fair. Plus we’re getting all the DLC (even the quizzes costumes without the quiz work) so I think this is great.

    Either way I am guaranteed to get this game, just need a release date. I hope it’s sooner than later.

  • Nogib

    How about a date? “Fall” is too vague.

    • linkenski

      Since it’s digital they don’t have to plan as much with manufacturing and stuff like that so it can be more flexible. They probably don’t know it themselves yet, but they might be aiming for a late september/october release hopefully.

  • Rytan

    Damn. Now I really did wish I saved my $30 from the SMT4/FE:A deal. Oh well. $30 won’t be too hard to save up. I still want a confirmed release date, though. :

  • new_tradition

    It would be unbelievably awesome if the DLC case was free for day 1 buyers >3>

    But 30 dollars for the stand alone game is pretty swell. Definitely using my Nintendo credit on this.

    Actually, I wonder how many people aren’t going to use any of the credit to buy the game…

  • Qunton C.

    So… Retail price then? Or are we just gonna conveniently forget that 3DS games can and do sell for $30 as well?

    Nope. Still not budging. No box, no buy until Nintendo changes their policies. I’ll just read the synopsis or watch a playthrough.

    • 하세요

      What 3DS game was $30 day one in retail? This is a serious question btw, because every 3DS game I’ve purchased has been $40 ($50 for SMT IV). I don’t count used games or games that have had price drops that have been out for a year+

      • Qunton C.

        Rhythm Thief. For proof, here’s a screencap of my order summary from amazon when I ordered the game just a few days after release.

        And then there’s Donkey Kong Country and Animal Crossing launching for $35. I’m know there’s more, but those are the only ones I can prove to be 100% true at this moment, since finding a cached page with the price on launch would be a chore on my phone.

        • Bacon_n_Lettuce
        • 하세요

          Ah right, AC was $35. DKCR is a port so it really didn’t need to be $40. Rhythm Thief…well I haven’t played it myself but something tells me the content in that game wasn’t full enough to justify $40. You’re making it seem like there are a huge amount of games that come out under $40 when it’s only a select few at best.

          But sure, be all anti AA5. I myself am not into the series but I enjoy watching others play it.

          • Qunton C.

            There’s also Adventure Time (both of them), Hakuoki, the new Ninja Turtles game, some Spongebob game, the Wipeout games, Hot Wheels, Lego Chima, Regular Show and Lego City for $30, and those are mostly upcoming games. So yeah, it’s not an overwhelming majority, but it is definitely more than “a select few”. There are definitely more, but I’ve made my point. You can move the goalposts all you want, but my point is valid and will continue to be.

  • Lumi

    AHA. I KNEW IT. Good thing I still have the $30 from the Atlus deal. Thanks Atlus!

    Oh yeah, time to get a larger SD card…

  • Kamakuma

    Welp time to put my blindfold on and try not see my $30 deal as I may spend it before we get a release date. *Flips table* Also small question will the release dates be the same for EU and US?

  • kuma483

    The price is cool and all, but has anyone noticed that Blackquill called Apollo’s power ‘queer’? I mean, WTF Capcom?

    • I think he just meant the old definition “strange” instead of the currently popular meaning. I mean, his speech style does sound pretty formal overall (if antagonistic).

      • kuma483

        I guess you’re right. It just startled me at first, that’s all. I do like his style of speech and his weird sword analogies, as well as his English voice. Speaking of which, am I the only one who actually really likes his English voice?

  • s07195

    I see why Apollo can’t use Perceive in court now.

    • kuma483

      Maybe he can at some point. All we know for now is that Blackquill won’t let him in Case 2. We shouldn’t write off possibilities until we’ve played the full game for ourselves.

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