Viewtiful Joe To Guest Star In Brawler For Smartphones

By Ishaan . August 28, 2013 . 6:25pm

The Viewtiful Joe franchise is on the backburner, but Capcom’s quirky superhero will be making an appearance in a brawler for smartphones, titled Combo Crew.


Inspired by games like Streets of Rage, Final Fight, and Street Fighter, Combo Crew has you trapped in a large tower, fighting your way up to defeat Mr. Boss, who’s looking to defeat the world’s greatest fighters.


Combo Crew will feature multiple heroes to play as, each with their own moves and a combo system with super moves. You can play the game in asynchronous multiplayer across multiple devices, rescuing your friends or having them rescue you.


Just when Viewtiful Joe will be joining Combo Crew hasn’t been announced yet. Capcom say more details will be made available in the near future.


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  • Heisst

    Nothing is sacred.

  • Doctor Nebula
  • Lynx


  • Spirit Macardi

    All of my hate, Capcom… All of my hate…

    • SlickRoach

      Monster Hunter is the single thread that keeps me tied to this company anymore, I swear.

      • Spirit Macardi

        Same here. I used to like stuff that they made, but then they either stopped making them or ruined them.

      • 하세요

        Right there with ya. No matter how much Capcom may make me rage, I remind myself “They did make MH, so part of their division are still gods.”

        • SlickRoach

          As long they don’t do something incredibly stupid like making a MH game to appeal to the CoD fanbase which I doubt even they’d stoop that low.

  • Surgeon of Death

    I was just talking VG today. This article killed me a little on the inside.

  • Namuro

    When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought for sure that he would be making a cameo in the Wonderful 101…orz

  • Roberto

    thanks Capcom ;-;

  • SlickRoach

    Is that what Joe is reduced to now, a guest star? Why…?

    • Solomon_Kano

      Because he wasn’t reduced to that by Marvel vs. Capcom 3 some two years ago… ?

      • SlickRoach

        Yeah, totally forgot about MvC3. Such a shame too because Viewtiful Joe is one of my single favorite games of all time. But between the choice of never making a Viewtiful Joe game and making one that could be a potential letdown it seems like a lose-lose.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Yea, I’m a big fan of Joe as well. Honestly, if they can’t live up to it, I’d rather they just leave it be. If they get a good idea and the right folks, sure, bring it back. But I wouldn’t mind it staying gone if the alternative is something half-assed.

    • supervamp

      Yeah because being a guest star is bad right?

  • NTaiyokun

    It’s something

  • Ying

    I read that as “Viewtiful Joe to Guest Star in Super Smash Bros” for some reason. Looks like I’m just going to have to keep dreaming

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      More like didn’t pay any attention to Sakurai when he specifically said he not gonna add any more Capcom characters.

  • Kirbichu

    “Inspired by games like Streets of Rage, Final Fight, and Street Fighter”

    One of these games is not a brawler…

    • Solomon_Kano

      There’s a reason for that.

      “Combo Crew will feature multiple heroes to play as, each with their own moves and a combo system with super moves.”

  • AndyLC

    It’s good to see console game companies releasing fun mobile games, there’s no reason mobile games have to be ‘casual only’.

    Also gives me something to put on my phone other than emulators hahah.

  • NightzeroAX


  • Göran Isacson

    Anyone who knows what this game will actually play like? like, is it pay to win or something equally heinous to everything good and game-like, or is it an actual game?

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    At least they didn’t name this Viewtiful Joe 3… ._.

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Well, its not a viewtiful joe game in the first place.

    He’s just making a cameo.

    Not as blatant name grabbing that they did with BO6. Which looks like nothing of the sort.

    Perhaps they learned their lesson.
    In other new 30$ AA5 is good/.

  • supervamp

    >Name grabbing
    >Because it couldn’t be another entry if it’s on a smart phone
    Smart smart

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Please tell me good sir, when has breath of fire been a multiplayer touch based action game that barely fits its masquerades as an “rpg” that is about dragons (which DOESN’T EVEN HAVE DRAGONS) before?

    Never? Yeah.
    That shit isnt breath of fire. This isnt even Resident Evil turning into DMC or Lost Dinosaur Planet turning into Starfox level. This is like making a touch focused puzzle solving game with barebone adventure exploration elements and calling it the Legend of Zelda:Cash In,No Fucks To Give Edition.

    Or you know, Coke PlayStation All Stars Island.

  • supervamp

    Ok first, you are full of massive shit dude they have not even shown a trailer nor is the site even updated with any actual info.
    All we know is that it’s a touch based rpg with online features.
    Second please tell me how games never change gameplay, because i would love to hear all your examples of series never changing after being around for a few decades.

    Also if the game had zelda characters, zelda lore and well everything other then the exploration that makes it the zelda series it would still be legend of zelda. Sorry not everything works based on fanboyism or nostalgia logic.

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Im sorry, but it doesnt have the bare minimum of relation to Breath Of Fire.
    Franchise have a certain core, when you screw with that in the name of “making it fresh” its really a bastardization of the series, its a shoe in. Its like when you try to make Banjo Kazoie into a racing game. Despite the quality of the game you see how people react.
    We have things called “spin offs” for a reason.

    See this is why Namco doesnt piss of their fanbase when it comes to Tales of. Till they started remaking their mainline titles into slot machine cutscene phone games.

    Also, Zelda’s lore is looser than dark souls itself.

  • Brandonmkii

    You know what? It could be fun. I’m willing to try it when it comes out.

  • supervamp

    You mean by making it a rpg you can use your fingers to play and that has online features. I guess if it came to the 3ds or the vita you’d have the same reaction r ight?
    Making a banjo kazoie racing spin off and making breath of fire’s next entry on a moblie and pc platform aren’t the same thing.

    A slot machine game would obviously not be apart of the main game series no matter what the game is.
    I’m sorry none of your arguments have any actual merit
    to how the game will turn out other then you saw it was for smartphones and then instantly started raging.

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    The problem is they’re calling something that isnt

    Breath of Fire, Breath of Fire.

    Interface be damned.

  • supervamp

    Yeah and what makes this not breath of fire to you is only the fact that it’s on a smartphone.

    I’m sorry but none of the people making these complaints would bat an eye if it was on the 3ds or vita with similar features and touch screen ability.

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Okay one, drop the ego, two drop the personal angle.

    Im not particularly a fan of breath of fire. But what Capcom did is clearly irksome. See it for what it is.

    Stop apologizing for phones. They dont give a damn and they’ll fry your brain in the meantime as well/.

    And people complain about things being touch based, they did it when Phantom Hourglass came out.

    But here’s something you need to remember.

    I am not “people”
    You really should figure out how someone thinks before you approach them about shit.

  • supervamp

    Ok 1 you don’t even have a good reason to be irked and you also can’t use “well i mean I’m not that much of a fan anyways: after arguing about how it’s not even a real entry in the series because of it being too different.Put your money where your mouth is bro.

    2 phones don’t need to be apologized for, the reason this game and bo6 or any phone game entry is getting so much hate is only because of it being on a smartphone. There is no one decent reason for the rage other then, it being the Internet and there’s always unneeded rage at everything.

    3 You do know there’s a difference between complaining about something that’s not even out nor has any other info then created characters, it being an rpg and having online features and finding the touch screen controls on a game they’ve played finky and not very decent? Though even that has nothing to do with their opinion of the game just the gameplay.

    Lastly I’m sorry when you come up with argument that sounds different then the other randoms raging fanboys, I’ll actually think of you an individual who can think.

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