Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Shows Off Its Xillia Costumes And More

By Ishaan . August 29, 2013 . 12:00pm

Namco Bandai have released new screenshots for Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, showing off some of the new details they’ve announced about the game of late, including the additional costumes based on Tales of Xillia.


As previously detailed, the game will feature optional costumes for Kratos, Zelos and Presea based on Tales of Xillia’s Ludger, Alvin and Elize respectively. If you have an Xillia save file, you’ll have access to these right way; else you’ll have to wait until the start of your second playthrough of Symphonia Chronicles.


Additionally, below, you can find screenshots pertaining to the new Mystic Artes cut-ins, the extra head accessories from the European version of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and more.


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  • malek86

    Ok, so Xillia had Symphonia costumes, and now Symphonia HD has Xillia costumes. The circle is complete.

    • Tyler Beale

      Are these Symphonia costumes unlockable in-game? Or are they fucking DLC?

      • Eefara

        From the wording in the article, they appear to be in-game costumes.

        Edit: Whoops, I misread the question. I’m not sure about the Symphonia costumes in Xillia.

      • Chris Yuen

        No, Xillia One only had a total of 4 unlockable costumes in-game. The rest are DLC. (Symphonia under Cameo type)

        • Tyler Beale

          How do I unlock them? Don’t worry, I’ve finished the game, and I also have the Cress and Stahn (both of which don’t look good on Jude and Milla, respectively, IMO) costumes from the Collector’s Edition.

          • Chris Yuen

            1 via finishing Jude’s story, the other via finishing Millia’s story, 2 for trading in 459 (if I’m not wrong) black feathers to that guy.

          • Tyler Beale

            Well, I did finish Jude’s story, so if I ever go back to the game, I’ll have to check and see (I know I got his Medical Student costume and the Golden Key – and beat the superboss – when I defeated the final boss…)

          • Chris Yuen

            Might wanna edit and hide those spoilers ya’know. Not everyone finished the game…just a gentle reminder. Cheers. Yes, Jude’s costume is one, the one on Millia’s side is a bit spoiler. You can probably find out more via various boards.

          • Tyler Beale

            Urrgghh, goddammit! Very well…I edited those out.

  • Prinnydoom

    I hope mystic artes are easier to use in this version. Looking good. Still not sure on kratos as ludger looks weird.

    • AkuLord3

      With you mean the GC version…which didn’t have Mystic Artes in a way and even then weren’t like the Ps2 japanese version or something else

      • Prinnydoom

        Huh? There were mystic arte’s sheena’s summoning counted as a mystic arte since you had to be in over limit, Lloyd had falcon crest and Colette had divine judgment (I think thats what it was called) Everyone will have mystic artes in this version i am just wondering how they will be used.

        • XiaomuArisu

          Dont forget Genis Indignation Judgment

          • Prinnydoom

            Didn’t know you could use that in the GC version.

          • XiaomuArisu

            Hidden but its there.

    • Wappuli

      oh what are you saying, Colettes Holy Judgement wasn’t random at all and the restrictions for Preseas Hien Messhoujin were pretty much non-existent. . .
      On a sereious note though, it seems that they are a little easier at least, in that pic here you can see Presea using Hien Messhoujin without being at critical HP.

  • Chris Yuen

    Hideo Baba is in town over here in Singapore. He’s here for a convention that’s happening over the weekend. Anyone got any questions that they might like to ask him? I’ll try and see what I can do with them over the 1 hour stage event (if there’s any Q&A) or the autograph signing.

    Aza aka Miyuko from Spcats will be at the Namco booth as well, appearing at the same time as Hideo Baba…I wonder if that means that she will be decked out in her Millia cosplay…

    • 栗場 江理久

      More tales games in the west? D: please and thank you~ and we need more Maid Outfits!! >:u we’re running low!! that is all for now :3

      • Chris Yuen

        Personally I’ll be wagging my Vita in his face if I get the chance to, especially with that welcomed price drop which might incite more Vitabros to join.

        • 栗場 江理久

          YES. That too haha. I wonder what his expression would be if you did. I’d just be like ‘ohey im just sittin here playin mah vita CUZ I LOOOVE my vita and i heard you had a game on vita recently? :D’

    • Rogerrmark

      Hearts R confirmation would be something nice,although he will never reveal this kind of information randomly,lol.

      • Tyler Beale

        And Innocence R.

        But since Sony is pushing the Vita as the PS4’s buddy, the future of Japanese games on Vita (as well as Vita games in general) looks pretty grim…

    • Romored

      Will Daigo Okumura be the main character designer for a mothership Tales instead of Fujishima/Inomata for once?

      • DyLaN

        Who? He did the design for which games again?

        • Romored

          All the original characters in Symphonia 2 (Emil, Marta, Richter, Alice, Decus), the Chimeriads in Xillia (Wingul, Jiao, Agria, Presa), all the original characters in Xillia 2 (Ludger, Elle, Ludger’s brother and the other whatever their name is) and the main characters in Tales of Link.

          His style is really growing on me, and I’m starting to prefer his style instead of that of Fujishima/Inomata, personally. At least, it’s a breath of fresh air for the series. I’d really like to have a mothership title with him as the main character designer.

          • DyLaN

            Hmm just look up on some of his work. Gotta say his style looks nice too. Won’t mind him designing the character for another main Tales game.

      • Arrei

        He already has been – Xillia 2 is a mothership.

        • Romored

          True, but that is a sequel, and most of the characters in Xillia 2 are returning characters by Fujishima/Inomata.

          Since now, Okumura only worked either on escort titles or sequels. I’d like him to do the job for a completely new mothership title.

          In Xillia, I found the Chimeriads to be much more aesthetically captivating than the actual main characters. Same goes for Ludger, Emil, Marta, Alice and Decus. That says something.

          • Arrei

            Perhaps so, but a sequel does not make a game any less of a mothership, yes? Tales of Destiny 2 was a mothership too, and as you said, all the new important characters in Xillia 2 are by Okumura anyway.

    • DesmaX

      Ask him if he would let Go Shiina compose for another Tales game.

      • brian

        Hell yes, he’s an awesome composer and better than Motoi Sakuraba imo.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    wanted Lloyd face mask is the best lol

  • $61526767

    Lol that face Lmao! Think i know what i’m using lol

  • Spirit Macardi

    Please just tell me Presea still has her Klonoa costume. His cameo got removed from the remake of Tales of Hearts, and I fear a repeat here too…

    • puchinri

      Klonoa? Who or what in the world is this Klonoa?? I see no signs of such a character existing at Bamco. :/

      • greg_67
        • AkuLord3

          My friend…the Sarcasm is too strong to not see :3

      • FFmax

        I really have to wonder if we will ever see another Klonoa game.

        • puchinri

          I do too. I do hold out hope, but I am starting to feel kind of burned and bitter. ;u;

      • Spirit Macardi

        How sad is it that I can actually believe that statement came from an official press release of theirs?

        • puchinri

          It’s getting a bit close enough for that to be real, right? ^u^;

          Maybe this console gen will see a remake of another Klonoa game though, since the first game got its remake~? (And Klonoa 2 is the obvious choice, but you never know.)

      • Tyler Beale

        Well, he WAS a keychain (DLC I thin, alongside Pac-Man) you could equip on your created character in Soulcalibur V…

        • puchinri

          Really~? I missed that! As tiny as it is, it feels good to know that they included him somehow.

    • JustThisOne

      Huh? Why would they remove it?

      Plus, it’s a whole side quest thingy, so I don’t think they’d would. Whoo hoo. :>

    • greg_67

      Was that unlockable in the US GC release or the JP PS2 release?
      I figure the HD is all based on the PS2 so it SHOULD be included but will have to wait until the japanese release to see what is included in the game.

  • HerosLight

    Look at that Fancy Kratos with a suit.

  • Suriel Cruz

    We need more LOVE regarding Tales of Legendia and Tales of the Abyss. Some characters clothes in those two are AWESOME.

    • HerosLight

      Lloyd and Genis got Tales of the Abyss costumes..

      As for Legendia, Regal would like nice with Senel’s clothes.

      • Suriel Cruz

        Senel’s clothes DO match Regal’s style.
        I know Lloyd and Genis have some TotA clothes, but how about another batch with Legretta, Largo, Arietta and Sync clothes, those look REALLY NICE!

      • Rogerrmark

        I hope they make a Legendia remake someday…the original game had wasted potential,imo,although good. Senel was really cool,and I liked the story overall.Even the characters quests.

        The baytle system could have some tweaks,though….and the story could be longer too,a new Arc like Graces f,who knows.

        • MrSirFeatherFang

          did you like the music?

  • Arcana Wiz

    it’s really weird when presea model it’s bigger than of two other guys.
    Anyway this looking great and is a great chance for those who didn’t played it cause of the console like me.

    • Celiacus

      I’m pretty sure that’s just the one picture and her model isn’t actually bigger. Look at the other pictures.

  • brian

    “second playthrough of Symphonia Chronicles”
    Does that include playing through both games or just one?
    I think only having 3 characters dressed up like Xillia characters would be awkward.

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha oh my god, what is that mask Emil is wearing?

    • XiaomuArisu

      A big improvment
      Its based on Lloyds ugly wanted poster

  • MikeTxn

    inb4 we get Rutee’s costume. Again.

    • IshimaruKaito


  • I forgot how…cute the graphics were in Symphonia. I just want to pinch everyone’s cheek. XD

  • You know, I hope we get more than just better graphics and DLC costumes in this HD collection.

    By that I mean fixing the issues Dawn of the New World suffered from. I hope they remove the Level Caps they’ve had put on the original Symphonia heroes, some extra weapons and equipment for them, using better sound effects and music (the Sheena theme remix in DotNW is just an insult to the original) — and IF possible, offering us the true DotNW storyline in which *SPOILER ALERT* Decus and Alice team-up with the heroes.

    I just hope Namco Bandai will put in some effort in the HD Collection besides HD graphics and some costumes.

  • Celiacus

    Looking forward to replaying this again. Definitely pre-ordering this, I hope the collector’s edition comes out over here. The new stuff looks really cool. HD editions usually doesn’t add much more than HD, so I’m grateful for that.

  • piichan

    I’m definitely excited about this since I’ve been wanting to play the ps2 version of TOS for forever. I just recently finished DotNW, and even if I don’t like it as much, it was still ok.

    The only question I have is (sorry if it’s been asked, but this is the 1st TOS Chronicles article I’ve visited), if will they be redubbing everything for this game. I mean the VA change would be incredibly noticeable now that they’re in one game. Either they redub the 2nd game or 1st game using the same VA or redub everything with new VA.

  • Surgeon of Death

    I will be getting this for Symphonia. The second one was horrible.

  • Presea

    The new hi-ougi cut-ins looks so nice. :D The costumes looks great on them also. I jsut cna’t wait for this game to come out, I look forward on replaying the first game.

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