Shin Dynasty Warriors Gundam In Development For PS3 And Vita

By Spencer . September 3, 2013 . 6:38pm

gundam One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 came out in North America today, so it’s time for another anime and Dynasty Warriors crossover. Famitsu magazine announced Shin Dynasty Warriors Gundam which has over 100 mobile suits. The graphics went back to a realistic style instead of the anime cel look from earlier games.


These Gundam are confirmed for Shin Dynasty Warriors Gundam:

RX-78-2 Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam)

MS-065 Char’s Custom Zaku (Mobile Suit Gundam)

MSN-02 ZeonG (Mobile Suit Gundam)

MSZ-006 Z Gundam (Mobile Suit Z Gundam)

AMX-004 Qubeley (Mobile Suit Z Gundam)

RX-93 Nu Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack)

MSZ-04 Sazabi (Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack)

GN-0000 + GNR-010 00 Raiser (Mobile Suit Gundam 00)

Concept-X 612 Turn X (Turn A Gundam)

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam UC)

MSN-065 Sinanju (Mobile Suit Gundam UC)

NZ-666 Kshatriya (Mobile Suit Gundam UC)

GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam Seed)

ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny)

ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny)

GMF-X425 Destiny Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny)


Shin Dynasty Warriors Gundam has an original story to follow in Ultimate Mode plus scenarios from Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and Mobile Suit Gundam UC to fight through. Players can also pilot humongous mobile armor and call in a battleship to attack using a Combination Burst.


Shin Dynasty Warriors Gundam is slated for release on December 19 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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  • andref

    Hooray, definitely a fan of this series, though at times I wonder why I like it despite being a DW clone

    • LanceHeart

      The attack flow isn’t the same as DW games. There’s also a focus on high speed movement and emergency acceleration that’s not really possible in DW nor SW.

      • andref

        I understand that probably just shooting the gun. The last one was fun, but it sometimes got boring crushing wave after wave of weak enemies despite the mission variety

        • LanceHeart

          That a good point. It went from either super easy by crushing everything in your path with decent parts on your mobile suit to insanely hard by restricting you to using Ball or Zaku Tank for a chaos mission (or whatever the highest difficulty is in DWG.. I’ve been playing too much DW8)

          • andref

            The missions forcing you to use a generic mobile suit could be frustratingly difficult especially when you never took the time customize them. For me the missions I hated the most was when you were restricted to one zone in the map and had to constantly fight wave after wave of enemies until you killed enough to lower the barriers preventing you from leaving

    • Brandonmkii

      I don’t know why people call this, one piece warriors, And ken’s rage “dw clones,” when they are, in fact, dw games.

  • FelixFelice

    English VAs please. That or the original anime music in the English release.

  • Abyan Haidar

    Stahp… please… stop making me hoping for another localized anime-ish DW for Vita (remember [One Piece]), and it supposed to be “confirmed Mobile Suits”, sorry, I just can’t help but want to correct it..

    • TheExile285

      To be fair, this is a Temco game and they have been very good with localizing Vita games so far.

      One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 is by Namco…..

  • Pdugna

    No more cell-shading >.< owell will still play it lol, man over 100 Suits nice job.
    Though the new storyline sounds nice…but can we play through each gundam series storylines? Thats the thing i missed from number 3 rest of that game was awesome!

  • BB

    They forgot to mention that the Strike Gundam from Gundam SEED is also in as well.

  • Here’s a few correction.

    MS-065 Char’s Custom Zaku is MS-06S Zaku II Commander Type

    MSN-02 ZeonG is MSN-02 Zeong. Doesn’t have a capital G in the end.

    MSN-065 Sinanju is MSN-06S Sinanju

    GMF-X425 Destiny Gundam is ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam

    • Our Gundam Encyclopedia. =)

    • Aristides

      Well done, could not have done it better myself.

  • Shin is the best word, BREATHE FIRE SONGS OF SPARDA

  • Closet_Ninja

    Hopefully this game will actually have a gameplay upgrade cause DW3 got dull pretty fast, but what is being said here it sounds promising

  • Brion Valkerion

    Dissapointed they got rid of the cell shaded look, It was down right amazing in DW3 and it ran flawlessly. Hopefully it looks as good if not better and has a buttery smooth frame rate as well.

    So far only Aegis and Mobile Armors are the new additions but hopefully this reboot is up to snuff.

  • Muffum

    And then we get it as Dynasty Warriors Gundam 4, so it not only has the same basic title as Dynasty Warriors, but also the same fucked numbering system.

  • Jungo

    Cool, we get to pilot MA now? That should rock!

  • British_Otaku

    I liked the celshaded look of Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, but I’m glad to see it as a multiplatform release. If worst comes to worst, I’ll import it for my eventual Vita or PS3 replacement.

    EDIT: We are getting a lot of games announced late in the year, still aiming for the end of the year between this, Toriko’s hunting game and Hero Bank. I hope they get marketed well, but I guess the anime one’s will sell just because.

  • Seraph

    Still hoping they announce more suits for the game. It’ll be good to see something from G Gundam, Gundam Wing and Gundam X.

    Or even the suits from Awakening of the Trailblazer.

    • Pdugna

      G and Wing will definitely be in there those mechs are fan favorites. X was actually the surprise for me in DWG3 made me go out and find the series to watch. Also yeah more movie mechs will be awesome to see.

  • Please bigger maps, with less corridors if possible as well. The ones in 3 were hella small and boring. Also add more variety to the missions, I’m well aware musou games are about killing hundreds of grunts, but it didn’t make any fun at all in did a great job with DW8, bring some of that stuff over here.

  • fyi1191

    They should allow us to play as the Mobile Armors by now.

  • Come on, Toei. Add MOBA deatmatches in this game’s multiplayer. You have no idea how fun that will be with Gundams, or in this whole DW franchise. Do it. COME ON, DO IT!

  • Vyse Legendaire

    My prayers have been answered.

  • $48552495

    Dendrobium playable please…

    • Abend

      kou pls no missles

  • BB

    Something I found recently:

    When they used cel-shading in GW3, they had to make limits on displaying a huge number of MS. So by returning to realistic shading, they’re able to disregard that limit and now even more MS can be displayed on screen.
    Explosion effects will be also grander than before

    In Ultimate mode, there will be short scenarios in many regions and you can play with any pilots & MS
    There will be also fan-pleasing homages

    When using a MA, their attacks’ massive damage will make a different feel of excitement.
    With the new weapon upgrade system, upgrade benefits are for example melee weapons having their ranges extended, or ranged attacks getting an increase in shooting frequency
    Upgraded weapons will also have difference in looks, for example upgraded beam sabers will have longer beams, and upgraded beam rifles will shoot bigger beams

    Blueprint system is also revamped to allow more detailed stat customization

    Fighting ways on bases are still the same but if there’s an enemy ace appearing then the bases will make ace units move (…completely unsure on what this means, needs better excerpt)

    Space maps seem to be returning. They are still 2-axis, but this time they will be made to feel a bit more 3-dimensional (probably like invisible slopes and such, lol)

    And for a last trivia, as usual this will be published by Bandai Namco & developed by Koei Tecmo
    while to compare with a certain internal crossover Warriors, that one is published by Koei Tecmo and developed by Omega Force, hmm..

    • BB

      For new or more clarified points,

      Why use Shin instead of 4? The idea comes from Bandai’s director Gotou: because since a lot of time has passed since GW3’s 2010, they want to put the efforts into a compilation.
      Koinuma-P then says with Official Mode returning among others, hopefully it can be played again with fixing what was previously left behind.

      It turns out that ace units will become like movable bases (as in there’s a base area surrounding them at all times)

      Combination Burst is an upgraded Partner Strike (from GW3), and that now it can also summon warships

      Last messages:
      Bandai’s director Gotou – He’s confident that the contents will truly remark a large compilation
      Bandai’s producer Komino – There will be many features to enjoy thoroughly
      Koei’s producer Koinuma – They’re working to make this the best (GW) game

  • eilegz

    hopefully we are getting build fighter, AGE, stargazer and other spinoff,

    there are no excuse to not do this if they are going to release the game simultaneously on ps3 and vita-

    I also expect that they improve the online gameplay we are not in 2007 anymore its time to make a decent online component

  • dragoon_slayer12


  • Kaihedgie


    Oh, please please, use the EW Gundams D:

    Oh, one other thing: you forgot to list Banshee.

  • GHAmer

    I am expecting for more Gundam Versus series,
    the battle gameplay is better than DW series IMO

  • monkey king

    Hoping for playable Impulse, lunamaria has been shafted with char’s zaku for way too long.

  • InfectedAI

    I really really really hope this game comes out in the US. We barely get any Gundam games, and haven’t received any in a while. They released the original Dynasty Warriors Gundam games in the US, so I really hope this makes it through.

    • Kaihedgie

      It most definitely will since KoeiTecmo is behind it. We’d normally never get any Fist of the North Star games overseas, but rarely has there been a DW game that we haven’t gotten yet and we haven’t missed out on any of the crossover games thus far.

      • InfectedAI

        We unfortunately didn’t get the DW game for the 3DS.

  • Abend

    just need that create an officer and start branching out into msv stuff and ill be happy

    • Kaihedgie

      They already did.

      The GM Command, Zaku Tank and Gouf Flight Type are all from MSV.

      • Abend

        I’m not talking about just UC I’m talking about stuff like astray X/R and destiny, 00F and what not, side story units and variants to make it so like every game you have the same cast and the same units over and over again with slight differences

        • sd28


  • bushin

    Yes this news has made my day! I’ve been itching for a new Dynasty warriors gundam game! I wonder if any AGE suits will make an appearance? Either way im hyped

  • Lynx

    Kinda want the story to go back to the first game ie teams that are forced to work together and not like 3. It gave birth to some memorable combos.

  • Sardorim

    Aw… Guess Lunamaria wont be getting the Impulse still.

    Move over Shinn, the Destiny Gundam is a two seater again because I demand it and Lunamaria has you whipped!

  • Aristides

    Glorious! And it’s for Vita too, I seriously can’t wait for a localization. I Also hope they include the original Gundam Seed MS along with Aegis and not just the Destiny ones. I’m Not a fan of Strike Freedom.

  • Ryumoau

    nice!! DWG3 is my favorite out of any of the warriors type games and the
    first game i ever platinumed. I really hope its cross buy.

  • ajneez

    It´s a great notice, but I need to say: TECMO KOEI we need NEW IPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michaelius

      They just released Toukiden

      • ajneez

        yeah, i know and i love TK but all the notice you read are, new DOA, new DW, new SW, new WO3U…. and and in the other hand, Inafune with the little COMCEPT talks all time of new games, new ideas…..

  • Asuna Ilano

    I sure hope they add The Endless Waltz versions and Awakening of the trailblazers units as well.

    • Ryumoau

      yeah i’d love to see Wing Zero Custom in the next game. :)

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