Inazuma Eleven 3 Reaches Europe This Month; Here’s An English Trailer

By Ishaan . September 6, 2013 . 3:00pm

Inazuma Eleven 3 is finally headed to Europe this month, and with enhanced versions on the Nintendo 3DS.  The game will be available in two versions—Lightning Bolt and Bomb Blast—and you can view an English trailer for it below:



Inazuma Eleven 3 has over 2,000 characters to encounter and recruit. There are also over 350 in-game special moves that you can use during the game’s soccer matches.


Inazuma Eleven 3 will be available on September 27th.

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  • Smooosh


    Played the first one back when it came out in Europe, had a bunch of fun recruiting all kinds of different players.

  • Jontaku

    I’ve never played these games but I feel like I should start.

  • GameWinner

    Once again Nintendo, thanks for the region locked system. ;)

    • leingod

      I was gonna say the same thing.

    • British_Otaku

      It’s a smaller scale thing, but you could also thank Level 5 for making this a 3DS game.

      The original Inazuma Eleven 3 in Japan was a DS game in three versions (the third was released a little later and marketed next to a Inazuma Eleven movie featuring new content). They could have made this a DS game and you guys would have been able to import…

      • Yeah, it’s really depressing. My fiancee is British and is proudly bringing me Inazuma Eleven 1 and 2, and she was confused and upset that this one was region-locked. I keep hoping someone releases the Trilogy on 3DS here in the US, but…

        Sucks. I don’t even like football. I just like these games!

    • Ganali Castillo

      F*&# region lock. No wonder people tinker around the 3ds to play these games. Nintendo doesnt seem to realize its loss with the system.

  • British_Otaku

    Looks cool, I wonder if we can expect the 1-2-3 Trilogy of the original games in the next two years, I imagine if it was announced soon it would lower the value of this immensely.

    I’ll be playing my copy of that trilogy, but I’m glad to see the series continue to get localised.

  • Natat

    “Thanks for being the only country that hates football/soccer USA” – With love, South America.

    • PABLO Rapetti Perez

      Having a rough time in Uruguay, I know your pain.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      they should do like saint seiya

  • Learii

    I want this dam it

  • You know, I really don’t get why Nintendo or someone won’t pick up the 3DS Trilogy version of these first three Inazuma Eleven games and release it on the US eshop. It’s already in English! :(

    And before I finish my rant, the UK is getting screwed, too. In Japan, this was part of a 3DS re-release, the whole trilogy on one card (I could be wrong about that, but I don’t think so). For the UK release, they just lifted the third one and are selling it at the same price the whole trilogy would have been.

    • James Williams

      You are aware we have the first 2 games separately as well over the past two years, this is the final game for us now, that’s why it’s by itself.

      • I’m aware since I had to buy the UK versions of the first two, so, in that sense, I wish this were on the DS as well so I could play it! I just think it would have been a kinder move to release the trilogy for 3DS in the UK, as they did in Japan. The translation work was already done.

        • James Williams

          That would have been awful for people who bought the first two though, like me.
          I think they should release an e-shop version for america at least hough so you get a proper chance to play them.

          • If it cost the same price, or say 5 quid more, and had the 3DS versions of all three Inazuma Eleven games instead of just the third, that wouldn’t be awful, would it?? That’s what I’d want.

            Yeah, I can’t believe they aren’t releasing it here. I wish they’d just release the trilogy on the 3DS eshop, or heck, release them individually on the eshop for 3DS! I’d buy them all. I suppose next they’ll release Fantasy Life in the UK as well but not in the US.

            At least I got to play your guys’s version of the first two, though! :)

  • Elvick

    Stupid religion lock. I hate that it’s not brought out in NA, and is now trapped on 3DS.

    Didn’t know the series before then, so importing the DS games isn’t really ideal atm.

  • awat

    i would love to play this on my 3ds US system but sadly there is the thing called Region lock -__- why no inazuma for the U.S urgh..

    • Renaldi Saputra

      US had only a very few soccer anime fans..
      usually soccer games aren’t a hit on there..
      and for inazuma eleven, they don’t appreciate it bcos of “weird soccer” they said

      • awat

        fuuh thats not cool

        • Renaldi Saputra


  • Kalis Konig

    Should have just gave Europe the remastered collection like Japan got.

  • riceisnice

    This isn’t fair. Hyper Dimensional Soccer would be just the THING to get little American children interested in soccer. It could pave the way for a whole new generation of soccer weirdos who always yell out random phrases when they kick the ball.

  • My Little endy

    This is a series I’ve always wanted to try. I echo the cries of those who lament region locking.

    I guess I could import the DS ones.

  • There are so many Inazuma (handheld) titles I want to own. Knowing there’s a compilation version available make not want to buy this one, though I did love the IFF arc.

  • Will Jay

    Seriously considering buying an EU 3DS just to import this. If I do though, I won’t be able to get most of what I want to in October, so I doubt I will.

    Also wasn’t expecting the original TPK songs in the trailer.

  • Göran Isacson

    Wait… they’ve localized it so that all the kids are British, BUT they’ve also put, at 0:26, “Unite the best JAPANESE football players”… not sure if they thought that through.

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