Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Coming To PC, Xbox 360 And PS3

By Ishaan . September 10, 2013 . 10:00am

PlayStation Vita game Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation is coming to PC and consoles. Ubisoft have announced that the game, retitled Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD, will be available “soon” for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Here’s a trailer:



Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD takes place in 1765 New Orleans, and as a first for the series, stars a female assassin in the leading role. Aveline, the assassin in question, has the ability to don various outfits that allow her to blend in with different parts of society, and also change her skills and abilities.


Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD will feature gameplay refinements, visual upgrades and unspecified new content, according to Ubisoft. The game will be available as a download title upon release.

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  • Godman

    Well I was going to use VitaT.V to play this, but in this case its better. I’m looking forward to this

    • Aoshi00

      Same here didn’t get to finish liberation on vita and now black flag is coming soon. Guess I would start over with the console version again just like RE revelations.. Still looking forward to finish muramasa, time traveler, and special report division with vita TV…

  • Smooosh

    …I was actually planning to get Liberation tomorrow, but I guess this is even better. I’ll just get something else for my Vita and wait for the HD version.

    • Holy_Angel_Kamineko

      That’s probably a good idea, I may decide to pick this HD version up since I never finished it on the Vita. I look forward to hearing what parts of the gameplay they are refining. I’m also curious about what the unspecified new content will be.

      • DarthSithZero

        Same to me, i didnt finished the game the low framerate killed this game for me

      • Matheus Mendes

        Maybe it’s Naval Battles, since the Vita version didn’t have it, iirc

  • Zypharium

    Now there is almost no reason to buy a Vita. You did really great, Ubisoft. I’m forced to sell my Vita soon, if Sony doesn’t do anything. I want to keep my Vita, since I love this device, but without any decent games, I can’t wait till my Vita is a dustball. I haven’t touched my Vita since months. Thanks, Sony. You promised awesome games and after more than 1 year, I can’t seem to see any good games. Gravity Rush was a fantastic game, though.

    • Flynn Scifo

      Soul Sacrifice, Tearaway, Killzone Mercenary, Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD, Toukiden, Phantasy Star Online, Dragon’s Crown, Dynasty Warriors Next, Rayman Legends… These games are not good?

      • Warboss Aohd

        2 o’ dose are on otha consolez

        • Flynn Scifo

          Yeah… Vita still needs some exclusives. ( Like Killzone Mercenary )

        • Heisst

          5 actually.

          • Flynn Scifo

            It’s just examples ._ .

          • Symbol de Au

            I think he forgot the 1/ part of 1/2.

        • Altin

          He missed most of the games which have to come yet or are released already:

          DJMAX Technika Tune, Senran Kagura SV, Ys Celceta, God Eater 2, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Demon Gaze, Phantasy Star Nova. Claiming that there are no games for the Vita by now is just as unfunny and silly as the Arrow in the Knee-joke. And if none of these games are interesting you, you might as well sell all your other consoles too.

          • Aunna Terrell

            Most of those aren’t guaranteed for an English release yet.

          • Altin

            DJMAX is already out in NA, Senran Kagura is most likely to get translated too, as SK Burst for 3DS is going to come out this year. Ys is coming out in November, GE2 might be hit-or-miss, Soul Sacrifice Delta will most likely come out here as well, Demon Gaze has also been confirmed for localization and Phantasy Star Nova is the only game where the chances might be low.
            As for TK games like WO3 Ultimate or DW8 I would pretty much guarantee that they will come out too, as TK has been quite bro with the Vita as of now.

          • Zypharium

            Demon Gaze looks totally awesome, I would buy it.

          • Zypharium

            Sorry, I don’t play mindless games (Senran Kagura, Hatsune Miku).

            I was planing to sell my PS3 anyway, since I played all good games already. I bought my Vita, ’cause I wanted to play Gravity Rush, Virtue’s last Reward and Shinobido 2. I love anime games and visual novels, and since japanese Developer prefer the Vita for these games, I bought my Vita. Most don’t get a english release, though.

          • Kevadu

            Wow, you can tell a game is ‘mindless’ without even playing it!

          • Zypharium

            I watched the anime and PV for the game, you smartass. It’s about touching little girls on the Vita screen. If you like something nasty as this, then it is fine by me.

          • Altin

            Fine by me, but here is the thing. If you call a game mindless, dont get surprised that people will call you out for bashing on a game without even knowing what it is supposed to play like.

          • Zypharium

            True, but I saw the anime and PV for the game. Do you really think I would judge something without seeing it?

          • PreyMantis

            Watching is different from playing.

      • Herok♞

        Most of those are available elsewhere aka not a reason to buy a Vita for them and the other ones aren’t anything that screams Vita is a must have except maybe Tearaway which looks to be Vita Goty 2013

      • Zypharium

        I haven’t bought Soul Sacrifice yet, but I still plan to do so. I have no interest in your listed games. I don’t like shooters, so Killzone is out. Dragon’s Crown looks like shit, ’cause I don’t like women with such massive muscles. FF 10 was really great, played it already on the PS2. Rayman was on the PS1 godlike, but now it has lost its charme. I like anime games like Persona 3/4.

        • Altin

          Damn, you really are trying to troll as hard as possible, right?

          “Dragon’s Crown looks like shit, ’cause I don’t like women with such massive muscles.”

          That’s top tier pretentiousness right there.
          “I dont like this game because muh females are not the way I want them to be.”

          • How is that a troll? He doesn’t like the game’s art style. That’s a fair comment to make. That’s the #1 reason most people never look at a game more than once.

          • Altin

            “Dragon’s Crown looks like shit, ’cause I don’t like women with such massive muscles”

            Granted, It might be considered an opinion, but as far as gameplay or let alone playability goes, I will just say this:

            “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

          • Zypharium

            Well, that might be true, but I can’t ENJOY the game’s art. Why would I play a game, if I can’t enjoy it? For what reason are you playing games? I thought for enjoyment and entertainment.

          • Altin

            You can say that about any game you like and trust me, no one is going to say something against your opinion. But as mentioned: Some other people who are supposed to be “professional journalists” downrated the game solely to the fact that it was not pleasing their artistic taste. The game runs in most cases smoothly and the artwork never hindered any user to render this game unplayable. That’s all there is to it.

            Is it therefore wrong to hate solely on a game just because it doesn’t look “realistic”? Probably not, but you should not be surprised if people are going to call you out on this.

          • Zypharium

            You may be right, but for ME it’s unplayable. The artwork is good, but I can’t seem to take games with such women serious.

          • Altin

            And that is your opinion. I will continue to keep my opinion and call you not so “wise” on dismissing such a good game. And all is right with the world, happily ever after, yada yada, you know the drill.

          • Zypharium

            That’s fine by me. Live and let live.

          • gophinobi

            People have different tastes I guess, but for me, a game’s artwork has NEVER been a decisive factor as to whether I enjoyed a game or not.

          • “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

            It’s not the book’s “cover,” it’s the insides of the book as well in this case. It’s how the game looks all throughout. People really need to stop getting upset when someone else doesn’t like the same things they do. Get over it. People have different tastes.

          • Warboss Aohd

            thank you!

          • HavocAccelerator

            He’s judging a game on appearance rather than gameplay. I can’t believe you’re defending an opinion like that. Regardless of whether or not someone likes them, Dragon Crown’s looks are not the deciding factor in its quality.

          • He’s judging a game on appearance rather than gameplay.

            Umm.. yes, he is. Appearances are part of the package. If I didn’t like the art style of a cartoon, I wouldn’t watch it. If I didn’t like the music in a music video, I wouldn’t watch it. If I don’t like the art style in a game, I won’t play it.

            Why is this hard to understand? Gameplay is king, sure, but that doesn’t mean nothing else matters. Appearances are key, because they’re the very first thing about a game that you need to accept before you can enjoy it any further.

          • HavocAccelerator

            It’s hard to understand because that logic is fundamentally flawed. Appearances may seem important on the surface, but anyone who criticizes a great work based on that factor alone, when there’s so much more to it, is willfully depriving themselves of an otherwise excellent experience. Plus, it is entirely possible for a person to accept the appearance of a game AFTER they have started to appreciate its gameplay.

          • Altin

            You know who you just start to sound like?
            Adam Orth.

            “Sometimes electricity goes out. I guess I should not buy a vacuum cleaner.”

            Your logic is quite flawed as you try to equate artistic design with gameplay value. With the logic that you try to defend there, your examples would rather sound like:

            “If I didn’t like the opening theme of a cartoon, I wouldn’t watch it.”
            “If I didn’t like the music video for given song, I wouldn’t listen to it.”
            “If I don’t like the art style in a game, I won’t play it”
            You nailed the last example very well with that logic.

            Gameplay is king, and this is the reason why it should not be entirely excluded just because someone does not like the “art” in the game. That’s what keeps dungeon crawlers alive these days. Do they care about your characters appearance or are you able to change their looks in any way? Etrian Odyssey proves you wrong.

            “Appearances are key, because they’re the very first thing about a game that you need to accept before you can enjoy it any further.”

            You might as well go look for a beautiful painting then. I surely as hell won’t play a Mahjong game (not hating on it) just because Yoshitaka Amano was responsible for the design or artwork of the game.

          • Altin

            Ah so if someone sees a “shitty looking” game, he can instantly declare it shit even without giving it a chance? I guess games like Hotline Miami are shit as well, because the design in the game looks just as bad, right? That’s also the reason why most people won’t try to even play any Indie-Game at least once just to see whether the “horrendous” graphics or artwork can live up to the therefore concluded bad gameplay, right?

            That’s pretty much judging a book by its cover as you are not obliged to play as the Amazon, which he probably meant with strong woman.

            “People really need to stop getting upset when someone else doesn’t like the same things they do. Get over it.”

            Here is an idea: People should stop getting upset when someone disagrees or declares bullshit on a so called “opinion” or “judgment” over a games quality. But I digress, as these are games that we are talking about. Who gives one dime of a feces whether the game plays nicely or not.

            “People have different tastes.”

            And by god, I love that this is the case here.

          • Zypharium

            No, I don’t troll. Really, what benefit would I have from it? Ishaan is right, I simply don’t like the game’s art, it looks really gross. Do you really find them attractive?

          • Altin

            I like the game for what it is playing like. Am I thinking that it is senseless that you are judging a game solely by the fact that it doesn’t compell your own taste? Maybe. But then I get reminded that some “journalists” even feel offended that a game doesn’t look like they want it to look like.

        • TheExile285

          Animeish games?

          Ys Celceta
          Demon Gaze
          Dagan Ronpa Happy Trigger Havock
          God Eater 2 (if it gets localized)
          BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend

          And I really think you should try look past the Dragon Crowns art style. Read a review or two and watch some gameplay.

        • Kevadu

          You just sound like a spoiled, whiny brat. You’re grasping at any reason you can find to not even try these games while simultaneously claiming there are no games…*sigh*.

          • TheExile285

            Come on man, don’t make situation worse than it already is…

          • Zypharium

            Really, if you don’t know me, then don’t say anything unnecessary. I’m not spoiled, but I have the choice to determine which games I’m going to play.

          • I’m just going to warn you once. Don’t insult people again.

      • MrTyrant

        Soul Sacrifice is cool I’ll give you that. FF X I played that already. Toukiden, Phantasy Star Online, Dragons Crown and Rayman Legends are multiplat.
        I talked about this before but what Vita needs is more exclusive games not seeing before and being only for vita.

        • TheExile285

          Toukiden being multiplat is pretty irrelevant unless you live in Japan. Only the Vita version is being localized.

          • Altin

            Furthermore, I doubt someone would pick the PSP-Version if they get the better version on the other platform. It’s like you go to a buffet, just to eat the leftovers instead of the main menu.

    • Zal_Yagun

      As much as I like the Assassin’s Creed Franchise, Liberation is no reason to get excited about.

      Unless the refinement they are talking about is a full AC3 overhaul and not AC2 to look like AC3, I honestly wouldnt go a other run with liberation.

      Remembering the disguise system and constraints…. yeah no, never again..

      • burnfist23

        Yeah, AC Liberation was the first AC game I decided to trade in. The disguise system could have been better, the constraints were annoying, and although I liked Aveline, I didn’t feel very invested in the story (Not to mention she has the worst Assassin mentor ever)

      • Zypharium

        I haven’t played Liberation, but 3 was really bad, almost as bad as Revelations. I absolutly liked 2 and Brotherhood.

        • Zal_Yagun

          What I meant are the controls and the sub systems within them, 3 was very streamlined. The actual game surrounding those control were pretty bad.

          Revelations and 3 are among the many games I liked for the story, but hated playing.

    • Herok♞

      I agree sony really does need to get their butts in gear with it, I like my Vita and all but it could use a killer app that isn’t on anything else so basically more Gravity Rushes and Tearaways.

    • CycloneFox

      You don’t buy a handheld device to play exclusive games, you but it to play tripple A titles on the go instead of having to be stuck with touch-only devices with only shitty minigames.

      I would never have enough time to play all of those Atelier games for example, as I have too many other games on PC or PS3 to play. But thanks to my vita, I get one platinum trophy after another in games, I would not have had enough time for without it. I’m on the exact contrary of people saying, they “don’t just want the same games, as they already have on the PS3”. I want to exactly have those games with me, when I’m out of home. The best thing is, when I can even synch my saves crossplatform and resume something I’ve started at home.

      Also Gravity Rush was really one of the best games last year. My personal game of the year. I want alot more of that. And I would love it, if more japanese Vita games got localized.

    • Reiswindy

      I’ll buy it from you if you insist. I need Persona 4 and Disgaea.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    A little upset that this HD version came out so soon, but then I saw the reveals of Child of Light and Valiant Hearts, and immediately got over it.

    I may pick this up (again…) when it’s dirt cheap (that’ll show ’em).

  • leingod

    Liberation is not a very good game, IMHO. But still, they should’ve fixed the game on Vita instead, and non-portable gamers could just play it on the Vita TV later.

  • WyattEpp

    Nice, this is the only Assassin’s Creed I’ve been interested in so far, so getting a refined version for PS3 is a great thing.

  • eilegz

    having played the vita version i enjoyed the different aspect of ac, it felt fresh and original…. the only bad thing about this one its the annoying puzzles that requires vita gimmicks but for HD port i guess it get rids all of this which its a nice adition for those who couldnt play it on vita in the first place

  • artemisthemp

    Will they add anything new to HD version or just a graphic upgrade?

  • After playing through AC3 I’m definitely passing this one.

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