Hometown Story Lets You Fall In Love With These Guys And Gals

By Ishaan . September 19, 2013 . 11:20am

Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada is working on his next flagship game, Hometown Story, where you run a shop in your hometown and help it flourish. Like Harvest Moon before it, Hometown Story allows you to establish relationships with the various townsfolk, and eventually even get married.


Male characters can woo the following female partners:



Anna is the daughter of Rachael, who runs the restaurant in town. Anna is very independent, and always tells others that they should rely on themselves, not others. She lives by this motto herself, in fact. Will you be the one to convince Anna that relying on others isn’t such a bad thing?


Haruka is the daughter of Miyo, the absent-minded farmer of the village. Haruka is always covering for Miyo’s little mistakes, and loves her mother, despite her flaws. Haruka has always dreamed of getting married, ever since she was a little girl. Though her dream is simple, her personality is anything but. Will your heart be big enough to love Haruka?



Mika is a lover of animals who wandered into the village one day. A very unique individual, she lives in the barn with her animals, and can communicate with them on a deep level. In fact, she loves animals so much, she often eats grass with them during mealtime.  Mika needs a partner who will understand the love she has for all creatures great and small. Will you be the one to steal her heart?


Meanwhile, female characters have the following gents to pick from:



Shinji is a scholar who is obsessed with the gods. His dream is to meet a god or goddess one day. A straight shooter, he usually says exactly what is on his mind. Despite being a scholar, he is quite laid back, and has very a kind heart.  Perhaps his goddess is right in front of him, and he just needs to open his eyes and heart to the love offered to him by you?


Steve is the son of Carl, the mayor of the town. He used to live in the big city, but just recently came back to the village. A bit of a dreamer, some of his ideas can seem unorthodox. However, his heart is always in the right place, and he loves his family very much.  Will you be the girl who captures his heart and makes him realize his dreams can come true no matter where he lives?



Dexter is a man of few words, simply showing up in the village one day. Rumors surround his past, but he loves playing with the children of the village, as do they. He doesn’t really understand the concept of dating, so wooing him may be a bit of a challenge! If the idea of a mystery man excites you, then you’ve met your match in Dexter.


Hometown Story is slated for release in North America this October for the Nintendo 3DS. Natsume are publishing the game in North America while Rising Star are handling publishing duties in Europe.

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  • Dyne

    your missing imgs for Haruka and Stev.

    • Suicunesol

      I don’t they were provided in the first place.

    • They weren’t provided.

  • Pockystix


    no yuri options

    • Time Sage

      Darn. No yaoi options either.

  • Hinataharem

    I…..don’t really like the artstyle

    • 324234

      As an RPG Maker Indie Game fan it feels right at home.

    • Nexus

      Agreed. The in-game models are cute and all, but these character portraits just look so… meh.

      • Jueru

        I don’t like the art style either, the giant eyes and tiny face is creepy and looks too child-like to feel comfortably marrying any of the characters.

  • malek86

    Mmh, considering that you can only access two of the choices for each gender, that’s not really much. If they want me to choose a partner, I say three possible choices is the absolute minimum.

    • Suicunesol

      There are three per gender. But only 4 portraits have been released. There are 6 character descriptions above.

      • malek86

        Ack, I didn’t notice that. I wonder why we don’t get portratis for the other ones.

        • FlobotingIt

          They’re probably just so attractive that the second you see them you’ll instantly woo them.

        • kthanxyousuck

          They’re revealing them on a day by day kind of thing. We’ll probably see the other two soon.

  • Suicunesol

    I thought Hometown Story wasn’t getting any marriage candidates. I remember a developer saying that they wanted to emphasize farming, shop management, and friendship over marriage.

    • Seraph

      I’m pretty sure that was for the iOS version.

    • Will Jay

      They never necessarily said the game wouldn’t have any, they just wouldn’t be treated as frivolously and focused on as much as in Harvest Moon.

      That’s still noticeable when each gender only has three candidates compared to the like eight or more every HM game has, and chances are they might actually be well fleshed out for once.

  • SerendipityX

    I think I’m going to go for Dexter. He looks very shady. Maybe he can help us enter the black market for more lucrative goods. hehehe~

  • So did they hire one of the team’s preteen kids to do the character art or what? The guys manage to look even dorkier than the girls, which is sort of an accomplishment, and ol’ Dexter there looks like someone is struggling to break out of their Sonic fan art streak.

  • klkAlexar

    I don’t like the art, but the in-game models are kinda cute. This game has me conflicted, in one hand it doesn’t really wow me and it looks barebones, on the other hand I do like HM and I want the Ember plushie (which Canada might or might not even receive).

  • AkiraScare

    only 3 for each… (-_-) lame Rune Factory is way Better (^_^)

  • Learii

    I glad there a married system like HM I didn’t tho there was it

    I hope different girls/guys have different ability

  • harmonyworld

    art looks like a 90’s visual novel

  • CirnoLakes

    Awww, Dexter is awfully cute.

  • ReMeDyIII

    Omg, Shinji looks like a young kawaii version of Steins;Gate’s Hououin Kyouma!

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